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Linebackers done working at Indy Combine

The penultimate day of the Indiana Combine is in the books. The linebackers and defensive linemen worked out on the field today.

Aspiring scout Chris Cordero, still in Indy, filed these thoughts on what he saw:

UF's Brandon Spikes: Continues to look unathletic and heavy footed in the drills. Looked slow and not agile in footwork drills. Him choosing not to run in the 40 and doing this drill probably makes me wonder if he could have broken a 4.9.

Mizzou's Sean Weatherspoon: Came in at 6-1 and 239 pounds. Ran the 40 in a white unitard. Loved the outfit. Guy is a playmaker and is very strong as evidenced by his 34 reps on the bench press. Just ran a 4.57. A mid- to late 1st rounder. I think he would fit just fine in the middle of the 3-4 and is great in coverage to boot. Also very outgoing, proper, and loquacious. Teammates rally around him. Continues to impress with athleticism in footwork drills.

Iowa's A.J. Edds: Big backer who was fairly impressive at the Senior Bowl. Very good in coverage and ran a 4.67. Could be a nice pick in the 5th-6th, although he could slip into the 4th. Continues to look impressive in pass coverage drills. Good footwork and agility in and out of his breaks

South Carolina's Eric Norwood: Had a decent unofficial 4.67 time - I feel he is a little too much of a one-trick pony (rushing the passer) and Dolphins have that already in Cameron Wake. I wouldn't take him before the 4th but some team will probably bite in the 3rd.

Penn State's Sean Lee: ILB prospect with injury concerns ran a decent 40 at 4.72; but looked unathletic in the drills. Mayock said he sees him maybe in the late 1st early 2nd. I wouldn't take him before the 3rd. Improved footwork in the later coverage drills. Much smoother.

Kentucky's Micah Johnson: Ran an unofficial 4.99 - confirming that he would strictly be a two-down run stuffer. That would pretty much duplicate what the Dolphins have in Crowder. But, he is built like an Adonis and hits like a train.

Mississippi State's Jamar Chaney: Ran a very good 4.51. He was expected to test very well and after having him in the Senior Bowl I am sure the Dolphins are very familiar with him. With the lack of depth at the position - I think he goes in the 4th but would be excellent value in the 5th.

Alabama's Rolando McClain: He did nothing. His agent texted the NFL Network to explain McClain is dealing with a hamstring issue and will do all his work at his Pro Day. To me, McClain came off as not wanting to really be at the Combine. Sure, he said he just wants to play football - but who here doesn't? Some might call it confident. I thought he was very "Sabanish." It might not be a bad thing if the guy turns out to be an All-Pro. I still get the feeling a lot of what he did had to do with Saban's scheme. That being said I think he will be a good player and if the Dolphins don't sign Karlos Dansby he probably will be the pick. For him being so big he wasn't very strong in the bench and I'm not convinced he'll run a 4.5 like he says he eventually will.

South Florida's Jason Pierre-Paul: Ran a very good unoffical 4.64. People have him going as high as No. 3. I don't know if someone with only one year of Divison 1 football is worth that high a pick. He is a heck of an athlete though.  Want to see him in the LB drills. Also looked pretty comfortable dropping back in the LB drill - guy is an all-around athlete.

Georgia Tech's Derrick Morgan: Showed pretty good footwork and quicks in the linebacker drill so maybe he can make the transition to OLB. I think he goes Top 10 but could be there at #12.

Michigan's Brandon Graham: Didn't do any position drills because he tweaked a hamstring during the 40-yard dahs. He ran a 4.69 unofficial at 260 pounds. He did 31 reps on the bench press so he didn't go anywhere near the 40 he said he would do, but it's still pretty good.

Texas's Sergio Kindle: Measured in at 6-2 7/8 and 250 so he's much shorter than the 6-5 he was listed 
at. Had only spoken to Browns but has 20 interviews set up......Would prefer to play OLB in a 3-4. Learned much from rookie of the year Brian Orakpo. Credits former Dolphins assistant Will Muschamp for much 
of his development. Says he will run a good enough 40 to open coaches eyes. I'm not sold on him being the pick at #12 but let's see how he works out.
Wasn't overly impressive in the LB drills; footwork was a little sloppy and stumbled a bit. Did show good straight line speed with an unofficial 4.65. Mayock continues to gush about him and some NFL buddies of mine think he is the best 3-4 OLB prospect in the draft as well.

