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Miami's first pick? Best player available

The rest of the country is acting like the visit of Texas safety Earl Thomas to the Dolphins this week is breaking news, but readers of this blog knew about it two weeks ago. I nonetheless am going to use the visit of the outstanding free safety to make a couple of points.

Point One: Regardless of the speculation about Miami's first round draft pick, I think the conclusion we should all agree upon is the Dolphins should probablypick the highest-rated player on their board when their turn comes.

Unlike last year when Miami went with a fine player that also fit an obvious need -- cornerback Vontae Davis -- this year the Dolphins seem to have so darn many needs, it's likely anywhere they turn will handle a need.

So might as well just pick the best player, I say.

If that player is an outside linebacker such as Derrick Morgan, great. Miami's got a need.

If that player is a nose tackle such as Dan Williams, great. Miami's got a need.

If that player is a free safety such as Thomas or Eric Berry, great. Miami's got a need.

If that player is a wide receiver such as Dez Bryant or Demaryius Thomas or Arrelious Benn, fine. Miami's got a need.

If that player is an elite left guard such as Michael Iupati, great. Miami has a need there.

If that player is a running back such as C.J. Spiller, great. Miami needs a home run hitter and next season Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams are out of contract. As an aside, a club source tells me Spiller has not visited the Dolphins and has no visit scheduled so that should temper all the unsubstantiated rumors out there. I put up his video anyway because he's electric.

Miami has a need or could use upgrading at practically every position. The areas I would say are absolutely not likely to be addressed or need addressing in the first round are cornerback, quarterback, kicker and punter.

Otherwise, you can make a solid case for adding an elite player at just about any other position on the roster. Think about that long and hard. The Dolphins could easily stand upgrading along the OL, at LB, FS, RB, TE, WR, and DL.

That brings me to my next point.

At season's end there was a debate on this blog (I know there was because I started it) about how close the Dolphins are to championship caliber. Ronnie Brown made the point on his radio show that the Dolphins are close. Many fans commenting here agreed.

I made the point the Dolphins were not yet in the same conversation with the Saints and Colts and other playoff teams.

Well, if you see just how much improvement the Dolphins can use, you should be able to agree the Dolphins aren't close. I mean, they don't have a starting FS on the roster right now. Thomas would be good, Berry would be great.

They don't have a dynamic receiver on the roster right now. My apologies to coach Tony Sparano who insists he's happy with this group because, well, what else is he going to say?

The NT situation is a question mark.

They don't have a proven starting OLB on the roster right now.

And even the team's greatest strength -- the running of Williams and Brown -- is something that will have to be addressed by next year at the latest.

Now, maybe the stars align right and good things begin to take shape immediately for Miami. It is, after all, Holy Week. But barring that, the Dolphins still have significant work to do. They have much building yet to do in this draft and next.

They are not close.

[BLOG NOTE: Come back later this afternoon because I will post all the relevant news (perhaps a Dez Bryant update from his Pro Day) plus a new blog entry on why the Raiders' chase of Donovan McNabb makes sense historically and what intriguing connection that has to the Dolphins.You will be interested.]


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Team Tuna, that's not what the doctors are saying at all...this rumour that Gronkowski could be paralyzed because of his back situation are unfounded and borderline ridiculous...Read up on his back surgery and what the EXPERT MEDICAL Professionals are saying, not what fans are saying...maybe u already forgot how we passed up Drew Brees because of medical issues...Gronkowski has the same risks of being injured as any other NFL player


Let the imagination run wild with this one: Dez Bryant is scheduled to have dinner tomorrow night with Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.
Adam Shitter @ Twitter

Scenario 1: Jerry is doing Tuna a solid to share info and not tip our hand

Scenario 2: Trade # 12 so Jerry can get Dez and we can get Austin Powers in return


I like the way you think, that's alos an option crazy one because most people on here don't like to think out of the box but may-be not so impossible.

I would like that scenerio.
Then Sharper as free agent, interception city at FS, re-sign Taylor, OLB in the 2nd round, 3rd roud -NT Cody if available and OLB in the 4th round.

C.j.spiller would be an awesome pick he can return gi out as a reciever or catch out of backfield he can get those chunk yards. Also would be happy with mike iupati to solidify o-line both will probably be there @ 12th pick.

Cody will not be available in the 3rd lol!

He is not my favorite player or anything, but he might not make it out of the late 1st...

In the 3rd and 4th rounds for NT you are looking at guys like Cam Thomas (hopefully), Terrell Troupe, and Linval Joseph... which is not necessarily a bad thing...

Jamillion, that would certainly be a block buster trade for the ages.

