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Dez Bryant 'a kid that really needs guidance'

Oklahoma State's Pro Day is today and Dez Bryant is not participating, according to published reports.

Apparently Bryant is still not ready to run for the scouts after he skipped the workout portion of the Indianapolis Combine last month. Bryant cited a lingering hamstring problem at the Combine and apparently it is still not 100 percent. Remember also that Bryant has not played football since September of 2009 because he was suspended by the NCAA for lying to them.

Bryant's "handlers" are telling people the wide receiver will run at a private Pro Day later this month in his hometowm of Lufkin, Tex.

And I can hear the hand-wringing already from the skeptics: Oh my God, he's not working out again! He will surely be a bust!

Look, the same folks worried that Bryant will be a bust because he didn't work out at the Combine or at his Pro Day have zero criticism of the fact Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford didn't work out at the Combine and skipped Oklahoma's Pro Day on Tuesday.

Bradford will work out for team later this month and no one is ripping him about it, so spare me the drama.

But ...

There are a myriad other reasons to be seriously concerned about Bryant as a draft pick, and more specifically as a possible No. 12 pick in the first round to the Miami Dolphins.

And teams are definitely weighing those concerns as this report in the National Football Post shows. There are teams wondering about Bryant to the point that I spoke to one scout last week that wondered aloud if Bryant might not eventually be taken off the board of some teams, although not his own.

"One of the things I know we've done already is go beyond the field on this kid," the scout told me. "If you don't do that with him, you have no idea what you're getting and how to manage it. He's a kid that had trouble with his grades. He struggled to get eligible. But if you dig you find out it is not because he's stupid but partly because he lived in like three different homes growing up. He was sleeping on the floor some nights. He wasn't exactly nurtured, know what I mean? I can see how grades can suffer."

Anyone that does digging on Bryant will find out his mother had three children by the time she was 18 years old. At the age of 23, she had to give her kids up because she was busted for selling crack cocaine. She served 18 months.

Bryant's father?

No sign of him.

"He's a kid that really needs guidance," the scout told me. "Whatever team takes him is getting a player that has all the tools on the field. But whatever team takes him will have to do a lot of work to make sure he get on the field.

"He would be a good fit for a team that has a strong veteran receiver already on the roster that can take him under his wing. Frankly, it might also be smart to hire somebody to make sure he gets to practice and meetings on time. You might need someone to help him with the playbook. You'll have to watch him early on to teach him how to become a professional. He's nowhere near ready to be a professional right now. He might get there and there might be bumps along with the way. But if you're asking right now, he's not ready to be trusted off the bat in my opinion." 

That will not deter one team. Someone will invest a pick on Dez Bryant. His physical skills and potential are vast. Are the Miami Dolphins that team?

At No. 12?

[Update 2:15 p.m.: Information from Alabama's Pro Day coming in: NT Terrence Cody weighed in at 348-349 depending on whom you believe and did 32 reps of 225 pounds. Linebacker Rolando McClain ran a 4.74 time on some stopwatches in the 40-yard dash.]

[Update 4:15: Dolphins hosted no free agents on Wednesday.]


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Dez who??? Not in Miami, not at 12

NO TO DEZ !!!!!!!

Well we can be sure he won't go to Baltimore.... I'm sure cam Cameron has some say over there, and one thing we know is that cam Cameron likes to draft a player and his family.... Obviously fez Bryant is lacking there

I will be pissed if we pass on Bryant at 12. This team has not had a playmaker at WR since...um...there was... A LONG TIME!

Besides, #12 is too high for McClain IMO, and also too high for a NT. This year's draft class is deep at those two positions anyhow. WR? Not so much.

Say no to Dez 'I Wont' Bryant!!!!

T.O to meet with Cincy. Maybe Cincy can sign T.O. move up in the draft to snag Bryant and Bryant can be guided by Ocho-nada and T.O.

It's almost too perfect.

And that's the way they became the Diva-bunch.

Although i would'nt critisize the pick if it happened,i'd prefer someone else.

Although i would'nt critisize the pick if it happened,i'd prefer someone else.



McClain ran a 4.74 at his pro day today. Know it does nothing of your opinion of him, just passing along information.

With Miami signing Dansby it has put them in a situation that makes predicting their draft priorities hard. The 12th pick is very valuable and if Miami doesn't hit on it we might be forced to see another losing season. There isnt a clear cut player in 10-20 in my opinion. Derrick Morgan, Earl Thomas and Dan Williams all make sense. I personally like Damian Williams out of USC. If it was a sure thing in the 2nd I would just hope that we drafted a starter on defense with the 1st pick and land him. We also know Miami won't have more than 5 WR on the roster most likely. If they do draft another WR or 2, who has to go?

