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Making a play for The Three Cards Studs

Less than 24 hours from the start of the NFL's new league year and Dolphins fans have cast their sights primarily on one place: Arizona.

It is in Arizona that linebacker Karlos Dansby is about to become an unrestricted free agent. It is in Arizona where safety Antrel Rolle is about to be released, barring an unlikely last-second agreement on a contract restructure. It is in Arizona that wide receiver Anquan Boldin is on the trade block and apparently can be had relatively reasonably.

For Dolphins fans, and to some accurate degree for the Dolphins themselves, what happens with the trio from Arizona will determine how successful Miami's dip into free agency and trades this new league year will seem once it begins at midnight March 5.

So allow me to address the issues of The Three Cards Studs:

Dansby: The Dolphins are interested. There is no doubt about that. Too many NFL people are saying it for it not to be true. The latest to make the point is Andrew Brandt, the former VP of the Green Bay Packers who now writes the business of football column for National Football Post. He direct messaged me on my twitter Wednesday to stress he keeps hearing from his sources that the Dolphins are onto Dansby.

The NFL Network's Steve Wyche reported that three teams are onto Dansby, although he did not know the teams. I also don't know the other teams. But I can tell you Dansby expects something of an auction for his services and he will go to the highest bidder.

By auction, I'm talking Rembrandt type stuff here. Agent sources tell me Dansby will be "asking" $30 million in guaranteed money on a five-year contract that would expire when he's 33 years old.

He wants to set the market's new ceiling for a linebacker so he's going to start out somewhere in orbit. And understand the $30 mil is not the entire deal. The total cost of the deal Dansby will be asking will average at least $8 million annually. Do the math. The guy wants a deal of approximately $40 million with 75 percent of that guaranteed.

Of course, asking and getting are two different universes. But the fact more than two teams are apparently interested is a good sign for the former Auburn standout.

I would tell you Dansby would be the prize of unrestricted free agency for the Dolphins should they land him. But landing him will be neither easy nor cheap.

Rolle: As you know, The Miami Herald broke the story about Rolle wanting to play for the Dolphins. The former University of Miami standout hasn't changed his mind and he will get a chance to hit free agency because his agent Drew Rosenhaus and the Cardinals have been unable to agree on what Rolle is worth.

It is clear he's not worth the $4 million roster bonus due him March 9 plus the $8 million salary he's scheduled to earn from Arizona in 2010. Thus, the Cardinals will cut Rolle as early as Friday. They will allow him to test the market and see what he can find, while obviously believing they have a good enough sense of his worth that their offer to him will stand up with whatever the market is offering.

I regard this a case of more Rolle wanting to play for the Dolphins than the Dolphins wanting Rolle to play for them. He's a good player. He's a playmaker. But he, too, wants big bucks. (Shocking ain't it?)

The Chicago Tribune is reporting Rolle wants a contract that averages $8 million. The Dolphins will absolutely not come anywhere close to that. You might argue Miami paid an average of $5.5 million to Gibril Wilson to be a resounding bust, and that would be true.

But $8 million per year is more than game-changers Ed Reed or Troy Polamalu make on an annual average.

The interest the Dolphins show in Rolle will be the first test of Jeff Ireland's credibility when he suggested the team was expecting Wilson to play better in 2010. If Rolle is added, there would be no room for Wilson on the roster at all.

I believe Ireland to be honorable. I believe the Dolphins won't be making a strong bid on Rolle. We'll see.

Boldin: As The Miami Herald reported last week, Arizona is ready and willing to trade the former Florida State standout. On Wednesday, the NFL Network's Michael Lombardi reported the Cardinals want "only a third-round pick" for Boldin.

The question is whether that is what they are asking or if that is what it will actually take to move Boldin. I've reported in the past that Dolphins football czar Bill Parcells has a healthy respect for Boldin. Many NFL people do.

Parcells likes Boldin's toughness. Likes his production. Likes his size. Likes his game. Yes, there are questions about Boldin's age. There are also questions about his recent rash of nagging injuries. And then there's the contract -- more on that in a moment.

Given the variables, and deciphering sometimes painful conversations with sometimes reluctant sources, I reported on my twitter that Miami definitely would not give up a second round pick for Boldin but might possibly give up a fourth-rounder under perfect circumstances.

So the question is, again, are the Cardinals absolutely stuck on getting a third for Boldin? Or is the third their initial negotiating stance that they'd be willing to come down from?

Now, about that contract. The contract is the primary reason Boldin is on the market. He's been unhappy with his current deal for two years and would be unhappy again in 2010 in what is the deal's final year. So he wants a new deal that pays north of $7 million per season and probably closer to $9 million per season.

That is a ton of money even in an uncapped year and it could raise eyebrows because teams aren't absolutely certain what the financial realities will be beyond this coming year.