Unsigned restricted free agent MLB DeMeco Ryans has reported to the Texans' voluntary offseason program.
He apparently signed an injury waiver to participate. Ryans can collect $3.168 million if he signs his first- and third-round tender, but would likely prefer a long-term deal. It's unclear whether Houston has begun negotiations.

Id like to swap Clam Chowder for this guy YESTERDAY!

Run Dez Run...

The faster you go, the Faster my boy Eric Berry drops to 12!

Terrance Cody is Jamarcus Dietitian.

Cody could be available in the 2nd round but I say OLB is more pressing at this point.

I'd also swap Chowder fro Ryans!!

Berry or Earl Thomas guve us the best value on the defensive side of the ball at #12 but if we decide to go the free agent route, which is a more realistic choice?
Sharper or O.J.?

At WR.. T.O., Holt or Coles?

Which would you choose and which is more realistic for the fins to look at?

I have been bothered by people stating (not just on this blog) that this is the deepest draft class in a LONG time. How can you really judge this class who has NEVER playeda game in the NFL? Ryan Leaf looked to be very good and everyone thought he was going to be the greatest QB ever. I just do not see how people can say it is a deep draft, because you don't know how these great college players will be in the NFL. Talented players in college do not always equate to become great NFL players.

Sharper is more realistic and cheaper. OJ is going to demand a new contract around 10 mill after 2010

Sharper could be a plug in for 1 or 2 years as they can see if Clemons can start or a later round drafted safety in this years draft.

Id like Coles because he has worked in the division before.

looks like ted ginn when he was in college. lol.

Jerry just paid Roy Williams a 9.5 million roster bonus.

How got more bang for there Buck?

Roy @ 9.5
Gerbil Wilson @8

LOL saw an article on profootballtalk.com about jerry jones having dinner with DEZ and in the article saying he ran a 4.32 last week LOL yeah if he is there at 12 he will be a fin.

If TE Jimmy Graham is available, great Miami has got a need. If LB Al Sharpton is available, great Miami has a need.

Go 'canes!

Dear Jerry Jones knock knock, ur first and third for our 12... No problem he is urs

Sarasota, take ur stupid shyt posts to the Sentinel where the tards might laugh

Coach sparano is best thing to happen to miami since the great Don

bobbyd12(If that's your real name) Do we need a TE? Yes. Do we need depth at LB? Yes! Who put the bitterness in your fruit loops?

Go 'canes!

lol LB Al Sharpton?????

I think you mean Daryl

Oh yeah...thanks carlito.

Go 'canes!

Rob Gronkowski had microdisectomy, an minimally invasive outpatient surgery that shaved down a disc...it was performed by Dr. Robert Watkins, one of the premier back doctors in the USA...It required NO overnight hospital stay...it has a 90-95 % success rate with most people going back to work the following day...Both Dr Watkins and Dr James Andrews stated that Gronkowski does NOT have spinal stenosis..he is 6:6 258 pds and ran his 40 at 4.6 seconds...Surgery he had does NOT put him at risk for paralyisis, surgery was to shave some bone off that was causing discomfort....There is NO issue according to Dr. James Andrew, the premier doctor that players flock to for a definitive opinion...let's put this back lie to rest once and for all

Ive been a fan since 1st time i saw the helmets on tv 1974. I finally get to blog & alot of you fans disapoint there is so much bitchin . Doesnt anyone remember the dumbsted days when we cldnt get a 1st down to save our lives. When jay fiedler was qb i will take those long drives all day long. The fact miami put smiley up for trade without a replacement makes me wonder. This yr we need to solidify defense in draft. You cant correct all those yrs of bad drafting & free agency moves overnite. Parcels knows what he is doin who do you thinkt built that defense bilicheat won with. Patience, patience, patience .

Sarasota, u come in here with ur posts all the time thinking all these Cane players are first rounders... Who put the LSD fruit loops??? There is not a Cane player in this draft that is worthy of a first, second or third round pick...I love the Canes too but the Dolphins are not going to put mediocre players on there team just because it's UM..buy a clue or stay on the college posts where u belong

CJ Spiller has great hands, blazing speed and definitely made everyone else look "not to par". As if he was out of their league or vise versa. He will definitely make an impact in the NFL just like Adrian Peterson has. The question is whether he does it with the Dolphins or against.

You question the wisdom of putting up Smiley with no replacement. Incognito is his replacement.
The bigger issue is we lost Roth, Porter, Ayodele and JT. Our starting OLB's today are Wake and Anderson.
That's like a whole department quitting at the same time.
Top that off with Culver/Clemmons is our starting safety.
The 1st OLB & ILB off the bench is who?
We're f u c k e d.

