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(Mostly) quiet on Miami Dolphins front

Why am I working today?

Bill Parcells isn't. He spent Saturday morning in Jupiter, FL. at the shared training facility of the Florida Marlins and St. Louis Cardinals. Parcells is tight with Cards manager Tony LaRussa and has a healthy respect for Marlins manager Fredi Gonzalez, also.Tuna marlins

So the Big Tuna is taking in a spring training game this afternoon. Of course, he has his phone with him and is in contact with the home office back in Davie. But this all suggests today doesn't compare with Friday's start of free agency for electric activity.

The team should announce the signing of Karlos Dansby later today. The fact is the NFL transactions wire has him as signed already.

[Update 2:30 p.m.: The contracts have been signed and the club is expected to announce the signing of Dansby and Chad Pennington within the next 90 minutes or so.]

[Update 4 p.m. :The Dolphins did not have any UFA visits today that they are reporting to the NFL. And the Dansby contract, in fact, will be signed in a few minutes. Last-second language stuff. He's on the way to the facility to get it done.]

One would assume the team is making calls on it's second wave of free agents -- assuming there are any.

It stands to reason that as safety was a priority as soon as Antrel Rolle (the one that got away) was cut loose by Arizona, that Miami would take the next logical step toward filling that spot. The next logical step would be to check out the other available free safeties on the market.

The Herald's Jeff Darlington is reporting the Dolphins have not to this moment shown interest in St. Louis Rams restricted free agent O.J. Atogwe. Atogwe was tendered with a right of first refusal contract, meaning the Dolphins wouldn't have to pay draft choice compensation to sign Atogwe.

Another restricted free agent safety is Indy's Antoine Bethea. The guy was a Pro Bowl player, if you recall. The draft pick compensation on him is substantial -- a first round pick. But one would suppose the team could always work a trade with the Colts rather than give up the first-round selection. (Maybe a second-rounder?)

Many of you have asked about Darren Sharper as a Dolphins possibility. He'll be 35 years old in November and the Dolphins didn't show any interest in him last year when he was a year younger and available cheaply. This one would not make sense at this time.

Pittsburgh's Ryan Clark is available. Good player. Make sense. The Herald is looking into whether he is on the radar or not.

The one that got away met with the press corps that covers his new team today.

Safety Antrel Rolle was introduced to the New York media today. (Yes, some teams actually have press conferences to introduce their new players.) Rolle talked about what type of player the Giants are getting.

"I think I can make any type of play, to be honest" he said. "Not to sound cocky or arrogant, but that's just the way I am. I'm never going into a game and deny myself an opportunity. If it presents itself, I think I can definitely make the play."

Rolle talked about how the Giants made him feel comfortable and reminded him how it was being recruited at the University of Miami. The Miami native said he felt "like home" with the Giants.

Let me tell you another reason Rolle isn't actually playing at home, as in for the Dolphins. MONEY!

The Giants blew the Dolphins away on the cash front. The Dolphins offered Rolle a deal averaging $6 million per season. The Giants paid Rolle a deal that averages $7.4 million per season.

And the Dolphins didn't come in second for Rolle. They were third.

Rolle said the Arizona Cardinals were willing to match the Giants offer. The Dolphins clearly were not. 

Check back often as I will have the latest updates from The Herald team right here. And follow me on twitter. Also, follow Darlington on twitter.


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Yeah Po, unless Ireland or Sparano starts telling everyone what a great player he is. LOL

BTW, you ever notice Sparano sometimes ends a compliment with ".....I really do." As in, I like player 'X', I really do. That's when you know you're really screwed.

Yep Joe, that is the kiss of death.

Mark , miami can wr in rounds 2-4 . There are some real good wr's that would've gone in rounds 1-2 but have either injury problems or some off the field problems that are minor . D Thomas and Eric Decker ( injury ? ) and Mike williams Of syracuse ( off field ) could be steals in round 2-4. Then there's by boy carlton mitchell 6-3 215 4.49 who could be a steal. There's alot of options.

Cocoajoe. You forgot the other sparano line : " i'm starting to feel him out there ,i really do "

Bobbyd12 . miami 's needs have never changed even when gibril was here. LB , NT , FS , WR and then TE.

