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Miami's first pick? Best player available

The rest of the country is acting like the visit of Texas safety Earl Thomas to the Dolphins this week is breaking news, but readers of this blog knew about it two weeks ago. I nonetheless am going to use the visit of the outstanding free safety to make a couple of points.

Point One: Regardless of the speculation about Miami's first round draft pick, I think the conclusion we should all agree upon is the Dolphins should probablypick the highest-rated player on their board when their turn comes.

Unlike last year when Miami went with a fine player that also fit an obvious need -- cornerback Vontae Davis -- this year the Dolphins seem to have so darn many needs, it's likely anywhere they turn will handle a need.

So might as well just pick the best player, I say.

If that player is an outside linebacker such as Derrick Morgan, great. Miami's got a need.

If that player is a nose tackle such as Dan Williams, great. Miami's got a need.

If that player is a free safety such as Thomas or Eric Berry, great. Miami's got a need.

If that player is a wide receiver such as Dez Bryant or Demaryius Thomas or Arrelious Benn, fine. Miami's got a need.

If that player is an elite left guard such as Michael Iupati, great. Miami has a need there.

If that player is a running back such as C.J. Spiller, great. Miami needs a home run hitter and next season Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams are out of contract. As an aside, a club source tells me Spiller has not visited the Dolphins and has no visit scheduled so that should temper all the unsubstantiated rumors out there. I put up his video anyway because he's electric.

Miami has a need or could use upgrading at practically every position. The areas I would say are absolutely not likely to be addressed or need addressing in the first round are cornerback, quarterback, kicker and punter.

Otherwise, you can make a solid case for adding an elite player at just about any other position on the roster. Think about that long and hard. The Dolphins could easily stand upgrading along the OL, at LB, FS, RB, TE, WR, and DL.

That brings me to my next point.

At season's end there was a debate on this blog (I know there was because I started it) about how close the Dolphins are to championship caliber. Ronnie Brown made the point on his radio show that the Dolphins are close. Many fans commenting here agreed.

I made the point the Dolphins were not yet in the same conversation with the Saints and Colts and other playoff teams.

Well, if you see just how much improvement the Dolphins can use, you should be able to agree the Dolphins aren't close. I mean, they don't have a starting FS on the roster right now. Thomas would be good, Berry would be great.

They don't have a dynamic receiver on the roster right now. My apologies to coach Tony Sparano who insists he's happy with this group because, well, what else is he going to say?

The NT situation is a question mark.

They don't have a proven starting OLB on the roster right now.

And even the team's greatest strength -- the running of Williams and Brown -- is something that will have to be addressed by next year at the latest.

Now, maybe the stars align right and good things begin to take shape immediately for Miami. It is, after all, Holy Week. But barring that, the Dolphins still have significant work to do. They have much building yet to do in this draft and next.

They are not close.

[BLOG NOTE: Come back later this afternoon because I will post all the relevant news (perhaps a Dez Bryant update from his Pro Day) plus a new blog entry on why the Raiders' chase of Donovan McNabb makes sense historically and what intriguing connection that has to the Dolphins.You will be interested.]


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The 3-4 defense requires that the (4) LB's be smart, quick, pass coverage and run stuffing machines...we only have one (Dansby) who fits that description.
In Tuna We Trust!

relax... the hapless wets are of no concern for the Dolphins. We will SWEEP them again and then be 5-0 over them. Probable split with the Patzies and sweep the Bills.

Anyone thinking the wets were anything other than a FLUKE is not paying attention to the big picture.

Early reports had Billy P in love with CJ Spiller. If available at #12 he’s number one on my draft board, because of all the holes he fills (20 touchdowns career catching the ball) at slot receiver, tailback, return game. Better Stats than Darren Sproles, Percy Harvin, and Felix Jones coming out of college. As good or better lower body development than any of the three afore mentioned backs. I see no strategy in not working him out or working him out. I’d like to be a fly on the wall if Derrick Morgan, Rolando McClain, CJ Spiller and Dez Bryant are all four on the board at #12. CJ Spiller is someone who takes people out of their seat, and puts them on their feet. How can he not be the best player on the board, you getting a wide-out, tailback, and one the best return specialist in ten years to come out of college? Hell he’d make Pat White look like a pro-bowler if he was involved in the Wild Cat as a motion wide out like Ricky and Ronnie do left to right. Thanks Stefin

Trade Henne for Russel from the Raiders straight up!!!!!!!!!??????????????????


why would you trade henne for russell when russell cant even hold down the starting qb job at the raiders?

