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Todd McShay: Only 2 OLBs a value at No. 12

ESPN draft analyst Todd McShay just got off a conference call and I asked him his thoughts on outside linebackers and specifically, 3-4 outside linebackers that fit the Dolphins prototype.

The good news?

McShay believes there are two such OLB candidates that would be value picks at No. 12.

The bad news?

McShay believes there are only two such OLB candidates that would be value picks at No. 12 and both were college defensive ends and are being looked at as NFL 4-3 defensive ends by several teams.

The two players are Derrick Morgan of Georgia Tech and Jason Pierre-Paul of South Florida.

"If Miami's targetting one of the top two guys I mentioned and believe they can play outside linebacker which wouldn't shock me, by the way, Derrick Morgan I do think he's a better fit as a traditional defensive end," McShay said. "But he's 6-4, 268. Jason Pierre-Paul is a little bigger -- 6-5, 263. If they're targetting one of those two, I think at No. 12 it would be a good spot for either of them. I like Morgan a little more than Pierre-Paul, but I can see either player being a pretty good value."

I asked McShay to give me his three top "pure 3-4" OLBs and he mentioned Michigan's Brandon Graham, Texas's Sergio Kindle and TCU's Jerry Hughes. But I pressed him whether it's accurate none of those three would be value at No. 12, McShay.

"Yes," he answered, "That would be accurate to say."

That doesn't mean McShay doesn't like those guys. 

"I would probably start with Brandon Graham and depending on the 3-4 you're running, his height is a little bit of a concern so factor that in. I do think Brandon Graham, if you're looking for a 3-4 outside linebacker is as good as you're going to get in this class,' McShay said. "I just don't classify Derrick Morgan or Jason Pierre-Paul as typical 3-4 outside linebackers. I think Brandon Graham you start with his motor, intensity, toughness. I go back and watch LaMarr Woodley as a senior coming out and compare him to Brandon Graham and there's not a big difference. And you see the big impact Woodley has made.

"Sergio Kindle would probably be the next guy after Graham. He was productive at Texas but not quite as productive as you would have liked to see," McShay continued. "And he's at his best when you turn him loose and let him get up the field. He has good athleticism but he needs to get stronger versus the run, I think that's going to be an issue for him and may keep him out of the top 20 picks.

"After that I'd go with Jerry Hughes of TCU," McShay said. "He's an explosive pass-rusher and can get after the quarterback."


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Finatic's "oops! did I say that?" Henne

Gets my vote.

Good one big fly! Go ahead experts. Ur predictions now!!!

Posted by: Finatic | March 18, 2010 at 08:11 PM
Easy Finatic, or you too will feel the wrath of the one that is known as"The mighty one""the great one"The know it all" and also known as the "fifth Beatle" NJ PHIN FAN............. You have been warned........

Ya know/

Joey Porter is a total D o u c h e Bag and Henne is talking bout Tebow the Christ child?



Stay below the radar Finatic.

I love this blog...

God bless you Mando....

And Tebow too.

Never mind Tebow has been in the blessed line twice.

We have yet to get ur mock draft! Great one!

I'm going to say the obvious: I hate tebow and the gators (go canes!) but tebow will be so much better than pay white as a pro player it's not even funny.

I don't think people are making a big enough deal of pat white being the bust e is. He played every game and did NOT COMPLETE ONE PASS. not even a play action to the rb, quick slant, or quick out. I've never seen that in my life. He was a four year starter!

Very big of you to say Inimounts.

Some of that fat leaked from his neck to his head totally proving gravity doesn't work thing like Isaac Newton said it did..... I Weep for the 16th century mathematicians.... what went wrong Isaac, What???


BigaFly, Parcells doesn't believe in taking WR early OR paying them big money...Look at the top 3 paid players last year, Vernon Cary, Jake Grove n Jake Long...there is a TON of variables like FA signings and pickups between now and draft time, that said I think if ur looking at top ten on draft board, if I had to guess right now, in no particular order, 1. McClain 2. Williams 3. Morgan 4. Kindle 5. Gronkowski 6. Thomas (Berry won't be there) 7. Cam Thomas 8. Weatherspoon 9. Demitrius Thomas 10. Chad Jones This is MY opinion on what I think Parcells might be looking at...and I never stated I was an "expert", I have stated I have followed Parcells throughout his carreer and he is pretty consistent, minus Pat White on how he picks

I'll tell you what. I will give you my mock draft.

Just so there will be no pressure.

1 - Dez Bryant, WR, Oklahoma State

2 - Demaryius Thomas, WR, Georgia Tech

3 - Jacoby Ford, WR, Clemson

4 - Riley Cooper, WR, Florida

These will be the picks. Mark it!!

I'd trade Tebow for White in a heart beat @ the 2nd round pick last year but I'd rather of picked a NT FS or ILB.

Wait a minute, Issac Newton was right, I droped my beer and my remote control and they both hit the ground AT THE SAME TIME...........Why did'nt it work with Henne????

Bootang25, I don't believe Thomas doesn't fit the profile as u say...Safetys such as Ed Reed 5:11 203 pds is more normal then not...but will he be there or not, unsure

I'll tell you what. I will give you my mock draft.

Just so there will be no pressure.

1 - Dez Bryant, WR, Oklahoma State

2 - Demaryius Thomas, WR, Georgia Tech

3 - Jacoby Ford, WR, Clemson

4 - Riley Cooper, WR, Florida

These will be the picks. Mark it!!

