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Nose tackle search might focus on Owens

The Dolphins' need at nose tackle is clear to anyone with eyes but while much of the attention has centered around bigger-name prospects such as Dan Williams and Cam Thomas, a source tells me the Dolphins are looking in a different direction.

Think Jeff Owens of Georgia.

The Dolphins' coaching staff liked him in the Senior Bowl, interviewed him during the Indianapolis Combine and has now scheduled a visit to Davie in the coming weeks, the source said.

Owens is a typical refrigerator-bodied nose tackle type -- 6-1 1/4 and 305 pounds -- with superhuman strength. He benched 225 pounds an impressive 44 times at the Combine with one witness saying he looked like an engine piston raising the weight fast and easy early on in the process.

During the University of Georgia Pro Day on Tuesday Owens ran a 4.83 in the 40-yard dash. 

Owens is not a first-round type. He's probably more a fifth-rounder type, maybe later.

That doesn't matter to Bill Parcells. In 1997 Parcells selected a little-known Georgia nose tackle in the seventh-round (229th overall) and has been very happy with him since. The draftee's name?

Jason Ferguson.


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Justin Credible:

When did Yatil Green catch passes from #13 or anyone from that matter? Green was injured and never saw the field. He may have had less than a handful (and I mean less than 5) catches in his entire career if that. Get your facts straight. I also disagree with you about trading a #1 for Marshall. It is not that I disagree that we need a WR but I just hate giving up such a high pick when we have so many holes on D. I also think Marshall too much of a high risk. Finally: Clayton and Duper were hardly #2 WRs. They had elite speed, good hands and despite their size they were great at going over the middle, especially Clayton and were great at YAC. By no means were they #2 WRs.

Ken, go into ur backyard, pick up a rock and talk to it, u would have much better results them trying to talk to Justina

Weight has little to do with whether a guy can play nose or not... Jay Ratliff came into the league at 296. Keith Traylor came into the league at 260 as a MLB... Brian Price's game is more of a penetrating tackle... That is his best attribute... Getting pass blocks not taking them on... Bobby... Still beating that Dan Williams drum?

Incognito has signed

Trade Ronnie for Marshall : WR check
Draft Spiller with # 12 RB Check
OLB in Round 2 JP / JT replacement Check
S in Round 3 Gerbil Replacemenent Check
NT in Round 4 Fergie replacement Check
TE in Round 5
ILB in Round 6
More scrubs for PS in Round 6 / 7
Cut Pat Turner for Roster spot for Marshall

my logic is undeniable.

yeah, Keith Traylor is my favorite NT story. Talk about redefining yourself as a player.

Karlitos from Dansbito
Incognito from Golfito
Who is next?

What would Mandito do without Jeff Darlington???

Slumming hard for scoops

Miami has 2 scouts that I can see on the field watching Joe Haden, who is getting ready for his 40.

dolphins signed incognito

LOL @ Marcus. Yes Marcus, and I will continue to beat the Dan Williams drum till Draft Day comes, like I said I won't be changing my mind

With good reason Bobby, Williams is a good player. I did develop some concerns when I watched a you tube video presentation highlighting Williams against Alabama. He made some plays but showed susceptibility against a double team. He was really moved out of position a bunch in that game. Could have just been a bad day...? After all the speculation an bloviating there is only one thing for certain concerning this draft... no one has a clue what Miami is going to do...

Mike Tomlin just walked by.

I like the Incognito deal... only exposure Miami has is a 15 yard penalty... that that may happen twice before he is packing his shyt.

"As first reported by the Miami Herald"

First line of next blog entry

PPB scooped Mandito again


Dolphins agree to one-year with guard Richie Incognito

by Edgar Thompson

Incognito signed - Offensive Line set

Hey NJ Phin Fan,

This is a blog to discuss the Dolphins, not your gay glory hole fantasies. There are younger kids who read this and you are spouting crap. If you crave that type of attention go somewhere else. You are not funny, you are not amusing, and you probably never kissed a woman. Keep it on sports!


Fish Boy, don't be an idiot...Don't u know the imposter n trolls on this blog steal peoples names and try to cause shyt??? Get a clue

bobbd12... Not to be condescending, but when your name is in Blue...Its you... I have nothing to say about the posts personally, But I can understand Fish Boy's point. But, as far as it being an impostor... not this time.

Fish boy, people who read this blog everyday (!) know that NJ never talks that way... he is all about football and talking smack related to football. Someone couldn't handle it and came back under copied i.d. Fish Boy is this your first time here?

I wish Incognito would head butt all the ignorant impostors off this blog!

I've been a Dolphins fan since 1972. I love that we are building thru the draft but I also think we should trade for Marshall but not for our #1. What about Camarillo and our #3. Its worth a gamble but only if Parcells speaks with Marshall first to make sure he will be controllable. Marshall alone would help Ginn become a much better wr and Henne would throw for 4000 yards even if we are still a running team. I also do not want the Jets to get him because he may be the guy to help Sanchez become a real nfl qb.


It takes one to know one.

Kid looks impressive...In Tuna We Trust!
I hope he's still there in the later rounds.

C.J. Spiller should be the dolphins first round pick this year. Trade ronnie brown to seattle for te carlson and a pick, or one of their first rd picks then fill the rest of the team needs through the rest of the draft

Ross is the cheap one!!!

We need a receiver to open up the offense. If we can't score more than 10 pts a game we are in trouble. The JETS keep improving and we sign a guy that got kicked off the RAMS AND BILLS. We are in trouble.

We score more than 10 points a game and were not in truble but we do need a WR

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