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Karlos Dansby visits while Ayodele, others cut

Linebacker Karlos Dansby is finally in South Florida.

No, he hasn't signed -- yet.

The Dolphins just released the names of the unrestricted free agents they are visiting with on the first day of free agency. And Dansby is officially the only one.

The team, meanwhile, is doing some addition by subtraction apparently.

The team has announced the release of Joey Porter, Akin Ayodele and Gibril Wilson.

It is no coincidence that everything the Dolphins are doing so far is defense related. The defense was a problem in in 2009 and what you are seeing is the continuation of the revamping that began when coordinator Paul Pasqualoni was fired and Mike Nolan was hired.

First you change coaches. Then you change players.

(If that fails you change higher ranking coaches and general managers. Just saying.)

Ayodele saw his play suffer in 2009. Although his tackle numbers were on par year to year, he struggled mightily in coverage and was often beaten to tackles by strong safety Yeremiah Bell -- a Pro Bowl player who often lined up 10 yards behind Ayodele.

We all recognized the Porter termination was coming. The Dolphins had an aborted attempt to release him last month. They had to bring him back on the roster because they blew their salary cap calculations. Releasing Porter today has no salary cap implications for the Dolphins as their is no cap hit because there is no cap!

It is clear the Dolphins feel good about signing Dansby. The release of Ayodele speaks to that in part. But the fact he is in town before he goes elsewhere signals this is Miami's deal to lose.


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Duh? What?,JT he has to go plain and simple.Theres nothing left in the tank.Its time to move on.Yeah he was good and did good thangs.But his time has come.

As the sun sinks slowly in the west........

Guy just finished blowing brandon marshall. i want him on the dolphins so i can see him in his tight every sunday. Then i can toss his salad.

This owner SUCKS!! He is more concerned with signing Marc Anthony/Jennifer Lopez, The Williams sisters, and Gloria Estifan than NFL players. Bolden can be had for a 3rd round pick!!! He is more physical than ANY reciever we have. Dansby still not signed?? To that GLORY HOLE OWNER....use the money that all thoses celebs kicked in to become a contender instead of turning this franchise into a celebrity circus.

Fish Boy


Hey indiana, thanks for the blow j-o-b. you want to toss each other's salad ??

Dansby is a done deal just got word from someone in front office

we had alot of dead weight in2009. lets get some football players! the best signing was mike nolan;he probably would be an excellent head coach. the best release was idiot porter who hijacked our team and we let him do it. no balls!

The gerbil is gone. The mouth is gone and that disappearing act in the middle of the3-4 defence is gawn.

It shouldn't be too hard to improve no these deadbeats. Pilons would be an improvement.

what about armando's goo ? dyinbreed ?

If JT signs as cheap as he did last year there's no reason not to keep him. He still made plays last year. He was batting the ball down, had a few FF's and recovered some more.

I'll take it but i like indiana's better.

Garuche, my mom works in the front office also and told me the same thing. maybe we are step brothers ?

I'am with Fiskboy... Who else hate's Jeffery(Hollywood)Ross besides me and the fish boy????


Garuche, What Office?

Cuban menace, you remind me of a prisoner I have in cell block "D". I need to go crush his nuts some more.

Ross pretty much told everyone he wasn't going to break the bank during free agency 2 weeks ago. This really shouldn't suprise anyone

I will arrest all you capitalist pigs.

Duuuuuuuuhhhhhhhh Ross has no input in football decisions people.....

The top FA are all overpriced and not the elite class except for....Peppers.

Peppers apprently signed for 12 million per year. HE IS A BEAST!!! and a steal at this price. Hansworth signed for 17-18 million per year?

Pepper was the class of FA. Not sure why Miami did not sign him instead of going after Dansby for a couple of million less? NO COMPARISON. Peppers IS the pro bolw. Dansby has never been selected in 6 years. We still NEED a strong side LB/DE which Peppers would be the best in the league at and we could have focused on an ILB in the draft McClane, etc.

Stop all the gay talk or the entire state of Texas will beat your AZZZZZZZZZZZZ

HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!




Just in !!! Obama, to pay for health care is imposing a free agent tax. 50% of teams worth to the goverment if they sign any free agent for more then 1 dollar.

I know that teams usually have to have a back up plan before letting go of certain player. Letting go of Ayodele and having Dansby in sort of seems like it is leading up to what would make all of us Miami fans pretty excited.

Now in the same breathe I don't think them cutting Gibril means anything. I think he was so bad last year any player would be an improvement. I think they will bring in veteran competition for Chris Clemons but he might be the answer or at least the replacement. Miami didn't want to ruin his confidence last year and playing 3 rookies would have been ugly but to me it couldn't have been any uglier with Wilson out there. I don't think anyone should get their hopes up about Rolle. Count your blessings if we sign Dansby and call it a day.

Peppers is way overpaid. He takes plays off and is exactly the type of player to give less effort after getting a big pay day. He was never an option as it isn't known if he can make the switch to 3-4 OLB this late in his career. He said he wanted to play 3-4, but notice he ended up with a team that runs a 4-3 ( a desperate team that runs a 4-3)

"Releasing Porter today has no salary cap implications for the Dolphins as their is no cap hit because there is no cap!"

