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Karlos Dansby expected to sign by Saturday

Karlos Dansby is close to reaching agreement on a contract with the Dolphins and the sides are expected to wrap up negotiations by Saturday morning, a source is telling The Herald's Jeff Darlington.

Dansby, 28, will sign a deal for five years worth $43 million with $22 million of it guaranteed, Darlington is reporting.

Dansby will make $9 million per year over the first three years.

The signing will be Miami's signature free agent move since Bill Parcells & Co. took over the Dolphins in 2008. The only linebackers that will be getting paid more than Dansby in 2010 are DeMarcus Ware and Terrell Suggs and both of them are pass-rushers.

The signing clearly numbs the sting of not chasing wide receiver Anquan Boldin, who was traded from the Arizona Cardinals to the Baltimore Ravens this afternoon.

Free safety Antrel Rolle, the last of the Three Cards Studs is still unsigned but strong indications are he will end up with the Giants, according to a league source.

[Update 10 p.m.: Rolle agreed to a 5-year deal worth $37 million with the Giants, the source tells me. Rolle gets $15 million guaranteed.]

Guess 1-for-3 isn't terrible.


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Mark my words...I will be rookie of the year!


You are correct. Saints found a way to stop Payton and exploit an average D. All O and No D may get you to the Superbowl but winning it is another story. Just Ask Dan Marino and he had a better D their superbowl year than Peyton this year. Frisco beat Miami in the 80's with pressure D.

I hope you are rookie of the year CJ Spiller. I saw you play at the Music City Bowl. I hope the Broncos Draft you at 6 after the BM trade.

If the Marshall to Seattle rumors come to fruition and the Broncos get the Seahawks #6 pick (which is what would happen if they don't work out a trade and Marshall just signs the offer sheet versus a trade being worked out for Seattle's #14 pick instead or other compensation) than I expect both Dez Bryant and Rolando McClain to be gone before #12.

If the trade does get worked out than I can see McClain being there and being the pick unless the team decides they want to solidfy the secondary with Earl Thomas (or Eric Berry being there by some miracle); they want to pick up a rush LB (like Kindle, Morgan, Pierre-Paul, or Graham); or the NT position with Dan Williams.

That looks to be the direction that we are headed right now. And of course free agency and trades change things as we still have 47 days till the draft - can't wait.

CJ Spiller, and If the Bronco take Braynt with 6 I hope they take you at 11 so we can take McClain at 12.

I guess some like that garbage huh.

All right muse the cynics.

Yahhhhhhoooooooooo! We are set in getting fkn Dansby! Hellzzzzs Yessss!

patrick turner is soft when was the last time a usc receiver turned out to be a big time play maker Keyshawn just look at Dewayne jarrett on carolina ? we have all been prayin ted ginn would come in to his own but im sick of waitin. Golden tate lefell demetrius williams from Gt would be good later option but they wouldnt come in right way and blow it up. i like dex Mcclust too but 12th overall would be reach even for him he will be around in the later rounds. parcells knows how to find trench talent in the later rounds just look at ferguson he found him in the 7th round I like Terrel troup from central florida as a NT in the later rounds

I follow Christ..!!!

dansby is pretty good....but we NEED CHUNK YARDs on offence...

The Trifecta will get a NO1 WR im certain....

They know the offence is WOEFUL...

It is amateur hour, but
Spiller fan good for you.

Nice spirited discussion boys. I'm a west coast guy, and about to make some late night vittles.
Catch you all later.

Again, Great day, wasn't it?

Awhhhh shzzzy

bigalfy is in the house.


Dolphins will not take McCluster at 12. I did not mean to insinuate that. He will be 4th or 6th round pick if available as we do not currently have a 5.


bigalfy who do we get at wr? Your sure of this right?

I do not remember who said it, but, who ever like 3 yards and a cloud of dust must have loved the Wanstache era! lmfao come on NJ laugh with me. I love Defense too and power football, but, a healthy passing game makes it fun to watch. Fling it around and wear out the Defense for 3 quarters and pound it down their throat in the forth is my kinda football.

