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(Mostly) quiet on Miami Dolphins front

Why am I working today?

Bill Parcells isn't. He spent Saturday morning in Jupiter, FL. at the shared training facility of the Florida Marlins and St. Louis Cardinals. Parcells is tight with Cards manager Tony LaRussa and has a healthy respect for Marlins manager Fredi Gonzalez, also.Tuna marlins

So the Big Tuna is taking in a spring training game this afternoon. Of course, he has his phone with him and is in contact with the home office back in Davie. But this all suggests today doesn't compare with Friday's start of free agency for electric activity.

The team should announce the signing of Karlos Dansby later today. The fact is the NFL transactions wire has him as signed already.

[Update 2:30 p.m.: The contracts have been signed and the club is expected to announce the signing of Dansby and Chad Pennington within the next 90 minutes or so.]

[Update 4 p.m. :The Dolphins did not have any UFA visits today that they are reporting to the NFL. And the Dansby contract, in fact, will be signed in a few minutes. Last-second language stuff. He's on the way to the facility to get it done.]

One would assume the team is making calls on it's second wave of free agents -- assuming there are any.

It stands to reason that as safety was a priority as soon as Antrel Rolle (the one that got away) was cut loose by Arizona, that Miami would take the next logical step toward filling that spot. The next logical step would be to check out the other available free safeties on the market.

The Herald's Jeff Darlington is reporting the Dolphins have not to this moment shown interest in St. Louis Rams restricted free agent O.J. Atogwe. Atogwe was tendered with a right of first refusal contract, meaning the Dolphins wouldn't have to pay draft choice compensation to sign Atogwe.

Another restricted free agent safety is Indy's Antoine Bethea. The guy was a Pro Bowl player, if you recall. The draft pick compensation on him is substantial -- a first round pick. But one would suppose the team could always work a trade with the Colts rather than give up the first-round selection. (Maybe a second-rounder?)

Many of you have asked about Darren Sharper as a Dolphins possibility. He'll be 35 years old in November and the Dolphins didn't show any interest in him last year when he was a year younger and available cheaply. This one would not make sense at this time.

Pittsburgh's Ryan Clark is available. Good player. Make sense. The Herald is looking into whether he is on the radar or not.

The one that got away met with the press corps that covers his new team today.

Safety Antrel Rolle was introduced to the New York media today. (Yes, some teams actually have press conferences to introduce their new players.) Rolle talked about what type of player the Giants are getting.

"I think I can make any type of play, to be honest" he said. "Not to sound cocky or arrogant, but that's just the way I am. I'm never going into a game and deny myself an opportunity. If it presents itself, I think I can definitely make the play."

Rolle talked about how the Giants made him feel comfortable and reminded him how it was being recruited at the University of Miami. The Miami native said he felt "like home" with the Giants.

Let me tell you another reason Rolle isn't actually playing at home, as in for the Dolphins. MONEY!

The Giants blew the Dolphins away on the cash front. The Dolphins offered Rolle a deal averaging $6 million per season. The Giants paid Rolle a deal that averages $7.4 million per season.

And the Dolphins didn't come in second for Rolle. They were third.

Rolle said the Arizona Cardinals were willing to match the Giants offer. The Dolphins clearly were not. 

Check back often as I will have the latest updates from The Herald team right here. And follow me on twitter. Also, follow Darlington on twitter.


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Bottom line is Nolan has better knowledge and scheme with 3-4 defense and that alone with some more ahletic players in key spots will make the defense much better. Expect more aggressiveness and more turnovers next year

Y Bell don't hit like this guy, like I said, AFC East receivers are not going to enjoy the middle of the field if we sign him...

I think that if we are signing him without overpaying TOO much (anything more than $10 million guaranteed for him is too much) then I think we have a good deal. Also don't see him signing for longer than 3 years.

Just because,

You make very good points. I guess I just really liked what I thought Earl Thomas could bring as far as covering slit receivers and playing CF back there. Everyone is right it sure can't be any worse than Gibril Wilson.

Bootang - I am definitely with you on the Earl Thomas bandwagon; and maybe he is still a possibility just less of one now - Safeties with his skill set are hard to come by. Y

ou never know - I am still of the thinking of if Eric Berry miraculously falls to us - you still have to take him since he is the 3rd best player in the draft (or get a king's ransom in a trade down).

This has taken two positions out of the draft early rounds for us...FS and a LB position, I still don't know if it's ILB or OLB, Im not sure if I believe Dansby and I certainly don't believe anything Ireland says, and that's not a criticism, that's smart tactics even though Armando wouldn't agree...I think Parcells knows exactly what he wants and he is going all out to get it this year...

Agreed bobbyd - think the 1st round pick comes down to Dan Williams, Rolando McClain, or the Rush OLB of choice. 2nd Round either NT, OLB, or my choice if he is there Demaryious Thomas, and 3rd round either NT or OLB (whichever hasnt been filled yet)


I can tell you this my friend. Regardless of where Dansby plays, I would bet we draft more than 1 pass rusher. And if we sign Clark, combined with Dansby, it will definately help us in being able to pick more than 1 pass rusher.

I would hope that now in the first four rounds we get a NT, LB, WR and TE, I just Sony know in what order

Clark is a tough player(didn't he almost die from complications to the altitude while playing in Denver?) I hope he fits right in and helps the D. But could this be a little smoke and mirrors? What more are we getting then we already have? A hard hitting saftey that has average cover skills. In Pitt. the D gave up nothing on the ground, making the job the safties a lot simpler.

I feel as though OLB in the 1st is the more likely choice as there could be some good NT available in the 3rd - like Troup, Joseph, maybe Cam Thomas.

We had 5 or 6 legitimate needs, and surely could not expect to fill them all with the draft and play all these rookies. So I do like our attack as far as FA goes.

