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Needed help at LG? Don't sleep on Michael Iupati

All the so-called experts as well as fans -- me included -- have for several months told you what the Dolphins' needs are without, you know, actually hearing it from the Dolphins. Those are among the closely guarded secrets of Team Big Tuna.

Well, the needs you heard about are still accurate. They're just incomplete.

The Dolphins can definitely use an OLB, a NT, WR, FS out of this draft.

But did you know LG should be on the list, too?

And perhaps even in the first round.


Don't be because the Dolphins have been, and continue to do much legwork on Idaho guard Michael Iupati, a 6-5, 331-pound behemoth that truly impressed on tape and continued to impress the Dolphins during the Senior Bowl week and in the game.

The Dolphins were so impressed they brought Iupati to town on March 15 and 16 for a visit. The Dolphins were the first team Iupati visited so they were obviously the first to recognize his potential worth. But they haven't been the last.

Iupati, who is expected to be available when Miami picks at No. 12 in the first round, has been a busy man lately, traveling to several other teams. The interest in him is substantial.

By the way, if the Dolphins go with an interior offensive lineman in the first round, it would almost have to be Iupati, as there isn't another player at the position that offers value so high. Iupati is the only one that does while Ole Miss guard John Jerry rates slightly lower.

So why would Miami seriously consider Iupati at that spot?

Well, have you heard, they have interior offensive line issues. Still. The club is expecting to trade left guard Justin Smiley at some point this offseason. That creates a void at the position. I suppose Nate Garner, who started four games at the spot last year, could be a candidate to fill the void, but who else will compete for the job?

Donald Thomas and recently acquired Richie Incognito are both right guards. That's their spot. That's where they are clearly best suited. Moving either to left guard is asking them to play out of position.

So the Dolphins need LG help assuming Smiley goes as planned.

Don't be surprised if Michael Iupati is that help. Don't be surprised if the Dolphins pick him in the first round.

[UPDATE: The National Football Post rates Iupati the No. 8 best prospect in the draft while ESPN.com's Scouts Inc. has rated at No. 14. So obviously, folks are thinking No. 12 is around the place he should be selected at this stage.] 


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Dan Williams one of the first 8 players confirmed to be on stage in NY for the draft, he could go to Buffalo at 9.

Mel Kiper now picking Thomas FS going to Jax at 10 and Eric Berry going at 5 to KC

I am not saying they need to pick him. I'm just saying that I think the pick would make sense and probably would be an effective pick. That being said, we could also use a great free safety, outside linebacker, nose tackle, and receiver with the first pick. It's too bad we don't have picks 12-30. That may be the only way to fill the holes on this swiss cheese roster. This team needs so much improvement it isn't even funny.

Has the team looked at any RB's for the Draft? Maybe a 6th or 7th pick?

Bobby, but who at 12?

He only had his Top 10 picks Carlito

That stingy s.o.b.

Too bad we can't get a refund for Pat White and get an extra second round pick back for this year. What a waste of a pick last year for such a high price. The Trifecta makes some major mistakes at times.

Team Tuna, They have a plan for PW. I don't know what it is, but Bill's been around a long time. He made that pick for a reason. The PW story will soon be written.

Well why don't we just take the best rated Punter with the 12th pick? Let's throw everyone for a loop with that pick LOL.

I'm new to the blog. Do you guys and gals do a Dolphins mock draft of the first 3 or 4 rounds anytime soon?

Carlito, I'm at the point of no clue what happens with that 12...No way Berry falls, that's out...Buffalo has so many needs, Dan Williams will fall if Buffalo doesn't pick him, Thomas I believe will be there, depending on Denver, either Bryant or McClain will be there, even though i'm convinced Parcells won't touch Bryant..To me Kindle, Morgan, Graham are all stretches at 12...I still would not pass on McClain if he's there, that gives us Wake, Dansby, McClain, Crowder as a linebacking Corp...I'm concerned about FS, I'm hoping we sign someone in FA

I am an idiot! Mark that down!

Mphs, people give their opinion on the first four rounds alot, just ask, but your gonna get different opinions and everyone thinks they are right LOL but it's all good

If we draft a lg I'll throw sumthin at the t.v.

Seems to me that by now most would have grown sick and tired of trying to prognosticate who Miami will take with their #12 pick. Who Miami take with the first pick will not be as much a lingering effect as who Miami chooses with picks in the 3rd 4th and 6th rounds. For whatever reason the 4th always has good value and less hype. I have even seen the biggest names in Mock land finally cave in to the realization Miami doesn't kiss and tell... they are 100% Mum and ain't gonna change. A far cry from the days when Wanny had a press conference every time the made a move or even before the move was made. Bill, Tony and Jeff know all too well Belicheat and "Fat Boy" have their ear to the rail and would love to pull another "Ron Brace" move on us in the draft if they could. Where I have seen so many whine and complain and lose hope this year... I am the opposite, I think Miami is going to be a very difficult team to beat this season, and if they stay healthy I see no reason they can't compete for their division. Its the years I have heard how GREAT Miami was going to be that I remember sucking the worst. Best thing for this team is a low expectation. They will thrive on it just as they did in 08.

I want to see how many players are unloaded before the draft for extra picks or packaged for a proven starter. The Fins have plenty to choose from.
Here's eight of them.
Short list:
Jason Allen

I have been watching all the mock drafts and free agency moves and have been saying all along that Miami appears to be poised to take O-line with the #12 pick. I know most fans do not like this idea, but O-line wins games. The rest of the needs can be filled with latter picks in the draft or additional free agent moves post draft.


yes, good o-lines win you some games, but last year I saw the Dolphins defense lose many more games than anything, even in games where the o-line did a great job like vs. Indy for example

Mphs ... I hope you are right but I just don't see how Pat White is going to work. He is a shitty passer. You can either throw or you can't. He can't. He was great in college because he could run around everyone. Not going to happen in the NFL. Plus, he never took a snap from under center; only shotgun formation.

