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Karlos Dansby expected to sign by Saturday

Karlos Dansby is close to reaching agreement on a contract with the Dolphins and the sides are expected to wrap up negotiations by Saturday morning, a source is telling The Herald's Jeff Darlington.

Dansby, 28, will sign a deal for five years worth $43 million with $22 million of it guaranteed, Darlington is reporting.

Dansby will make $9 million per year over the first three years.

The signing will be Miami's signature free agent move since Bill Parcells & Co. took over the Dolphins in 2008. The only linebackers that will be getting paid more than Dansby in 2010 are DeMarcus Ware and Terrell Suggs and both of them are pass-rushers.

The signing clearly numbs the sting of not chasing wide receiver Anquan Boldin, who was traded from the Arizona Cardinals to the Baltimore Ravens this afternoon.

Free safety Antrel Rolle, the last of the Three Cards Studs is still unsigned but strong indications are he will end up with the Giants, according to a league source.

[Update 10 p.m.: Rolle agreed to a 5-year deal worth $37 million with the Giants, the source tells me. Rolle gets $15 million guaranteed.]

Guess 1-for-3 isn't terrible.


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Dansby will be moved around depending on different packages. Mike Nolan uses MANY different looks. This is a guy who offers a variety of ways to use him.

TN , where in that statement did i say talor playing ILB ??? are you drunk ???


I understand Dansby can play both ILB and OLB.
So I guess currently the options would be:

1) Anderson or Torbor at LB
2) Clemons at FS

I think it will take either Thomas or Berry than can start right away.

Possibly Weatherspoon in the Second Round?


Not drunk just missed a period and your question ended in a period.

Let's not forget about the offense, boys! All those teams that went deep into the playoffs had unstoppable offenses.

Pick me!

JB, anderson and torbor are backups and anderson is a OLB . He can't play ILB. the dolphins are still looking at safties like atogwe and clark. They're not done yet. also this draft is loaded at safety and slim on ILB's.


..." Taylor is a freea gent. Who's going to play ilb or olb depending where dansby plays."

I needed to recognize the period and you needed to add a question mark. Just a misread from the type freea gent

If you had been reading bobby12 posts tonight you would seem drunk too. lol

Pennington gets $2.5mil and can't pass the physical, in fact he can't even take the physical.

Henne gets $675,000.

Henne is going to demand a trade by Sunday.

Chad Henne will never play QB for the Dolphins again.

LOL !! :) I saw it.

myron rolle is a good sleeper pick at safety in the later rounds, played for FSU and left his senior year to go to oxford as a rhodes scholar, the guy was sick and very intelligent.

Well, at least TN & NJ aren't engaged in GOOGLE GOOGLE back-and-forth! Yet. :>)

(sorry 4 bringing up that earlier stuff).

Seems like Henne did pretty well without Penny and the dink and dunk passes he started out with when Penny got hurt. I recall one interview when penny said Henne helped him as well! So the point is the Phins don't want Penny to end up with the Jets!

There is something in the air tonight... I can not type, your having issues and bobby too. I told bobby earlier that his typing was making me drunk and he responded that he had some strong Cuban coffee and would take a while for him to slow down. A lot of activity tonight. Having fun though :) lol


I know that Anderson only plays OLB.

What I was saying on their current Roster it would be Dansby at ILB and Anderson at OLB or Dansby at OLB and Torbor at ILB.

My statement was meant to state their current best at position, barring any other Free Agent moves.

What would be there biggest need at the #12 pick LB or Safety?

The Phins don't want Henne to end up with the Jets?
That would be the best thing that could happen, Penny can't reach Braylon Edwards.
The Jets released Penny the day they signed Favre, they didn't even wait 24 hours or try to trade him.

Please refresh my memory...

why woulf (typo but wolf may suit him) torbor not be a good ilb. I know he did not play much last year, but, I remember him having a good playoff run and superbowl with the Giants? not suggesting just asking?

What would be there biggest need at the #12 pick LB or Safety?

Posted by: JB | March 05, 2010 at 11:56 PM

How bout unstoppable offense? Dez or CJ!

Hello! Anyone seen our offense?

So essentially I'm saying if their weren't any other FA's signed. Who would you raher see starting?

1) Torbor/Anderson
2) Clemons

Should Henne not get the starter salary or is he still stuck in the rediculious entry level he was in. If he is the guy pay him some money!!

LB still our biggest DFense need. can get a vetern Safety in FA Sharper or Clark as stop gap.

Spiller Fan,

Because we have a servicable offense.
We need another LB and Safety, for the simple fact we released 2 of our starting LB's and Starting FS.

Tnfinfan. torbor played OLB with the giants. did you not see the play of the ilb position ??? Tofbor who was pretty bad at ILB couln't beat out ayosele who was worse. They both stunk and couldn't cover for shyt Torbor is still here because he's good st player.

public service alert:

Per Mando's Twitter, new post coming soon.

Later, y'all!

Jb , you keep mentioning clemmons. The starter would be tyrone culver who played well last season and whom i know the dolphins are high on.


If we are to go WR or RB at 12 I would rather have a proven commody and give the 12 pick for a undisputable #1 WR. That is not going to happen IMO. Too many value runningbacks in the draft (Hardesty from TN and Mathew from Fresno ST) and WR is such a crap shoot for immediate impact. How did Crabtree pan out after 1 year? What about Gin, his family and etc. DeFense Defense Defense in the Draft at 12 and in the 2nd. Offense 3rd or 4th

Several sources had said that penny not henne might go to the jet as a backup and mentor for sanchez! I like you really didn't see that, but rumors are rumors! Just saying!