Almost anyone we choose at 12 there will be people saying its too high. We really wont know until 3-4 years from now.
Everyone was saying last year that Vontae had character issues. Everyone was completely wrong.
I do agree that veteran leadership is needed but thats the case with almost ever rookie that comes to the NFL. i disagree that it has to be a wr. Is there a better mentor for qbs AND wr than CP? I doubt it.

Let me think a minute. Hmmm, no.


Also Micah Johnson was clocked as low as 4.71 and as high as 4.81 so he really showed much better than at the combine.

PFT reporting Miami has talked to Antonio Bryants agent, as of now I would much rather take a WR with the second pick then sign or trade for Marshall, draft Dez or bring in Bryant

If by some miracle he falls to the 2nd round (which is not going to happen) take him, but I don't think he is worth the #12 pick...

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If Derrick Morgan is available I'm sure they take him if Berry McCoy and Suh don't happen to fall. I find it difficult for the to pass on Dan Williams too. A quality NT is too valuable to us with Jason out the first 8 games. If they are sold on someone like the NT out of UNC in the 2nd it would make sense to wait. I also dont see a mentor at WR on our roster. A mentor for Dez would be of the highest priority if we was to take him

Armando - I guess this means if Bryant is on the table and we're on the clock there will not be a ton of people looking to make a deal for the pick, huh ?

Oh well - this is our luck.

I guess it'll be Dan Williams for us.

We know Chad Henne is going to be our starter and Pennington is going to be our 3rd stringer. That leaves Pat White and Tyler Thigpen to duke it out for the #2 spot (maybe #3 if Pennington impresses from his injury. So who is theodd man out and what do we do with the odd man out?

Unless White puts about 20 lbs of muscle on Thigpen may be our better option. If they are wanting to use White in Wildcat package, I think Thigpen will be better at that position than White. Someone is going to get traded or cut from our QB's. Question is which one?

McClain is too slow. I would not complain if we got Dez but I would rather trade down for more picks.

mando , by the way . bradford wasn't suspended by the ncaa , hire a butthole agent and continously be late late for practice and games. Total unfair comparison.

crybaby??? LMFAO!! Nothing you say or do on this blog is going to make me "cry". Better luck next time BUFFON OF ALL TIME (NJ)!! It is awful easy to get you worked up and get you going with the award give aways. Don't get to mad NJ

Signed, LMFAO

Boontang , mcclain was expected to run in the 4.7 which isn't bad for a ilb. Johnson ran a 4.99 at the combine and high as 4.81 today which are more his range, .

My take on Bryant is there are too many red flags. This team desperately needs a playmaker WR and counting on a rookie who did not play last year seems to be unrealistic. I think Bryant will turn in to a good WR but not right away. All this makes me upset that we did not focus more on WR in the FA process because our WR corps is among the worst in the NFL. We lack a #1 WR, our only true #2 WRs are Hartline and Ginn while Bess and Camarillo our #3 slot WRs. Patrick Turner -? Who knows, he couldn't even sniff the field despite our dearth of talent at the position. I think it was a mistake not to go harder after Boldin. I know he is not a perfect fit due to age and some injury history but he would have been a huge upgrade. Unfortunately there does not appear to be any real viable FA options out there left. Marshall -? I don't see it happening, too high of a price. Bryant -? We have shown no interest and he has an up and down track record. Ditto on Walter. It looks like another frutstrating year offensively at least in terms of the passing game.

As of now we're missing 4 defensive starters (2 OLB, NT and FS). No way in HELL the phins pick a WR with the first 2 picks in this draft.

NJ - You might want to work on your spelling:


Datajack - If Bryant fell to us in the 2nd (HIGHLY unlikely to happen of course) I think we would take him. I think we will go defense with at least the first 2 picks, but it wouldnt surprise me if they went offense in the 2nd.

Chis Carter retired years ago........(There aren't too many 'Father Figure' receivers currently in the league.)

I REALLY hope that Patrick Turner is breaking his @SS this Off-season.

So, if Micah Johnson runs 4.71 and is slow footed... According to NJ.... What does that make McClain?

This is also year 3 for Bess. We are yet to see the best from him after 70+ catch season and Hartline was become a dynamic option. With the risks involved with Brandon Marshall and Dez I would rather have Marshall if the money was the same.

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Too much of a risk at number 12...so we have to pass. I have a feeling this kid might drop lower than people expect and makes him a worthwhile draft gamble...

We will draft an OLB with the 12th pick unless we trade down to get a NT. 2nd round will be WR or NT depending on how 1st goes.

By the way you might want to work on your punctuation ( wouldnt ? ). WWW. Simpleton.com.