Flipper ... that was one of the funniest posts I have seen in some time. Punter.


He's got 3 to 4 years left in ther tank.

Then trade Henne to Seattle for their two first round picks. Get Dez and a defensive stud with those two picks (use #12 for defense or trade down to get more picks).

Two years from now you'll see that Henne was all smoke and mirrors.

Ask Bill, I agree with u the Dolphins are going to have a good year, with the stipulation that Henne doesn't suffer that sophmore slump so many QBs seem to get...Our schedule will certainly be easier and I like the fact that Nolan will be a more aggresive DC...the only point I would disagree with u on is pick 12...that pick has produced some pretty solid results throughout the years and I hope history repeats itself...I'm excited about this draft and think we need to nail it all the way through...you have good posts Bill and I enjoy reading ur opinion thks

I say we bring back Duper and Clayton. Who cares if they are collecting retirement checks as we speak. Even with canes and wheelchairs, they would be better than the garbage we have on our roster right now (Bess and his two yard catches and Ginn eyeing the sideline as soon as he touches the ball).


WHAT ????????????????????

Henne is not worth two 1st round picks but he is if Seattle gives them up.

Carlito, YES we have a Plungie Winner!!!!

What are you talking about Swamysez. Dealing away Henne would be the most moronic thing the Dolphins could do. One of the most elusive positions to fill is QB. Don't you think we have enough holes? You want to create more? We already have to plug pretty much the whole roster.

Carlito, I don't know if u enjoy basketball but these NCAA Tournament games are incredible bro!!!

GM Mphs first 4 rds:

1. Sergio Kindle OLB
2. Cam Thomas NT
3. Jermaine Cunningham DE/OLB
4. Mike Williams WR

I'm hoping FA FS (Sharper) coming soon.

At the end of this next season you'll all see that Henne is not the franchise QB messiah everyone's been waiting for.

If you want a savior, get Tebow (probably cheap in the 2nd round, remember Brady was what a 7th round pick). Let him simmer behind McNabb. He's going to slide down just like Marino did and everyone that didn't pick him will be kicking themselves in the ass just like they did when they didn't pick Marino back then.

Tebow would need 2 maybe 3 years of hard training before he could start in our offensive system.


Swamysez, as NJ Phin Fan would say, ur a Buffoon, thks for visiting


I agree this has been a good tournament so far... I don't watch basketball until march madness or the playoffs in the pros... I like college better though, its nice to root for the underdogs

swamysez has created a new award, the double plungie

ALoco, Syracuse about to go down to Butler!!!! Loving it



Duke is the Patriots of basketball

Don't tell wvfinfan, but I really want Washington to beat WVU



Aloco, Do you have a job?

I had a good laugh with those posts!

The Dolphins just need a lot of help. Defense would be the best place to start.

Just remember "it's all business" and selling tickets. I wouldn't be surprised if someone takes Tebow in the first round because of his star power. The team that picks him will sell a lot of season tickets for at least two to three years.


Lots of bad news coming out on Ronnie Brown dui... He is my favorite Dolphin and I hope he bounce back quick


What is your profession? Sandwich Artist?

If Oakland trades for McNabb, big if, Philly would take Oakland's 1st...Guarantee Philly takes Dez Bryant off the board with that pick

Wow ... Scouts, Inc. has Eric Berry rated #3 overall. No way he's going to fall to us. That being said, it's nice to dream. He's going to be a beast at the next level. Ed Reed quality.

I don't know Bobby they took DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin the last 2 years, I don't think they'd go wr in the 1st or 2nd

You know Armando...I was thinking about this today...why would the Dolphins try to trade Smiley when they don't really have anyone to replace him. If you do trade him...at best you get a third rounder for him...now is there a player they see that should be there...perhaps, but again...if you use the first rounder for a guard, you can always find a NT in later rounds, you can always find FS in later rounds...etc. Many good draft sites have Lupati going in the middle of the first round...so is it a reach for him to be taken at 12...I don't think so.

Where u think Philly would go then Carlito???


Bobbd12, I think they could use a safety after Brian Dawkins left last year and now Sean Jones, I don't know I'm not gonna pretend to know too much about the Eagles... but they drafted Jackson and Maclin the last 2 years and just signed Maclin to a new contract, I don't think they would go WR

sorry, that should read just signed Avant to a new contract

Thks Carlito


Just read your post about McNabb. First of all, if the Raiders give up a first for him then Davis really is off his rocker!! Secondly, with the additions of Maclin and Jackson I can't see that Bryant would fit on their team. I imagine they would probably go safety, either Berry or Thomas.

I also heard you say earlier that you think KC might go Berry. I don't think so. I think Pioli is afraid to take a safety that high....I think he might go OL.

I would be happy with the Dolphins selecting any of the following at #12 (I'm not putting down Berry and other prospects who are assured to be gone before):

Dez Bryant (WR obviously a need)
C.J. Spiller (unbelievable talent)
Earl Thomas (best available free safety)
Mike Iupati (need a guard; best guard in draft)
Brian Price (talented DT)
Dan Williams (talented DT)
Jermaine Gresham (our TE's suck)
Brandon Graham (talented OLB)
Rolando McClain (not sold on Crowder)

Po.....welcome back. I emailed Mando about the problem and he said he would look into it. I also suggested a blog doing Parcells 'hits and misses'. Said it was a good idea.

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