Thanks for the info NJ. Hopefully we'll be able to find our true elite WR for the future. I hear Demaryius Thomas is a great prospect but he broke his ankle did'nt he? Dont know much about Carlton Mitchell so will look him up...

Yeah, NJ, that's a classic. Now that the code has been broken, he's going to have to come up with some new buzz words.

Now that I think of it, didn't he say in camp last year: "I like this team, I really do". ?

Aaron Kampman signs with Jax. Maybe one less team that would pick Derrick Morgan?

Any decent NTs left in FA? Maybe draft one and have Ferg delay, delay, delay his suspension (aka the Williamses) so he can mentor a rookie for the first half of the season.

I'm on record as saying if this suspension is real, forget Ferguson in Miami. He's done!! He's been a trooper and a warrior for us for two years but he was questionable to bring back for '10 anyways. Time to get a little younger. I think we should land Jamal Williams and draft his replacement in the second or third round this year. Thomas would be a good pick.

Rd 1 - Sergio Kindle OLB
Rd 2 - Demarius Thomas WR
Rd 3 - Cam Thomas NT
Rd 4 - 7 who knows???

I'd go with that NT plan, Craig. Troup maybe too.

came home from brunch to hear that A**Hole Steve White on QAM whining about how team "lost" Rolle because they were too cheap.

I mean, really? Really?

We targeted Dansby, got him spendidly, and took a swipe at Rolle and missed. All in all, a good day of FA.

I guess QAM is trying to drum up controversy now that THEY "lost" the Dolphins.

Who the F**K is Steve White? Who cares what he thinks?

Sounds good, Mark.

Does anyone like Golden Tate out of Notre Dame to add to our stable of WR's? I think this kid is going to become a really good player. I like the idea of trading back 5-10 picks and picking this kid, hopefully adding a 3rd or 4th in the process. I think there's a chance that he could become an elite receiver and with the extra pick we could still fill our needs. He's a guy that's not getting a lot of play as far as we are concerned but he's got all the tools. Anyone else?.......

I know, I know.....it just bugs me.....he's on local FORMER-dolphin flagship station.

Eff him, and Eff me for caring what he said.

I say sign Ferguson for minimum and have as a fresh body at the tackle spot rotation late in the season. That could be valuable. I still think they need to get aggressive in free agency to help create more options for themselves in the draft. Dansbury is a great start but need one more impact signing.

I like him, just not as a 1st pick. WOuld rather land Earl Thomas or Derrick morgan.

Just read the fergie suspension story.

While I agree w/ NJ that we needed an NT regardless of this story, I think it does slightly alter draft plans to goose up the priotity of selecting one if we see one we like, even if it's a bit "too high" in the draft. A bit.

Regardless of what they do in FA they should trade down from 12 because all the players that will be available to them at the need positions won't be good value at the 12 spot. Especially with the depth in the draft for rounds 2 thru 4. They have alot of needs.

I'm not saying at 12, Mark. But I think he'd be a great pick early 20's. Fills the need we have and by all accounts he has a great worth ethic. We could still get the other holes filled a little later than planned with the extra pick.


I could be wrong but i dont think Derrick Morgan can play OLB in a 3-4,he's more of a DE in a 4-3 no?

I like Derrick Morgan and I think he's be a great pick....I have some concerned about him as an OLB though. Wouldn't need to make certain he can play standing up.

Interesting read from National Football Post...

Could Shaun Rogers be on the move?

The big nose tackle may be shipped out of town to help address more pressing needs. Joe Fortenbaugh
Bookmark and Share Print This Send This March 07, 2010, 09:31 AM EST

Prior to the start of the 2009 season, nose tackle Shaun Rogers made it known that he wanted out of his contract with the Cleveland Browns.

The Pro Bowler had a beef with new head coach Eric Mangini—who Rogers felt had disrespected him by not introducing himself—and as a result, no longer wanted to play for the Browns.

Shaun RogersAPWill Rogers be back in Cleveland in 2010?

Less than a year after the incident, Rogers may get the opportunity to put on a different jersey and play football in a new city.

Any one know anything bout Linval Joseph?

He has the size.

I know what you're saying, but I should be more clear. I'd rather stay at 12 and pick Morgan or Thomas than move back for an extra mid round pick and select Tate. Morgan is the consensus best pass rusher in the draft. Earl Thomas is also viewed as an elite safety.

