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Karlos Dansby visits while Ayodele, others cut

Linebacker Karlos Dansby is finally in South Florida.

No, he hasn't signed -- yet.

The Dolphins just released the names of the unrestricted free agents they are visiting with on the first day of free agency. And Dansby is officially the only one.

The team, meanwhile, is doing some addition by subtraction apparently.

The team has announced the release of Joey Porter, Akin Ayodele and Gibril Wilson.

It is no coincidence that everything the Dolphins are doing so far is defense related. The defense was a problem in in 2009 and what you are seeing is the continuation of the revamping that began when coordinator Paul Pasqualoni was fired and Mike Nolan was hired.

First you change coaches. Then you change players.

(If that fails you change higher ranking coaches and general managers. Just saying.)

Ayodele saw his play suffer in 2009. Although his tackle numbers were on par year to year, he struggled mightily in coverage and was often beaten to tackles by strong safety Yeremiah Bell -- a Pro Bowl player who often lined up 10 yards behind Ayodele.

We all recognized the Porter termination was coming. The Dolphins had an aborted attempt to release him last month. They had to bring him back on the roster because they blew their salary cap calculations. Releasing Porter today has no salary cap implications for the Dolphins as their is no cap hit because there is no cap!

It is clear the Dolphins feel good about signing Dansby. The release of Ayodele speaks to that in part. But the fact he is in town before he goes elsewhere signals this is Miami's deal to lose.


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Don (Percell's)Corleone is taking care of ALL family business.....

Keep your fingers crossed!

Yes Ayodele, Porter, and the grand gerbil gone... ahhhh I feel much better!

Good work A, you are the first to report this

Ayodele was mediocre, Wilson sucked, and Porter was a one year wonder. Time for this team to be infused with some new blood!!!!!!!!!!!

Why aren't we in the Anquan Boldin mix????

"It's a old sicilian message, it means Luka(Porter) Brazase swims with the fishes"

Great with the "gones," but nervous with the not-yet-"gets"

And Yes, why aren't we in Boldin mix???

Reggie Torbor and Jason Allen should be cut next to free up about 6 million more!

That's a weight off of all our shoulders!

Cuban, you mean "sleeps with the fishes". Swimming with fishes isn't exactly terrifying.

Im getting a bad feeling that we’re not going to get anybody of signifigance. Lets see, Jets Cromartie, Giants possibly Rolle and Dansby, New England just threw out a trade proposal for Boldin, Seahawks the same for Marshall, Peppers gone….We are stubborn and want to save a few bucks and its that mentallity thats caused us to have very few if any superstars on our team. Were gonna lose out on all these opportunities over minor details and a few bucks. While everybody else gets better, we’ll save a few bucks and try to make the koolaid again without sugar. Why cant we just once say f-it and spend some G.Damn money!!

Just read that the Pats are in the lead for Boldin!!! Why is everyone in our division getting better with free agency and we are only talking to a couple. Let's go balls to the wall and get Marshall or Boldin because obvisiously we don't have the D to stop them when we meet them twice a year!

Yeah , cuban that was me . Like i would right that. who knows maybe it was you or indiana or just your typical troll pu**y.

Posted by: NJ PHIN FAN | March 05, 2010 at 05:16 PM

NJ, Maybe you need a "GOOOOOOOOOOOGLE".... Or maybe not...

Getting rid of these guys is like the Miami Dolphins franchise taking a giant dump. Make sure the Dolphins wipe good so they don't leave any of Porter's, Ayodele's, and Wilson's stink behind. Flush twice and make sure there are no clogs...


A.Boldin is under contract on Arizona, so he isn't a free agent. But Cards announced him as "available" (read trade bait) and Dolphins need to focus on solidifying a terrible defense first and add a fine receiver latter, perhaps closer to (even during) draft day there could be news on Boldin.

P.S. Karlito for Dansbito

Calm down people... patience...

Posted by: Lord Brandon-Karlos Dansby-Marshal Thank you for the correction... and you sir are a connoisseur of fine films.....

Looks like the roster reboot that began 2 years ago is finally to the point where we can get rid of ALL the dead weight. I am hopefull the draft is going to fill in the holes that these mediocre veterans have left with some high potential young guns. Deep draft this year guys so don't fret over the Fins not landing any overpriced FAs. We've done that the past two years already and look at what we have to show for it. The top 3 picks this year should be starter ready.

Armando: What about Anderson and Torbor, how safe are they ? Will Miami hire a outside LB coach ? On offense, there is a rumor about Miami looking into left guard Pitts of Houston, is Smiley in trouble from his injuries ?


Any word on Rolle yet?

keep working fins!! let's set ourselves up for an amazing draft. reducing the number of holes to fill should increase our chances of hitting the target in the draft every time. we are WAY overdue for a great off-season!

I heard rolle is gettin a physical with the giants right now...

SI.com's Peter King reports that the Ravens are "close" to finalizing a trade for Anquan Boldin.

Kansas City -- Baltimore's main rival in the Boldin sweepstakes -- is working with more second-day (second- and third-round) picks, but also has way more holes to fill. The Ravens were always Boldin's most likely landing spot. His run-blocking prowess would fit right in with their smash-mouth style, and Boldin is enough of a play-maker to fill the team's No. 1 receiver void.

