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Todd McShay: Only 2 OLBs a value at No. 12

ESPN draft analyst Todd McShay just got off a conference call and I asked him his thoughts on outside linebackers and specifically, 3-4 outside linebackers that fit the Dolphins prototype.

The good news?

McShay believes there are two such OLB candidates that would be value picks at No. 12.

The bad news?

McShay believes there are only two such OLB candidates that would be value picks at No. 12 and both were college defensive ends and are being looked at as NFL 4-3 defensive ends by several teams.

The two players are Derrick Morgan of Georgia Tech and Jason Pierre-Paul of South Florida.

"If Miami's targetting one of the top two guys I mentioned and believe they can play outside linebacker which wouldn't shock me, by the way, Derrick Morgan I do think he's a better fit as a traditional defensive end," McShay said. "But he's 6-4, 268. Jason Pierre-Paul is a little bigger -- 6-5, 263. If they're targetting one of those two, I think at No. 12 it would be a good spot for either of them. I like Morgan a little more than Pierre-Paul, but I can see either player being a pretty good value."

I asked McShay to give me his three top "pure 3-4" OLBs and he mentioned Michigan's Brandon Graham, Texas's Sergio Kindle and TCU's Jerry Hughes. But I pressed him whether it's accurate none of those three would be value at No. 12, McShay.

"Yes," he answered, "That would be accurate to say."

That doesn't mean McShay doesn't like those guys. 

"I would probably start with Brandon Graham and depending on the 3-4 you're running, his height is a little bit of a concern so factor that in. I do think Brandon Graham, if you're looking for a 3-4 outside linebacker is as good as you're going to get in this class,' McShay said. "I just don't classify Derrick Morgan or Jason Pierre-Paul as typical 3-4 outside linebackers. I think Brandon Graham you start with his motor, intensity, toughness. I go back and watch LaMarr Woodley as a senior coming out and compare him to Brandon Graham and there's not a big difference. And you see the big impact Woodley has made.

"Sergio Kindle would probably be the next guy after Graham. He was productive at Texas but not quite as productive as you would have liked to see," McShay continued. "And he's at his best when you turn him loose and let him get up the field. He has good athleticism but he needs to get stronger versus the run, I think that's going to be an issue for him and may keep him out of the top 20 picks.

"After that I'd go with Jerry Hughes of TCU," McShay said. "He's an explosive pass-rusher and can get after the quarterback."


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they have 2009 Highlight / Lowlight Video for a lot of the top prospects. Just watched Taylor Mays and made me believe more than ever he's a WLB in a 4-3.


I think Cleveland or da Raiders will reach for him in the third.

Tebow's definitely a gamer but sometimes thats not enough in the NFL.

bobby, the only way I think he changes things is that you don't need to feel like "we have to come out of the draft with someone at OLB or else". still should, but wouldn't reach. Jeanty isn't anything special but he's solid. Actually another view could be that you could take a guy like Jason Pierre Paul and wouldn't have to rush him onto the field cause Jeanty might be able to hold the spot until Pierre Paul is ready.

i would like to start off this lovely day with a big LETS GO MOUNTAINEERS!!!!! but now thats over i will reiterate something i have said many times. Earl Earl Earl...

Yeah, bobby12, you're probably right. I've lost my composure a time or two but it's the 1st time I've seen Po snap. Just goes to show you, everybody has a breaking point.

Po, Dr. cocoa prescribes Bloody Marys today. No diet beer!

WestVaFins, i'm cheering for them too. I got them going to the finals in my bracket which already is busted since I had Georgetown in the final four.

can I call you that?

I think a Team has to make sure picks in RD 1-2 are to be impact / starter players. Round 3 should contribute in year 1.
Round 4 are big potential players with Round 5-7 gems or busts in the rough.

With this being said, Tebow should be taking a team with a solid starting QB and good backup. Tebow can hold the clipboard, play in preseason, come in at garbage time and play a little FB on 3rd and inches.

I think the Pats could take him in Round 4.

But because of his "marketing appeal, someone will reach for him" It will be the most entertaining portion of the second day draft coverage.

Mandito is asleep at the wheel, not setting up a new blog entry with the Bengals Scrub visit...

What do we need him for if you are all over it Waterboy????