TCU's Jerry Hughes: Rush LB from TCU came in at 6-1 3/4 and 255 pounds. Not prototype OLB size for Miami style 3-4. With an unofficial time of 4.59 and some nice quickness in the swim and rip move, decent explosiveness in the stack and shed, Hughes appears to have helped himself here. I have him in the 2nd round and maybe sliding to #43. He appears to have the tools to play OLB in the 3-4.Continues to look natural in the LB drills - good hands and quick feet in coverage drill. Looks very comfortable (being a former RB he is very athletic).

Utah's Koa Misi: Impressed in the Senior Bowl where he began making the transition to LB. Showed good feet and ran a 4.69 in the 40. Looked fairly natural and fluid in the LB drills. I give him a 4th round grade with a chance to go in the 3rd.

Ohio State's Thaddeus Gibson: Underclassman showed decent speed with an unofficial 4.71 and also showing quick feet in the drills. Another guy whom I feel can play the outside in a 3-4. Would present excellent value in the 3rd round - but could get picked up in the 2nd.


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Penultimate is the second to last word I would have used in that context.

one great article armando, i learned a lot .

Two of the players listed will be drafted by us


Great...a guy who 'Arm-tackles' with no upper body Strength.

Even if Dansby is out of the question there is better depth in this draft in the late rounds, don't let another Saban boy set our franchise back. On tape spikes looks like the identical clone of mcclain in a gator defense that wasn't as good.

Armando I am totally on baord with you on Brandon Graham. I think he is in the Lamar Woodley mold all the way. He you can draft a guy at the 12 spot with that sort of impact you get an A plus for that pick. Graham ran a 4.72 and benched 225 31 times. I think you are right that if Miami passes on him and over thinks themselves they will certainly regret it.

I'd like to see McClain in one on one drill where you shed a blocker hit the ball Carrier.

That would be interesting.

Dont tell me why but I have a feeling we are getting Dansby... and by that extension we are or getting OLB or some kind of falling guy like berry or Bryant...

Armando what do you think about the phins signing Darren Sproles would be an awesome addition to Teddy in the kicking game not to mention could you just imagine that midget in the wildcat nobody would even see him coming. Thoughts mondo anybody?

Texas, I hope they sign ANYONE to return kicks as long as I dont have to watch another return by Ted(Sideline)Ginn return a kick 10 yards and look for the closest sideline...

Sproles is still with San Diago isnt he??? I cant see them cutting Tolinson and Sproles... But then again what do I know??

spikes didnt look great in drills but he is a football player that in the 2nd round i think has great value b/c of his size, instincts, and leadership----you watch film he just makes plays.


Thats what he could bring---pair him with dansby and you have a tandem

And By the way Texas It's PC to call then Height challenged not midgets.....

ted gin is the best thing dolphins have right now .kik returner or wr .

Aloco, Your meatball's have Fermented and now your tripping....... Go to sleep......your on a BAD trip my diminutive one....

I think McClain is going to be a huge disappointment in the NFL. I see him as a lazy and slow footed guy who was a product of having a lot of talent around him at Alabama

NJ Phin fan and his followers swear by McClain steve......

"That being said, I believe he will be a very good player and if the Dolphins don't sign Dansby he will probaly be the pick" Chris Cordero. THANK YOU CHRIS

Derrick Morgan has to be considered if he's there and we pick up Dansby or even Foote in free agency.

He's the only guy that has a chance to be Demarcus Ware or Shawne Merriman in the draft. He's already started to show that he can play WOLB by the drills he ran today as I always thought he could. If he continues to impress the administration - he has to be it.

Personally, I have him #3 overall on my Dolphins draft board after Suh and Eric Berry.

That's just my opinion as it always has been.

However, the lack of depth at ILB is a concern. McClain might be a wiser pick if no impact is made in free agency and we can't trade down to pick Weatherspoon.

