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Sparano explains why he sticks to prototype

Last week I explained to you that the prototype player is important to the Dolphins.

I told you the Dolphins have certain specific size and speed and other requirements they don't deviate from very much. And I know you like it when I tell you things like this because then you get to argue with me about it.

But then someone with serious credibility says the same thing I said and then you come around because suddenly Salguero's not on the island all by himself anymore.

Well, Tony Sparano explained the idea behind drafting for the prototype, signing prototype free agents, and being careful about not making too many exceptions on the prototype during the NFL annual meeting a couple of days ago.

Here are his thoughts:

"If you continue to turn your cheek to prototype, to size, to speed, to those types of things, to the mental part of it, to the prototype players, to the position specific skills, then all of a sudden you turn around and two years later you look at your football team and you have a team full of non-prototype players," Sparano said. "So you have a lot of non-prototype players and you’re a small team, you’re not a big team. You’re a slow team, you’re not a fast team because you like this kid and you like his qualities and he’s a good football player.

"So I think in some situations you’ve got to be cautious about the prototype thing and that you might be passing on a good player, so we try not to do that. We try to take all of those things into consideration and we do, that’s a fact. But I also do believe that you don’t want to look back later on and see a team full of non-prototype players. That’s not good in this league, to be a small team or to be a slow team or to be one of those types of things. It’s not a good thing. The thing I keep hearing from people that play us is, ‘Wow, they’re physical. Wow, they’re physical. They’re big, they’re physical.’ That I think is because of the type of people that we bring in."

And so that is the reason that despite my appreciation for Brandon Graham, for example, I see little to no chance the Dolphins would draft the Michigan star to be their OLB because he's 6-1 and not 6-3 or 6-4. It is a shame because, clearly, the adherence to prototype forces the Dolphins to pass on certain guys.

Dwight Freeney would have no place on the Miami roster. A Zach Thomas, even in his prime, probably wouldn't be a fit, either. Neither would Darrell Green, who I would rank as the best cornerback of all time. He was only 5-9 and 180 pounds.

But the Dolphins have a philosophy and it has succeeded in the past in a number of different places so who's to argue. I'm just here to 'splain stuff ... and hope coach Sparano backs me up on it as he does this time.

By the way, tell me who you believe to be the best cornerback of all time. And tell me other non-prototypes that were among the game's greatest players.

[And come back later this afternoon. I'm going to wash the Vette this morning, but I'll update the blog in the afternoon or earlier if there's any news.]


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I agree with you Mando on Darell Green.

Great read mando

Hey Mando are you guys gonna change the name of the iphone app to 2010 anytime, you guys better not make us buy another app. We need to save our money for our season tickets. We Latinos are broke. Lol.

With the 26th pick of 2001 draft, the Miami Dolphins have selected: Jamar Fletcher, CB Wisconsin.

This guys so good he was drafted 6 picks ahead of the SuperBowl winning QB Drew Brees.

I don't know If Zach Thomas will ever get the recognition that he deserves as one of the greatest, but he was definitely a non-prototypical Middle Linebacker.


He did say they try to be careful in certain situations to not overlook a player due to prototype, so I don't think that completely eliminates Brandon Graham. Although I think if 2 or 3 players are of similar grade, they would go for the most prototypical guy. So in a deep hybrid pass rush draft, that may not bode well for Graham.

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Does Doug Flutie qualify as great?
He was non-prototypical.

He won the Heisman and Davey O'brien at B.C. CFL MVP a zillion times. He also made the Pro Bowl with the Bills.

I'll never forget the Hail Flutie.

Prototypical or not, Graham's on my wish list.
I think he's the perfect fit for SLB in Nolan's 3-4.

Non-prototype player of all time? Without question it is Barry Sanders.

I would rate Dion Sanders as the best all time corner Just his presence alone kept most teams from throwing to his side and if they did he usually made them pay for it


two players come to mind....middle defensive tackle manny fernandez way too small and of course zach, whom, if im not mistaken, has more tackles since they are keeping track, then any other player. Way more tackles than both urlacher and ray lewis by far!!

greatest play ever...manny fernandez taking the handoff (and running with it) from the quarterback before the running back could even get the handoff

Joe Morris was a great non-prototypical running back for Parcells Giants

I love it when other teams praise the Dolphins!

"Wow, they’re physical."
It makes my Adrenaline Rise!

Thats E X A C T L Y
What we want... Strength Speed and Power!

And the more they Lift the BIGGER THEY GET!

(except for Pat White...LOL)

As soon as I started reading the post I was thinking of Mando's love of Brando Graham and how he wouldn't be a Dolphin.

Dave Dickenson, Played here in the early mid ninties, well he never got to play, but was on the team. Got cut, went to the CFL, and lit it up for Calgary. He was supposed to be the next Flutie. Probably in the CFL HOF eh!

