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(Mostly) quiet on Miami Dolphins front

Why am I working today?

Bill Parcells isn't. He spent Saturday morning in Jupiter, FL. at the shared training facility of the Florida Marlins and St. Louis Cardinals. Parcells is tight with Cards manager Tony LaRussa and has a healthy respect for Marlins manager Fredi Gonzalez, also.Tuna marlins

So the Big Tuna is taking in a spring training game this afternoon. Of course, he has his phone with him and is in contact with the home office back in Davie. But this all suggests today doesn't compare with Friday's start of free agency for electric activity.

The team should announce the signing of Karlos Dansby later today. The fact is the NFL transactions wire has him as signed already.

[Update 2:30 p.m.: The contracts have been signed and the club is expected to announce the signing of Dansby and Chad Pennington within the next 90 minutes or so.]

[Update 4 p.m. :The Dolphins did not have any UFA visits today that they are reporting to the NFL. And the Dansby contract, in fact, will be signed in a few minutes. Last-second language stuff. He's on the way to the facility to get it done.]

One would assume the team is making calls on it's second wave of free agents -- assuming there are any.

It stands to reason that as safety was a priority as soon as Antrel Rolle (the one that got away) was cut loose by Arizona, that Miami would take the next logical step toward filling that spot. The next logical step would be to check out the other available free safeties on the market.

The Herald's Jeff Darlington is reporting the Dolphins have not to this moment shown interest in St. Louis Rams restricted free agent O.J. Atogwe. Atogwe was tendered with a right of first refusal contract, meaning the Dolphins wouldn't have to pay draft choice compensation to sign Atogwe.

Another restricted free agent safety is Indy's Antoine Bethea. The guy was a Pro Bowl player, if you recall. The draft pick compensation on him is substantial -- a first round pick. But one would suppose the team could always work a trade with the Colts rather than give up the first-round selection. (Maybe a second-rounder?)

Many of you have asked about Darren Sharper as a Dolphins possibility. He'll be 35 years old in November and the Dolphins didn't show any interest in him last year when he was a year younger and available cheaply. This one would not make sense at this time.

Pittsburgh's Ryan Clark is available. Good player. Make sense. The Herald is looking into whether he is on the radar or not.

The one that got away met with the press corps that covers his new team today.

Safety Antrel Rolle was introduced to the New York media today. (Yes, some teams actually have press conferences to introduce their new players.) Rolle talked about what type of player the Giants are getting.

"I think I can make any type of play, to be honest" he said. "Not to sound cocky or arrogant, but that's just the way I am. I'm never going into a game and deny myself an opportunity. If it presents itself, I think I can definitely make the play."

Rolle talked about how the Giants made him feel comfortable and reminded him how it was being recruited at the University of Miami. The Miami native said he felt "like home" with the Giants.

Let me tell you another reason Rolle isn't actually playing at home, as in for the Dolphins. MONEY!

The Giants blew the Dolphins away on the cash front. The Dolphins offered Rolle a deal averaging $6 million per season. The Giants paid Rolle a deal that averages $7.4 million per season.

And the Dolphins didn't come in second for Rolle. They were third.

Rolle said the Arizona Cardinals were willing to match the Giants offer. The Dolphins clearly were not. 

Check back often as I will have the latest updates from The Herald team right here. And follow me on twitter. Also, follow Darlington on twitter.


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I wish I could take a nap and when I woke up it was draft day.

trading our first round pick makes the most sense right now. we could could max out the draft by picking up extra picks. with extra picks we could take a chance on a j. best from CAL,or a j.graham from the U or cody from alabama and still fill needs with the picks we already have!! we have to think that culver or clemons can step in and start b/c if not what was the use of signing or picking them?? who's to say berry or thomas will make it?? i would sign the safety O.J. from the rams or nothing at all!! i would see what ferg is thinking and if he plans on playing, i would draft cody in the second for sure and get him in shape!!! i would find an OLB or ILB depending on how we are going to use dansby hopefully weatherspoon!! i would draft one of the higher rated TE like the kid from arizona and still try to get graham later in the draft. i would draft a wr and the kid i would look at that, many might be afraid of is the kid williams from syracuse who quit the team for whatever reason, he just as good as dez bryant. my draft would have us taking these player coby,best,the te from arizona,weatherspoon,graham,m.williams,pat angerer and whatever player left if we still have picks which we should. I SAY TRADE OUT OF THE FIRST ROUND ALTOGETHER AND GET MORE PICKS!!!!!!!!!!!

its so funny to hear people wanting to trade draft picks for an injured prone WR in boldin,if camarillo is healthy which he should be you have to trade him or bess but i would rather keep bess. we have to many WR capable of the same things, one must go

One thing about Sharper though that was BEFORE he had a monster year last season proving he not only can play but play at a very high level. We'll see.


