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(Mostly) quiet on Miami Dolphins front

Why am I working today?

Bill Parcells isn't. He spent Saturday morning in Jupiter, FL. at the shared training facility of the Florida Marlins and St. Louis Cardinals. Parcells is tight with Cards manager Tony LaRussa and has a healthy respect for Marlins manager Fredi Gonzalez, also.Tuna marlins

So the Big Tuna is taking in a spring training game this afternoon. Of course, he has his phone with him and is in contact with the home office back in Davie. But this all suggests today doesn't compare with Friday's start of free agency for electric activity.

The team should announce the signing of Karlos Dansby later today. The fact is the NFL transactions wire has him as signed already.

[Update 2:30 p.m.: The contracts have been signed and the club is expected to announce the signing of Dansby and Chad Pennington within the next 90 minutes or so.]

[Update 4 p.m. :The Dolphins did not have any UFA visits today that they are reporting to the NFL. And the Dansby contract, in fact, will be signed in a few minutes. Last-second language stuff. He's on the way to the facility to get it done.]

One would assume the team is making calls on it's second wave of free agents -- assuming there are any.

It stands to reason that as safety was a priority as soon as Antrel Rolle (the one that got away) was cut loose by Arizona, that Miami would take the next logical step toward filling that spot. The next logical step would be to check out the other available free safeties on the market.

The Herald's Jeff Darlington is reporting the Dolphins have not to this moment shown interest in St. Louis Rams restricted free agent O.J. Atogwe. Atogwe was tendered with a right of first refusal contract, meaning the Dolphins wouldn't have to pay draft choice compensation to sign Atogwe.

Another restricted free agent safety is Indy's Antoine Bethea. The guy was a Pro Bowl player, if you recall. The draft pick compensation on him is substantial -- a first round pick. But one would suppose the team could always work a trade with the Colts rather than give up the first-round selection. (Maybe a second-rounder?)

Many of you have asked about Darren Sharper as a Dolphins possibility. He'll be 35 years old in November and the Dolphins didn't show any interest in him last year when he was a year younger and available cheaply. This one would not make sense at this time.

Pittsburgh's Ryan Clark is available. Good player. Make sense. The Herald is looking into whether he is on the radar or not.

The one that got away met with the press corps that covers his new team today.

Safety Antrel Rolle was introduced to the New York media today. (Yes, some teams actually have press conferences to introduce their new players.) Rolle talked about what type of player the Giants are getting.

"I think I can make any type of play, to be honest" he said. "Not to sound cocky or arrogant, but that's just the way I am. I'm never going into a game and deny myself an opportunity. If it presents itself, I think I can definitely make the play."

Rolle talked about how the Giants made him feel comfortable and reminded him how it was being recruited at the University of Miami. The Miami native said he felt "like home" with the Giants.

Let me tell you another reason Rolle isn't actually playing at home, as in for the Dolphins. MONEY!

The Giants blew the Dolphins away on the cash front. The Dolphins offered Rolle a deal averaging $6 million per season. The Giants paid Rolle a deal that averages $7.4 million per season.

And the Dolphins didn't come in second for Rolle. They were third.

Rolle said the Arizona Cardinals were willing to match the Giants offer. The Dolphins clearly were not. 

Check back often as I will have the latest updates from The Herald team right here. And follow me on twitter. Also, follow Darlington on twitter.


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Offer a conditional next year 2nd round pick Parcells.

Miami1354, why would anyone trade for Ronnie Brown?

There are several RBs on the market right now they have no offers yet? They come without draft compensation. Thomas Jones has outgained Ronnie Brown each of the past two seasons and he's not injured right now.

Good points Mando on Dumervil, he will cost picks...Just say no.
Graham in the draft could pay huge dividends if the trifecta continue to step outside of their self impossed box a little like they have recently shown.

Po, my favorite draft guru for entertainment is Kiper.

My fave for information?

A guy named Jon Drenning, who was nails with information about a decade or so ago. He's out of the business now. Has a rock band.

HvK, if we get the opportunity to pick up a game changing TE, and there looks like a few in this draft, we shouldn't do it???? Like our receivers we have a "nice" bunch but to get a Gronkowski would be a full upgrade I would think

ok so if graham is better n taller then y dnt they draft him at 12 I rlly liked him ever since I watched the senoir bowl!

Armando, what are your thoughts of Houston that played for Texas...he has the size and speed that Parcells should like...his numbers are as good as any DT in this draft...and I believe with a little training he could become the next ratliff. I can see him as a 3 down NT.