So anyone, including the Dolphins, that considers a trade for Boldin must weigh whether they can find a younger, cheaper receiver in the third or fourth round and accept the risk of that player never panning out. And the teams must also weigh whether adding a proven 29-year-old Boldin is worth a draft pick plus a big contract.

It's all measuring risk versus reward.

That's how it is when you make a play for The Three Cards Studs.




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Marshall for a 1st rounder 0.00000% chance. He didn't kill Williams, so why should that matter??

The News
According to Omar Kelly on Twitter, the Cardinals are asking for a third-round pick for the rights to electric wide receiver Anquan Boldin.

The News
According to the Chicago Tribune, free safety Antrel Rolle is looking for a contract that will set him up with $8 million per year.

I would say yes to 5 maybe 6 million, but I highly do not think Miami will offer 8 million...

Carlito "two times" - nice post.

And MarkinToronto, I appreciate the way you have a very good mix of football smarts and patience. You share your opinion with us and then back it up with your thought process. it makes for good reading. If you were a hockey player, your +/- for blogging would be through the roof!

Good stuff.

Parcells prides himself on his draft picks and building teams...there is NO and I mean NO chance of giving up a first or second rounder for Brandon Marshall, not with the depth in this draft...NO WAY NO HOW anyone who is talking about Marshall is wasting his breath here

What are everyones thoughts on Tully Banta-Cain?

Do you really beleive everything Ireland says to the media? Please dont be so gulliable...he is not going to tip his hand in an interview and tell every team his true intentions on his current players or players he's trying to pick up in FA....when he tells you he likes someone take it with a grain of salt....

Does anyone think Adewale Ogunleye could come back to Miami and play DE in our 3-4 defense?

Indiana you are such a simpleton. I never said Marshall killed Williams, I said he got him killed. He testified against the murderer that he (Marshall) started the skirmish in the club and that he (Marshall) was the intended target.

This guy is bad news and Miami would probably be the worst city he could go to.

I've said it before on here and I'll say it again....adding a safety is NOT thetop priority or near the top priority for the Dolphins. There are other other more important issues. You add some linebackers that can tackle, a nose tackle that can stop the run, another year for our rookie corners to mature, more familiarity between Bell and Wilson and better coaching from Nolan and Wilson won't look nearly as bad as he did last year. This team is in no position to go out and spend $8 million on Amari Rolle. It just makes NO sense!! Improve the linebackers, add a younger NT, get us a number one receiver and a pass catching tight end and this is a MUCH better team. I guarantee you if they add Rolle (which they won't) you guys will all be complaining about him next year the way you complained about Wilson this year.

Carlito - I agree he is bad news, but I didn't know that Marshall was the intended target and he started the skirmish. Even with that information it wasn't Marshall who got him killed. It's not like Marshall made Williams go out that night. Williams was old enough to make his own decisions.

I appreciate everyone's opinion on Marshall and that BP may never give up a 1st rounder for him but that doesnt change the fact that Marshall is a 1st rd pick in ability alone and even better because he's a proven all-pro talent to boot. Can a #1 pick in the draft guarantee you this?

That backs up the point that there's a 1st time for everything and in the least would I be surprised if BP all of a sudden threw us the 3 strike change up when we were all expecting curve ball.

Kevin Walter as the WR answer for the Dolphins? ESPN thinks so....I can't say I agree

Marshall for our first rounder should be a no brainer. It is sitting there for the taking.

Sure our def needs help BUT the saints had the #28 overall ranked def this year and won the superbowl...Times have a changed and we need to move with the times.

Marshall is 26 and a dominating offensive threat/wr.

If we don't get him some other AFC contender (Balt most likely) will. We NEED him!!!

We have plenty of average size white receivers. I'll take Hartline over Walter any day.


No to Ogunleye, yes to Banta-Cain (but I don't see him as a need. Isn't he more a of a defensive end? Who's spot would he take? Langford, Merling?....I think the kids need to develop).

No to Walter....he's more of a possession receiver and would only cut into Hartline's development.

If Boldin had a better history of staying healthy I'd say get him, despite the high salary. He's 29 and has at least 5 good years left. He would absolutley change the Fins offense for the better.

But...the injury wildcard exists.

Forget about the jaw, we know he played thru that. It's the foot and other assorted injuries.

Now, if his contract was laden with incentives for actually playing games, that would be another thing. But Boldin won't be happy about that.

Still, we should get him. WR's like him are few and far between. If he plays in just 12 games this year he could mean the difference between 2-4 extra wins. Want to save money? Release Teddy boy.

Wish list: Boldin at WR, Dansby and Mclain or Kindle at LB. If so, the Fins will be a dramatically changed team.