You're kidding right?

Flophinfan u are exactly right, well, almost. I would like to see two go, they all are the same thing. We need speed and playmakers, that with hartline and either cam or bess and we are solid. I'm loving that we signed dansby though. Means we probably won't waste a pick on mcclain.


I'm sure glad the trifecta is running the show instead of your idea's. Of course if you truly believe you are a much better evaluator of talent than Parcell's & company, then by all means go to the Davie complex and put your foot down.

I'm just saying.

We are not trading draft picks period.

BP looks good in that picture. Looks like maybe he's dropped a few pounds.....good for him!!

I think the Dolphins are totally on the right track. The Dansby signing takes a little bit of pressure of the FO and gives them a chance to breath and evaluate where they go next. No question we will have to find a safety from somewhere (obviously) and we still have to think about NT, WR and upgrading our linebacking, as well as what to do with the TE position. But you have to admit we're in a lot better position than the last two off-seasons, when we had no clue what we were going to do at QB and we needed a lot of work on our two lines. We have holes to fill, no question but it's not nearly as bad as past off-seasons.


Maybe we see BP doing nutrisystem commercials soon. LMAO

Rolle really is vastly overrated. If he didn't play for The U, then no-one would care. Anyone thinking we should have paid him $7.4 million a season clearly hasn't seen much of Arizona play. Not a bad player, but $7.4 million a year? Please

im just giving my thoughts just like everyone else. as far as trading out of the first round is concerned all the talent is basically the same except for maybe five players top!! suh,g. mccoy,bryant,berry and okung and all will be gone before 12!

Regarding the money difference between the Giant's and the Dolphin's offer: The difference isn't quite as large as it appears due to the high state taxes in NY vs. no state tax in FL. NY is the highest taxed state in he nation with California second. Still, I'm sure the NY deal paid more but not that much more.
Also, getting burned on three big contracts previously has to give the the Dolphin front office pause when bidding up these players. Now, Rolle is the highest paid safety in the NFL, but does anyone seriously think he is the best. I hope not. Just look at his stats. In spite of being a pro bowl player he's not anywhere near players like Ed Reed.

You might be right Bootang. Maybe it's just deceiving because the picture was taken from a long ways away. Who knows....

You happy with the Dansby move? Where do they go next?

What about the kid we drafted to play safety last year. Is he a bust?


Why do you keep saying Antrel Rolle got away. Did the dolphins really peruse him? They gave him an offer that they thought was equal to his skill. They never changed the offer and never met with him to convince him to come to miami. I think they were putting it out there to see what would happen. If they wanted him as much as they wanted dansby, they would have done more.

We are missing a starting FS and a starting OLB. This team needs to build with young, cheap talent and the only way to do that is through the draft. Dansby was a great signing, but you don't build a team through free agency, you do it through the draft. We have more needs than can be filled in one offseason anyway.

I saw Jimmy Johnson doing an enzyte commercial the other day.How big does your Johnson need to be Mr.Johnson ?

Also NT and WR and maybe TE

Mrbill Amazing! Rolle would just be a problem in Miami anyway! And 7.4 million a year is well about 3 million more then he is worth!

9 draft picks say we will have a safety in the draft to chose from...If Mays from USC can actually cover and not just give devastating hits then I'd love to trade down make those nine picks 10 and pick him up late in the first round!

We should trade Thigpin for a 5th rd pick, that gives us 10 picks. The more picks you have the better you can play the draft, trading up and down if a players falls to you can reach out a little bit and pick your player.


The Dansby move is a home run. We need to keep getting younger and more athletic on defense, whilelooking at vets who can play a good role. It seems we are not real interested in Ben Watson, probably too much money, and it's a great TE draft. I'm not big on Ryan Clark. I'd like to see if we give Dwan Edwards a look. I think we just keep adding depth right now.

We might already have our next FS. I'd rather take my chances with Clemons and Culver or draft Earl Thomas or Eric Berry than pay Rolle THAT contract. I don't know which one is worse - Rolle or Peppers?