Sign Antonio Bryant already! At the very least, he can be the deep threat the Dolphins need, in case whoever they might pick in the draft doesn't work out. Don't sleep on Patrick Turner either. Thanks, I am O.T.F.D.

Also NJ, the trifecta worked with Eugene Parker quite a bit last offseason. (He's Will Billingsley's agent)

He's also Larry Fitzgerald's agent. You telling me you wouldn't sign Fitz because of his agent?

Marcus . micah johnson is the beat and mcclain stinks. In fact micah should be in the top 15 and mcclain should be in the 3rd -4 round. LOL!!

Armando, as you noted, Bryant would benefit most by having a veteran WR to mentor him. Who would fill that role on the Dolphins? The team has *only* young WRs, who themselves could benefit from a veteran presence. So how could you advocate the Dolphins drafting him when they don't fit the very scenario you (and your source) describe?

I think it's gonna be Brandon LaFell on draft day, sometime in the 2nd round (I anticipate a trade down in the first to add more picks). Willing blocker and good size which will likely end the search for a bigger, more physical starter.

How high is Miami on Lex Hilliard? He wasn't too shabby lasy year when he played. Especially in the preseason. Makes me wonder if they plan to give him a fair shot at getting some carries if Ronnie leaves or gets injured.

WILL BILLINGSLEY ????? That's the great dolphin the tuna has worked with parker ???bwahahahahahahahahahaah. Give me a break !!

AWith the 12th selection, the Miami Dolphins select.... Sergio Kindle, LB Texas.
We need an OLB, he's the cleaar cut best available. Or... we trade down into the 20th (roughly) then draft Dan Williams, while picking up a pick. Call the NY Giants, theyre salivating to draft McClain.

Huh? NJ, I think you have lost it. Just trying to get you to clarify your comments from yesterday. You did say he was slow footed because he ran a 4.9 at the combine... Now he ran better so is he still slow footed? McClain ran something in the same range. You love him... So I'm just trying to make sense of all your comments.

He has worked with him. Why would the guy have to be great in order to work with the guy? You make comments with no facts.

Dez has good hands. but nothing special here. use the 12th on defense. either FS or Graham IMO.

Fact. Michael crabtree !!!

Dezzz Bryant is a bum. He isn't accountable or trustworthy. No way we pick him. Someone like Benn would be great in round 2. Someone like Taylor Price would be good in round 3. I personally think we'll draft defense in the 1st 3 rounds though (NT, OLB, FS), and then sneak in a TE like Pitta in round 4.

He also represented L. Coles and Curtis Martin.... What you got to say about that? Going to tell me their no good too?

Michael Crabtree is one guy... I gave you three. Who wins? Me.

I can see Armando's point, However, I will only say this one time. And I mean it directly to those who are AGAINST Bryant coming to South Florida. Say he is there at #12. Miami pulls a Nancy Reagan and "Just Say's No" are you going to keep your peace for the next 12 to 15 years if this kid tears the NFL a new Alcho-Hole??? OR, are you going to be one of those who is still thrashing this club for not taking Breese back when we had 2 shots at him. I have a damn good memory, I remember how many people did not want Breese to come to Miami. Many were saying at that time "Drew Blew it is San Diego, he'll never amount to nothing" and "He has an injury and will always be a gimp" go ask those guys NOW! and they will SWEAR they laid down in traffic to get the staff to bring Drew in. Dez may not be a fast starter, but he has uncommon skill and football ability. If placed with the right coach... he IS GOING TO BE a super star in this league. That's it... I'll say nothing else... But I will REMEMBER the day Miami had a chance and blew it should that happen.


The agent is just a piece of the puzzle. That isn't the only negative that surrounds Dez Bryant.

Fact. MICHAEL CRABTREE !!! . Last i hears martin and coles aren't on the dolphins. NEXT !!

mannnn that seems like too much work(handling Bryant) no thanks, i dont care what pick it is. if you have to be pushed and woken up and reminded of practice times and meetings and GAME DAY you dont deserve to play in the NFL

What? They were on the Jets... Signed by Parcells... Represented by EUGENE PARKER! Last I heard Crabtree wasn't on the Dolphins either... What sense are you making?

I'm just saying the agent isn't a negative if Parcells has worked with him over the years.

What's perfect is, this could let Bryant slip five or more spots -- but come contract time, he'll still want to be paid like a Top 10 pick. Heck, he even hired the same agent as Crabtree! So if we do take him at 12, be prepared for a lengthy holdout while he waits to get Top 10 money.

Eugene parker is the beat and nicest agent in the world. The dolphins will take Dez Bryant and the tuna and parker will kiss each other in celebration. Ok marcus ??


McClain 4.71 on the second 40.

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