LOL WestVa,

Where did we leave the JT debate? After the fins few FA moves, do you think JT needs to come back one more year?

I like your style waterboy. I feel that's exactly right.

Since Tuna isn't known to give away draft picks, do you atleast think he can give T.O. a shot? He's the best option as an unrestricted freeagent. I think he's tired himself to bringing that negative attention towards him so I don't see that being a problem. He had 800+yards and 5TDs last year with a struggling bills offense. Imagine what he could do here with our OL, running game and string armed QB.
Let's put feelings to the side and sign this guy, other than that - we would be settling for Coles or Holt. I really hope they're not putting this to the side hoping Turner will develop, I didn't like that pick to begin with last year. He's just like another Derek Hagan, remember him?


At OLB we got Wake, Anderson, Walden and Moses who isn't signed.
I think we have to resign JT. Even if we get an OLB with our first pick.

Jamillion i think the TO thing could possibly work... I just dont see a need for him still waterboy but seeing as how we havent done much in FA we should probably bring him back but i would wait til after the draft to see what kind of shape we are in at that point.

T.O. ?

T.O. ?

I'd rather have T.O. than Coles or Holt.

Oh God! Has it really come to this?

I hope their not counting on Turner either, but comparing him to Hagan? Come on now, let's at least give the guy a chance.

I think TO should be heavily analyzed by the trifecta. Out of all the old timers left in FA he is the only guy that could demand a double team and is the biggest target.
After hearing Henne's comment on Pat Turner, there must have been a discussion on waiting this offseason to see if the develops or is definitely a bust.

If you notice their draft pattern last couple of years, the double up on picks.

They might double up on OLB, NT or Safety and take a small school receiver in the later rounds to see if they hit the jackpot.

Hagan what a flop.... I think we can squeeze still some extra picks for Camarillo, Garner, Pigpen, Cobbs or Hillard...
Remember Lorenzo Booker got shipped out for a 3rd... That was a good move.

Whats up with Rashad Jeanty??


Jeff, armando is sleeping at the helm, we have been discussing this for 2 hours now!!!!!

Jeanty would be a good pick up IMO.

Armando had the same question on T.O. on Twitter..."will we look at T.O.??? Mando's response, if it was 2001 not 2010 no chance" guys, we are not taking Marshall and u think Parcells would sign the Diva WR of all time LMFAO.... No Chance... Look for a WR somewhere in the draft, no one in FA

If you notice their draft pattern last couple of years, the double up on picks.

They might double up on OLB, NT or Safety and take a small school receiver in the later rounds to see if they hit the jackpot.

Posted by: Waterboy | March 19, 2010 at 10:00 AM

As much as I hate to say it, I'd count on T.O. rather than some lotto number.

idk if TO would be the best move or not but i really dont think it could hurt. He didnt seem to cause much of a disturbance in buffalo he just had no one to throw him the ball. It might be worth looking into and its not going to cost us a lot of money or picks so could work out and if not then there isnt much invested in him.

Jeanty supposedly is a good speacial teams guy.

Unless you think were set with Anderson, Walden and Moses, I say sign the guy.

Both of these dudes are so overrated its sickening... I really hope the fins see this.... They are not 1st round material and especially 12th overall pick material....

JOKE if we do select...

If we do draft one of these guys then we are further away from "mattering" than i thought... might as well bring Speilman and Wanney back

Now that Officer Bobby has put me back in the anti-Marshall camp, WTF ARE we going to do at WR? I'm more anti-Dez than I am Marshall and we need that pick for D anyway.
I know it takes time to rebuild, but I can't suffer through another year of Ginn and his posse of 2's and 3's

I think the plan is this:

1) Setup a great defense so you dont fall behind in games and can run the ball 40 times.

2) Let Henne throw to best White WR group in Football about 15 times per game.

3) Insert Pat White shenanigans a couple of times in there and the Tuna thinks we are set.