Getting rid of these guys is like the Miami Dolphins franchise taking a giant dump. Make sure the Dolphins wipe good so they don't leave any of Porter's, Ayodele's, and Wilson's stink behind. Flush twice and make sure there are no clogs...

Posted by: carlito from golfito | March 05, 2010 at 05:23 PM

ohh man carlito.... giving me ammunition for a possible assault on a certain individual from the Tri-state area.... come on carlito, a truce is on, please don't temp me....lol...lol

I shan't be enjoying my Tea Time today because the Fins have not yet signed a Free Agent or traded for Anquan B.


I would have thought the old boys would be further along at this point of the day.

Mark in toronto . I told you miami would first cut akin ayodele over torbor. torbor also brings ST to the table.


I think after Boldin there isn't a #1 receiver available in free agency except for Brandon Marshall and the Dolphins most likely aren't going that direction. In the draft, Dez Bryant will most likely be gone before we pick at #12 so we will have to pick up a receiver in the 2nd round which won't be a huge upgrade over the receivers we already have.

Hey panic minions, nobody has been signed anywhere other then the bears signing of peppers and a RB and a blocking te. calm the blank down !!!!

Joey Porter sucks. Akin Ayodele sucks. Gibril Wilson REALLY sucks. I'm glad these losers are gone. the defense has already gotten better just by these releases alone.

You were so sure they were keeping Gerbil. Whenever they go overboard to defend something, that's the kiss of death.

Sorry Cuban! lol!

do it...

I posted this on the other blog before I realized a new one was up lol. Here it is:

Look at this one guys! First they reported that Rolle would be signed by tonight. Now they are not sure and are reporting the Giants are talking with other safeties!!! Go Big Tuna GO!!


Hi Guys did i mention a like hairy balz and hairy butts ???

ha ha, you thought they'd keep Gerbil ? Must be the NJ air.

Miami Dolphins tweeting UFA LB Karlos Dansby made a visit to the Dolphins today. He has posted career totals of 437 tackles, 25.5 sacks, 12 FFs, 9 FRs and 10 INTs

does that mean he left

Cuban Menace,

Last I heard Dansby's submarine is still off Key Biscayne and he is currently in Bill Parcells' underwater lair, the tunasphere negotiating a possibly deal with Miami

Joey, Akin and Gerbil, good job Parcells!!! The three Stooges

Hey Guys , what did i miss today ??. I was to bust sucking my boyfriends C^^K and tossing his salad . HMMMMMM !! Nothing like a man's tossed salad and c^^K.

I'm not sure Dansby is going to be a dolphin.I hope he will but I don't think so.My,My,what do we do?

P.S. Everybody calm down. Just because they didn't sign someone or make a trade at 12:01 doesn't mean the front office is screwing up.

This team is already 10 times better with the release of Wilson, Porter, and Ayodele.

God I hope they have freed up enuff to get him to sign don't let him walk Tuna

No Carlito, I wont be the one to shoot the 1st salvo, we've been cordial for a couple months so I wont......

C'mon Fish management grow some twig and berries and make a splash in FA.... Give us fans SOMETHING to be excited about

calm down. Marc was talking to armando . do you want to be my boyfriend ???. i will toss your salad for you.

Give a 1st for Marshall, 4th for Boldin, sign Dansberry and Rolle. We will still have 2cd and 3rd for DL or TE.

As Ron White would say, "Have you ever taken a cr*p so big your pants fit better?"

That's what it feels like to get rid of Gibril, Joey and Akin.

We need to pick up BOTH Dansby & Rolle. FAST.

The following guarentees the dolphins become drastically better next season:
Sign Karlos Dnasby
Sign Antrel Rolle
Sign Jason taylor
Trade first round pick for Marshall+Contract
Draft NT in the second round
Fill out roster through rest of draft (OL,DE)
Keep Ronnie Brown

Bonus: Resign pennigton

I would bet anything the fins with those moves would be a terror next season

Its cool Cuban, I wasn't even thinking about the whole plumbing reference, more that the Dolphins have just pinched off a giant turd in releasing Wilson, Ayodele, and Porter.

Torbor and McDaniels can go...Charlie Anderson and Culver. Release Jason Allen and re-sign him MUCH cheaper, or don't.

CFG, I agree with you.All three needed to go.Thats the best news so far.Mike Nolan is going to be good for us i think.

please sign Jason Taylor, Miami's won so much with him on the team.

Tinshaker...Haven't seen that name in a LONG time

Culver ? The guy has only shown himself to be a decent backup atleast, yup, toss him aside and watch the wins pile up,,sheesh.

Agree carlito, and your right they got a lot better and Jeffery(Hollywood)Ross's wallet got fatter to boot.....

Hello Wake, Clemons and McClain to replace the 3 numnutz

yup Ross has made tons since shelling out 1 billion for the Dolphins...go to school little boy and learn something.

There are plenty of "decent backups" available. Might as well lose the dead weight we have

Guy just finished doing by boyfriend again . I can't help it. Did i miss something ?? Does anybody else want their salad tossed. Give me a HOLLA !!

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