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Needed help at LG? Don't sleep on Michael Iupati

All the so-called experts as well as fans -- me included -- have for several months told you what the Dolphins' needs are without, you know, actually hearing it from the Dolphins. Those are among the closely guarded secrets of Team Big Tuna.

Well, the needs you heard about are still accurate. They're just incomplete.

The Dolphins can definitely use an OLB, a NT, WR, FS out of this draft.

But did you know LG should be on the list, too?

And perhaps even in the first round.


Don't be because the Dolphins have been, and continue to do much legwork on Idaho guard Michael Iupati, a 6-5, 331-pound behemoth that truly impressed on tape and continued to impress the Dolphins during the Senior Bowl week and in the game.

The Dolphins were so impressed they brought Iupati to town on March 15 and 16 for a visit. The Dolphins were the first team Iupati visited so they were obviously the first to recognize his potential worth. But they haven't been the last.

Iupati, who is expected to be available when Miami picks at No. 12 in the first round, has been a busy man lately, traveling to several other teams. The interest in him is substantial.

By the way, if the Dolphins go with an interior offensive lineman in the first round, it would almost have to be Iupati, as there isn't another player at the position that offers value so high. Iupati is the only one that does while Ole Miss guard John Jerry rates slightly lower.

So why would Miami seriously consider Iupati at that spot?

Well, have you heard, they have interior offensive line issues. Still. The club is expecting to trade left guard Justin Smiley at some point this offseason. That creates a void at the position. I suppose Nate Garner, who started four games at the spot last year, could be a candidate to fill the void, but who else will compete for the job?

Donald Thomas and recently acquired Richie Incognito are both right guards. That's their spot. That's where they are clearly best suited. Moving either to left guard is asking them to play out of position.

So the Dolphins need LG help assuming Smiley goes as planned.

Don't be surprised if Michael Iupati is that help. Don't be surprised if the Dolphins pick him in the first round.

[UPDATE: The National Football Post rates Iupati the No. 8 best prospect in the draft while ESPN.com's Scouts Inc. has rated at No. 14. So obviously, folks are thinking No. 12 is around the place he should be selected at this stage.] 


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Thanks for the reminder.
Some God of War I am. I gotta put a transmission in a piece of s h i t ford taurus station wagon in the morning.

Oh well, I've done a lot worse for a little Beer money.


You should not make fun of Aloco's car like that. LOL

*News Flash*

This just in: The Dolphins have just anounced they have still NOT signed Brandon Marshall.

Souces close to the team report that the F.O. seems content to continue "fistpumping" from now until August.

New blog up for all you fistpumpers!!!


You should not make fun of Aloco's car like that. LOL

Posted by: Ace | March 26, 2010 at 12:08 AM

Now that you metion it, the guy that brought it in was a short little beady eyed scmuck!!!!

trade everybody in the dolphins organization and get a receiver these people are morons we will never get any where without receivers who can get open if they do anyting other then get a receiver for that first pick fire everybody idiots trifecta your but out of here

You ever wonder if stories printed in papers are ever put there to throw off other team strategies? Sure..Miami's gonna draft this guy...if you have pick 13 or higher, you better trade up if you want him.

i really dont get why we dont trade for brandon marshall..... maybe this years 2nd camarillo cobbs and akin ayoledel packaged w a 3rd next year that maybe could become a 2nd if he catchs 100 balls or somthing........ that way it frees out our 1st for sergio or earl out of texas and we compete this year and resign taylor..... devon bess would be a nice second wr and hartline would fit the slot.... w marshall w would arguable have best core q ginn KR slash 4th wr mismached on safety

i want brandon marshall so bad..... and if we dont get him or dez bryant .... the big tuna needs to swallow his pride about the tabs and just sign T.O atleast for this year we went 4-2 in the division last year.... and arguably would of mad playoffs w a WR..... ex colts game when ginn dropped a game winner as time expired alone would of put us @ 8-8..... T.o showed davis last year that if a QB can actually throw it to him hes still got enough left

been saying it for a while OL is sparanos favorite and it is really important in AFC East It would be a step in the right direction for rebuilding a def hit in draft more so than any other position Iupati is a clear #1 at position

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