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Needed help at LG? Don't sleep on Michael Iupati

All the so-called experts as well as fans -- me included -- have for several months told you what the Dolphins' needs are without, you know, actually hearing it from the Dolphins. Those are among the closely guarded secrets of Team Big Tuna.

Well, the needs you heard about are still accurate. They're just incomplete.

The Dolphins can definitely use an OLB, a NT, WR, FS out of this draft.

But did you know LG should be on the list, too?

And perhaps even in the first round.


Don't be because the Dolphins have been, and continue to do much legwork on Idaho guard Michael Iupati, a 6-5, 331-pound behemoth that truly impressed on tape and continued to impress the Dolphins during the Senior Bowl week and in the game.

The Dolphins were so impressed they brought Iupati to town on March 15 and 16 for a visit. The Dolphins were the first team Iupati visited so they were obviously the first to recognize his potential worth. But they haven't been the last.

Iupati, who is expected to be available when Miami picks at No. 12 in the first round, has been a busy man lately, traveling to several other teams. The interest in him is substantial.

By the way, if the Dolphins go with an interior offensive lineman in the first round, it would almost have to be Iupati, as there isn't another player at the position that offers value so high. Iupati is the only one that does while Ole Miss guard John Jerry rates slightly lower.

So why would Miami seriously consider Iupati at that spot?

Well, have you heard, they have interior offensive line issues. Still. The club is expecting to trade left guard Justin Smiley at some point this offseason. That creates a void at the position. I suppose Nate Garner, who started four games at the spot last year, could be a candidate to fill the void, but who else will compete for the job?

Donald Thomas and recently acquired Richie Incognito are both right guards. That's their spot. That's where they are clearly best suited. Moving either to left guard is asking them to play out of position.

So the Dolphins need LG help assuming Smiley goes as planned.

Don't be surprised if Michael Iupati is that help. Don't be surprised if the Dolphins pick him in the first round.

[UPDATE: The National Football Post rates Iupati the No. 8 best prospect in the draft while ESPN.com's Scouts Inc. has rated at No. 14. So obviously, folks are thinking No. 12 is around the place he should be selected at this stage.] 


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finheaven kiss kiss kissy to mando


Keep beating your JT drum

Finheaven Blows Kisses to Mando


That would be great!! I think Armando knows as much if not more than most of the people on here. There's a couple of pretty interesting ones on NFL.com. You'll be happy Bobby, one of them has us taking Dan Williams at 12.

Nah, waterboy thought we're onto a new subject, new lineman. I haven't mentioned JT at all. Just trying out copy and paste, good blog though.

Craig M first good post by you today. Mock draft might be good, but I thought you all wanted Bryant?

Craig M...Alex Marvis from FoxSports was on QAM this morning saying the Dolphins are seriously considering using a second round pick for TE..I like it, there will be some good WR options in round 4 in my opinion... LaFell, Mitchell but we need to get Fasano back to the #2 spot and a big TE would be a great help to open up the field

Doesn't this sound like Wanny? Drafting a player you don't need but bypassing a superior skill player that you do need? Like drafting Jammer over Brees, Ocho, Wayne etc. or drafting Moore over Boldin.

I just watched highlights on this beast.

His blocks very high, just shoving people around with a karate like chop. That wont cut in the NFL. Also he seems to be committing holding penalties (not called though).

Like the Cowboys take this dude.

They are hosting him also. Maybe we are doing a recon on him for Jerry and he is doing one for us on Dez

I'm still convinced Miami drafts a LB, preferably on the outside now that we have Dansby.

Sure we have holes in a lot of places but I think our OLB core is average at best and I hope they can find a three down beast pass rusher at #12.

Starting quality NT, FS, TE, and OG can be found in later rounds.


I saw you post that earlier. Do you think it might be Gronk in the 2nd? Are you confident that LaFell and Mitchell would fall to the 4th? I'd be fine with either of those guys.

Pissed if we take him

A great line is a key to success in football, so if they think he is the best prospect that has the potential for pro bowls, take him....

It's amazing to me that Suh was the consensus everywhere to be the number one pick in the draft about 6 weeks ago. This guy was supposed to be the next Regie White, the best defensive lineman to come along in years. But I'm seeing him go anywhere from 2 all the way down to 8 in some mocks. That would be amazing. Talk about a drop.....