Yeah Pat White, now there's your drift from the prototypical player mold in the trifecta's system.
So it shows that they will deviate when they covet a certain player.
But I also think they will not go outside that mold again this year, especially after having seen what they got with White so far.

As much as a risk as it is, I fully expect the trifecta to take JPP at the 12 spot, maybe Morgan or Kindle, but JPP is the next JT, and gonna be their JT in this draft.
Makes since with the recent handling of Jason Taylor too.

I just hope if Jason Pierre-Paul is the pick that he continues to be a fast learner as he transitions into the next level.

I mean they must be willing to step out of the boundaries occasionally. what possible prototype does pat white fit?

Rod Woodson for best all-time.

Armando, the reason you go with prototype players is simply becuase they have a higher probability to succeed. Are there expecptions to that rule? Of course! Like Zach and Darrell Green. Since drafting guys is always risky, why tilt the odds against yourself?

How many other "non prototype players" can you name who were truly stars, and not simply servicable players?

Very few.

Jack Lambert comes to mind but he played in the 70's. Smaller players.

I think Pat White was drafted as a Hybred Rb-Qb for the wildcat and there is no prototype in place for that in Parcells handbook I also feel he was taken at the request of Henning to add a passing dimension to the wildcat

Jason pierre paul will be the pick---and im ready 4 the draft----

Jamar chaney in 2nd---

Quick insite on WR Saga----If we dont cut camarillio or trade Ted Ginn ---I DONT THINK WE ARE ADDING A WR IN FA OR IN THE DRAFT-----

someone has to go---turner, Bess, Hartline are locks----you have 2 more spots---Ginn or Camarillo have to go if we are going to bring in another guy.

2----do you think we are going to carry 4 QBs?

B/c if we could add 2 picks---with dealing a QB---and dealing Smiley---or possibly Ginn----we could have some ammo 4 draft

Best CB ever? Mel Blount.

Vastly underrated: Former Bengal CB Ken Riley.

I don't think the prototype eliminates Graham at all. Matter of fact I imagine he'll be the best value available at 12 who fits the system unless Dez Bryant slides there and SIP decides to take the chance.

Armando if I could select one cb at any point om the nfl timeline undoubtedly it would be sormer Steeler hof'er Mel Blount.

Not only was he a pretty good shutdown down corner, he absolutely terrified recievers who played against him. There may have been statistically better corners but none were the boogey-man that Blount was.

Also by way Mel Blount is a prototypical Parcells type at 6'3 205lbs. Back in the 70's db's were around 5'9 180lbs. Blount was a true freak for his era.

In 1975 he lead the nfl with 11 picks, after that team's rarely threw to his side and when they did wr's most times were afraid to catch it because they knew they would be severely punished.

Deon Sanders would be my other starting corner. He fit the proto tpe mold too at 6'1 200lbs. Deon Sanders and Mel Blount would be my two starting corners.

Allen, why is bess a lock? I agree with u, dint get mr wrong, but the man has the most yards for us last couple a seasons and only 3 tds. Josh cribbs had more than that in one game. 3 tds gentleman, in 32 games. I don't like when my receivers put up craziness like that, more fumbles than tds. I just don't see why the wr is such a blind spot for them. It baffled the mind.

I think prime time was an amazing cb. He shut people down. U know what I miss? The surtain Madison days. It's like what the bengals have now with Jonathan Joseph and Leon hall.

I cant argue with deion sanders as a top 3 all time corner. Half the field was on lock and when he got an INT it was going to the house.

Therocker - pat white was taken because parcells wante him. When asked parcells said : the wildcat will never be truly successful or dangerous until someone is running it that is a threat to throw the ball. I agree completely with that still, but sadly the pat white bust has set the wildcat revolution back so far it sickens me. Because without it we wouldn't have won four games last year. Only problem is when Ricky went down it proved u need two legitmate threats to take the ball each play. And I'm going to say this: Ronnie brown is best when he's in the wildcat. Without it he is much less of a runner. I don't really know why.

Jason Pierre Paul will be the 12 th pick folks! Plain as day to me. Reminds Tuna of Carl Banks

Isn't that crazy thunderbolt? Do u even see that anymore? I mean, he who must not be named from the jets is te best in the league right now, but nothing compared to Deion. Prime was a threat to take it to the house every time! It's hard for me to talk about a Nole like that, trust me lol

See someone posted Rod Woodson. Woodson was more a combination of great athleticism and natural instinct. But he didnt strike terror in the eyes of opposins wr's the way Blount did. But he did strike terror in the eyes of offensive coordinators.

Blount was a true intimidator and know wr in his right mind wanted to end up on Blount's highlight hits reel, lol.

Don McNeal was my favorite CB

I agree Miami should let Zach retire a fin! This would be the classsy thing to do!