Posted by: Finatic | March 18, 2010 at 08:42 PM

NJ, Please open the envelope, I think we have our winner.....

Droped a beer?


Better have been a Natural light!

No hard feelings. I respect ur picks. Consider them marked. I would like to return the favor but I cannot agree on parcels Past predicting the future. That being said it's unpredictable what he's goons do. I did guess he would break his tradition this yr. Peace!

A question to all who are in the know. Could McClain play OLB or is he an inside guy all the way?

Riley Cooper?

Finatic, I like ya but.....

And I'm a Gator mind ya but.....

Cooper is one reason that Alabama is # 1.

Takes Major balls to pick 4 WRs in your Mock so...

Give ya credit fer Balls.

I don't know about McClain, but Dez is so good he could probably play WR, OLB and ILB. Now thats talent. Draft this kid BP.

Droped a beer?


Better have been a Natural light!

Posted by: Po White Trash | March 18, 2010 at 08:48 PM

Was for scientific purpose's only PO, you cant put a price tag on science...Though Iam sure Barack would though....

Black Hawk down is on Encore HD...

That movie ROCKS!

Draft Dez don`t drink beer he drinks special Kool-Aid

Jeremy, McClain is an ILB, if u remember the blogs on Dansby the Fins were saying they want to sign and use him as an OLB...Dansby said that he would play ILB and the Fins have said nothing....don't put too much stock in what Dansby said to the media, he may have been told to say that by the Fins

"Dewey Cox" on FXHD, Almost as funny as Finatics mock draft.... But with out the "PLUNGIE" award..........

No I don't!! I only drink colt 45. That is what Dez drinks.

scientific purpose's only?

I'm all for science!

Getta Pass...

I would take Sergio Kindle then, heck there's two of them, lol

Kool-Aid + Ginn?

Finatic, yes, Parcells could do something different and yes, the past does not predict the future BUT the question is, "after 30 years of success tell me WHY Parcells would change his philosophy"????? He went against his philosophy last year and we got Pat White, I would bet you he doesn't do that again...

= a guy in a fetal postion... right??

DraftDez smoking white stuff from glass tube obviously

I thought this was a Football blog? LOL

BD12, I weep for the youth of America......

I meant Gin.

Cuban probaly dropped a Pabst Blue Ribbon Special, would have cost him more if he dropped a bottle of Evian Water

Don't listen to them Finatic. I thought you had a great mock draft. Might have a thrown a defence player in there somewhere, But heh, who knows.

I am also a fan of Riley Cooper. Don't think he will drop to the fourth unfortunately.

I see him going in the second, for sure.

Gin and Kool-Aid sounds like a great drink for Po White Trash:)

Can of Budweiser actually.....

Cuban, had to seize 5 boxes of Cohibas from a passenger today, I shed a tear as I was throwing them in the shredder...


Black gold..

LA tea...

Is it just me or does anyone else getting that feeling DraftDez likes meatballs and hates I Phones???

Jeremy in the Canadian Cowtown,

More of a Vodka Cranberry & orange juice with a lime twist guy. Guy but I'm on a Bud light kick nowadays....

Cuban, had to seize 5 boxes of Cohibas from a passenger today, I shed a tear as I was throwing them in the shredder...

Posted by: bobbyd12 | March 18, 2010 at 09:09 PM

now that's sacrilege........

OK guys this time Iam out, have a "FINTASTIC" nite.......

For NJ analyisis on Arrelious Benn please visit:


On A. Benn. benn is not a #1 wr or a game changer. He's more of a complimentary wr who would be better of in a west coast offense. Benn is not a vertical threat. He catches the ball with his body and has inconsistent hands. He also needs to work on his route running. His size , strength. leaping ability and blocking make him perfect in the west coast.

Posted by: NJ PHIN FAN | March 17, 2010 at 11:37 PM

Get off your pedestal and hit the weights

Always heard cops had the best sh*t?

Dont shread....


Cuban should come up to the Cowtown and smoke all the Cohibas you want. And Po White you`ve got to get a more manly drink

Cohibas??? In the shredder???? NOOOOO!!!!!

Not the 1st time I've heard that one....

But damn its good!

Like I said Budlight Kick.

Okay I`ve got to go to the Liquor store. Vodka /Cran lime twist, maybe and what is LA tea?



Bootang...no worries at all...you post well, and I hope you dont think I was calling you out...its just that if we go by the Parcells philosophy, many of the better players like the one s you have mentioned wont be considered.
Also, I agree, after Pat White, anything goes...so I dont see Parecells prototype being an issue at all.The guy picks who he likes..

Look at Turner...he is slow really, look at Haynos, slow and lumbering...its hard to get a handle on what Parcells thinking really is, so I wish ALL THE EXPERTS would stop trying to extol that Parcells wont do this or that...guess what...he SURPRISES...

It looks like Marshall is now touted as a 2nd round trade....to me its a clear NO BRAINER...but those who say Parcells doesnt do this or that dont look at the FACTS..he does what he wants...no set rules..

I ask would you swap MARSHALL right now for WHITE..?....Both 2nd round value now...

Damm right you would...

Now if parcells doesnt go for this, it will show a level of poor judgement in my view.Poor judgement that he has already shown previously.

Lets see...I think generally he is on the ball, but occassionally he does some really DUMB things...examples..Not getting Boldin...the Turner pick...Shaun Murphy

But occassionally he does really smart things...Ricky Williams etc

Bootang I love your ideas mate

Gin & juice....

Heinekin it is.

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