I'll be more disappointed in this pick than when they picked Ted Ginn instead of Brady Quinn. However, we all know how that turned out.....LOL.

craig m, am i confident those two will fall?? probaly not but as far as grabbing a TE and moving Fasano back to two, I love that idea...and yes im a huge Gronkowski fan so i would be very please if it was him

Is he worth the gamble in two Bobby, with the 43rd pick? After all, it looks we still have to grab an OLB, a FS, a NT and a WR and I would think we have to hit on just about all of those picks. It's a big gamble to take but I like Gronk too.....

Either Fasano, Hay NO or Speryy will not be on team

I would be seriously miffed if we picked an Offensive Lineman in the 1st. Lupati could end up being a great player but enough of messin with the Offensive line. Pick a LG in the draft by all means but in the 1st?? Lets hope not.


If we're to pick a TE in the 2nd,who are the best ones? I take it Jermaine Gresham will be gone?

The bigger the Fins list of potential picks at #12, the higher the probability a top six pick drops to #12.

More teams will try to trade up to pick before the Fins to get their guy.

Let's make the list bigger.

Kinda disappointed at this blog Mando. Nothing you did, but not looking forward to ANOTHER 1st-round offensive lineman. I mean, that's the strongest part of our team right now. Why make it better at the expense of bringing a star to another part of the team that desperately needs one? I understand about picking the best player on the board (and for the salary, that #1 pick better be guaranteed) but the OL wasn't our problem last year. It was the fact that the D couldn't stop ANYONE in crunchtime. It was our WR core wasn't able to get open or come down with the ball when needed. It was putting Pat White in as the 2nd QB when you had a BETTER QB on the bench. Let's take a OLB/WR/NT as our 1st pick, then get a guard later in the draft.

Craig M, he wont be there in the third, thats a fact but ur right about needs...if we either A. pick up an extra pick in round 2 or 3 or B. sign a FS before the draft then I could see it happening...if neither of those happen then i dont see how we could do it....FS thing really bothers me

If that is true, and the draft him...get used to hearing this phrase..."Ronnie Brown runs to the left..."

Free Safety Solution:

I can knock down passes and I am quick to look for the sidelines

how is our oline the strongest part of our team????? we need help and lupati would be a nice start. much better than this crazy talk of mcclain,etc

I'd be shocked to see Lupati @ 12. Considering the needs on this team and the fact that quality guards can usually be had in later rounds it just doesn't seem to make sense.

I will name my first son or daughter Cam Cam

bills in love with dan williams. kc loves dez and is trying to trade down

Hey what's fellas?

I can't say I would be shocked if Iupati was the pick. He is a beast of interior linemen. If he is the pick I wouldn't be mad. He is the best or should I say highest rated at his position. I would be mad as F if Miami drafted him and they did't have a dominant run game and a top 3 offensive line. I wouldn't be mad at the pick though.

If you are drafting a guy who is the regarded as the best at his postion you can't get too bent out of shape. It's better then reaching at another position. If Iupati is the pick it may not be the pick I want (Brandon Graham) but I support it because he is the best at his position.

why is this ted ginn wasting his time on this blog?


The Bills for me are a real mystery team in this draft. I really don't have a clue what they are going to do. I've heard OL, Claussen, Spiller, Williams....I just can't figure these guys out. And they just lost TO. I wonder if they would be crazy enough to go after Dez Bryant if he's still there. It's a funny team.

bills want mcnaab but he wont sign long term there

Mark, I keep wondering how far if at all Gresham will slip. Personally I think he is slipping. I could be wrong but he didn't run a good 40 time something like 4.78 and according to what I "read" he looked sloppy in receiving drills. It may just have been some rust but he had had 2 major knee injuries in his career - 1 in highschool and 1 in just last year.


I also think OL is the strongest part of our team. What then would you say is the strongest part of our team?

patriots and jets blew by us already, we dont need bills doing the samething

Craig M, I think the Bills and Denver are going to have more effect on us then anyone..Bills switching to a 3-4 could snatch Williams, Denver could go McClain ,Bryant if Marshall gets traded or any number of ways..

Why are people having meltdowns over this? Did the draft happen yet?

It's unreal how many of you read something Armando says and literaly go insane as if it were fact.

Relax people, relax.


The obvious choice is Gresham to the Bengals. Gives them another weapon. I thought they might be going WR until they added Bryant.

