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Needed help at LG? Don't sleep on Michael Iupati

All the so-called experts as well as fans -- me included -- have for several months told you what the Dolphins' needs are without, you know, actually hearing it from the Dolphins. Those are among the closely guarded secrets of Team Big Tuna.

Well, the needs you heard about are still accurate. They're just incomplete.

The Dolphins can definitely use an OLB, a NT, WR, FS out of this draft.

But did you know LG should be on the list, too?

And perhaps even in the first round.


Don't be because the Dolphins have been, and continue to do much legwork on Idaho guard Michael Iupati, a 6-5, 331-pound behemoth that truly impressed on tape and continued to impress the Dolphins during the Senior Bowl week and in the game.

The Dolphins were so impressed they brought Iupati to town on March 15 and 16 for a visit. The Dolphins were the first team Iupati visited so they were obviously the first to recognize his potential worth. But they haven't been the last.

Iupati, who is expected to be available when Miami picks at No. 12 in the first round, has been a busy man lately, traveling to several other teams. The interest in him is substantial.

By the way, if the Dolphins go with an interior offensive lineman in the first round, it would almost have to be Iupati, as there isn't another player at the position that offers value so high. Iupati is the only one that does while Ole Miss guard John Jerry rates slightly lower.

So why would Miami seriously consider Iupati at that spot?

Well, have you heard, they have interior offensive line issues. Still. The club is expecting to trade left guard Justin Smiley at some point this offseason. That creates a void at the position. I suppose Nate Garner, who started four games at the spot last year, could be a candidate to fill the void, but who else will compete for the job?

Donald Thomas and recently acquired Richie Incognito are both right guards. That's their spot. That's where they are clearly best suited. Moving either to left guard is asking them to play out of position.

So the Dolphins need LG help assuming Smiley goes as planned.

Don't be surprised if Michael Iupati is that help. Don't be surprised if the Dolphins pick him in the first round.

[UPDATE: The National Football Post rates Iupati the No. 8 best prospect in the draft while ESPN.com's Scouts Inc. has rated at No. 14. So obviously, folks are thinking No. 12 is around the place he should be selected at this stage.] 


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Sure would like to have a pass rusher(Graham,JPP) in the first round. Good guards later in the draft. No. 12 is way to high for a guard regardless of his talent.

Iupati is a beast and if paired with Jake Long on the left side, would make for a monster offensive line. That being said, we have proven adept at finding line talent later in the draft, and have far bigger needs than interior line help. It is not a must that Smiley gets traded, and the aforementioned Nate Garner proved more than servicable.i wouldn't be mad if Iupati was the pick, but I have probably 8 legit names I'd rather hear called.


I posted this yesterday about Lupati visiting camp.....I would be suprised considering our other needs and actually I would be disappointed with that pick, but not shocked if it happened

On second thought... I like the idea of Bryant much more.

hello! we have a cfl import dimitri tsoumpas i dont think we have any need at the oline this was a stupid post for you to even say such a thing

I better not watch the draft near any high storey windows or bridges if they draft an interior lineman with the 12th pick...

Jonb, the fact that the Dolphins bought Lupati in for a two day visit makes it relevant, and don't be shocked if that is the pick either

As many holes as the Fins have, they better pick the highest rated player on their board regardless of position. You don't pick on need this high when you have 6 plus different positional needs. That's a terrible way to draft and is very bad strategy. That's why I don't like Dan Williams at 12 because he would be a "need" pick instead of a "best player available" pick.

I'mactually warming to this idea, considering the imponderables and unknwons on all of the other No.12 candidates addressed hitherto.

My only regret would be the Ryan Clark thing, because had we signed Clark we wouldn't need a safety in the draft, making it easier to draft Lupati & to sidestep the other candidates.

I like the idea of having the best offensive line . Maybe if we can keep the ball for 3 and 1/2 quarters we beat the Colts.LOL

Yeah , Barry jackson of the miami herald talked about Iupati and how he visited he dolphins. Miami won't take Iupati at 12 . Mark that down. Miami trading down for him while getting extra picks is a possibility . I'd rather draft a Jon Jerry from ole miss in the 4rth round area. Miami could have it's version of Iupati in dimitri tsoumpas ( 6-4 315 pound road grader ).

I tend to agree PCola Fin, but that approach has limitations. If the BPA is a QB, LT or CB, I don't think they go that route. You need to establish some parameters when going BPA. The Dolphins have a lot of holes but they're not completely devoid of good talent at certain positions.