Of coarse the Dolphins are not close yet and I believe it falls on the backs of the Trifecta.

Reason 1. Matt Roth was always a solid player for the Phins and everyone knew he would be a solid OLB for years to come. Why did the Trifecta let him go? I'm sure whatever the reason really was it was something that could have been resolved.

Reason 2. The drafting of Pat White and Patrick Turner. Why in the world did the Trifecta draft Pat White when we already had Pennington and Henne on the roster? The Trifecta knew last year that Ferguson was not getting any younger yet they neglected to fill the void at NT and take White who EVERYONE knew was going to be a non factor. Patrick Turner was a HUGE reach in the 3rd round. He would have still been available in the 4th or 5th round and even if he wouldn't have been who cares he was never anything special at USC and it continues to roll over to the NFL.

Reason 3. Cutting Gibril Wilson without having anyone to replace him. Yea Gibril looked like crap last year but besides that he has had a solid career in the NFL. When Ireland said he didn't put the blame on Wilson because of the rookie CB's I agreed 100%. When you are playing S with two inexperienced CB's it makes your job a lot harder.

Reason 4. Not resigning JT and giving him the runaround. I'm sorry but JT is still a solid OLB given his age and is better than anything the Phins currently have on the roster. Why is JT still not signed yet? This really does blow my mind and I think if it does not happen soon we will be regretting the decision.

Reason 5. The Trifecta does not like to give up draft picks. Sorry but if you look at the history of the Phins drafts since Parcells and company have came to town it really hasn't been that impressive. Besides Long (who was a lock and any regime would have made that move) we have not drafted one other probowl caliber player. Sure the verdict is still out on Henne but as of right now we only have one.

The Phins should still have Roth, JT, Gibril Wilson, and a NT from the draft last year when we took Pat White. What voids would that leave us going into this year? OLB would not be a huge need. Sure we could use another S to replace Wilson if he stinks it up again. NT would be set. There would not be a lot of needs this year and the Phins would not be in the position they are now. I'm giving the Trifecta one more year but after that they can leave Miami has far as I'm concerned.

I think just because us Phin fans hear a name like Bill Parcells and we haven't had a coach or VP like that since Shula we get excited about it but at what point do we say enough and let Ross dig the franchise further by making Carl Peterson the GM? Either way it looks like we are going to be crawling our way trying to make it to the top for some time.

bobbyd12 - Although I think Sarasota Cane is a nut job thinking all these Canes are a first round pick, Jimmy Graham will get drafted in the 2nd or 3rd round IMO. A 2nd may be a stretch, but he won't be there in the 4th!

csonka, who said Smiley is up for trade with no replacement? There were guys playing guard last year when he was injured and we have added two so far already this off season, Incognito and the CFL guy. Yeah Smiley is good, but we now have cheaper younger alternatives, if we can get a draft pick for him it's a great move. Then pick up more OLine depth later. I do agree with you Defense Defense Defense

Any one who thinks Mike Williams goes later than the 3rd round in nuts. If we wait till after the 2nd round to take a wr....we will end up with a reach with many holes in his game.

If we could draft Kindle, Berry, Brandon Graham & McClain all 4 would start.
That's how poorly our roster has been managed.

We're obviously not getting all 4 of those guys.

Sparano get's nothing for Roth or Porter just because he finds thier attitude inconvenient for himself?

What about the fans? Those players don't talk to us they make the plays we need made. Sparano gets paid a lot of money to put up with that s h i t and get the most out of the players.
When is he going to be held responsible?


With all due respect, you're an idiot. Since this management team took over, they have drafted 2 starting offensive lineman (Long, and sometimes Thomas), a starting QB (Henne), a starting receiver (Hartline), 2 starting cornerbacks (Davis and Smith), and 2 starting/rotating defensive linemen (Merling and Langford). They also signed a free agent rookie kicker (Carpenter) and starting/rotating receiver (Bess). Plus, they added through trades and free agency these other starters/rotators: center Jake Grove, guard Justin Smiley, d-lineman Randy Starks and Tony McDaniel, QB Chad Pennington, FB Lousaka Polite, TE Anthony Fasano, ILB Karlos Dansby, OLB Cameron Wake, etc. How many other teams have made that many changes in 2 years?

PriceMaster - What plays did Porter make last season? Of wait I remember one game in particular, the Patriots game big tron at the end of the game in Foxboro: Joey Porter 0 tackles 0 sacks. Porter had to go. Roth didn't want to play. Do you think every decision to cut a player or keep a player is done by Sparano? NO it is not...