Honestly, the one player who should be shyting his pants right now is Ted Ginn...If he happened to notice what happened to his 3 "underproducing" friends on defense, he should be worried...defense is a priority but sooner or later Parcells is going to take a look at offense and there is going to be a couple calves led to slaughter over there too...Mr. Ginn has gotten his three full years in and has not done what needs to be done. And Fasano and Nalbone better be watching that 3rd and 4th round very carefully to see if we go TE...Believe me, if my ultimate pick Gronkowski becomes a Fin, one of u 2 will be searching for a job...

so your sayin we still draft Mcclain (who i like alot still but..) at 12 even though we just signed up dansby do we just kick crowder to the curb. if not mcclain who then dan williams i think that would be a reach earl thomas thats to high for him pierre paul could easy be a bust, carlos dunlap sergio kindle weatherspoon still reaching at 12. The dream would be if eric berry fell to us at 12 but i would count on that

JamaicaFins...If Dansby goes OLB like everyone says he will and we draft McClain then no, Crowder stays, Wake and Dansby OLB Crowder n McClain ILB

And Dan Williams is not a reach at 12, he has climbed up the draft boards steadily since the Senior Bowl



I think Sparano loves Williams I have said this till I am blue in the face because of the playing time he got in the senior bowl.

That's awesome. I still think we'll draft McClain if he's there though, Dansby will play LOLB. He can bring the pressure and cover and I'm sure he'll be great at setting the edge in run defense. That position will give the chance of making plays, such as INTs and sacks, more often which is what we need. With McClain and a solid NT our D can be elite next year!!


our secondary still needs to come together. are missing pieces are straight up the middle- NT, ILB, FS

You guys are wearing me out tonight.

dang it is already tomorrow.

good night all.

The best part of this entire Free agent pick up is this... Miami was able to grab one of the top FA player... and did it without giving up a single pick. Baltimore gave up their entire Saturday for Boldin. A guy who has not finished a season in 3 years. As for this B. Marshall everyone some have such a man crush on. He was a 4th round pick out of central Florida... A Nobody. Miami has 9 picks... And with Dansby in the house they are no longer obligated to take an ILB or OLB in the first rounds. They likely will... but if a Offensive option that makes sense is there... they now have the lateral ability to go after him without having Linebacker issues still to face. With 9 picks... Miami could easily take 2 or even 3 WR, a TE, a NT an ILB, OLB... and still have picks to address safety issues... That is why you don't give away your teams picks for players, unless you know exactly what you are getting...EVER... especially not for Wife beating losers... You guys realize a man who pounds on women is about a half a rung above a man who abuses kids...RIGHT?... I don't care how many damn football games the POS catches a ball in. He is the scum bag of Denver until he deals with his woman abuse issues... and the fact that he just got popped again 9 months ago tell me he hasn't. Give me a our own 4th round Receiver to develop any day over a woman beater.


Golden Tate would be a differnce maker day one. Many teams will take a long look at him early. But has late 1st early 2nd projections. So this will be an interesting draft.

Because it's breaking up into a three day event, the draft presents alot more trade opportunities. The Dolphins are in a position to do many things: They can say trade down and add more picks and still get a top player on their board in the first round, as this draft is defensively deep. Or say if the Dolphins sit on the 12 pick and someone like Berry falls to them or McClain is there then either way they make that pick it makes them better, but if none are there. The Dolphins will have will have already gone through a number of scenarios before draft day, and have alot of time to make a move.
They will have time and if not they have another day and the night before to trade up and have a very early pick in the second round. The second day of the draft is gonna be bigger than the first. Huge and I know the Trifecta will work some magic. Lets see what happens. :)

Good times...

Why is Bobbyd12 obnoxious and angry??

Law Dog,If you stick around you will see Bobby0 and Njphin are SICK,and Twisted peolpe.Just thought you would like to know.They are ROTTEN to the core.

Seer , there's no back and forth google stuff like with indiana because TNFINFAN has some respect. This indiana tool like to come on here and tries to play gotcha or you were wrong games.

Posted by: NJ PHIN FAN | March 06, 2010 at 12:18 AM

I have never played "gotcha" or "you were wrong" games...quit griping and complaining STILL NJ!! Do you have nothing better else to do in your life than to worry about a person on a blog you think is playing "gotcha games"???

How the hell didn't we get boldin? I'll tell u how. Mando was right. Wr is a blind spot for this organization and it will cost us dearly.

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