I must say I like McClain, but, am a bit disappointed in his combine. I expected more reps and for him to run. If we pickup Dansby in FA then OLB will be the pick- IMHO.


Sproles was due a 7 million dollar bonus so I think they are doing a release (reset of the contract) and resign like AZ appears to be doing with Rolle if reports are correct.

If they were to get rid of both in one year this would definitely be the year to do it. There are MANY big and small backs that look like they can do damage in the NFL coming out.

I REALLY like Auburn's Ben Tate and noticed he had some great blocking prowess in the Senior Bowl practices. He showed at the combine he is a serious athlete posting high marks in nearly every RB category.

McCluster will end up being a Sproles type of guy. He is more quick than fast with limited top end speed. He is definitely not slow either and will break runs if you give him a chance.

After running 2.27 and 2.28 40 times unofficially that somehow turned into a 4.37 Official time, RB CJ Spiller should be the 1st RB off the board. The stat that amazed me was that Mayock said "Of his 52 total college TD's, 21 were from 50 yards or more."!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!
That's freaking OVER 40% of his TD's were from 50yards out or better. That is "CHUNK PLAY CITY".

The Fresno State kid blew up the combine as well.



Shhhh, it's not really allowed to speak ill of Rolando "the disinterested, texting during drills, leader-type that never chirped once" McClain. He just wants to get paid, er to play football. LOL.

The most interesting thing I heard about Mr. McClain came when they sent Charles Davis to ask him why he wasn't working out. McClain tells him "There is no reason, my agent advised me not to." Then a little while later Mayock gets a text from McClain's agent saying that "he has been fighting a hammy and its been an ongoing battle and we hope he can work out on Alabama's Pro Day." Davis then says..."Hmmmm, I wonder why he just didn't tell me he was injured?"

Then Davis kinda glossed over the whole thing writing it off as a "Tough guy" thing by some guys not admitting to being hurt. I smell slim shady!


Rob,All teams from the WAC have players that have long TDs, That's why I love watching the Games on ESPN at 11 pm (Eastern) on sat. nites during coll. football season, Where else can you see a 48 to 50 game with out Overtime.... I love the WAC Conference...


Yeah but all those scores are not coming from the same guy as with Spiller. You do think he is explosive and dynamic right?


"The Morgan interview is interesting because MOST scouts have him as a DE in the 4-3, MANY SCOUTS don't feel he can play in the 3-4 as an OLB" Chris Cordero

Rob, Sounds like double talk to me, Though Iam not shocked look who his head coach is Nick(I'am staying in Miami)(Satan) Sabin....

Rob, Coll. and pros are a different game as you know....

Agreed, this McClain thing stinks

Cuban where is Po White Trash???

Jackie Gleason, @ 5:20

Put on McClain's game footage and you you will have your answer... he can't shed and doesn't strike the ballcarrier. He hops on their backs, stands them up or swings themn down by the waist.

If I'm lying I'm dying! The Youtube Universal Draft McClain tape of game footage has been discussed here in too much detail. I tell everyone...don't listen to me, NJ PHIN, Mayock, Kiper or anyone else. Go watch it for yourself and make your own conclusions.

Here endeth my McClain tirade.

Anyone wan't to talk about other players?


Funny how Bradon Graham pulled out, Spikes pulled out but all the McClain haters can talk about is McClain

Bobby, all I care about is if the Dolphins think he can. Not if Walterfootball.com or whatever googles draft crap site think he can or not

Bobby12, Not sure, maybe he had billing issues with his internet carrier......Or maybe he was arrested, your guess is as good as mine....

The quote came fron Chris Cordero Mark, who is THERE at the combines and Im sure talking to other SCOUTS....so when Cordero WHO IS THERE says that, has alot more weight

Maybe Mark, u should READ the blogs from Cordero before u start talking about Google or Walterfootball.com

I know 12 seems to be a little high to take sean weatherspoon, but i wouldnt at all be dissapointed if he is the pick. He seems to be one of those guys that could end up being picked higher than everyone expects.

I'm here, just wish there was better news such as...

You can't go wrong if you pick ILB or OLB in the 2010 Draft.

Worried about u PO, been a couple days

LOL CM, if I was arrested that might mean I’ve been having fun (at least before they stuffed me in the pokey).