Julius Peppers is the highest paid part time employee in the world. He plays only every other year.

NT,OLB,FS, and WR should be the targets in the draft. Look at the roster there is trade bait at every position. We will trade a QB and I think Thigpin is the odd man out. Bill and Co want more picks so look for the Phins to trade some players for picks.


I am SO happy we didn't get Rolle. I think he's fine as a player but not nearly the player he is being paid to be. What about the kid in St. Louis (the safety OJ)? I've always liked him. Not sure what it would take to get him but there would be no compensation involved, other than St. Louis having the right to match. I know he's still young and good athletically. Might also be a good add for the future because Bell won't play at this level forever.

Also, not disapppointed we didn't get Boldin. He would have been worth trading a fourth for but I think a third and a fourth is a bit much. I like that these guys think things through and aren't impulsive.

does anyone think that maybe we should pick up a rb in the later rounds? they seem to have taken a bit of interest in dexter mccluster for whatever reason. he wasnt on the list of the fastest from the combine but he put up strong numbers in several of the other events. not a power guy but are they really planning on riding the ricky & ronnie train again? hilliard? sheets? i feel like the rb position is something we should think about.

I want to make certain Pennington is 100 per cent before Thigpen is traded. Pennington didn't have a great arm to begin with but we need to know he's capable of being a backup before we just give Thigpen away. It would be nice to get a fourth for Thigpen but I don't see any rush to make a move on him right now. He might be a great fit in Buffalo to play under Gailey again. But once again we need to know Pennington can get it done if Henne were to go down. We all know White is not the answer on a full time basis at this point, so we need to make certain if we lose Henne that our whole season wouldn't be done too.

I'm glad he got away, he is not the best FS in the game and that price tag is crazy.....we over spent on our major need, LB and that's enough.....we are not the Washington Redskins.....I like what we have at the saftey postion already and add those guys to the safety we draft and a good D cooridinator who will use them properly and I think we will be fine....If we can find a TE in FA we will be on our way back to the playoffs.

Bootang25 I agree Dansby is a perfect fit and it was our biggest need. With 9 picks and trade bait all over this roster we could have double digit picks to address other positions and depth. I like Dan Williams right now mayby trade down a few spots pick DWilliams in the late teens and get an extra pick out of the deal.

I could see a RB in the 3rd-5th round, Ed.....depending on what else we are able to get done in free agency. I don't think it's a pressing need yet but I don't think we want to get caught should something happen to Ricky and/or Ronnie. It's an area of concern but maybe a little further down the list than some of the other areas we need to think about.

I'm here for a little while so let's chat.

But first two things:

1. The Dolphins should be announcing the signing of Pennington and Dansby within the next 90 minutes or so.

2. Geoff, you are obviously new to the blog so I will say this ONCE. My mother passed last September and I shared on this blog our relationship.

That doesn't give you the right to sign on as Mando's mom. You can sign on as anything you wish, but not that. You get only 1 warning and if you do it again, you're banned. Period.

And yes, I'm sensitive about this. So be it.

I said it on the last blog this morning. Rolle is over rated. He isn't very good in coverage. I don't think it's smart to just spend money on positions of need just to fill them. That's what the draft is for. The exception being Karlos Dansby. He is very under rated. He played on the west coast so most of us don't see him play. I watched him on the NFL ticket for the last 3 years and he is always making plays. He will be a big time impact player for Miami. I love the signing.

I also love the Chad Pennington signing. He is professional and a great mentor for Henne to have. I don't think Henne will be looking over his shoulder at all. He should know it's his time and his job to lose.

I think the next player Miami signs will likely be a just a depth guy. Miami made their splash and I am satisfied. I think they will be preparing for the draft from here on out.

Sergio Kindle would be a great addition and add to this revamped linebacking core. Starting Dansby and Crowder in the middle and Wake and Kindle on the outside would be a refreshing, welcomed, new look.

Who do you suspect Miami will draft with their first pick now that Dansby is signed?

I think someone asked here or that past post if the Dolphins really pursued Rolle.

They offered the guy $6 million per year so, yeah, that is pursuing him.


The only way the Rams let OJ Atogwe leave is if someone GROSSLY overlays for him. He is arguably there best player, and letting him go just opens another major hole for them, and they have many.

Sean, I have posted Dan Williams is my pick, even before we got Dansby.

When the Rolle news broke last night my post was something like highest paid S in league history, thank god we we'rent the ones doing that.

