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Todd McShay: Only 2 OLBs a value at No. 12

ESPN draft analyst Todd McShay just got off a conference call and I asked him his thoughts on outside linebackers and specifically, 3-4 outside linebackers that fit the Dolphins prototype.

The good news?

McShay believes there are two such OLB candidates that would be value picks at No. 12.

The bad news?

McShay believes there are only two such OLB candidates that would be value picks at No. 12 and both were college defensive ends and are being looked at as NFL 4-3 defensive ends by several teams.

The two players are Derrick Morgan of Georgia Tech and Jason Pierre-Paul of South Florida.

"If Miami's targetting one of the top two guys I mentioned and believe they can play outside linebacker which wouldn't shock me, by the way, Derrick Morgan I do think he's a better fit as a traditional defensive end," McShay said. "But he's 6-4, 268. Jason Pierre-Paul is a little bigger -- 6-5, 263. If they're targetting one of those two, I think at No. 12 it would be a good spot for either of them. I like Morgan a little more than Pierre-Paul, but I can see either player being a pretty good value."

I asked McShay to give me his three top "pure 3-4" OLBs and he mentioned Michigan's Brandon Graham, Texas's Sergio Kindle and TCU's Jerry Hughes. But I pressed him whether it's accurate none of those three would be value at No. 12, McShay.

"Yes," he answered, "That would be accurate to say."

That doesn't mean McShay doesn't like those guys. 

"I would probably start with Brandon Graham and depending on the 3-4 you're running, his height is a little bit of a concern so factor that in. I do think Brandon Graham, if you're looking for a 3-4 outside linebacker is as good as you're going to get in this class,' McShay said. "I just don't classify Derrick Morgan or Jason Pierre-Paul as typical 3-4 outside linebackers. I think Brandon Graham you start with his motor, intensity, toughness. I go back and watch LaMarr Woodley as a senior coming out and compare him to Brandon Graham and there's not a big difference. And you see the big impact Woodley has made.

"Sergio Kindle would probably be the next guy after Graham. He was productive at Texas but not quite as productive as you would have liked to see," McShay continued. "And he's at his best when you turn him loose and let him get up the field. He has good athleticism but he needs to get stronger versus the run, I think that's going to be an issue for him and may keep him out of the top 20 picks.

"After that I'd go with Jerry Hughes of TCU," McShay said. "He's an explosive pass-rusher and can get after the quarterback."


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I prefer TCU's Sergio Kindle to Texas' Sergio Kindle.

God I hate the offseason and this drivel

That's it, the best GM ever has spoken ! Oh, you mean he doesn't work in the NFL and is just a media gasbag ? I guess Miami's draft isn't doomed afterall.

Despite a proclamation by ESPN's Todd McShay that Locker would/should/could be the first overall pick, a league source tells us that Locker didn't receive a first-round grade from the Advisory Committee.

The source concedes that Locker might have still be drafted in round one given the value of the position, but the source insists that McShay was flat wrong in his assessment of Locker.

"That's the problem," the source opined. "McShay is clueless. Up until three weeks before the 2008 draft, he said that [Kentucky's] Andre Woodson would be a first-round pick. He went in the sixth and is out of the league."

"The problem I have with people like McShay saying stupid things is parents and others who 'advise' these kids think McShay knows what he is talking about," the source said. "And they believe him before they believe the Advisory Committee. Then, when the kids go a lot lower than projected they are pissed and/or depressed. . . . This stuff happens every year and we have to deal with the broken hearts because people who don't know what they are talking about put visions of grandeur into young players' heads."

The real value at olb in this draft is in the second round with guys like Hughes, Ricky Sapp, and Eric Norwood among others

P.S. I dont care about Jake Locker or Andre Woodson

Todd McShay is just a less obnoxious version of Mel Kipper Jr.
Both are wrong more than right and they are only "Experts" because ESPN says so.

An opinion is like a @sshole, every ones got one.....


(and they all stink!)

"I prefer TCU's Sergio Kindle to Texas' Sergio Kindle."

LOL..good one Zenheimer.

12th! ;)

Yes TCU's Sergio Kindle is a player that has really managed to fly under the radar

Dez Bryant

The only problem with these 'experts' is, there's nobody worth a $hit left at #12. Guess we might as well let the time run out.

yup, only 11 players in all of the USA worth being drafted.

They said they care about you, sweets.

P.S. I dont care about Jake Locker or Andre Woodson

Posted by: carlito from golfito | March 18, 2010 at 05:19 PM

So for McShay it is:

Value OLB #12
Derrick Morgan

The best if the "Others"
Brandon Graham
Sergio Kindle
Jerry Hughes

That's pretty odd as I am still wondering why JPP offeres ANY VALUE whatsoever? How can a JUCO transfer over to a smaller school have 45 tackles and 6.5 sacks and have VALUE at #12?