There's a lot of speculation that the 'Phins will sign Derrick Mason. I think Mason is a GREAT pro but he's 35 years old and he's a possession receiver. He's not exactly a #1 receiver at this point in his career. Do you like him more than Antonio Bryant and would he be a wise addition?

Armando, any chance the Fins stick Dansby to the OLB position and draft McClain to play inside with Crowder? I could very well see our 4 starting LBs being Dansby-Crowder-McClain-Wake (with Taylor backing up Wake) What do you think?

what do you hear about under the draft players like sheffield from troy he is big n had a good senoir bowl? He did ur scout buddy ever get hired? He was real good n insiteful?

Craig, I'm not certain the Dolphins love McClain at No. 12. His motor doesn't always seem to be running.

I also don't know how fast the guy is. Anyway, it's a moot point now. Dolphins not going with McClain at No. 12.

bobbyd12 I'm not saying don't pick up a TE for competition but we have more important needs. I am saying in no way do we trade a pick for an average TE.

Sorry HvK, I thought u meant not to draft a TE, No way I trade a puck for one, not with the depth in the draft

someone mentioned running back on here and i think legarrette blount in the middle rounds if hes there would be a great pick. he threw away last year with that punch but he looks like hes gonna be a good pro running back

Miami's plan is to use Dansby at ILB, but they can flex him in Nolan's defense on certain downs. They can use him as a blitzer that way.

He's not a fulltime SOLB. But for the sake of flexibility and giving the offense a different picture, they will experiment with him out there in training camp.

Gotta go, folks. I'll hit you with an update if anything goes down.

I really appreciate you guys.

Mando, what did you think of not trying to keep Nate Jones? I thought he was pretty good, maybe better than Allen and a solid special team player. Also, I wouldn't worry too much about getting a safety, I've always been a fan of Y Bell, or Hells Bells, because he makes some hard contact where Wilson always seemed to puss out and missed tackles. What are your thoughts on Bell? And, any news on getting a NT?


The money to keep Jones was insane!! Denver seems to love to throw money at our old secondary. Two guys last year and one guy already this year. Don't really get that but it's their grave!!

Mando . Dansby played at OLB when arizona went to the 4-3 which was quite often Last year and Dansby was a OLB before he became a ILB poroducing 8 1/2 sacks one year. No experimenting needed . He can play It. Also to say that mcclain motor isn't always running is Ridiculous !! He loves the Game and has a non stop motor. He might not be the pick but to count him out and say he's not the pick is untrue.

Mando have to congratulate you on your work during this time. BTW you are too nice of a person the guy who played that rude joke deserves an ass whooping.

Do you see the Fins signing any CB or drafting one after letting Nathan Jones walk

@Craig Miller, yeah I just went back and looked at the money they gave Jones, wow! That answered my question. Never thought he was THAT good!


hes not worth that kind of money. We are better off without him. He isn't that good. Let the Jets pay all their money to people who can't perform. They are headed in a bad direction by getting players who are ok but not great

Mando, sorry to hear about you mother. I know how it is.

Anyway, we can pick up a good wide-out in the draft. We play a ball control balanced offense, we don't need Brandon Marshall that badly, we just need someone with size that can get separation and catch the ball consistently. We have a couple number two and three receivers otherwise. Thomas from GT is my pick to fill that role.

Also, I think a TE that can get separation is just as much a need and would do wonders for the O as well. I think Jimmy Graham from coral gables is a nice pick.

Bottom line, we have too many team needs to give away draft picks for one player, especially of the Bolden(not a true field stretcher) ilk. And Antrell is overvalued and benefited from a weak market. Taylor Mays, with some good coaching, could be the second coming of Sean Taylor.

Trade #12 if possible, pick Mays, NT, Thomas, Sapp, Graham. All could be 3 down snap eaters this season or definitely by next. The rest is gravy.

Miami Hurricane - Taylor Mays compares to Sean Taylor - that is blasphemy!!!! Mays does not have any where near the instincts that Taylor did as Taylor essentially was a CB with LB size that played safety and hit like a truck.

Mays will end up a LB

how bout this DREAM TRADE..........

Ronnie Brown to Denver for B. Marshall (probably need a 3rd team, they took RB last year)

then the FINS select C.J. SPILLER with 12th pick

Mando is there no way the phins make a move for marshall? it would cut out the need of a #1 wr. then we could address other issues with the 2nd 3rd 4th and so on.

If the FINS WOULD DRAFT Dez Bryant at 12, why not think about B MARSHALL what is the difference.....

I hate giving away picks but think about it....