Mark, I'm in the minority that see Morgan as possibly the next Demarcus Ware or John Abraham in the Bill Parcells 3-4 as the pass game destroyer at OLB. The Miami Dolphins are also in that minority and are doing their due diligence on which system Morgan is best suited for. He's on the radar.

You're right Craig about doing the due diligence on Morgan. And they are doing that. They've been watching his film and interviewed him during the combine. No doubt they will be at his pro day too. If the administration has the confidence in him to do the job, it may be a great pick. Similar impact to what Ware did for Dallas, Abraham did for the Jets, and Merriman did for SD before that unfortunate injury.

Craig, Brandon Tate made Jimmy Clausen. Period. Clausen will be an average at best pro. So , yes I would take Tate in a second. Just lower in round one.

re: Shaun Rogers. I always liked the texas product but I wouldn't give up more than a 5th pick for him. After all, Cleveland got him for a 3rd 2 years ago and he hasn't improved at all - he's just 2 years older.


Can someone explain what the players do at their 'Pro Day'?

Do they play or is it just interviews etc?

Mark I was thinking dealing Thigpin for Rogers. We will not keep 4 QB's. Cleveland needs QB. I do not think Pennington has time to get healty for a Spring Trade and I do not see White having any value. This would be trade may be one of those that happen after the draft if we trade player for player.

Mark in Toronto,

If Morgan can play the OLB position then I think he'd be a great pick at 12. I also think he's the best pass rusher in the draft. From what I've seen of him, he reminds me of Ware. And your right, the trifecta is and will do their due diligence with this guy. He could be EXACTLY what we need on this team. I'm on record as saying I DON'T want Kindle to be the pick at 12. They guy is going to be nothing but a headache for us.

They work out, interview, drills, etc. They are mini combines.

TN, I would make that trade. It would make a lot of sense for Miami. Rogers would be a bit younger than Williams, cheaper - however maybe not as good but certainly healthier and more dependable.

Perhaps he wouldn't be as good a mentor as Ferg was but at a certain point, coaches need to do their jobs too and don't rely on the players for that role.

Thanks Jrljr2.Much appreciated

Craig, I'm completely on board with you. Morgan, if a fit, would be excellent. Kindle on the other hand was being called out by texas fans on a weekly basis for lack of production and effort. if he couldn't care less in college, how's he going to care when his pockets and stomach are full after receiving a contract worthy of the 12th overall NFL pick? No thanks!!

Shaun Rogers would be a great acquistion. Again, that would alleviate the need for a nose tackle in the draft. That would make it easier to their other needs. Basically make the draft deeper for them.

PS, Kindle, 3 sacks and healthy all season??? Is this the kind of pedigree we want in a 1st pick?

A Shawn Rogers trade and a Clark FS FA pickup could be huge for setting up the draft. To sweeten the pot maybey even offer Thigpen and Camirillo for Rogers and a 5th or Thigpen and Gin for Rogers and a 4th

A few years ago I asked a friend of mine that played center for the Cardinals, who was the best player you have gone up against? To my suprise his answer was Shaun Rogers. He said that without a doubt when Rogers wanted to he could dominate a game without much effort. the problem was he didn't care, and that he usually gave 1/2 the effort that he was capable of. This conversation was more then 3 years ago, I'm sure Rogers hasn't changed much.

Guys, I think we should be cautious about going out and getting a guy like Rogers. He's worn out his welcome in TWO places now....Detroit and Cleveland. He has a reputation as a guy who takes a lot of plays off (there was a time he just wasn't in good enough shape) and a reputation as a good who like to free-lance and move around a lot. I'm not sure this is a guy you want mentoring anybody.

Also, I want to make certain Pennington is 100 per cent before we do anything with our QB's. If Henne goes down and Thigpen is gone and Pennington can't do everything we need him to do then our season is shot!!

While I'm not opposed to your trade idea, I think we want to move a little bit cautiously on it.

to be or not to be , that's the question donkeys .

The only way I would like to see the dolphins give up their first round pick is on Brandon Marshal, he is proven and you know what he can do on the field. That would take a lot of pressure off the running game and it would let bess and hartline get even better. If that happens trade Ginn and try to move up to the late first round and possibly get S Mays.