As good as any of the guys names that get bandied about here. No-one knows. It wouldn't surprise me either. I still think the best bet is to trade down if there is a partner to be had - but then, I suppose that's obvious.

Seriously? A G with the 1st pick, I seriously hope this is a smoke screen what a bad pick this would be at 12 yuk.

Watch your mouth Armando! they should stop blowing money on the line and fill the holes before trading good enough players and creating more holes...

The trifecta is starting to seem incompetent at building a team. They ignore needs, ignore available players, seemingly at random.It's not like they earned the benefit of the doubt. Sparano did as far as coaching, but the personel dept has not been too impressive.


Defense in round 1...
LG can be had in round 4-6

Get Real Mandito, Get Real.... this is to drum up interest for a trade down scenario.

The more scrubs we push up the board, the more Berry and Thomas fall at 12

How bout a fast punt returner at # 12


I'd rather see us draft Dez Bryant or Earl Thomas at 12, but I don't mind the thought of Iupati if we can move down a few spots and acquire another pick or two.

This is questionable because the o-line is our strongest part of the team. That being said, the thought of a left side of Jake Long and a dominant left guard for the next ten years is pretty tempting.

My idea of that approach is also common sense based. If you have some positions locked down (like QB or CB, etc) you base that best player available approach on your teams specific plan and system. Once your in round 2 or later you can draft more on need. But this high, you have to get value for your pick because you may miss out on a probowler because you thought you needed a LG more.

If they are considering drafting a Guard at Number 12 they this guy must be awesome.

That Fatty LG wont make it in the NFL when faced with speed rushers busting through.

I think it would suck if we drafted this guy. I just don't see it happening. I think they are doing their own due dilligence on him and perhaps just throwing smokescreens for other teams.

Great....we'll have an awesome OL, but nobody to rush the QB or stop the run. Should make for a fun season!!

Seems to me you should make due with Smiley and concentrate your draft picks on needs where we don't even have a warm body on the roster to fill the spot -- FS, OLB,

Funniest post today:

How bout a fast punt returner at # 12

Posted by: Ted Ginn is a Miami Dolphin

Only problem is, the Fins prefer to take those in the top 10 picks.

Don't be surprised if the Dolphins are talking up Iupati just so they can trade down in the first round. The odds of them taking Iupati would seem slim at best.

Why would I say that because when Sparano was coaching the senior bowl he probably saw Iupati hold the D-linemen about times 100 times that week. Mike Mayock pointed out during the game that Iupati could have been called for holding 5 or 6 times just during the first half.

One guy Iupati had trouble blocking that no one is talking about is a guy named Geno Adkins out of Georgia. I'd say he's got as good if not a better chance of being a Dolphin.

It is YEAR THREE! Stop rebuilding the offensive line.

Move on to other areas.

The fact they are looking for interior line help in YEAR THREE speaks to their failure in addressing the position the last two years despite tons of money and draft picks spent on the unit.

I think waterboy has it correct.

I mean really, how many guards go in Round 1 in any year? Let alone to a team with more pressing needs.

T. Martin,

Was it his Dad who played for the Dolphins a while back? There's a guy in this draft who played in, I think, the Dolphins secondary back in the 80's. Forget his first name....was it Chet or Garret?

Post Draft Headlines

"Trifecta takes a collaborative dump on Fin Fans as they fell to address WR and NT position in the draft"

"Trifecta takes Spiller on first day, Ronnie Brown odd man out"

"Trifecta reaches for Taylor Mays, Will he be the solution at Safety?"

"Trifecta trade 6th rounder to Chief for next years 6th rounder"

"Trifecta stun world with Draft Day blockbuster trade for disgruntled WR"

hey im all for OL go for it tuna

One scenario out of tens of thousands. Thanks for stirring the pot again!!!

Smokescreen!!! The day Billy P takes a freakin guard with the 12th pick in the first round is the day i become a jests fan. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!!!

hence the tackle at the #1 spot ehh Angry Fin Fan?

"Gloves back on for Pat White, Trifecta drafts another QB in late rounds"

This is your second awful blog in 2 days. Yes they had him in, they have to do their due diligence, but they will host, what 40,50 draft elligible guys? You blow every little thing out of proportion. Drafting a Guard in the first round, let alone the first 3 rounds, is just a luxury this team cannot afford, you know that. Besides the guys you named they brought in a CFL guard and you get guards late in the draft, you pick them up un-drafted, you pick them up when teams cut them.