PriceMaster - Kindle, Berry, Brandon Graham & McClain would probably start on almost every team in the NFL as aa rookie, so your point is invalid!!

Indiana Dolphan.... Your Statement/Question...
>>"I have been bothered by people stating that this is the deepest draft class in a LONG time. How can you really judge this class who has NEVER played a game in the NFL"...<<

When addressing the "Depth" of the draft, Prognosticators and Talent Scouts alike are not neccesarily speaking to just the "Quality" of the players available. Although that is important. They are also speaking to the number of players who are available at variuos positions, who are in their opinion... "NFL Caliber" players. Most drafts do not have as many players who are considered to be capable of a long term NFL career at as many positions as this draft does. Most drafts are "Quarterback Drafts"(Certaily not this one), Or Linebacker Drafts...there have also been heavy Receiver drafts, etc. This draft has multiple players at nearly every position who are quality draft selections.

So the "Depth" they are speaking of is more a product of diversity of positions and numbers of players who play that position who can be drafted. Rather then the quality of those players. That is one of the reasons so many people have so many opinions on who should draft who and when... Its fortunate for Miami this draft class is what it is. Had it been a top heavy draft where once you leave the second or third round you are drafting "Projects"... Then Miami would indeed be in a "World of Hurt"...

The Knight who says Ni!

EXACTLY...what an idiotic post he had!!

Indiana, draft day is coming so we will see but I don't belive Graham is higher then a 4... He may become a real good TE but the fact he has only played one year of college football compared to the other guys will hurt him...Gresham, Gronk, Hernandez, Pitta will go before him and maybe a few more but who knows??? I can't wait


do you work ?

Ask Bill Ruger - Thanks for the comment on my post. As I do agree with what you say, I just don't think you can say a draft class will be great before the players even play in the NFL. In a way it just doesn't make sense!

bobbyd12 - Yeah he only played one year, but the talent is there. If Pat White can get drafted in the 2nd round Graham will go before the 4th. I don't think he will crack the 2nd round, but he will go in the 3rd. I think if he is there in the 3rd we should think about taking him depending on what happens between now and then and obviously what players are still available

I agree totaaly with snitcoons post. Armondo and for all you others out there who love the so called "trifecta" of Parcells, and coach Tony s why do we have SO MANY freaking NEEDS if they are doing such a GREAT JOB? For all of this talk about needing LB's (which we obviously do) why didn't Parcells and Ireland bother to draft some LAST YEAR? I'm sure there were some good ones there when we drafted Pat white and Pat Turner. Asfar as FS goes, we had a darn good one in R Hill, why did they let him get away, oh yea, G Wilson was better. Why didn't they draft a NT last year? As Armondo said Coach Tony said he has a good group of Wr's.well yes Bernie Maddovv was an honest man too right. I hope Mr. Ross was joking when he said he has complete trust in Parcells or he is going to loose his ass. Parcells wants players that have prototypical size prototypical speed play to hall of fame standards and accept undrafted free agent pay.what is he smoking???

Mando, didn't spiller run one back on miami?

Trade Henne for Russel from the Raiders straight up!!!!!!!!!

I know it sounds crazy, BUT, we would be able to run the wildcat non-stop. Russel is a beast in the WRONG offense. Can you imagine trying to tackle this guy if he has a full set of steam?

He is Tebbo on steriods. There was a reason he was the 1st pick in the dradt a couple of years back.

Let him shine!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Smarter than you | March 30, 2010 at 06:02 AM

For those of you that are confused, The Cuban has NOT lost his mind, I was just coping a post for possible "PLUNGIE" consideration....

The Knight who says Ni!,

Your knowledge is equivalent to how you look. JUST BECAUSE A PERSON STARTS DOES NOT MAKE THAT PLAYER GOOD YOU MORON! I'm sorry but I did not realize that Hartline, Langford, Merling, Tony McDaniel, Anthony Fasano, Donald Thomas, and Cam Wake could start for any team in the NFL.

Look at all of the other players why don't ya? Ernest Wilford, Shawn Murphy, Patrick Turner, Pat White, John Nalbone, Gibril Wilson, Jalen Parmele, Charlie Anderson, Eric Green, J. D. Folsom.

We got ONE player in Jake Long that is a STUD the rest of the "starter picks" you mentioned are average. I know someone like you probably settles for average but I dont.

Mario (Paul) fish, yes there is no flights in till one where I am right now, don't worry, I will start soon

We got ONE player in Jake Long that is a STUD the rest of the "starter picks" you mentioned are average. I know someone like you probably settles for average but I dont.