What an amazing sentence. Keep up the great work, Mando.

-- Bebo

http://twitter.com/OmarKely....is reporting Miami signed Dansby, Rolle and is close on Boldin !!!! F YEA Baby !!!!!!!!!

Well so far (ROSS) has proved He is NOT the guy we thought he would be.Its scary so far.

I love this FO.....they may not be up front on who stays or go's for obvious reasons, but one thing you can beleive and that is.... you will be held accoutable for you play. When Sparano said guys will be held accountable for the way the defense played last yr he was serious......DC fired, starting OLB cut, starting ILB cut and starting FS cut and I dont think there done yet.....

(If that fails you change higher ranking coaches and general managers. Just saying.)

*** What a freakin doofus !!!!

Sure thing Big News Alert, and if my aunt had b*lls she'd be my uncle

I just shot a load on myself and my brandon marshall poster . OOPS!!!

I'm an independent who thinks democraps suck behinds !!!

But the fact he is in town before he goes elsewhere signals this is Miami's deal to lose.


It's been the consensus of all the talking heads that if he goes elsewhere......ah......he goes elsewhere.

Thanks for the sizzling update. WTF?

Bush is GOD !!!!

In fact , i want to toss bush's salad !! obama's too.

Hats off to the fins with todays cuts. I like the confidence we're showing with the ability to replace those positions with fa/draft talent that provides an upgrade. Dansby and the rams safety atogwe(much better value than rolle) as free agents would be solid! That would free us up to have multiple options with the draft.

I like the idea of going spiller in rd 1 since he can be used very effectively at slot wr as well as rb. the rest of the draft can be used for defense u rarely get a shot at game breakers like cj...

Giving the #12 pick for Marshall LOLz some of you are morons. It's never going to happen. Get out of your Madden wonder land.

I love to toss " 9/11 was a inside job's " salad . i heard 9/11 was a inside job gives a mean blow j-o-b.

Like I mentioned they have a special celebration planned for Dansby at sunlife stadium tonight - believe what you will I think Dansby
is a dolphin by tomorrow morning.

DAMN Anquan was expensive 3rd and 4th for posession WR with injury concerns. I love Boldin, but not that much.

Raven get him, Thank God! NE gets Boldin I would have cried

Trimming the fat!!!! Thank you Bill, Jeff and Tony!!!!

Boldin went to Baltimore for a third and fourth... Baltimore get Boldin and a 5th... Bye Bye Boldin...!

signing dansby would be a huge step forward for miami and with the cuts that have been made it makes you think it will happen. if not foote is still available and would fit in just fine. someone mentioned not signing dansby due to no pro bowl appearances and i say so what. would it be great if he makes his first as a dolphin hell yes! but miami doesn't need a pro bowler just a guy who can tackle and cover a te and dansby can do both. the only thing you will ever see peppers covering is his own a ss.

Breaking News: While being deposed by his lawyer for sexual assault (again) of a woman in Georgia, Roethlisberger was accused of sexually assaulting that cute little paralegal working for the law firm.

See someone's having a grand time impersonating me

Nothing but Gay people Blog here.Cuban Menace,Leave this nasty Blog B-4 its to late.I'm Gone.

Yup, Miami always has big parties for free agent signings...not !

They should throw out Channing Crowder too! gator douche

can't get rid of everyone, must be able to field a team.

i wouldn't get too excited about NE not getting boldin. miami does play balt this year.

That's a lot to give up but I like the move. It give Flacco the weapons that he needs to take the next step. Something Miami needs to but looks unlikely with Henne this year. Boldin and Marshall leaves slim pickings in free agency. I'm not mad though. That's good for Baltimore.

Now Flacco won't have to rely on the drops of Clayton and the 40 year old legs of Mason.

Linebacker Karlos Dansby is finally in South
No, he hasn't signed -- yet.

The Dolphins just released the names of the unrestricted free agents they are visiting with on the first day of free agency. And Dansby is officially the only one.

Maybe Dansby is just stopping by enroute to Washington for some South Beach Sluts and Hoes with the Trifecta.
Karlos don't forget the blow, it's a lot better than the sheet they got in DC.

Nothing but Gay people Blog here.Cuban Menace,Leave this nasty Blog B-4 its to late.I'm Gone.

Posted by: joe | March 05, 2010 at 06:19 PM

you sillya$$. You weren't complaining last week in that men's public restroom.

what's up odinseye?

If the Dolphins sign Dansby I'm going to toss my own salad.

Duuuuuuuuhhhhhhhh Ross has no input in football decisions people.....

Posted by: carlito from golfito | March 05, 2010 at 06:00 PM

Except for one thing: The budget

Don't agree its the Trifecta's deal to lose. Dansby or his agent may over reach because of prior moves and thinking they have the Tuna by the short hairs... Would like to get Dansby but I think it will be alright if it doesn't work out. Like last year when everyone thought they blew it by not getting Pace and he wasn't worth the money the jests gave him.

Good point about all the celebrity owners.
No cap this year. No ILB's last year. We schedule 1 F U C K I N G FA visit and we can't sign the guy.

God I just LOVE being a Dolphins fan!!!!

Boldin to Ravens for 3rd and 4th rounder according to ESPN.

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