We sign Clark and immediately Wes Welker begins hating life. Check this out:


Don't think FA is done either...there could be a significant WR, TE, NT, or ILB/OLB in our future between now and draft (not that there are many of these available - but you never know what or who they might be thinking in Davie)

I wish we had another pick in the third round, that would really help, but I don't know if we can make that happen!!

Dying Breed,

Just watched it. Cool hit on Welker. Love it.

Just because, maybe, but Im not seeing any of those that would fit the bill but I do see a draft that seems to be deep in all those positions u mentioned

Welker's head will be on a pivot coming across the middle that's for sure, that was a hit he won't forget anytime in the near future

Check this hit out:


Hate to see any UM player get laid out but he got JACKED UP!


When we play New England Im sure Welker will be looking for him on every pass pattern, lol!

Goodnight gentlemen

Lebowski, Best Actor

True enough bobbyd - maybe we can hustle someone for a high pick for one of our guys (Camarillo, Thigpen, who knows) maybe pick up a 4th or better depending on who we finagle.

Just Because,

I just watched it. Ryan is certainly an attention getter!

Dying B,

Welky will need eyes in the back of his helmet. This is the stuff that keeps Ted Ginn up at night....head to the sidelines LOL

welker wont be able to catch many passes against because he'll be to busy trying to locate Clark, lol.

Hopefully Clark can lay Ginn out a couple of times in camp and toughen him up

Just Because,

I watched it. Man... he can hit!

Wow, Im so excited! We've added one impact player in Dansby and on the verge of landing another in Clark, with Mike Nolan to boot. We're not even talking draft yet!

ROTFLMAO@ Just Because!

Guys I love the Welker hit, but the guy just caught another 100 balls this past season. This isn't Ted Ginn we are talking about, Welker is a beast. He will know where Clark is, but it is not like he is going to not go to that area.

Just Becuase,
Seriously, if Clark lays out Ginn, Ginn would be finished for good.

Where is Armando, is he sick or something

The Dude Abides!

And in case you were waiting on my choice, I've decided I would like us to sign Clark. Upgrade over Gerbril, Good (even if not great) player, and yet again....more draft flexibility, less need to "have" to draft a safety at 12.

Can he hit Braylon Edwards like that?

or Antonio Gates?

How good can he cover?

My guess is that he's a stop gap.

How many years would you sign him for -- so that your cap hit is minimized in case he turns into a Gerbil?

Seer, I guess so. I am for more draft flexibility.

Guy Lombardo are you kidding me? He laid McGahee out. We're talking close to 240lb rb by a 202lb free safety.

Did Welker catch another 100 balls AFTER Clark's hit?

Even if so, it's only human nature for him to be aware of Clark.

If you don't think there's an intimidation factor with a good safety, then why care about who is safety.

Intimidation is a big facet of Clark's game, and a darn important one for us to have on our defense.

Let them fear us for a change.

And here is why Percy Harvin has migraines:


Has anyone here ever tried catching a football while s hitting your pants?

YEEEEEESS , " The Hurt Locker " wins best Motion picture. GREAT F'N MOVIE !!!

Right on Seer. Wes is still a good receiver, but will have to account for who we have at free safety.

Fins brass to tack a placard reading "The Hurt Locker" over the empty locker they will show Clark during tour of facility tomorrow.....great closing technique!

NJ you a correct on it being a great movie.

Was "Precious" originally called "The Ted Ginn Story"?

The Welker hit was in 08, you'll notice it was Matt Cassel threw the pass. So yes Welker caught 100 after the hit, and his bulk work is done going across the middle. It is good to think we have someone back there who will lower the boom on receivers.

I would hate the clark Signing---his best asset is big hits---I want a FS who is a ball hawk---the big hits dont matter---everytime is does it it is a 15 yd penalty---8ints in 8 years not impressive

If you want to offer a big contract to a safety (which i rather draft)---O.J. Atogwe is a ball hawk who is 2 years younger and in 4 seasons of starting he as compiled

18ints, 14 FF, 75 tackes tackle ave, 29 PD

That a free safety ball hawk--who is 28 not 30

Please DONT SIGN Clark



I'm just saying, how good do you think he'll do against bigger tight ends running posts?
I realize that Nolan is changing the scheme...but they got Lit Up with that last year. I'm just hoping he can cover better than Gerbil...that all.

He's got really small Calves. LOL

I agree with you allen.

Better than Gibril - although Eric Berry and Earl Thomas are better fits than Clark (even Nate Allen would be IMO).

Atogwe was on IR last year with a torn labrum and cartilage damage - it's strange to think that the Rams wouldn't put a higher tender on what might be one of their best defenders. Maybe the injury is worse then we know about.


Admit it...Your just jubilant because Avatar L O S T :)
[Hurt locker was good though:)]

I think right now it's about filling the biggest holes so that they can have all their options open come draft day.

Just because , clark had his spleen ( ? ) removed a couple years back. That's a severe injury also. He would have trouble playing in high altitudes like denver.

Typo: "You're"

Merv , Haven't seen avatar but i heard it was overrated and boring at times. maybe you were mad the precious lost :)

NJ yea he has sickle cell - but he has been able to play through it and only missed 2-3 games the past 2 years since that happened. Atogwe's injury was just this past season.

I could be wrong - but why wouldn't the Rams put a higher tender on him? Could they really be that inept in their evaluation of talent?

Just because . they put the exclusive rights on him i guess to have a team offer a contract and all they to do is match he and can't go anywhere . Let the other team do the work instead of setting them setting the market. Who knows ??

Dont think i want to sign Atogwe either---im just saying if your going to pay for a Free safety I rather go with a guy that makes plays on the ball and not hits that get 15 yd penalties----

ANd he is 30--i hate that

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