There's 3 Definite's in life. Death , taxes and THE DOLPHINS NOT GETTING BRANDON MARSHALL !!!

am I one who thinks OLB could actually wait don't we have WAKE and heard CHANNING could actually move even DANSBY to OLB...

and with the 12th pick should we take a SKILL POSITION player

always hear LB/NT are easier to find in later rounds

that being said DEZ or what about C.J. SPILLER, he could be our CHRIS JOHNSON

Mando, we can pick up a good wide-out in the draft. We play a ball control balanced offense, we don't need Brandon Marshall that badly, we just need someone with size that can get separation and catch the ball consistently. We have a couple number two and three receivers otherwise. Thomas from GT is my pick to fill that role.

Also, I think a TE that can get separation is just as much a need and would do wonders for the O as well. I think Jimmy Graham from coral gables is a nice pick.

Bottom line, we have too many team needs to give away draft picks for one player, especially of the Bolden(not a true field stretcher) ilk. And Antrell is overvalued and benefited from a weak market. Taylor Mays, with some good coaching, could be the second coming of Sean Taylor.

Trade #12 if possible, pick Mays, NT, Thomas, Sapp, Graham. All could be 3 down snap eaters this season or definitely by next. The rest is gravy.

Mando, I've noticed on a lot of draft boards that Hayden has slipped a little bit B/C of his workout.... Any possibility Miami would draft him at 12( if he slipped) and move Sean Smith to free safety. I feel Smith would make a better saftey at 6-3 200lbs than playing CB... Just a wild thought!

Miamihurricane,you said, "Anyway, we can pick up a good wide-out in the draft. We play a ball control balanced offense, we don't need Brandon Marshall that badly, we just need someone with size that can get separation and catch the ball consistently". You contradict yourself all within one sentence. We don't need Marshall, just a big WR that gets separation. They are one in the same. If we can get Marshall for a 2 this year or 1 next year, we do it. This years #1 is a starter for us, so too valuable. However Marshall is exactly what Fins need, minus the drama. He's a playmaker that would instantly make our offense much better. It's a no brainer.

(Mostly) quiet. Keep it that way. Don't pay for scrubs/low ball/scratch and dent. You get what you pay for if you're smart. And that means don't panic because you missed and over pay a scrub.

brandon marshall is not just a great wr he would also open up the running game he absolutely is worth the 12th pick in this or any other draft even with the baggage

Just Because - He is very Sean Taylor like in the physical sense (6' 3", 230lb, and 4.4 speed) and the way he closes on the ball.


Now, I agree he may not have the footwork that Sean had, but Sean was know for blowing people up more than anything else. I think he can stick to most all TE in the game and with a little coaching up can be much better. Bottom line, he's the closest thing to that physical, reckless abandon that Sean displayed and he would be a great addition to our team.

what about Oshiomogho Atogwe for fs from the Rams?
is he any good

mark schlareth said marshall is a good trade for any first round pick basically if your team is in need of a wide out he is proven ....plus he said he speaks to marshall and marshall knows he has to mature on things on his side and has stated he was working on it last season lets face it no one is perfect and he rubbed the coach the wrong way ... and i am like thinking lots of teams give T O that second and third and fourth chances and he still is a giant cancer and teams still see that he can change the offense ..plus marshall has better hands than T O

if miami gives up thigpen it will, i repeat WILL come back to bite us no doubt. were finally set with solid depth at qb please lets not mess with it. and thigpen is light years in front of white who in reality is not a qb.KEEP THIGPEN AT ALL COSTS or i see big regret.

exactly, plus who would you rather have next year as your number one wr teddy ginn who is pretty much a no.1 bust or take a chance with a no.1 on b marshall? hell even if marshall did do something wrong id rather have him for eight games than ginn for 16 and you never know what kind of person any of these guys really are anyway so you might as well take a chance on a guy you know can at least dominate on the field like marshall

Jrljr2 - thanks for the response.

We do need all those things, but we don't need the big contract or the draft rape. A number one this year or next and another pick is way too much for 1 player on a team with the needs we have. If he could put us over the top that would be different!

We are a T.E.A.M. (Together Each Accomplishes More) and we don't need a bigname peacock. Our scheme is designed to allow players to maximize their potential. Brandon Marshall is a do-it-yourself, scheme-or-no-scheme, one-man-show type receiver. Maybe the best in the game.