This team will be as great as Chad Henne. Look at the Colts and Saints... Without Brees and Manning... Those teams are not so "Super"... And the Colts especially are not very good without Peyton... The defense is ok to good at times.. The o-line is horrible. They have Wayne and Clark but without Peyton I don't know how good they would be either.

Today in my blog I wrote about Little Known NFL Facts. If you have time, please visit my blog for this fun article: knightsphins.blogspot.com

russell in the wildcat? are you nuts? the guy is big and agile but overall isn't really all that fast. and he doesn't break tackles so why should he be running the wildcat again? having spiller would totally open up this offense but this defense is BAD and it needs help . as many points as he MIGHT score won't be enough to offset the points we know WILL be scored against the defense.

Nice blog Mando. This is exactly what I have been saying you take the best talent available at 12 regardless of need. Which to me, if Dez is there at 12 that has to be our pick, he grades higher than any of the D players that would be sitting there at 12. The bonus is he fills a NEED as well. In the end though I will always support my teams picks even if they are not what I wanted that's why they get paid the big bucks and I just do the arm chair GM LOL.

Can't wait for the draft anyway should be fun to watch.

one more thing on russell and the wildcat. the guy can't operate a pro offense and he struggles to read defenses yet someone wants him to run a specialized offense against newly created defensive schemes that effectivly defend it?

CJ Spiller is my personal pick. He can play all over the place in the offense and return kicks. He had 52 Tds in college and 21 of them were from 50 yards or more! There is your freaking chunk plays! I doubt the Trifecta will actually draft him though. Dan Williams or one of the OLBs in the first round.

P.S. All Brandon Graham bandwagoners, he's short. Ask BP how he likes short LBs.

I'm secretly hoping for Spiller. (I almost think he's more likely if he doesn't visit, knowing the subterfuge that the front office likes to do.) Think Ted Ginn speed with cutting ability. Think Reggie Bush, but faster. Percy Harvin... The players are faster in the NFL, so there won't be as many big plays, but there will still be some. Teams will give up field position to not kick to him. He's an outstanding receiver, and will KILL LBs that try to cover him. And he doesn't dance around when he rushes, he hits holes. He won't carry 25 times a game, but you'll see 12-15 carries for 60, 80, 140 yards.

Not a need, but best player available, and he WILL be an asset whose play can win games. He WILL get chunk yards. He's special, and you have to draft special players.

btw - I'm a Clemson fan, so I may be biased, but I also have seen every televised game he's played in, not just a few highlights.

As far as I know we have two safeties on the Dolphins presently. The pick will be E. Thomas, unless we draft one in the 2nd and 6th. This seems to be our most pressing need besides a good pass rusher. Spiller would help-but I doubt we don't look for fast playmakers with our second pick/third pick.

1) Earl Thomas
2) Jerry Hughs
3)John Graham
3) Smiley trade- Cam Thomas or best NT available
4)-6) Best players available


1) Trade Down- Weatherpoon/Graham(Probably won't happen because of the size Bill likes which makes no sense why they wouldn't snag one of these at #12- or Taylor Mays

2) Benn or Best WR on the board- maybe Ford?

3)John Graham(TE)- if available
3)Xtra pick- Nolan Caroll
3) Cam Thomas or best NT available
4)-6) Best players available

Jamarcus Russel more likely to play NT for the Dolphins, I mean, it is the quaterback of the defense in 3-4

mando just go away all ready you dont know your ass from a hole in the ground

it all begins and ends with QB. If you have a good QB then everything else will take care of itself. The saints didn't have a starting saftey or cornerback last year at the beginning of year either. They went out and got some old veterans to fill the void but they had a good QB and won the superbowl.

This year really depends on how Henne does.


I have to chime in on how far the Fins are from being a championship caliber team. In the NFL today any team is 1-2 years away. There have been sudden transistions with a number of teams. The Saints won a Superbowl this year and they were coming off an 8-8 year. We are coming of a 7-9 year. Not that different than the Saints. In my opinion both the Saints and Colts are flawed teams (Yes they are great but flawed), The Saints D is relatively weak and the Colts lack a dynamic running game and have some weaknesses on D as well.
I am not saying the Fins are as good as either team but in today's NFL transistions can happen rapidly and I don't think the Fins are that far away. They played a tough schedule last year and lost many close games against some really good teams including both the Saints and Colts. The Fins just have to get better at winning those close games.

I have to agree with Cuban Menace on today's plungie award. That post might win the plungie award of the year.