For some reason I really hope we don't take jpp. I want dez bryant to be available. We cannot make it with this receiving core. Jpp has an upside and he's from south Florida, but I want my 12th pick to be a sure thing for the NFL, don't u? Not that Bryant is, but he is the most talented receiver in the draft, no question. And he's prototypical. Anyone who thinks he isn't our pic doesn't remember who we took last year in the first. Actually, who I really want is Sam Bradford lol.

aquaandorange commented on 'Sparano explains why he sticks to prototype'

2010-03-26 02:22:08 -0700

Jason Pierre Paul will be the 12 th pick folks! Plain as day to me. Reminds Tuna of Carl Banks

Dez is a head case

Inimounts the reason our wr's td'd are so low is because one we dont get many quick strike td'd and two, from about the 10yd line in 99% of our plays called are run plays.

We don't do classy though. And the way we are treating Jason Taylor, we don't respect the past. I

Miami will find a wr in the rough

Sad but true thus far

Parcells needs to take responsibility for free agent busts!!

Henning and Parcells threw the final 5 games for better picks

I have my preferences but I really dont care who we draft as long as the guy can become a pro bowler by year 2.

MANDO please update this app!!!

Blount and Sanders also had great butts. I would love to toss their salad. SLUUUURP !!

Miami may go olb but they also may go nt

But dying breed 3 tds isn't low, it's embarrassing. It's one every ten games. There's no excuse. I've been to games, and make no mistake, we don't throw to the end zone because our receivers can't fight for the ball. Ginn has never fought for a td in his life so he's out. Bess can run slants but is no good against corners. Camarillo is also a route runner with no separation or leaping ability, the only one I see with fight for the ball is harltline, and as much as I love him, Saying hartline is our Larry fitzgerald is hurtful to the fins, but true. Now....put dez bryant in there. Put Marshall or to in there. All of the sudden, the safeties are focused on him and it makes bess and hartline even better, more open. We get one playmaker at wr and hennes tds will double. Who can doubt that?

Time to go the idiot clones are here. Goodnight all!

All this defense defense defense, why do we buy into it? U know what's great about being a saints, colts, chargers, cardinals, greenbay , cowboys fan (best teams in the league, btw), is that they will get wins and rings, but even when they lose, it's great to watch them. We haven't had that since marino and the marks, and dammit I miss it!

U know what guys? I know this admin prides themselves on defense, but look at the colts. Most successful team in the nfl last ten years. And what we pride ourselves on they have been horrible at, run d and such. But what is it, 9 straight playoff years. Unheard of. And why? Becaus of peyton of course, but what could Peyton be with Reggie Wayne? Because Reggie makes stokely and gonzalez better! Without him then they would be just like cam and bess. 500 yard guys with no tds! We need a playmaker. Get us that wr playmaker, and add an nt and olb in rounds two and three, trade for sharper and I'll see u in February next year. At least January.


Carl Banks was about 35-40lbs lighter than JPP is now.
Jason Pierre Paul is closer to that of a Jason Taylor prototype with the long arms, speed, and size. Also KGB who played for the Packers comes to mind.

Hell JPP is actually a freak in his own category by himself. His upside or ceiling is thru the roof.

However, the big "IF" is can they turn him into a 3 down DE/OLB?
Sure hope the trifecta does their due diligence evaluating this guy if he is on their board.

You can't afford to have too much of a project with the 12th pick.
As good or great as I think JPP can become, I fear he will take a full 2yrs to round into top form.

Evenin all,

My two corners all time would be:

Dieon Sanders on one side

Darrell Green on the other.

Darrel Green played freakin CB until he was 42 in the NFL!! How about not needing a CB draft pick for 20 years?... Insane!

Deion Sanders couldn't tackle well but shut down WRs as well as any that ever played. Serius make up speed that became a weapon when he picked it.

Hard to compare talent generationally. Revis, if he stays healthy, should be pretty good over time. Sux he is a Jet.


Dieon was they best cover corner, Green was best with his make up speed, but the best all around corner has to be Champ Bailey. You can plug him in any system, The guy dose it all.

Good read Mando,

I thought about it yesterday after not figuring out who I would draft as Dolphins GM - just to many options, so I did a little bit research and my list of draftable players shrunk by more than 50%:

Here my research results from yesterday - I took every player and their position of the current roster and found this out about average Size and weight:

QB: 6'2" / 217
RB: 5'11" / 221 (little surprise to me actually)
FB: 6'0" / 245
WR: 6'1" / 195
TE: 6'5" / 255
OG: 6'4" / 314
OT: 6'6" / 320
NT: 6'4" / 319
DE: 6'5" / 289
OLB: 6'4" / 253
ILB: 6'3" / 246
CB: 6'0" / 199
S: 6'1" / 204

That pretty much eliminates:
Dan Williams, NT
Derrick Morgan, OLB
Brandon Graham, OLB
Sergio Kindle, OLB
Sean Weatherspoon, LB
Earl Thomas, S


So whats left?