I did forget Culver. It seems to me though, Clemons was starting last year when they sat Wilson. I don't know if that was just for game experience or thet thought he was better than Culver?


Granted, but those fallen players you cite had back-ups arguably as the starters at position. Think about it. The last (supposed) meaningful offensive pick was Ginn...ohg...cough...cough. Aside from him, a bunch of Wes Welker types. Don't get me wrong, I love Hartline, and especially Bess, but these guys are not going to take us to the next level.

We've shored up a lot today. No doubt other "D" players will come. All's I'm saying is we need an offensive - Dansby - type player, and no one is talking about it.

I did not remember torbor playin olb in NY. I really do not remember him playing ilb in miami and yes I saw the horrible ILB play last year. Do you think torbor could play solb, which would put dansby in the middle with chowder?

dansby is definitely a nice pick up but we still need a big time play maker we should give up our first round pick to the broncos and get Bmarsh. Mcclain was our only real option at 12, who else would we pick at that spot now that we got our ILB any one else would be reaching and our other options to fill our needs like dez bryant or eric berry wont be there. picking Dan Williams would be reaching Sergio kindle reaching, even Earl Thomas at 12 would be to high any other receiver, saftey or NT at 12 would be to high. WE SHOULD GIVE IT UP OUR FIRST ROUNDER FOR BRANDON MARSHALL


Where would you play an Dansby type ILB on Offense? Wildcat?

TN . no on torbor playing SOLB. Torbor is what he is . A pretty good versatile backup LB who's a good ST player.


I would pick Dez Bryant if he is still on the board. If gone, I would pick me!


BM is one slip away from nfl suspension. I was high on him at the beginning of the year, but, after further review..... not the right answer for us this year. BM is a luxury pick you could stand to loose like the Patsys a few years ago of even the seahawks this year due to 2 picks in the first 14 and rebuilding.

Go profootballtalk.com interesting article on why teams do not consider a proven receiver as important as an unproven rookie receiver!

Seer , there's no back and forth google stuff like with indiana because TNFINFAN has some respect. This indiana tool like to come on here and tries to play gotcha or you were wrong games.

Spiller fan

I understand what your saying, the need for an impact player on offense much like the impact player we signed on defense in Dansby.

But this opens up soo many scenarios and I truely beleive that the Dolphins will address that this year, and again Dansby allows for tons of more options in the draft.


CJ will make some team very happy no doubt. We have to address the D this tear as priority.

Let me add to that, If both of those "O" players are gone, then - no choice. Go "D," more than likely with Berry, Pierre-Paul, or McClain. In that order.

Spiller fan

Offensive players are bigger risks in early rounds, especially the first round, as you metioned Ginn.

Our "must haves" are on the defensive side of the ball.

RB and WR just isn't as big of need IMO. How many RB's and WR's has the Tuna picked in the first round. TO my knowledge 1 and Kraft made him pick that one.

Nice pick up in Dansby!!
Now if only marc can join the wagon and start believing.

star trek,

I read that article and agree, however, Defense is too big a priority this offseason. The O played well enough to win several of the games we lost. The D let us down.


Let me simply say (and I think you would agree), we cannot go another year without a meaningful, hard to stop, offensive force.


History is a good tool to study to see what the trifecta will do at 12, but, the truth of the taste is in the pudding and the Defense pudding was awe-full.

I'll believe it when it's done but let's hope we get at least one out of the three. Was really hoping for Boldin as I think he is a Parcell's type guy and having Ginn opposite (I know that's unpopular especially with Armando) but I think it would have been great. Getting a WR in the draft is a crap shoot.

Think we should get rid of the other two ILBers but I guess we better wait and see what the draft brings. ILB was the weakest spot on the team and still could use some more help.

Honestly I'm old school. Woody Hays style - Three yards in a cloud of dust. So solid defense and physical team is my preference. :)

With the addition of a new DC I think the entire defense will be tons better with Dansby. We just need a WR now then things will start to look pretty good.

Maybe we should draft Nancey Pelosi for FS. She sure knows how to back peddle? LOL


So you believe they will draft defense at 12?

I totally agree with you on that one, but we still are missing the experience at WR. I guy that can run routes and run after!

i agree he is a risky pick but Who do we pick at 12 then the only other guy who be worth that pick in my mind would be spiller and that is not really that pressing of a need for us. If we dont sign up Bmarsh what other guy out there would be the playmaker that we need.

OK then we agree.

I'm off to bed g'night.

Guess it is amatuer time with that garbage.

no doubt star trek, just do not see it at 12 and maybe not until next year if nothing materializes in the draft. We need a TE, WR, NT OLB, ILB and possible FS. With all we need in the middle of the front 7 I can see the first 2 picks going NT and LB

pierre paul is another option there but even then he could still be a bust, a one year wonder a USF or a proven play maker like BMARSH even with his baggage is better than wasting our first round pick on a guy who easily be a bust i say we go with a proven guy

LOL @TNFINFAN. Good one on pelosi !!


I respect your view. Really, I do. Somehow though, Payton, Chris Johnson, Adrian Peterson, Andre Johnson, Miles Austin, Jeremy Shockey and a few others are running way past that dust.

My jamacan friend,

do not worry about WR at #1. We have a Big WR that did not get any playing time last year and may or may not be a bust. The impossible could happen and Ginn turns into a burning beast ( I would not hold my breath) or we find a big WR i 3rd or 4th. I think the Phins will take a chance on McCluster. Sparano liked him in the Senior Bowl. The game is won and lost in the trenches and this needs to be fortified first.

Yeah but it was the saints defense that won them the super bowl.:)

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