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Karlos Dansby visits while Ayodele, others cut

Linebacker Karlos Dansby is finally in South Florida.

No, he hasn't signed -- yet.

The Dolphins just released the names of the unrestricted free agents they are visiting with on the first day of free agency. And Dansby is officially the only one.

The team, meanwhile, is doing some addition by subtraction apparently.

The team has announced the release of Joey Porter, Akin Ayodele and Gibril Wilson.

It is no coincidence that everything the Dolphins are doing so far is defense related. The defense was a problem in in 2009 and what you are seeing is the continuation of the revamping that began when coordinator Paul Pasqualoni was fired and Mike Nolan was hired.

First you change coaches. Then you change players.

(If that fails you change higher ranking coaches and general managers. Just saying.)

Ayodele saw his play suffer in 2009. Although his tackle numbers were on par year to year, he struggled mightily in coverage and was often beaten to tackles by strong safety Yeremiah Bell -- a Pro Bowl player who often lined up 10 yards behind Ayodele.

We all recognized the Porter termination was coming. The Dolphins had an aborted attempt to release him last month. They had to bring him back on the roster because they blew their salary cap calculations. Releasing Porter today has no salary cap implications for the Dolphins as their is no cap hit because there is no cap!

It is clear the Dolphins feel good about signing Dansby. The release of Ayodele speaks to that in part. But the fact he is in town before he goes elsewhere signals this is Miami's deal to lose.


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Is that you?

What do you think the hold up is with Dansby?

Yeah joe, Getting a little messy in here for the menace, I think I'll work on my 12 ounce curls at the local bar.... You all have a "PHINTASTIC" nite.....

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The 3 were worthless, I hope we get Dansby, for Rolle, he{s just average, personnally I prefer Atogwe or even Clark, as for OLB, it has to be solved in the draft, you never get a good one on the FA. I also consider that Torbor, J. Allen and Anderson have to reestructure their deals or will be cut, as for Ginn lets trade him

Cuban, you're right about that.

The Dolphins are going to be solid next year.....I think they will get Wr's in the draft (2nd or 3rd). The defense should be better with upgrades through draft, and hopefully, Dansby signing. I still think the Fins will get Rolle, he hasn't signed yet I bet he is just trying to get the Fins to up their ante.

To Cuban Menace, thanks for the support on my point about our "Hollyewood" owner. The owner cares more about his celebrity minority owners thatn signing key players for the team. I live in Chicago, and the pathetic Bears are blowing there load to make a difference. Draft choices have done NOTHING for the Dolphins in recent years (i.e. John Beck, Ted Ginn) they cost MORE than PROVEN players.

Fish Boy


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I live in Chicago too, and this sh it is getting pathetic. The sh itty bears franchise and their sh itty fans have peppers and we can't cut a deal with Dansby and Rolle?

We need to sign dansby

rolle no way---if he was on the dolphins and played two games like he did at the end of the year you fans would be sayn he sucked---

Him and wilson couldnt cover shockey or finly in playoffs--and they let two teams put up 40 points through the air---he is not worth that money-----

Im very interested in moving sean smith to free safety
and drafting a corner in the second round like Ghee from wake forest---Safety play in this league now has to be guys who can cover wr---so lets get as many talented big corners we can and move them around in the secondary.

Keomoetu from panthers should be next on our list for a veteran NT---he is 3 years younger than ferg and has a history with nolan in baltimore.

Other FA

TE Alge crumpler if someone signs Fasano
WR Kassim Osgood---as our 4th or 5th wr guy who has size and speed and can increase our performance on SP teams

Boldin is a raven so stop already with that---

Dishpan, You say sh itty,way to many times.I might have to FLAG YOU.Clean it up sir.

Cuban, Don't leave the blog! You are one of the few "veterans" who is all things dolphin talk!


Fish Boy

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Also your Welcome.

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You are right!

I can hear the Dolphins toilet flushing!!!

Dansby is now a Dolphin according to NFL All Access.

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