Starting with Offense:
Ryan Mathews, RB (Top 25)
Dez Bryant, WR (Top 20)
Demaryius Thomas, WR (Top 30)
Brian Baluga, OG/OT (Top 10)
Trent Williams, OT (Top 15)
Mike Itupati, OG (Top 15)
Maurkice Pouncec, OG/C (Top 25)

On Defense:
Ndamukong Suh, DT (Top 5)
Jared Odrick, DE (Top 25)
Jason Pierre-Paul, OLB (Top 20)
Rolando McClain, ILB (Top 15)
Eric Berry, S (Top 10)
Taylor Mays, S (Top 20)

Thats it folks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Considering Top 5 and Top 10 will be gone. And everything after Top 15 is little bit of a reach - it would leave us with:

Trent Williams, OT (Top 15)
Mike Itupati, OG (Top 15)
Rolando McClain, ILB (Top 15)

I really hope someone wants to trade up for Williams or Itupati, maybe McClain.

So whats your take on the available players?

Cheers from Germany

** Long post disclaimer, keep scrolling if that bothers you **

Bootang @12:36
Odinseye @ 12:48

I sure hope the Fins don't out think themselves with the "prototypical" height/weight/speed too much. The draft journey continues!

I would say that ANY player with the magnitude of great plays, from a large school in a tough conference, being a senior 4 year guy should be VERY seriously considered if they are only about 1.5 inches shorter than most anyone else they would be compared to in a draft positionally.

Being a taller DE is not a requirement to succeed at the position in the NFL. Elvis Dumervil, Lamarr Woodley and Dwight Freeney are prime examples. The Fin's current DC Nolan coached a real shorty (5'11) in Dumervil as he posted league leading sack totals.

BG ran a 4.72 40@ 268lbs at the combine while pulling a hamstring in the process. Will have a Pro Day around April 8 or 10. That's a thick guy with height that allows him to get underneath OT's. He has the strength (31 reps) to bull rush and win the hand fights as well as an array of pass rush moves. His shoulder dip and lean to the QB was easily one of the best in the nation in college.

His extreme motor drives him to make plays constantly all over the field even though he starts at DE/OLB position. The desire to make plays and hustle is what pushes him past his contemporaries imo.

His 40 time hangs with all the top guys at the combine:

*Note and stats reflect last 2 years

Derrick Morgan 4.72 @ 266lbs -taller but lighter, NO bench press, 18 LESS TFL's in 4 more games?

JPP 4.69 @ 270lbs -1yr only, smaller school, Only 19 reps, Far less productive numbers, Only 6.5 sacks vs lesser competition?

Kindle 4.71 @ 250lbs - closest production of group to BGs numbers, 18 lbs lighter, 25 reps, 5.5 less sacks in 4 more games.

The better production as a whole should be the overriding factor...period.

With what Nolan runs a 3-4 DEF but with some 4-3 DEF front elements BG will fit the job perfectly. BG simply does not allow teams to run wide to his side, will strangle QBs on boot action and has pop / explosion when he tackles to cause the turnover like in the Senior Bowl.

In todays PASSING NFL you have 2 ways to limit what QBs like Manning and Brees do with your DEF.

1.) You can have super lock down corners that prevent the WR from catching the ball. Good luck with that as the refs won't let guys play and ANY contact can/does get called. There are only a couple Revis type players in the whole league. Miami has their corners V.D. and S.S. that should end up being decent to really good. Neither is a lock down right now but they could develop more skill in time.


2.) My preferred method is to create a hurricane of pressure with your front 7. In the 3-4 the pressure typically comes off the edge in a pincher action ala Dumervil and Woodley.

NT and S can be addressed in a number of ways. Draft 2-7, FA Sharper and OJ O still out there as of now, Trades, RFA, also getting through with current players advancing (Clemons, Culver, Soliai).

The Fins can pick a couple of players in the 1st that will fit for me: S Earl Thomas, DT Williams, RB Spiller but I would take BG over em all.


Thanks Germany. Now that's the stuff Saguero should be doing rather than washing his car. Besides, who washes their own car ... or drives a Corvette?

Well, Buddy, it's just that sometimes you say things that turn out less than true. Like the time you said Joey Porter's career was probably over because of a back issue, or Dolphins would take defensive player with first pick because Ireland said so with a smirk. Or even the time you ripped Ricky for talking to Toronto media but not you guys. We all make mistakes.

Coin toss between Deion and Rod Woodson, but I'd take Deion for the same reason I'd take Ed Reed over Troy Palomalu or even Ronnie Lott... more exciting big play ability.


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