At this stage in my life I have three needs. I want to spend the remainder of my years with my family. I want to spend more time on the water fishing and please God before I die, let the Dolphins win another Super Bowl. It’s been 37 years. Last years schedule was brutal. This year’s schedule, statistically, is slightly easier but still brutal. In some ways we lucky, this is probably the best all around draft to come along in the last twenty years. It’s loaded from top to bottom, except maybe quarterbacks. I have no doubt we will pick up some very good players. I also think Nolan was our best FA pickup. The sad truth is, if the coaching staff can’t get the team out of the gate any faster than the last two years were doomed. Has anyone considered what might or should happen if we start out 0-3 or 0-4 or 1-4 or 1-5. It’s a definite possibility. Who do we blame then – Ted Gin, Henne, Crowder…

In some respects the 2010 draft is actually a composite of the 2010 and the 2011 draft because so many underclassman are coming out this year to avoid any type of salary cap for rookies. The Dolphins have a list of 19 players that will be UFA at the end of the 2010 season. The Dolphins need to take a hard look at that list and decide who they want to sing to long-term contracts. I’m guessing that list is very small. Miami needs to start trading any player they don’t want to sign at the end of this year for what ever draft picks they can get. If necessary start trading next years draft picks away for more picks this year. I doubt if we will se a draft this deep for a long time. If we’re in a rebuilding mode and obviously we are, then rebuild and stop worrying about the playoffs next year must less the Super Bowl- it’s not going to happen.

Only tiger woods can fill so many holes

If C.J. Spiller is there at #12, then he will be a Dolphin. R. Brown, P. Cobbs, and R. williams all had injury issues last year, and L. Hilliard is only a preseason fantasy stud. get a guy in Spiller who came create first downs and touchdowns. Not only in the running game, but also in the return game and passing game as well. He could help Hartline and Bess get open more. By the way Hartline and Bess are our only receiving threats. Remember the name Cody Slate. TE from Marshall. Great pass catcher with speed and is a good blocker, but more of a TE with deceptive speed. A mid to late round steal. We need a good young TE. Noe if Eric Berry is still around at pick #12 he will be our FS of the future, and we have to trade bach into the first round to get Spiller. This is that draft that you trade next years first to get back into and take that other player that you wanted. I believe in our brass, and they will make our team better. Thank goodness Ol' Wanny, Saban, or Cameron is not around to set our team back another five to ten years. Is it just me or did Cam Cameron waste valuable time selling Magic Jack phone service instead or wasting an entire draft. Ted Ginn?! I hope he can start catching passes. No strength means you get beat up at the line, and there is no fast guy getting open. Work harder Teddy! That Dez Bryant kid is strong. He can beat a corner at the line of scrimmage.

Draft Spiller and line him up at WR on every snap.

This guy would be more feared WR than any other scrub we have currently.

In no particular order, i believe it has to be either...

1. ILB/MLB (Depending on where Dansby plays)
2. FS
3. WR
4. NT

A RB is not as great a need as the others so i hope we stay far away from Spiller,no matter how good he is

Lets break it down in terms of biggest needs who we might pick at 12...

Plan A: Pick McClain,then play Dansby as an OLB

Plan B: If McClains gone,then keep Dansby at ILB then select either Kindle,Pierre Paul,Graham or Morgan

Plan C: Pick Earl Thomas. Berry wont last this long

Plan D: Pick Dan Williams

Plan E: Trade down

If you want to invest in a player that is going to help you over the next few years and you are in Miami's situation, you better get some defense. That is what cost MIA games last year - period. Remember.. they want more chunk yardage. The only part of the offense getting that is the existing running game. Spiller looks great but he is not ideal for MIA at No. 12 IMO... but he will be great trade bait if he is still there when its MIA's turn to pick.

The wish list for MIA is to trade down and get more picks because there are so many needs to fill and they positions they need to fill can be filled by quality players that should be available with later picks.

However, Miami would jump on either of the two top DT's or Eric Berry if one of them fell to No. 12, but that is unlikely. I don't think Spiller fits the bill because RBs are easier to find than great NTs, Safetys, or LBs. Frankly, everyone is gaa-gaa over Spiller's speed but he doesn't look like Adrian Peterson or anything. Spiller looks great but if they take him at No. 12 it will be because they think he's going to be the next LT. I don't see it.