My madre used to tell me of the things that people say, won of things these is that Pats are called of the Patriots because they mean all the country loved. This I believed to be true so Dansby is like 40 foot giant with 1/2 inches brains. But Patses have the 1/2 inch man teaching team with the 40 foot brain. This is why the Patses are always best and the Myamis will always be the sucks team. They will be team nomber 5's in this divisions this year.

does miami make a move for a person like greg olsen? At 12 I think miami goes NT unless someone real good is there like a safety or olb? Wat are future moves miami makes like atagwe?

Scott, I can't give you a good answer on the first round pick yet because we're still nearly two months away.

If the Dolphins don't sign a safety between now and then, I can see Earl Thomas or definitely Eric Berry if he's there.

Maybe Dan Williams, too.

And there's always the darkhorse -- C.J. Spiller.

Hey Mando..Fins have any other plans for free agency?? any news on a safety??

Craig Its true Penn needs to prove he can throw the ball and Im not saying trade Thippin tomorrow, we got 7 weeks before the draft a long time from now and if it takes longer get picks for 2011 but we have flexability and that is a good thing.

Being that Miami only tendered Brown with a first. Is there any teams looking at him.

Mando, any chance the Dolphins sign Thomas Jones (as some of your readers repor(wish))? Also What would you think if they went after foote, he could play as an ILB allowing Dansby to move to OLB and also let Nolan use his defensive genious with packages and blitzes and he would also mean depth at the position.

Robert, I don't think Greg Olsen is on the radar right now.


Check out my earlier post in the last blog regarding Dallas and their quest for a #1 WR. I think it speaks right to the disagreement you have with many people regarding our receiving group.

Are there any minor names you think, or may have heard that we may start to look at next?

Crappy, The Herald is trying to confirm team contacts with other FS on the market. Nothing yet.

umm y is miami afraid to go after playmakers like olsen n marshall I always c other teams inour division taking risk for example new england n randy moss, the jets and braylon edwards?

TY MANDO..GREAT JOB YESTERDAY BY THE WAY FOLLOWED U ON TWITTER ALL DAY...just heard on nfl network thats fins have contacted sharper..any truth???

Francisco, what up bud?

Larry Foote is solid but slow. The Dolphins defense was slow last season. I think they want to get away from that and signing foote doesn't help in that regard.

Thomas Jones? Who is saying the Dolphins are interested in him?

Mando what are your thoughts on a receiver via free agency or draft. Your thoughts.

Armando, in your opinion, what do you think the Dolphins will try do to improve that mediocre group of WR's?? They're not going to go with the same group another year, are they??

All you wanting to hear some Otogwe, I am with you but he is coming off the IR. I'm not sure what for does anyone know?

I want the dolphins to trade ted ginn and get dez braynt in the first round

Sharper would be an ideal centerfielder for the defense - if they have contacted him I think it's a big move - it would also allow the draft to be focused on NT; OLB/ILB; WR; TE and adding depth. Question is - how much is a 35 year old safety worth?

We can pick the player with the most value with the #12 pick not need, if we did not get Dansby we would of had to go after McClain. Spiller can take it to the house type of back but it is not a need position ( I think he is a need position because we need play makers on both side of the ball thats why I liked the Dansby signing he is a play maker).

Well Im not saying I want Jones lol hehe Well as I said I wasnt sure if it was a wish or a report from your readers. Im still hoping they get Thomas in Draft he is a ballhawking safety that would make an inmediate impact and let them get woods in the 3rd round. But this is about questions so here is one I am surprised no one has asked yet what is the deal with #99?? Is he back next season ?

hey armando I follow you on twitter n you answered some of my Qs there my name is phinphan1013. I read an article that said that miami might trade up I don't think so n I think we should trade a lil back unless a good safety is there n wat do you think about fins signinh antonio bryant or an oldie like chris chambers he was good last year for kc n he's better than wat we havw now?

Just Because,

I like the idea of adding Sharper with the young corners and being the leader for them in that secondary too but I don't think it's smart going old. Miami just shook a couple of older stiffs in Ayodele and Porter. I like getting younger and more athletic. Lol with that being said he would really strenghten the secondary.

We need Chambers back so I can wear my goddamn jersey again. LOL

Had to step away a moment to make a call. Sorry. I'm back.

Scott, no action on Ronnie Brown. If that happens, it would likely be next week. But I don't think anyone would give up a first-round pick for Ronnie. Very high price and then you have to give him a new contract, too.

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