Posted by: 305_PhinPhan | March 30, 2010 at 12:51 PM

"Those that settle on average are destined for mediocrity" A quote from the Cuban menace

remember 1998 the fins drafted a homerun hitter by the name of john avery also traded down from the 19th spot to select him and by the way at that spot there was a future hall of famer by the name of randy moss. that draft set this franchise back to where we are today. please do your research and select the player in the 1st round that will have a major impact on this team for years to come.


Initial reports on Dez Bryant's 40-yard dash are not encouraging. One scout in attendance texted that Bryant clocked an unconfirmed 4.57.


No one kisses their own ass better than you...NO ONE!

I disagree with you Armando,,, there were games last year that we should have won but lost because of Gibril Wilson inability to be the last line of defense.. We pounded the Colts on the ground,,,, We led by 3 touchdowns against the Saints and then later in the year we fell behind early. Although we dont have a homerun wide receiver, Camarillo, Bess, and Hartline were consistent. Ginn played like an elite player in 2 games last season both against the jets. And Cameron Wake will be a beast... Any player that the Dolphins draft with the 1st round should help us out immediately we should go for free safety.

Run you motha... I want Berry at 12

2 Teams trying to Trade up the Raiders @ 8....


To 305_Phin

Yes they have whiffed on FA : Wilson, Green, Ernest Draft: Betty White, Patty Turner, Nalboner ETC
but the Trifucta has done a tremendous job in making the fins competitive. Go back to the 1-15 team or the year before and see how many of those scrubs are still playing or even in the league.

You cant deny that have turned the ship around.

I have such low expectations for next year..

Oklahoma State's Dez Bryant averaged 4.55 in the forty-yard dash at his private workout Tuesday.
League sources tell Dolphins beat writer Armando Salguero that Bryant ran 4.50 against the wind and 4.60 with the wind, which is certainly illogical. Bryant also posted a 38-inch vertical. Though Bryant's game tape remains elite, the forty times are disappointing and will do nothing to stem the tide of his slipping draft stock.

hmm??????? Dez is so fast he runs faster against the wind?

Oklahoma State's Dez Bryant averaged 4.55 in the forty-yard dash at his private workout Tuesday.
League sources tell Dolphins beat writer Armando Salguero that Bryant ran 4.50 against the wind and 4.60 with the wind, which is certainly illogical. Bryant also posted a 38-inch vertical. Though Bryant's game tape remains elite, the forty times are disappointing and will do nothing to stem the tide of his slipping draft stock.

[My prediction at the #12 pick is C.J. Spiller. I thought McClain for awhile until Dansby. Then thought D. Morgan, which is a possibility. But with Spiller they get a game changer who can get the “chunk yards” that Sparano talks about, he will be the “best player available when they pick. It also will help to offset the lack of a #1 receiver by adding a offensive weapon who can do it all including playing the slot. His size is 5'10 and some change and weighs 196lbs. In comparison Cheis Johnson is 6'0 and 200 lbs. Thats only a four pound difference. The fact that Ronnie gets hurt and at the end of a contract and Rickey is 30+ and playing his last year, I think this pick makes good sense for the Dolphins. He is the best back in the draft and a game changer that can score from anywhere at anytime something the Dolphins absolutely need. So mark it down for me guys who ever is keeping track…..Cavemanna, prediction= C.J. Spiller, Clemson #12 overall


You are right in saying Miami is not in the same conversation as the majority of the playoff teams from a year ago.....It seems that this team's list of needs keeps growing by the day, it's rather disconcerting.....and any of those players for the #12 pick make sense.....they should choose the highest value, because it essentially is a glaring need...Miami must really hit gold with this draft because they are really far behind from being a contender.....I know things start upfront on the defense, but the backend constantly got scorched for huge plays, and could never cover the tight-end, basically solely responsible for some losses....it is a pass-happy league, it be nice to see Eric Berry fall to Miami....in reality, Miami should try to trade down...its time to see how Ireland can maneuver about in the draft....they should also look at trading Ginn to Oakland...don't all they care about is speed? and possibly deal R. Brown, really like the guy, but just like New England did with Seymour, its for the betterment of the team down the line.....Ireland, please trade down, consider trading those 2 players, and keep stockpiling picks....this team is so far away it would be justified and welcomed.

there are 4 positions that must be addressed this upcoming draft. safety, tightend, wide reciever, outside linebacker.these following players I feel would address those needs Taylor Mays, Aaron Hernandez, Golden Tate, and Sergio Kindle.Also, keep an eye on these players. Geno Atkins, Javier Arenas, James Starks running back out of Buffalo.

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