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(Mostly) quiet on Miami Dolphins front

Why am I working today?

Bill Parcells isn't. He spent Saturday morning in Jupiter, FL. at the shared training facility of the Florida Marlins and St. Louis Cardinals. Parcells is tight with Cards manager Tony LaRussa and has a healthy respect for Marlins manager Fredi Gonzalez, also.Tuna marlins

So the Big Tuna is taking in a spring training game this afternoon. Of course, he has his phone with him and is in contact with the home office back in Davie. But this all suggests today doesn't compare with Friday's start of free agency for electric activity.

The team should announce the signing of Karlos Dansby later today. The fact is the NFL transactions wire has him as signed already.

[Update 2:30 p.m.: The contracts have been signed and the club is expected to announce the signing of Dansby and Chad Pennington within the next 90 minutes or so.]

[Update 4 p.m. :The Dolphins did not have any UFA visits today that they are reporting to the NFL. And the Dansby contract, in fact, will be signed in a few minutes. Last-second language stuff. He's on the way to the facility to get it done.]

One would assume the team is making calls on it's second wave of free agents -- assuming there are any.

It stands to reason that as safety was a priority as soon as Antrel Rolle (the one that got away) was cut loose by Arizona, that Miami would take the next logical step toward filling that spot. The next logical step would be to check out the other available free safeties on the market.

The Herald's Jeff Darlington is reporting the Dolphins have not to this moment shown interest in St. Louis Rams restricted free agent O.J. Atogwe. Atogwe was tendered with a right of first refusal contract, meaning the Dolphins wouldn't have to pay draft choice compensation to sign Atogwe.

Another restricted free agent safety is Indy's Antoine Bethea. The guy was a Pro Bowl player, if you recall. The draft pick compensation on him is substantial -- a first round pick. But one would suppose the team could always work a trade with the Colts rather than give up the first-round selection. (Maybe a second-rounder?)

Many of you have asked about Darren Sharper as a Dolphins possibility. He'll be 35 years old in November and the Dolphins didn't show any interest in him last year when he was a year younger and available cheaply. This one would not make sense at this time.

Pittsburgh's Ryan Clark is available. Good player. Make sense. The Herald is looking into whether he is on the radar or not.

The one that got away met with the press corps that covers his new team today.

Safety Antrel Rolle was introduced to the New York media today. (Yes, some teams actually have press conferences to introduce their new players.) Rolle talked about what type of player the Giants are getting.

"I think I can make any type of play, to be honest" he said. "Not to sound cocky or arrogant, but that's just the way I am. I'm never going into a game and deny myself an opportunity. If it presents itself, I think I can definitely make the play."

Rolle talked about how the Giants made him feel comfortable and reminded him how it was being recruited at the University of Miami. The Miami native said he felt "like home" with the Giants.

Let me tell you another reason Rolle isn't actually playing at home, as in for the Dolphins. MONEY!

The Giants blew the Dolphins away on the cash front. The Dolphins offered Rolle a deal averaging $6 million per season. The Giants paid Rolle a deal that averages $7.4 million per season.

And the Dolphins didn't come in second for Rolle. They were third.

Rolle said the Arizona Cardinals were willing to match the Giants offer. The Dolphins clearly were not. 

Check back often as I will have the latest updates from The Herald team right here. And follow me on twitter. Also, follow Darlington on twitter.


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joeloco isn't it time for your meatball sub?

Here is one mock draft from NFL.com for whatever its worth
9-Bills- McClain LB
10-Jags- Berry S
11- Broncos- D.Williams NT
12- Phins- Earl Thomas S

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Little unimaginative but…

Whatever floats his boat.

It's me thats trash not a "race" White or Black.

It's my "God given right" to call myself trash.

It between me and MY GOD!

Stay out of it.




Bobby just ignore this fraud. He just wants a reaction because it makes him feel special. Why else would you come into a football blog and start talking about religion? There are thousands of religious chat sites and blogs devoted to people of faith that he could go to. You relationship with God and/or spirituality is your business and you don't have to answer his ridiculous questions. Asking you if you believe in the birth of Jesus just shows how small minded and ignorant he truly is considering there may be many Jewish posters in here. Just ignore him.