Hope for an 8-8 season and look forward to the looming lockout with the 15th pick in the 2011 draft

I can see why people question picking Marshall up - run ins with the law and it requires trading high draft picks but T.O. he'll be there and affordable after the draft, Tuna needs to put feelings to the side and sign him.
He's a great fit for 2 or so years, like waterboy said he'll demand double coverage. Other than possibly Dez no rookie will do the same. Its a question of do you want to win and make a playoff run this year or strictly keep restructing?
Ricky won't be here much longer, the time is now for the Offense. The Ronnie & Ricky combination is a powerful one and my opinion the best duo in the league (Williams and Stewart would be the other). How can we let this go to waste by keeping our passing offense suspect? With a powerful running game and respectful passing game we will be a top 5 offense in the NFL. All it takes is a playmaker at WR, not only does it make the rest of our receivers better it makes our whole offense better and progress for Henne is key. The time is now. I know we're a "cost-effective" team but T.O. will produce what you pay him. Numbers speak for themselves. The time is now.

If we do draft one of these guys then we are further away from "mattering" than i thought... might as well bring Speilman and Wanney back

Posted by: RevivalCane | March 19, 2010 at 10:21 AM

Are you talking about JPP and Morgan? If you are, I agree. JPP is too much of a gamble for me at 12 and Morgan's a reach.
This might be a deep draft, but we're in a tough spot at 12.

this is what i dont understand about ppl here!! you sign impact players first and foremost in the nfl and look at character third or lower down on the list! you dont have to give a player what they want in terms of money when they cause riffs,just put it in writing. just make it so the fan at least no you made an attempt! we take a risk on an OL player but want look at T.O. or brandon marshall, i dont understand the logic, b/c T.O. could be had for the same price and if T.O could corrupt henne in one year then he's not the QB we need!! the more a read on the upcoming draft it seems all the players we like or who truely fit the needs are not the glamore names ppl keep screaming in here!!

I think the plan is this:

1) Setup a great defense so you dont fall behind in games and can run the ball 40 times.

2) Let Henne throw to best White WR group in Football about 15 times per game.

3) Insert Pat White shenanigans a couple of times in there and the Tuna thinks we are set.

Hope for an 8-8 season and look forward to the looming lockout with the 15th pick in the 2011 draft

Posted by: Waterboy | March 19, 2010 at 10:30 AM

This plan sounds eerily familiar????
Waterboy, I was on the brink at the end of last season. I think you're trying to push me right over the edge-LOL.

incognito but with all due respect what are you talking about.

I am interested to see what Ireland and Morano say in interviews. How come all the other teams do press conferences to discuss topics???


I was all for giving up our no.12 for Marshall right until this morning.
I didn't know that in addition to two domestic violence charges and being present at the scene of a teamates murder, he assaulted a police officer and pulled a heater on his father.
I'm not making any moral judgements, Pro Football is a business and that's the way I look at it.
With a track record like that, it seems Marshall's one South Beach slip up away from a long suspension.

Don Parcell's is Jersy guy.

It's called omerta.

im talking about not trying to better the team with proven veterans like a TO, even if its for one year, not trying to trade for a marshall! why? because he's not a model citizen!! for all the drama both may bring neither has spent time away from the team B/c of the outside garbage. hell the only negative on T.O. is he wants to win and sometimes dont see it takes a team to win,but i think he' pass that chapter in his life!! what would a 1 year contract hurt? as far as marshall its about what are you willing to give up and can you get a team friendly deal done!! the offense is closer to competing than the defense so why not shore up the WR corp and find a TE who can stretch the field!! we need a veteran WR bad as hell and we need to trade either greg c. or d. bess we dont need both!! we need an all-purpose TE too. WE need a big WR, a veteran!! we need a new WR coach and probably a new OC!! "JMO" just my opinion

odinseye,trust me i get what you are saying!! im thinking the say way but put it in writing so the team dont take the loss if he mess up!! i just want to know my team did everything possible without selling their souls to get it done!! if it happens=great, if it dont=great! as a fan i want my team to JUST TRY

"same way" sorry

I didnt take the time to read all of that incognito but i will but to comment on the first thing i saw. We dont take a chance on a Marshall because it cost a lot of money and draft picks. I am not one of the anti marshall people that look at his legal trouble. I think he has a possibility to disrupt the team but my main concern is the big contract and the loss of draft picks.

i watched some UM games from the pass season and one player that stood out to me was morgan!! i say HELL NO to him!! this kid could not stay on the field b/c he was not conditioned properly and this is early in the season!! so how might he be once he gets paid?

Did the scrub from the Bengals get a reasonable offer ? If so, we will have to wait to see if the Bengals match (highly doubt it)

Can we get an update on other RFA we are looking out?