I think MIA will try to trade down but if they can't, they will pick the best available OLB, DE, S or G available. Of the guys that will probably be there: Pierre-Paul, Morgan, McClain, Kindle, Thomas, Graham... whichever the Trifecta rates the highest. I don't see them taking a chance on Dez Bryant with No. 12, but that is an outside chance. I think their best chance of trading down is if either Spiller or Bryant fall to No. 12. (Another team trading up for Bryant would be risky but moving for Spiller would be smart for some teams. Just my opinion.)

I can't believe anyone would suggest trading any starter for Russell.... unless he was a Jets fan. Russell is probably the biggest QB bust since Ryan Leaf. As for blaming the style of offense he is in... All reports have indicated one of the big problems is he has a bad work ethic. On top of that, his contract is outrageous. If you still want him, he will be available soon as a free agent or for a 7th round draft pick or something like that.

We are not close but we are not as far as the pessimist see it.

I agree more with Ronnie than with Mando.

First of all lets look at what we have before pointing fingers at what we don't have.

We have a great running game: Ronnie and Ricky (Cobbs and Lex) make up the best group in the league along with Polite who is on pace to make a run at a pro bowl.
*RB is not a need this year, we'll cross that bridge next year (Spiller is great but would be a more reasonable arguement for the fins to make a 1st round selection on someone like him next year, not this year)

We have an awesome OL, Smiley will be traded but Incognito steps in and plays to his potential we won't miss a beat and it frees up more salary room to fill other needs.
*Gardner is a solid back up, possibly add another OL of his caliber but to even think about mentioning an OL in the 1st round is just stupid, not other way to say that.

We have our three QBs that will be here and one will be traded (Thigpen or White, which both do similiar things)
*Pennington will be the backup and a boost of confidence for the offense

We have a solid group of 3-4 DEs - the rotation of Langford, Starks, Merling and McDaniel is solid accross the board.

We made an instant upgrade to our ILB when adding Dansby to the heart of the D. Adding not only leadership but allowing Crowder to going back to do what he does best, letting him run wild rather than depending on his leadership.

We have The best young corner duo in the league (I predict Sean Smith to have 5+ Ints this season) and a Pro bowl SS - Bell.

Here's what we need:
*We are missing a FS which would make this secondary group top notch.
*We are missing that #1 WR (since last offseason) that would allow Henne to progress, open up the field for the rest of our receivers and open up even bigger holes for the running game.
*We are missing an OLB, despite draft plans the most logical thing to do would be to re-sign Taylor.
*We are missing a top notch 3-4 NT. An anchor of the line will make a huge difference on what the defense can or can't do.
*We could use a receiving TE (but not a must)
*We could use depth at the OL and CB position (but not a must).

So after evaluating our situation, I am convinced that the only offensive player worth taking in the early rounds would be Dez Bryant. Other than that, rounds 1-4 should be all Defensive selections.
1st round: Dez Bryant could make an impact right away and be that #1 receiver (the only WR in this draft that will do that).
Best defensive choice; which will be Berry but he would most likely be gone by then, so the most valuable defensive player at that point is Earl Thomas. (Morgan or any other DE/OLB is not as valuable of a player at this #12 spot and I would hate to take a NT in the 1st rnd).
2nd round - Terrence Cody NT. Can take up space and eat up the run, great fit for a 3-4 defense. Just needs to improve on stamina.
Or best OLB available, the OLB you can get in the 2nd are just as good as those in the first round.
3rd round - NT or OLB which ever has not been selected at that point.
4th round - Another OLB (the double selection the "tri fecta" love to make, I think OLB will be that position in this year's draft.
5th round - Best receiving TE available.

The Free agency route at WR if no Dez Bryant: T.O., Coles or Holt.
The Free agency route if no Earl Thomas or Berry:
Sharper or O.J.
The logical at OLB:
Re-sign Talor

The next two months will determine if we will be a 7-9 team once again or a playoff team.

We are not in a comfortable position but we are not far.

Call me what you want, I am excited to see the pro day results from Dez Bryant today....

"not likely to be addressed or need addressing in the first round are cornerback, quarterback, kicker and punter."

I'd a few to that list:

DE (unless to covert to OLB)
ILB (unless it is for Dansby to go to OLB)

I personally don't think there's any chance we take an OG in the first round (except for a small one if we trade down), but since drafting a guard has come down the rumor pipeline I'll leave it alone.