Like when he said

"Georgia Tech's Derrick Morgan: Showed pretty good footwork and quicks in the linebacker drill so maybe he can make the transition to OLB. I think he goes Top 10 but could be there at #12."

I'm not saying that he will definitely be the pick but the Dolphins are doing their homework and that's all I ask. If they feel comfortable with him then his talents would make for the best player for Miami. Behind Berry and Suh of course.

I've been reading all weekend, just had nothing to add.

Thanks B12, it is appreciated. Truly.

Good to see PO Post, I too was a little worried..

Well on April 22nd it will all be settled, I hope whoever the Fins get it's a GREAT pick who helps us WIN!!!

Thanks CM, B12 ya said it, this draft has to be grade A! Any thing less is unacceptable.

I agree Bobby. It's not a competition between any posters. It's getting the best player available for Miami. I want to hear them doing background checks on all the best players.

Yea, I thought maybe PO went up to Coney Island and Cuban arrested him, I don't think Cuban has mercy


True enough. College and Pro's are different. Recognizing who transitions is so ultra tricky that even the best in the Biz, Bill Polian, Oz Newsome, Bill Parcell's etc...they miss on guys.

I am simply going by drawing from every source I can regarding actual games, tv, articles, experts, my own football knowledge, athletic demonstrations, (yeah Google/Youtube too..LOL) to come to a conclusion.

BUT, I absolutely cannot let just accolades, measurements, a 1 time performance (or not) wreck what my own eyes see of actual game footage which is 80-85% for me. I am river boat gambling along with ANYONE in here that has an opinion. I only have one goal and that is to better OUR Fins!

I have humbly stated on here many times that if we don't get the guy(s) I want and the Fins draft someone I am not onboard with (like McClain) I will be praying I am wrong. I would rather eat the egg on my face in an omelete than to see the Fin's drop even 1 game if ANY of my guys can't play or if McClain is all that and a bag of Funyuns AFTER the Fins draft him.

I have no qualms about admitting if what I am preaching ends up being a lil off or even way off. I hope some on here that are of strong opinions are as well. Time will tell for us all.

Cheers bro, (Sorry, thats on the long winded side for ya)

Cuban would have mercy......

As long as I’m not a Jets fan, If I were I should get the taser and the club!

I think Dansby is a must have.

If we get him, McClain, Weatherspoon, or even Graham would suit me.

Well put Rob, That's all we want....

Mark in Toronto,

Been readin your stuff too.

It has been informative.

Odin, You Old so and So, How has the Norse Warrior been doing, or better yet what have you been doing?????

Well, the meds from treating my head cold over the last 2 days have really slowed me down but I try my best. I love reading everybody else's posts too. Great banter and exchange of views.

This is great te of year for me, lot of baseball players coming in from Dominican, I bust the Red Sox players nutz BIG TIME.....LOL

I like Weatherspoon better than McClain...there I said it.


You are right! I have not given equal time to Brnadon Graham pulling up lame. It is GREATLY painful to see that he could not finish. I actually think it may have pushed him down some in the draft as he is a guy that strattles the line of a guy pushing his body's size dimensions too the max to comepete with the longer armed taller athletes.

Like Armando stated I am very bummed about it as well. If he doesn't go to Miami at 12 it would no longer suprise me as he needed to shine at the combine. It may sound harsh but he can no longer ditinguish himself from the pack when he was shoulder to shoulder with his peers. Now he ONLY has Michigan's Pro day left.

I hope he can redeem himself but at least he did bench 31 reps which was one of the top scores of ALL the LBs (OLB/ILB).

Besides Spiller @ 12, I am REALLY hoping for a trade back even if it's for a little less than what you would normally get. This draft is deep.


The Brandon Spikes portion of Mando’s post was disappointing. Was hoping he would be a fall back pick in the 2nd round.

Guess not.

Everybody here knows it's basically a crap shoot, so I'm just asking for opinions.

Anybody have a guess on the best WR that could possibly be there for us in the second round?

Spikes number really fell before the combine, I saw some dropping him back to the 50-60 range...he maybe a third rounder soon...Too bad cause I sorta liked him too

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