Ricky signed up "Next ?" Rosenhoser as his new agent.

Maybe he is planning to return in 2012 after the lockout...

i am not opposed to a small contract with TO because he seems to have all that childishness in the past.

Sign TO for 1 year 3 mill guaranteed. 1 mill offseason work bonus, 1 mill incentives.

Give back 1 mill if he talks to the media or gives fans the fingers.

Trade Camarillo for a 5th to the Chiefs.

Sorry guys....

Should not of let that lil worm get to me.

It's just that you know the same punk hides behind a million names but its always him. What pisses me off is does not have the balls to talk that sh*t under one name.

The worm who even gives worms a bad name is a total coward.

draft picks are important dont get me wrong but i would rather give up that 1st pick(only) if it means taking one of, if not the best at his position in the nfl and as far as the money hell we gave porter a boat load of money for what NOTHING!! its a fact that players usually get mad about money when they feel they out-performed the deal or the team has yet to throw more money their way when a current contract is expiring!! itn't this the same thing BOLDIN did?? ALL great WR are DIVA except for marvin harrison

Parcells prides himself on building teams thru the draft, that is another reason he won't be giving up a pick for anyone

T.O. LOL If anyone here believes PARCELLS of all people is gonna waste a roster spot on the queen of all diva Old WR T.O, ur NUTZ

if parcells is a true football man like people say then im sure he understands the value of a number one WR!the league has changed to a pass happy league,we NEED 1!! i just dont see a player at 12 who could come in and make an immediate impact for us!! JMO!! i want to know how many safety do we need on this team?? we have 2 that need a shot before you can say THOMAS is surely the answer!! last year ppl was scream clemons was the prototype S! we have options on the team at safety=culver,clemons,and w.allen!! i dont think safety is as big of an issue as CB

Hey Po, like I said earlier, everybody has a breaking point. Enjoy your vacation bro.

If Parcells or the coaches believed Clemons or Culver was the answer they wouldn't have tried to sign Rolle or Clark THINK!!!! If we need a starting FS ur not gonna take him in later rounds to be a project....FS, NT, OLB DEFENSE... We are NOT signing a Used Up Diva like T.O, who divides every team he has been on or Marshall who is a criminal who would be in jail if he didn't catch a football.....he is one incident away from a VERY LooooNG suspension ..THINK

PO, he is insane n tries to get under ur skin...sometimes u just need to sign off and do something else, believe me...

how is mchsay saying brandon graham is the best olb 3-4 prospect if hes a DE that plays 4-3

wich i think he can convert just fine and would love to have him but that wasnt thw question asked

the conversation seems to contradict

mike vick threw footballs and was a much bigger name that marshall and he lost it all b/c of fuvking dogs(i love dogs but) what make you think someone like marshall is above the law!! its ok to say you just dont like a player for whatever reason but dont hate on the man and say he's a criminal!! how do you feel about big ben in pitt!! i hope the same way! long jail or prison stay make a person a criminal not charges!!

You are 100% right B12. I e-mailed Mando about the worm and he said he would work on it.

Thanks Joe I will. I appreciate both of ya'll.

Rare for me to lose it that bad.

By doing so the punk won.

you ppl read to much into free agent possibilities!! rolle are you freaking kidding me highest paid safety in the game(nuff said) and clark okay whatever, would be wilson2 if he played on last years team with the shitty LB core we had!! i would take my chances with clemons and culver before i gave them money!! have you not noticed all the free agents we really wanted or need stayed! will allen is a wildcard at free safety

By doing so the punk won.

Posted by: Po White Trash | March 19, 2010 at 12:13 PM

Dat roach didn't win nuttin.

Forget that punk.

Bottoms up PO.

Incognito, the guy assaulted a police officer, he pulled a gun on his own dad for christsakes!!!! He assaulted two different women HE IS A CRIMINAL....U don't put a CRIMINAL in South Beach...get a clue

where im from if you assualt a police officer you go to jail,if i pulled a gun on my dad for anything besides putting his hands on my mom, i would be in jail or dead b/c my dad killed me, and as far as the women are concerned he has not been convicted on anything!! its like you look at them as role models or something!! for all the stuff you say he done, he still make money in the nfl go figure

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