Don't forget, we looked at Rogers two years ago when he got traded from Detroit and decided he wasn't worth it. I'm sure he's not a player today than he was two years ago. I could be wrong but I would doubt Rogers will be coming to Miami.


Honestly, I'm not seeing us doing anything with NT in free agency..We found out about Fergenson today, the Fins probaly knew wayyy before us the Fans...This Draft has too many NT prospects to go out and pick up a FA or trade for one...

Hey Seer, call that radio station during Whites show and ask him why he thinks a FS who, played in the weakest division in the league, ranked 67th out of 83 (free safeties) in pass coverage, and ranked near the bottom in run support deserved to be the highest paid free safety in NFL history. I'm telling you right now he's going to get toasted in the NFC east this year and everyone will be talking about his contract being ridiculous.

we have 4 QB's of which i like thigpen the best. please don't trade him; have an open "fair" competition and thigpen wins easily! he is young, can run, has pocket awareness and can make all the throws! he is the real deal; all the others have issues.

I don't think Rogers would be a good example for our young d-linemen like Merling, Langford and Soliai. Highly unlikely he'll end up in Miami...

bobby, the vickings did ...................you know the rest .

Earl Thomas would be a great pick! Him joining Vontae Davis and Sean Smith, man, our secondary would be set for the future...

good point D.fan in montreal .

greg z

You're absolutely right, Thigpen is the best QB on the team right now. And I believe the powers that be know it. Problem is, they think Henne will eventually be better. Might be, might not be, we'll probably know this year.

Word around the campfire is, they like Thigpen. Maybe code for he's history.

Daryl Washington and Ryan Matthews are 2 BIG sleepers of this upcoming draft. Washington would really fit in nicely at the OLB position and Matthews would add some depth at the RB position. We all know this is Ricky's last year and Ronnie will become a FA. Unless management thinks either Lex Hilliard or Patrick Cobbs can replace them...

NJ blog bully,

like I said, you don't disappoint, bush league.

Arizona's Docket wants them to sign Joey Porter...have fun with that

For anyone to say Rogers would be a bad example to the young guys, answer this. Who on the D hasn't been in some type of legal trouble over their career on the current Miami D? Not many. From Crowder on down the D is loaded with shady characters. So to shun Rogers is hypocritical.
Hell, Ferguson is suspended as we speak. What mind of message does that send to the young guys? Rogers at 60% is as good or better than Soliai and Ferguson. Getting him and or a FS deepens their draft immensely. I would trade for Marshall also, but not for this years #12 pick. Only for next years first or this years second. It doesn't look like too many teams are interested so if Broncos want him out they may have to settle. I would trade down from 12 or up for an impact guy. 12 is an area in this years draft where the player may not match value so get anther 2nd or 3rd rounder.


I would definitely agree on picking up S Clark from the Steelers. He plays a tough brand of football and is a vet that knows what he is doing. If the Fins brass is going to draft a guy like S E. Thomas OR somehow magically S Berry falls in their laps they will be thinking plug in starter drafting them that high. I like S Morgan Burnett (40 gms, 235 tkles, 13 Pass break ups, 14 Ints, 209lbs) as a super all around guy in the 3rd.

I would TOTALLY disagree on your assessment of giving away multiple young players with some upside a for a long in the tooth player (even at a position of need like NT) that has been up and down with effort as well as late round picks.

That would not be the way to get ahead.

I am thinking that the 8 game suspension would allow Ferg more time to heal and become fully recovered in case they want to sign him after game 8. They could solidify with FA NT Jamal Williams 33 yrs old (missed just 5 games total between 2003-2008 and is recovering from a triceps injury 2009) from the Chargers if they need veteran presence and see how he holds up in rotation with Soliai.

I am of the idea that as long as we get a one of the 2-3 second tier NT's like Cam Thomas, Joesph or Troupe coupled with Soliai / J. Williams would be pretty well covered. If either Soliai or Willaims REALLY are not performing by midseason they can bring back a rehabbed Ferg at mid season.


Thigpen the best qb on the team???? You've got to be kidding.

Crack is wack

Jr2, u got it right about Marshall, not many teams are interested and there is a good reason for that...

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