DyingBreed and flipper013 -

A troublesome WR who plays when he wants and doesnt play when he wants. Marshall for a 1st is not happening so lose the hard ons and get over it!!

New article on everybody's fav. Marshall...

ANtler ROlle not going to be MIAMI DOLPHIN. Him ask for all the money and Mr Parcells wil wont get it for him. sorry.
If Damsby wants all the money he not a DOlphin too. sorry. If Damsby will take some less money to come and be here then we wlil get him. OK? Tell hime that please Mr Aramdo.
I would have Aquan Boldin but Mr Parcells is stingky with the draft picks.
Juan Huron


I'm with you on the last post. I actually think Marshall would be great in Miami. I think he needs to get out of Denver. I think he has it in for the coach and the organization after the way Cutler was treated. I expect him to be somewhere else next year. But for a first?....no way!! Now if we could do something like Ginn, and a third this year and next I might consider it.

Indiana Ogunleye is to light for a 3-4 DE. Also Marshall dint start the skirmish. Marshall's cousin got into an argument with the party of the shooter, Marshall tried to squash it but instead ended up enciting it even more and someone in that party punched Marshall in the jaw. That's what eventually led to the gun play.

Marshall's 1st intentions were truly honorable. But maybe instead of trying to difuse that kind of situation its better that both parties simply disburse. I have been in a situation like that myself, although no one was killed, trying to difuse it only made tempers esculate higher. I learned its better to just immediately disburse.

Lips, thanks for the props!!! I enjoy your posts a lot too. must be something in the water up here!!!

You guys dont think if we traded down our #12 pick, get an extra 2nd or 3rd rounder for it and then trade Denver the 26th pick for Marshall?

That sounds like a complete no brainer fto me. Not only do we get Marshall but maybe potential get an extra 2nd rd pick to boot. 3rd rounder at worst.

That's a better scenario DyingBreed. The problem is going to be finding teams that want to move up....

I would likely do what you've proposed but I would definitely have to think about it.

Craig at 26th usually begins the 2nd rd playoff teams. Say if one of them wanted Spiller very badly, they maybe willing to come off of a 2nd rounder to swap positions with us because draft picks arent as big of an obstacle to teams without many needs. Only teams with many needs need many draft picks.

I don't think it's illogical what your proposing. I suppose it could happen. But the team would have to be in love with the player, be it Spiller or someone else. I don't think your idea is crazy and it could still have merit for the Dolphins. I'm assuming your proposing we get our linebacker AND NT in the second round then, under that scenario?

Colts could be interested in our pick for a 2nd rounder because they could especially use a homerun threat type back to go with thier potent passing attack even if Spiller's only a 13-17 cpg rb. See the possibilities? That makes dansby and Marshall entirely possible, especially if we could trade a #31 1st rounder for Marshall and get an extra 2nd rounder to boot. Thats why despite what others say I'm thinking outside the box with Marshall.

I may decide against in-house catering by the Dolphins for my Private Luxury Suite next season if Dansby is not signed by close of bsiness tomorrow.

They have been warned!

I get your logic DyingBreed. But making a move like that is not Bill Polian's way. I'm not even sure running back is the Colts biggest need. They still have Addai and Brown was taken in the first round. They are probably going linebacker or cornerback I would think. I think you can forget about the Colts making a move like this.

Craig Im proposing Dansby/Marshall, olb Jerry Hughes with pick 2a and nt Cam Thomas with pick 2b. Also if someone is delirious enoughto sign Ronnie Brown from us now we have another 1st rounder to boot. If we lost Brown its a no brainer to go after Toby Gerhardt with one of our picks albeit I wouldnt do it with a #1.

It also opens up the possibility of drafting Cody #1. I just love the way the trifecta is setting themselves up this offseason for a slew of interesting possibilities.

Dying Breed,

I like your logic. Not sure a lot of it is going to happen but lots of good points. NO WAY do they take Cody with the first pick....'ain't happening!!

New blog up on Marshall now....join the party!!

Craig on offense the only thing the Colts are missing on offense is a homerun threat at the rb position. Spiller would be a perfect compliment to Addai. Dont be surprised if its going thru Polian's mind as we speak. Polian isnt afraid to go after talent to improve his ball club and how much better would Peyton be with a homerun threat. It really scares me to think of it.

If we get Marshall and a 2nd rounder, someone signs Brown and we get another 1st rd pick, ala in all logic suggest it really compares more to using a 2nd pick to get Cody. Our true first pick would have turned into getting Marshall and a 2nd rd pick. So the !st pick that comes to us from a dummy team signing brown is nothing but all gravy baby, but of course that pick can be used a number of different ways it doesnt just tie us down to Cody.