What I was trying to convey is we don't need the best receiver in the game, we need a solid guy that does his job well within our scheme. Think Myles Austin who I believe was undrafted by the triumvirate!

netsaul - I've heard him mentioned but I would rather have someone capable of this in our backfield.


i said it once ill say it again there are plenty of diva recievers and bad apples walking around with super bowl rings they dont tear your orginization apart unless you let them now get us fans the best player out there for perhaps our biggest need brandon marshall its the nfl for god sakes not the boy scouts

Jrljr2 - also, when we can trade down in this year's deep draft, it would be of better value to trade our number on this year for multiple picks, rather than give it away for one good player.

The team that gets Marshall had better be about to turn the corner, otherwise it's bad business.

Armando's insistent whining about Rolle is embarrassing... What Miami offered to Rolle was as fair as it comes with his talent level... if FA was not as this at the Position... he would have not come near that kind of money... he simply is not that good... Stats wise Gibril Wilson was better last season. Grow up and stop your whining Armando... it is annoying and frankly, makes me sick.

kc - see last post to Jrjr2.

Marshall or possibly 3 picks in the top two rounds in this year's draft.

Before you answer, consider it's our team we are talking about. So forget McClain, a NT or OLB that could all be starters this year or next. I think it would be irresponsible from a organizational leadership standpoint to make such a trade.

thigpen should be kept at all costs!!!! he may be our bestQB of all. he's young,can run, and he can make all the throws! he has leadership skills, he commands the huddle and he can move the team. what i especially like is he has pocket awareness and isn't reluctant to move when he senses pressure. i like him as a #1 but definitely as a 2nd. ship out pat white;he will get killed in the NFL if he gets hit. penne could be traded or be a 3rd.

I'm not that impressed with Rolle. I think the Giants overpaid for him.

So is Dansby a Dolphin or not???

Personally i hope we pick up mcclain still i think we move dansby to OLB and Crowder and mcclain inside with our CB's gaining experience and well hopefully a new safety or something the D under Nolan should reveal a new spark also if we could grab cody in the 2nd round i mean the d should be great. im fine with the defence getting a year better and waiting till 2011 draft to kick the O into overdrive the D will be solid and our offense will get the wholes filled next year. this is all a process and to think to rush it and just throw in stop gaps is exactly what got us to where we were these guys are in the FO for a reason the same reason its them and not well us making the choices. Believe... fins SB2012
1ST: McClain
2nd: Cody
3rd: S/WR/TE


I'd much rather trade White for a 5th rounder than Thigpen. Think about 2011. Pennington will be done and you want White as your backup? No way.

i personally would rather have a dominant wr like marshall plus 1 pick in the first two rounds rather than the unknown quality of 3 picks in the first two rounds especially after the pat white debacle

i'm so sick of this "we lost rolle" bs...it truly is whining......we got dansby, the number 1 target; we made a nice offer to rolle, which was swamped by the giants.......enough said.

good work by the f.o. on dansby!

Kevin11c - I agree %100!

Good dude, went to school at same time with him. Very nice guy and i'm glad he got paid that type of scratch, but i'm glad we didn't give it to him. I think there is better value out there and in draft.

greg. z, exactly, thank you. the kids got skills. hell just knowing we have a backup qb that im not crapping my pants when he gets put in is priceless piece of mind alone. also the kids thrown for, rushed for and caught a td pass, got to like that.

We should go get Brandon Marshall. We need a true #1 reciever for Henne and you aren't going to get the talent base Marshall has proven with a #12 pick in the 1st round. Work the rest of the defensive vacancies with the rest of the draft...

JESTER - how about.

#12 trade down. Pick up later first and maybe another second or third.

(pick order not necessarily round)
1. T. Mays (S)
2. NT(best available)
3. D. Thomas from GT (WR)
4. R. Sapp (OLB)
5. J. Graham (TE)

You can flip flop 1 and 2 depending on what we could get for that #12 spot.


Don't want to sound like I'm jumping on the Brandon Marshall bandwagon but if we were to go after him I would love for us to trade down out of the 12th spot. Trade down into the bottom portion of the first round and get another 2nd or 3rd round pick and then give that 1st rd pick to Denver for Marshall. I think just giving up the number 12 overall is a little steep for anyone. With this draft being so deep we could get a number 1 wr an no really lose that much draft wise.

yeah i agree insider im also one to sometimes talk about what we dont have or didnt get but im pumped about getting dansby and the playmaking ability he brings that we havent had at that position for a looooong time. job well done boys!

kc - I hear you. But you know you would likely have to commit more money to Marshall in your scenario than all three picks in mine. An also it would put our defense behind. The phins may be better off pursuing G. Olsen, as he would come for less, and impact wise he may be as good as Marshall, on our team.

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