Tongue-in-cheek is a phrase you should read up on.

Dear Mr. Joe

"because of some of you guys who denounced God, I will never post here again"

Don't let the pearly gates hit you on the ass on your way out.

Soiled :)

LOL @ Soiled.

This Is not the place to Rev up our RPMs!

TY! Now back to Football :)

If we do decide to get Dan Williams then it would be a bad move to get him to look up to and learn from Jamal Williams because if itstrue that he is only good for 30 plays then do we really want our 12th overal pick to be good for 30 plays a year ? I think not

Bobby12, no, I was talking RFA list with regard to NT. Not that Parcells would necessarily go that route.....just thinking out loud.

My pic at 12 would have been Williams before this bad news but you're still getting someone that you'll have to develope. Now, all we have is Solia. Just sayin'.

Mando, the natives are getting restless

Agreed S23, but there is always time to talk money.

I'm tired of being Po...

JnCrdn, from what I have been reading and hearing there is no way Seattle is giving Denver their 6th for Marshall....If and it's a big if they are interested in this nutjob they are willing to SWAP first round picks with Denver and offer them a third or so, but Denver won't have two first round picks, and unless some other team shows interest, which it isn't looking like too many teams are interested in Marshall, then Seattle will have major leverage here

Yeah Mando!

What's the new scoop?

Afternoon fellas.

bobbyd12 and Po,thoughts on the Dansby signing...

Personally,i think it's great,but alittle pricey which is what we kind of expected but at least we saved alittle on cutting Porter,Wilson and Ayodele

PWT- The only Money we should be talking about is how much the Dolphins are gonna shell out for some FA. But since your a staple and hold down in here do what cha like. :)

I read that article. It said 30 PLAYS A GAME, NOT A SEASON.



Some good hittin on this link.

He is our guy now!

LOL @ S23.

Stop IT,
NYSCOTT-I thought JESUS hung out with sinners, and regardless of anyones belief he was sent here to show us how we can live eternally.

Say what you want about Joe, what he set himself out to do worked, because we are all responding to it. I for one would never tell him where to go, what to do, what to think or belittle the guy. Can we get back to talking about the Dolphins now? God man, I just got out of bed.

Question, does NT really need major deveopment time like say WR or a skill position??? I mean lots of lineman can come out of college and be plugged right in and play after s training camp...I'm not saying NT isn't difficult, but their job is to take up space and stuff the run, isn't a little easier to get them up to speed???

Saw that Dansby went to the same High School as Tony Nathan in Alabama,

Yeah B12,

BJ Raji.

Could not be more happy Mark.

It's interesting to hear Dansby say that Parcells told him he would be playing ILB not OLB next season. I'm guessing Miami will obviously go with Dansby and Crowder at ILB and will avoid picking McClain in the Draft

Mark, Dansby signing great for the team and fans who were getting antsy that the Fins were not putting out the effort or money needed to win...Cutting the three stooges helped too

Well said B12.

Hey TEXASFINS . LMFAO !!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL !!!!!!!!!!!! LMFAO !!!!!!!!!!!! LOL !!!!!! LMAO !!!!!!!!!!! LMFAO !!!!!!!!!! LOL !!!!!!! . LMFAOOOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!

bobby12, no, the so-called 'skill' positions take more time. But you already knew that. Still, a rookie is still a rookie not to mention a DT has to learn a new position.

But who knows, maybe Solia can hold the fort for a while.

Mark, LOL don't put too much stock in what Dansby said to the media about playing ILB...He may have been told to say that as not to tip off draft strategy to other teams...Remember last week when Gebril was going to be given a chance because he played behind two rookies??? How did that work out???


Please let me in on the joke. What is so funny, I like to laugh too.

Good point b12.

I hear we've also showed an interest in Colts FS Antoine Bethea. Cant imagine offering the Colts our 1st and would'nt want to but you never know. How deep is the FS position in this years Draft?

