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Todd McShay: Only 2 OLBs a value at No. 12

ESPN draft analyst Todd McShay just got off a conference call and I asked him his thoughts on outside linebackers and specifically, 3-4 outside linebackers that fit the Dolphins prototype.

The good news?

McShay believes there are two such OLB candidates that would be value picks at No. 12.

The bad news?

McShay believes there are only two such OLB candidates that would be value picks at No. 12 and both were college defensive ends and are being looked at as NFL 4-3 defensive ends by several teams.

The two players are Derrick Morgan of Georgia Tech and Jason Pierre-Paul of South Florida.

"If Miami's targetting one of the top two guys I mentioned and believe they can play outside linebacker which wouldn't shock me, by the way, Derrick Morgan I do think he's a better fit as a traditional defensive end," McShay said. "But he's 6-4, 268. Jason Pierre-Paul is a little bigger -- 6-5, 263. If they're targetting one of those two, I think at No. 12 it would be a good spot for either of them. I like Morgan a little more than Pierre-Paul, but I can see either player being a pretty good value."

I asked McShay to give me his three top "pure 3-4" OLBs and he mentioned Michigan's Brandon Graham, Texas's Sergio Kindle and TCU's Jerry Hughes. But I pressed him whether it's accurate none of those three would be value at No. 12, McShay.

"Yes," he answered, "That would be accurate to say."

That doesn't mean McShay doesn't like those guys. 

"I would probably start with Brandon Graham and depending on the 3-4 you're running, his height is a little bit of a concern so factor that in. I do think Brandon Graham, if you're looking for a 3-4 outside linebacker is as good as you're going to get in this class,' McShay said. "I just don't classify Derrick Morgan or Jason Pierre-Paul as typical 3-4 outside linebackers. I think Brandon Graham you start with his motor, intensity, toughness. I go back and watch LaMarr Woodley as a senior coming out and compare him to Brandon Graham and there's not a big difference. And you see the big impact Woodley has made.

"Sergio Kindle would probably be the next guy after Graham. He was productive at Texas but not quite as productive as you would have liked to see," McShay continued. "And he's at his best when you turn him loose and let him get up the field. He has good athleticism but he needs to get stronger versus the run, I think that's going to be an issue for him and may keep him out of the top 20 picks.

"After that I'd go with Jerry Hughes of TCU," McShay said. "He's an explosive pass-rusher and can get after the quarterback."


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Incognito, money and fame seems to get u a pass, justice isn't blind, the guy has been involved in WAY too many things, including the murder of his teammate....if u wanna believe Parcells will take him it's ur fantasy, continue to enjoy, he WONT b a Dolphin

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Lakkecityfan, the real question is , what is your son doing up at 1-2 in the morning reading this blog ?? So give us a freaking break !!!

The problem is that the blog can be read in it`s entirety @ 2PM so .....


Give me the scoop on this linebacker from the ben-girls the fins are hosting.


oh my god, what part of williams murder did he play in!! answer me this! how do you feel about big ben of the steelers and these rape allegations once is an accident,twice is a trend!!

I think Mayocks predictions are far more accurate than Mcshay or Kiper. To me hes more of a football guy, and has a better eye for pro talent

Jeremy , his son should be up and in school to 3 pm.

LMAO @ NJ PO has to blow into computer to use it!!!! Classic...Incognito, read about how disgusted the Rooneys are with " Big Ben" and like I said, keep living in ur fantasy world, he ain't coming here

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Here's an interesting fact... A source told me that 27 NFL teams were at the Tennessee Pro Day today. The only teams not present were BUF, MIA, MIN, NO and SF.

Now Williams played at Tenn...and Miami wasn't there....very interesting indeed.

I would get someone sober to blow into the thing.

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After dropping all that green on Dansby there is no way we should be drafting another LB with the #12 pick. I still say that 1st rounder would be best spent on Brandon Marshall. Then with their picks in the 2nd and 3rd round nab a DT and a TE. I really can't bare the thought of Ginn being our "deep threat" for another year.

How `bout on weekends NJ?

Take Dan williams at 12 and solidify the middle. In the second round take the best pash rusher available. I don't care about WR. Yeah, they need them, but I think too many people fall for the flash and don't realize this teams has cracks in the foundation. In the third, if tate from auburn is available, grab him. If not, go OLB again or then consider WR, or another DB because the team foolishly let jones walk away. Personally, I'd trade down in the first round and pick up odrick out of penn state.

NT is the 1st pick if you go by need but I think CJ Spiller will be the best player left at #12. I would not pick Spiller only because RB is deep in this draft and is not a need as of right now.

The Oline is done, the Dline needs a young NT and that will make every one behind that young NT better. Then OLB,FS,and WR and Depth. If we get NT,FS,OLB, and WR in the draft we will compete for the east but 4 positions in one draft will be hard. This draft is deeper at some positions this yr because players coming out of the draft next yr may have a rook salery cap like the one in the NBA so they came out a yr early. 4 players in this draft that will start down the road might be possible. Nt must be picked with 1 of the 1st 2 rds because that position is weak (DWilliams in the 1st TCody late in the 1st or early 2nd and CThomas in the 2nd) after that there is a drop off in talent.

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