Dez Bryant just ran a 4.3

Here is my current top 5 for the 12th pick (minus Eric Berry, who would be the definite pick if he slides by some miracle):

1. Rolando McClain
2. Dan Williams
3. Dez Bryant
4. Derrick Morgan
5. Earl Thomas

On a different note, here is my top 5 for the 43rd pick (2nd round)

1. Demaryius Thomas
2. Jerry Hughes
3. Nate Allen
4. Ricky Sapp
5. Cam Thomas

Feel free to leave comments on my top 5's or leave your own...

Quit foolin Waterboy...

I revise my previous comments slightly...

If he's available and MIA picks Spiller at No. 12, I would think that MIA already had a deal in place to trade R.Brown (which would be contingent on Spiller being there at No. 12). That either bring one or more picks or a player that fills a need or some combination of same. Hard to say what Brown would bring as he can run the wildcat so well but is coming off an injury and the DUI. It all kind of makes sense though.... he being in the last year of his contract and all.

Top Five Yes

1) Thomas
2) Berry
3) Williams
4) Dez Bryant
5) Morgan


Carlito -- even if in a different order, my top five would be the same except I just don't see them taking McClain after signing Dansby.

I could add in JPP to round out my list but at this point I think it will be Dez, Williams, Thomas or Morgan. Any of the other possibilities are a real distant fifth.

And I'll call you just like me when it comes to Bryant. Still can't figure if I want him to do well and justify our picking him or badly to make sure he drops to us.

I am not a Spiller guy, but that video is pretty impressive... just don't think he fills a need for the Dolphins when there are a few "must haves" as Mando likes to call them


I'm a little scared of JPP because of his high bust probability...

I really like Dez Bryant, but what scares me about him is that he hasn't played football since September and nobody has seen him work out in months... If he blows scouts away and is in great shape for his pro day, he would jump up near the top of my list. If the trifecta deems that his character flaws are manageable, I am in!

just a fyi, Spiller ran the wildcat at Clemson fairly often

That player must either play cb or S. We lost how many games last year because we got beat by the other teams recievers? Thanks again gabril!!!!!


Whatever youre smoking, I want some! Bess is the best WR the Phins have. He is another Wes Welker. The ONLY receiver worth keeping, other than maybe Hartline ? Theyre not the speed types but they deliver in the clutch over and over again. Maybe you should be a Raiders fan ??

Better yet trade Henne for Richard Seymour and the Raiders #1 pick in 2 years.
Imagine Henne being able to throw to Louis Murphy and Draius Heyward-Bey...toss it to McFadden out of the backfield.

Turn it over to White and what's the worse that can happen? We get the #1 overall next year?

Would you guys be Pissed if Bryant, and Spiller were available at 12 and somehow the Trifucta goes OLB or OL or S?


I know this sounds crazy, but the more I look at film the more I like Demaryius Thomas over Dez Bryant. Thomas looks more physical to me and seems to get a lot of YAC just like Bryant. I wonder if that would free up the Dolphins to take another high value player at another position at #12 and then take a WR with their second round pick. I actually think an ideal situation would be to trade down and get an extra second round pick. With the first pick, Dolphins get Iupati. With the two second round picks, the Dolphins get WR Demaryius Thomas and TE Jermaine Gresham. In the third round, DT Cam Thomas will probably be available and he has the size and upside at that position to be a force in the future. The Dolphins could then look for hidden gems at the LB, DL, and FS positions in the fourth and fifth rounds. Maybe FS Major Wright will be available in the fourth round. I want RB LeGarrette Blount in the sixth round. I think he would be the steal of the draft ala Terrell Davis, former Denver RB from many years ago.

Twenty teams expected to attend today's workout for Oklahoma St. WR Dez Bryant. Last week, Bryant clocked a 4.32 in the 40-yard dash.

Told you CARLITO!!!!!

Oh, one more fyi, and I'm done. Spiller got a severe case of turf toe in the first game of the year, and played with it all year. So look at those highlights and know that he could have done more. Only rest lets turf toe heal.

peace out

Carlito, like ur 5 for the first, except I'm going to go out on a limb here and tell u I believe Kindle is more on the radar then Morgan...Second pick I also like but as #1 I got Gronkowski...u see the reports on him the other day??? This kid is everything a TE should be and more, and his Pro-day shows his back is no issue..some are predicting he may now go before Gresham...

Pat White outrushed CJ Spillar by 1,000 yards AND outpassed Tony Pike by 1,000 yards.

Let the imagination run wild with this one: Dez Bryant is scheduled to have dinner tomorrow night with Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.
Adam Shitter @ Twitter

Scenario 1: Jerry is doing Tuna a solid to share info and not tip our hand

Scenario 2: Trade # 12 so Jerry can get Dez and we can get Austin Powers in return


There are serious career ending injury type concerns with Gronkowski. Agree he is a stud but also a high probability for paralysis if he plays at the next level.