Might he be confusing it with UPSIDE? I can see a TON of UPSIDE as he a long, tall, lean and super athletic kid (as evidenced by his 13 consecutive back hand springs)...

I definitely believe Value at #12 would be the wrong way to describe JPP. If he fell to the top of the second round then you could slap it on by saying some thought he was a #10-15 pick in the first round i.e. you get him at a VALUE in the second.

Things that make you go hmmmm.


I wouldn't touch JPP.

Beautiful, they say a very deep draft now all the experts come out....the Fins will get a very good player at 12...whether it be Williams, Thomas, Morgan, Bryant or whoever Parcells pick I'm sure we will be happy and it will be a solid choice!!! The only "expert" we need worry about is our expert, Bill Parcells

I agree JPP is the guy with the biggest bust risk in the top 15


Are you convinced Morgan can play OLB at this point or not?

HOP would be a great pick in later rounds for a team that has the luxury to not need him as a starter... We don't have that luxury IMO

JPP, damn spell correct

I still say, the Dolphins should trade down, pick-up another second round pick and get Brandon Graham with the first pick somewhere around the twenty first pick. San Francisco & Seahawks both have two first round picks and would like to move-up.Then if Damaryious Thomas is available in the second round, which I doubt, select him there. He could be the steal of the Draft and everything else would be icing on the cake for Miami.

In my poinion, and I started at SOLB and TE on the other side untill injuries to the OL required me to finish my senior season at RG in a HS that perinially challenged for the State Title, that there is one LB that shines above in this draft. And I know these are not qualifications that are anaogous to pro scouts, but I don't think McShay and Kiper know shyt from apple butter. The word "parrot" comes to mind in reference to their impressions. Although, the players they mentioned are credible, but the man that has the best fit for Miami is Sean Weatherspoon. He is the total package. The Phins exclaim versitility making a player much more valuable. This guy can cover TE and backs, can rush the QB, he is as good fundamentally tackling as you can find. Heard knocks on his size and being able to shed blockers, but I have yet to see evidence of this that would make me concered. His 240 lbs frame can carry 15 more pounds without negetive ramifications to his speed and elite quickness. I like Hughes, but I think with some luck we could get both or maybe someone comperabeto him. Weatherspoon opens more doors than the "Get Smart" opening to the TV show. I hope the "Trifecta" can see past his size, because I am sure there are teams beneath us in the first round salivating over him being there( say at #22). I like to read most of your comments, but seldom post any. How do you all feel about this, especially you Armondo.

Why are we still talking linebacker/de with this pick. That was supposed to be a strength for us. Now it seems our strength is smallish, quick receivers with not much YAC.

NJ, will you be awarding your Coveted award tonite??

Enough said!

Spell check is a good thing!

Orlando, SF and Seattle pick 13 and 14 right after miami at 12 and SF other pick is at 17. You're not going to get a 2nd round pick in a trade. Do you even think before type ??? It's easier said than done about trading down.

It seems as though the blog is having issues on the SoCal side.

In all the game footage, watching the combine and seeing some excerpts from his Pro Day on tv I am not thinking Morgan's best position is OLB. He tripped many different times in drills and did not seem smooth in back pedal.

They made Roth a conversion LB from DE and I thought that experiment would not work so anything is possible.

Yeah menace, orlando.


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Rob , morgan won't be the best in coverage but if can be at least average in pass coverage to go along with his pass rush ability , his athletic ability and size , he might be able to play OLB in the 3-4. The trifecta might think so , they like him

WOW PO, easy buddy.....

Po said he's on vacation... he's probably about a 12 pack deep already... lol

Just sayin CM

Meant no disrespect.

Heard he also said something bout watch out with the teeth.

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I'd take Morgan in a heartbeat. I'd also take Graham over JPP. Don't like him at all, plus he's a Rosenslime client.

He said something bout tweezers and a microscope?

They got operations for that kind of thing; you might want to check it out.

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The funny thing, if Graham turns out to be a stud, then 3 or 4 years from now, we'd say "Man, we could have drafted that guy!" Parcells & crew have proved that they are 100% with targeting a player and taking him whenever they want, for better or worse. They drafted several players too early, according to the "experts," such as Pat White, Pat Turner, Hartline, Nalbone, Folsom, Langford & Murphy. That's certainly mixed results, but the point is: If they like Graham or Spoon, etc., they couldn't care less if McShay & crew think it's too early to draft him.

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