LMAO @ NY SCOTT . Why do you bother with justin incredible aka afc east champs aka ...... This idiot is one of the biggest Buffoon's on here. He's an admitted racist who blames the white people on everything and once sold weed and went to jail for it. He's also a illiterate jackazzzz who can't write , speak or in spell english. He speaks ghetto. He also admitted he 's a Fat piece of crap who has asthma problems . That's because of all the weed this idiot smokes. He smokes weed and then stuffs his face face with twinkies all day. Then he wonders why he has asthma problems. LMFAO !!!! He 's so stupid that it's Funny . He cracks me up. :)


Does Ferg being out for 8 weeks change our draft board?

Whats your take?

Carlito . go back a page and read texasfins post.

Mark, I still don't believe that we will be worrying about FS with Clemons n Culver on the side...draft late for depth, yes that position really got me stumped on what the Fins are thinking




Bobbyd12 . NT is very difficult to learn especially when you never played it before and are making the transition from DT. Having a strong base and good leverage is a start, It takes about year to learn and get it down pat. Be Ron brace couldn't see the field and BJ raji struggles last year. He was a backup .


I get it. Sorry.


CARLITO FROM GOLFOTO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMFAO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL !!!!!!!! ROTFLMFAO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Geez, if Jamal Williams could play 30 plays a game, then he's well worth a contract as another stopgap/rotational guy with a young draft pick and Soliai.

It might be expensive though but for the plays that he's in there - he's a force.

2 year contract maybe? Regardless, the team must step up their efforts in finding an heir apparent. They haven't done much there yet in their time.

For all those asking for Dan Williams next year, don't expect him to come in and be an instant starter. It's a demanding position and it takes time to build a 4-3 college DT into a NT.

Bobbyd12 . Sorry bud but miami needs to get a a real good FS. Culver is a good backup and clemons was a 5th round pick for a reason. He has some ? marks.

It's a shame about Clemons cus he looked really impressive in preseason games for us last season. Would love to see him given a shot but dont think he will unfortunately.


Found this article of best nose tackles in the draft talking about the Dolphins having interest in Dan Williams. Enjoy!


Mark . NO NO NO . Don't give up on clemons. I will be given a shot. I'm not saying he's not the answer. He can become a real good one but miami must bring in another FS for competition and in case clemons doesn't work out. Clemons has all the physical tools. It's the mental part and the communication/calling plays parts he needs to get down.


Does Ferg being out for 8 weeks change our draft board?

Whats your take?

Nevermind about Justin,he is one of many that will always blame white people for everything. Some that think like that will always be that way regardless.Now this with fergie,well it might change our draft thats for sure.Does anyone think we are going WR with the 12th pick? Or now DT?

Po . no change really . Miami NEEDED to get a NT badly anyway.

Well wiz I personally think we will go DT in light of the ferguson news, as much as I would want us to go WR personally, but a NT is critical to a 3-4 D if we were running a 4-3 we could probably survive so unfortunately WR will have to come later in the draft and our search for the playmaker at WR will now have to wait until next year.

Just bring me some difference makers Trifecta you gave us one in Dansby let's keep them coming.

You got that right about justin imbecile.

NJ, draft has to change a little though with a FS now in the mix unless we shore up a position with another free agent or another higher round draft pick, wouldn't u think????

NT @ #12 or in the 2nd round?

Or is it Best player available one having to be a NT in the 1st two rounds?


When do you think we will pick a WR in the Draft if at all? There's no way we're picking Dez Bryant in the 1st but maybe a WR in the 2nd?

I mean before Gibril left I was thinking NT, LB WR, TE first four rounds, not in that order

Honestly Mark with the Dansby pick I was hoping for that to open up a WR for the second round, now I'm not so sure

Justincredible-One last thing about him,RACIST PIG.WOW,do I sound angry or what, well I have to admit I've seen some of his posts and I've held off this long. It just consumed me, thats all.

OK. Back to football. I do think DT is our greater need. I'll tell you who I do like, that would be Dan Williams. Guys, I'll tell you what, this guy looks like a stud. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he will be there and our beloved Dolphins pull the trigger. With that, my hangover is starting to loosen up. Give me some replies or thoughts.

Yeah B12,

I was hoping to address some wants not just Needs.

That’s changed now. IMO

Soliai is under the gun now.

Real excited about this guy too. Taylor Price, he runs a 40 in 4.36. And this guy here from Kansas State, Brandon Banks runs a 40 in 4.28. Pick em Phins.

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