Bobbyd12, smartest thing I've ever heard you say. Offseason is so annoying. Mock draft by "experts" are bad enough, but, when it's every sucker with an internet connection...Lord.

Team Tuna,

D. Thomas is a good receiver with big size and good hands. The knock on him is that he only runs a couple of routes and then of course the broken foot. If he works out before the draft, he probably wont last until 43, but I like the kid alot too... he is number one on my top 5 for round 2

We've gone over this for the past 3 months in painstaking detail. There really is nothing left to say. Obviously drafting a RB in the first would be incredibly irresponsible as their needs on defense are too strong. But seriously, can't wait until the draft is over so we can move on.


I get the impression that the Dolphins are looking to continue churning the roster with some personnel trades. Smiley is known, yesterday you made a strong case that we have 4 QB's for 3 spots and I wonder where else we have some depth that might be trade bait. Remember, we might not have a superstar in some areas, but we have serviceable depth that some teams might need to get out of a hole in the short term. Please give me your thoughts and likelihood something could go down on draft day.


That stuff you confiscated last week mustve been good S**T ! Ive lost ALL respect for you after that Russell post. Blame it on a bad trip, too much liquor, but dont say you were straight when you wrote that ?

Pmcgin .... a cb ? Really ?

I agree with Armando concerning Miami taking the best player available... However, I disagree with him somewhat about where Miami is in their rebuilding process. Are they where the Colts or Saints or Vikings are?...No... But they damn sure aren't the Raiders or even Bills for that matter. My reasoning? I don't think any of us got a good read on what Miami was capable of last year. The Injuries to key starters and gauntlet of a schedule nullifies any process of developing a standard to judge them by. And, I don't think any of us know this teams potential with a Defensive Coordinator who knows what the hell he is doing. Miami's defense playing a "Reactionary" style last season with the lack of experience they have was not smart... They should have been a defense that played a disruptive and aggressive style... it matches their personnel much better. Our Corners did not have the experience to diagnose plays and react in time to do anything about them. And our safety did not call proper coverages to counter play-action, hence 40 yard passes over their heads. They let receivers off the line without being touched..etc etc. Miami needs to be MAULING receivers within the 5yds with the size they have on the Corner, and they must disrupt timing with the QB. All out jail break blitz packages are stupid against good QB's (Ask Miami the night they played the Colt's on the last Indy possession)... Nolan will have Zone and Stunt Blitz packages that will match our personnel much better. With few... very few exceptions... Miami was in or was one possession away from winning every game last season. So I will agree with Armando to a degree... but will also agree with other pundits out there who call Miami a very tough team to both play and win against. Coincidentally... I'm a die hard Orange & Aqua blooded Dolphins fan, so I may just be completely full of shyt... either way it fun to talk about! I say let start the season tomorrow!!!


That wasn't the menace, he was responding to whatever the person's name was that originally made that post

I would get Mike Iupati, OG are rare and hard to find. RB, OLB, WR are a dime a dozen.....so lemme know if you'd rather have the opposing team get sacks, tackles for loss, interceptions? we have Nick Nolan for crying out loud. our defense will be fine if we dont draft a OLB, NT, FS with the #12 pick.

Good morning fellas?

Miami has a ton of needs we have all discussed it and it's obvious. There isn't a more pressing need then a LB on this team. The Dolphins have Dansby who is going to be very active and good in this system. He is being paid that way and I am big fan of his play and game already. I expect him to perform and he will.

Aside from that who is there Crowder? He is steady and a good player but can definitely be upgraded. At outside LB Miami doesn't have a single starter on the roster.

I think Cam Wake will get every oppurtunity to be the starter in camp this year. I don't think he will ever be great in coverage but will be improved against the run and he can get after the QB when he is given the chance to. He may be sort of one dimensional but at so was Porter for his whole career and he was on SI's all decade team.

Miami needs to go OLB in either rounds 1 or 2. I prefer that player in round 1 and some of you already know my favorite OLB Brandon Graham. There are others to consider Pierre Paul, Morgan and Kindle.

I think Miami should get the best player available with our needs. Dez Bryant probably wont be there but if he is that would be my pick. The other two players that Miami would get a impact this year from would be saftey Earl Thomas and nose tackle Dan Williams. Miami has to get a WR, FS, and NT in the first three rounds.

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