Craig, the Bills have so many needs it's ridiculous, but I believe they must go o-line in order to put some semblence of an offense on the field next year. I think you'll see Oline from them in the 1st.

marshall will surely be dealt.

PFT reporting Oakland is the hottest team for McNabb, don't be suprised if TO ends uppity there too

no way bills go oline. gailey will run that spread offense at least for a year like he did in kc when oline sucked. bills will start with defense and d.williams

Alex Marvez didn't know anything about the Dolphins when he covered the team and now that he never writes about the team he knows they're considering a TE in the second round. That is truly a joke.

I agree Bobby. I think the Bills and Denver will be pivotal to what we do. Hopefully, if we're not seeing what we want, we have a couple of trade down options available to us. maybe there's a team that wants to trade up for Spiller or Claussen.

Cavalierkong, I believe the Bills need to go OL too but it's a funny franchise. They've made some questionable moves lately.

Craig M, they did draft Chase Coffman last year. He was a productive college player, tight end. He can't block and is more of a slot sort of TE as opposed to inline blocker. I wouldn't give up on him just yet. He can play he just didn't fit the hard nose style the Bengals switched to last season. A year in the weight room and some coaching may improve him. He missed time last year because he couldn't block and an I believe finished on the IR.

i agree with owens in oakland, or wherever mcnaab goes. they would make oakland a div contender right away in the west.

spiller is gone before 12.

LMAO, if McNabb and TO reunite that would be classic. I mean "ALL TIME" to me. I actually would enjoy the story line. I live about 20 minutes outside of Philly. I am close to the story line although I had zero interest when the "break-up" happened. If they reunited though it would be a great story line!


You're kidding right about the OL not being the strongest part of the Miami Dolphins? Did you watch any of our games last season. You don't run the Wildcat without a great OL, first and foremost. Secondly, they were the highest-paid unit on the team (which should tell you that's where the star players were). Third, weren't we like Top 5 in the NFL in running the ball? At least for most of the season. I doubt that was Ricky and Ronnie's doing all by themselves. Lastly, how many times did you see Henne sacked? Answer, not that many. So, yeah, without a doubt, 100%, no question the OL is the best unit we have right now. I wish it were different. I wish it were our DB's or our LB's or even our DL, but sad to say, it isn't. Time to go back to NFL Network and rewatch the season my man, you'll see what we're talking about.

I think the plan goes like this. We get the ball, we do 4 x 2.5 yard runs for a first down. We repeat for 81 yards and get a touchdown. 22 minute drives.
Their turn. We stop them once and we win the game.Just a thought.

billbill, If they don't go oline then I agree it will almost certainly be NT but I think it'll be oline.

Agreed Craig, they are a terrible franchise and you never know what they are going to do. They almost rival Oakland for futility.


Did you REALLY just say if McNabb and Owens are back together in Oakland they will compete in the West? You were kidding, right? Your just trying to stir things up on here, right? If you think that team has a chance to compete any time soon you are kidding yourself.

I'm going to be soooo pissed off if the dolphins get a guard number twelve overall. There are many talented offensive lineman later in the draft. Even though it may be a need it can be fixed with something else other than the 12th draft pick

yes i said oak would compete for west title. very good defense, solid running backs. add owens and mcnaab and they have a shot in the west. remember the west is garbage.


That's kind of what we did last year. Unfortunately, the defence couldn't stop anyone though....LOL.

come on man, our offense turned it over alotttttttt. had no chance of ever stretching the field

How do you figure the West is garbage? What was San Diego's record last year? Denver was 6-0 at one point last year and Kansas City is on there way back. Now if you wanted to say you could see KC compete that would be one thing but how do you figure sticking a 34 year old QB together with a guy he couldn't stand at the end of their tenure together automatically makes them a better team. And how do you figure they have SOLID running backs. McFadden has done NOTHING since he came into the league and can't stay healthy. Please tell me your kidding......where NJ PHIN FAN when I need him?

We turned it over a lot because our defence always put us in a hole. Henne and company had no choice but to force the ball and we got away from what we do best, a ball control game.

Are you sure you watched the Dolphins last year, billbill? Aqua and orange uniforms......ring a bell?

denver didnt even make the playoffs, give me a break

Hold on.... I'm gonna jump out a window !
With ALL the glaring needs, you pick an Interior Lineman with the 1st pick ? Crapola !

Pleeeze Mr. Tuna, just draft this one guy ...for me ?

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