I don't agree with you on the Colts, DyingBreed. It's not the way Polian thinks. He's not aggressive in that way. I don't believe the Colts need a CJ Spiller. I'm not even convinced he's all that special. He didn't even have the best 40 time at the Combine and everyone compares him to Chris Johnson. The Colts, won't take a running back in the first round too years in a row. That's what teams like Detroit do. No, I think you will see the Colts and a young linebacker and cornerback in the first and second rounds, rather than trading up for a potential homerun threat.

I would say getting someone like sharper who is a leader and proven winner would be a great start at solidifying the D that let us down last year. Then you could draft a young Safety who can learn. Rolle is expensive and not as strong as a cover man as sharper.

I would go strong on Dansby and try and get Marshall for a 2nd rd. Then in the first round we can add a young defensive player either McClain or one of the top Safeties. Then 3rd round address other issues like D line maybe a WR falls to us as well but if we get Marshall linked up with Bess, Hartline and Camriollo whewww boy. Then all we would need is Ronnie B to stay healthy and finish the yr if he can stay healthy with our o line he can be a top 5 rb in this league. Lets spend some money drop Porter, drop tibor and drop wilson win now and build with proven winners while adding youngsters to the team.

The Bengals have just released Lavernues Coles, do you guys think the fins would be looking at the possibility of signing him for a year, i think he still has something left in the tank..your thoughts?

IndianaDolPhan, who is williams?

Dansby is a great player, but he's a smoke screen for the Fish. They have no interest in spending all that $$$ when the draft is chalked full of outstanding LBs. All the ink on the Fish signing Dansby is nothing more than a waste of ink. Fish are more likely to spend $$ on a WR.

Nevermind...i figured it out.

Just a quick thought to those of you who have a man crush on Marshall... He was a Fourth Round Pick... That's it... A lousy fourth rounder. But... I hear so many who are willing to give up picks... just like the one Marshall was... for a guy with Attitude, injury and assimilation issues with the very team who drafted him. There are guys like Brandon Lafell, Golden Tate, Dezmon Brisco, Demaryius Thomas, Damian Williams, Mike Williams, Dexter McCluster and there are even mopre then this. Austin Miles came off the "Nobody List"... None of you who post here with regularity have any more idea then myself wich of these guy will be good... but you can bet your ars some of them will. Like I said... A few short years ago... Marshall was a 4th Round "Maybe" that a team took a shot at... while all their fans whined about the first round pick. Now... he is commanding a first and a boat load of doe... for what?... You believe because he has done well in Denver that he will come here and tear it up???? Hmmmm... I have a long and distinguished list (and Johnson) of people who did not work out as planned... that says other wise.

Who cares about Spiller!!!!!!!!! Would everyone stop talking about Spiller. He has not proved himself in the NFL and Ronnie Brown has. Brown's injuries were very fluke injuries that could have happened to anyone. Tuna sign Brown long term he is the core of our offense, without him Sparano and Lee kiss your Wildcat goodbye. Resign Jason Taylor to two years he still has a lot left in the tank and will sign at a discounted price. Get Dansby at 12:01 am EST and sign Rolle. Do not go after Boldin just trade our first round pick to Denver for Marshall. Use our second round pick on Cam Thomas(NT).

Why the hell are nfl people so cheep with draft picks. I understand you need picks to have roster depth, but trading a 3rd round pick for a proven guy like boldin seems like a no brainer. Did we not just draft pat white with a 2nd round pick? How many dolfans would rather have white or boldin.I would say everyone but pat white's mother.

Just off the top of my head i can think of a lot picks that we had that were junk. Ted Ginn 9th overall. Same draft John Beck and Samson Setllie both in 2nd round that are no longer on the team. Merling 2nd round pick, not bad but not even a starter. 2006 Hagen 3rd round. 2005 Roth 2nd round.

Get your head out of your ass guys. Look at the track record of picks in the 2nd and 3rd round. Whats the chance you get someone better than Boldin with out 2nd round pick this year. Track record suggest not that good. Give up a 3rd pick for him ,holy cow.

Get Karlos Dansby!!!! he would make our defense a lot better. and if we get him, i don't think the dolphins would want to pick at 12.. they should trade it for Marshall... one of the top 3 wr's in the whole NFL!!!!! if we would to do that, our offense would be set, then they can just get defensive guys with the rest of our picks.The dolphins need to go after proven guys! i'm tired of waiting for the draft each year just to get guys that don't do anything!!!!!!!!!!

Karlos Dansby Yes!
Antrell Rolle is asking too much money
Anquan Boldin is getting too old and too beat-up for a #3.

Glad that I visited this blog!!!I am one of the avid fans of Dolphins!!!I'll go for them always!!!Go dolphins!!All of you guys are good players!!

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