Outstanding article on Jason Taylor. I thought he was washed up heading into last year, but I was dead wrong. Playing out of position on the strong side, he still made a ton of plays including 7 sacks, 3 forced fumbles and an interception. At 35 years old.
I'm shocked how they are treating him.


Outstanding article on Jason Taylor. I thought he was washed up heading into last year, but I was dead wrong. Playing out of position on the strong side, he still made a ton of plays including 7 sacks, 3 forced fumbles and an interception. At 35 years old.
I'm shocked how they are treating him.

Im waiting for Rotoworld to discreet this blog entry... Wait it for it...

Beat writer Armando Salguero believes the Dolphins will seriously consider Idaho OG Mike Iupati at No. 12 overall.
We find this hard to believe. The Dolphins were the first team to host Iupati in mid-March, but guards just don't go that high in the draft. The Dolphins are already shopping Justin Smiley, and they have greater needs at outside linebacker, safety, nose tackle, and wide receiver.


When Mandito goes out on a limb, he usually falls from the tree. Cant blame the boy for trying though.

Excellent post Mando. The Dolphins are covering all their bases. I appreciate you showing us that.

I'm waiting for rotoworld to teach Waterboy how to write in the English language ...

... wait for it...

Wait for it.


Great post at 3:06pm. No chance the trifecta tie up this much money in a guard at the number 12 spot. HOWEVER.....and it's a big however, if for some strange reason this guy drops or they see a chance to trade back.....you never know. I'm thankful that they are not leaving any stone unturned. But NO, I don't think there is a chance in hell that this guy gets picked by us at 12.

datroroworld is a bunch of jack offs sitting around their computer waiting for a real reporter to write something so they can copy and paste and give an opinion that has no credibility



Right On DolphinLover!

(given THAT scenario...)

If they drafted Iupati, then they would trade a couple of their other Offensive Lineman for another THIRD ROUND PICK.

Its an idea...

Then again... If the Queen had a pair of B@lls then

If they draft Iupati, it will be like a sign from God that they aren't going to really push for the Superbowl till 2011, and more likely 2012.

Wait for it?

I hope they are only being mysterious to the public and JT knows what is going on. He deserves at least that much.

We now NEED a RB too! Too many question marks at that position. We can probably draft a decent rookie in the middle rounds.

Also, I like to follow Mike Mayock of the NFL Network. Wonder where he has Iupati going?

I think it might be time to post an updated top 5 draft wish list, in no particular order:

1 Morgan
2 Bryant
3 McClain
4 Spiller
5 Berry

I'll get criticized for some (and that's OK) but I think Bryant and Spiller are going to very good and I think they will add to what we have. McClain, if we move Dansby outside (not my preferred use of Dansby). Berry obviously fills a big need and is very talented. And Morgan, just because I think he fills a need and is the type of player size-wise that BP likes.

This list may change in the next couple of weeks.

Thats some high quality H2O

Wouldn't be suprised at all...They seem to want to build the world's most uninteresting team

I don't think Lupati will be the choice at 12, I'm not sure that he fills the more pressing needs this early in the draft. But, it would not suprise me, and there would be some positives to drafting him. I think having solid weak side protection might help Hennes' pass development more then even a #1 reciever.
He would help as wel on spread sets, because of his ability to block 1 on 1 without center help, which frees the back to catch more passes out of the back field, more big plays.And obviously, he would help the run game, which is very good already.
Thank you to for this blog, the last couple of days have been tough. Find a friend, and give them a good word, or just a thought.

Craig M at 13:00 you posted:

Craig M commented on 'Dolphins seem to be driving Jason Taylor away'

2010-03-25 14:00:52 -0400

I'm out, guys!! I find some of you guys on here incredibily frustrating!! Not really sure how Armando puts up with some of you....

To Bobby and Bootang and Rob in OC and a few others......thanks for keeping the conversations intelligent and interesting....


What happened, where's tortured when you need em!!!!

Yep. We're screwed.

Hello third place.

What is going on with the blog, my last post was all effed up. Is this a new security thing to keep all the B.S. stuff off?

Armando, ur going to take a beating no matter what u do so I'm asking you: Please put up YOUR 2010 Mock Draft, I thinkit will be fun, at least for us, and will produce a great blog..Just DO IT

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