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Dez Bryant 'a kid that really needs guidance'

Oklahoma State's Pro Day is today and Dez Bryant is not participating, according to published reports.

Apparently Bryant is still not ready to run for the scouts after he skipped the workout portion of the Indianapolis Combine last month. Bryant cited a lingering hamstring problem at the Combine and apparently it is still not 100 percent. Remember also that Bryant has not played football since September of 2009 because he was suspended by the NCAA for lying to them.

Bryant's "handlers" are telling people the wide receiver will run at a private Pro Day later this month in his hometowm of Lufkin, Tex.

And I can hear the hand-wringing already from the skeptics: Oh my God, he's not working out again! He will surely be a bust!

Look, the same folks worried that Bryant will be a bust because he didn't work out at the Combine or at his Pro Day have zero criticism of the fact Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford didn't work out at the Combine and skipped Oklahoma's Pro Day on Tuesday.

Bradford will work out for team later this month and no one is ripping him about it, so spare me the drama.

But ...

There are a myriad other reasons to be seriously concerned about Bryant as a draft pick, and more specifically as a possible No. 12 pick in the first round to the Miami Dolphins.

And teams are definitely weighing those concerns as this report in the National Football Post shows. There are teams wondering about Bryant to the point that I spoke to one scout last week that wondered aloud if Bryant might not eventually be taken off the board of some teams, although not his own.

"One of the things I know we've done already is go beyond the field on this kid," the scout told me. "If you don't do that with him, you have no idea what you're getting and how to manage it. He's a kid that had trouble with his grades. He struggled to get eligible. But if you dig you find out it is not because he's stupid but partly because he lived in like three different homes growing up. He was sleeping on the floor some nights. He wasn't exactly nurtured, know what I mean? I can see how grades can suffer."

Anyone that does digging on Bryant will find out his mother had three children by the time she was 18 years old. At the age of 23, she had to give her kids up because she was busted for selling crack cocaine. She served 18 months.

Bryant's father?

No sign of him.

"He's a kid that really needs guidance," the scout told me. "Whatever team takes him is getting a player that has all the tools on the field. But whatever team takes him will have to do a lot of work to make sure he get on the field.

"He would be a good fit for a team that has a strong veteran receiver already on the roster that can take him under his wing. Frankly, it might also be smart to hire somebody to make sure he gets to practice and meetings on time. You might need someone to help him with the playbook. You'll have to watch him early on to teach him how to become a professional. He's nowhere near ready to be a professional right now. He might get there and there might be bumps along with the way. But if you're asking right now, he's not ready to be trusted off the bat in my opinion." 

That will not deter one team. Someone will invest a pick on Dez Bryant. His physical skills and potential are vast. Are the Miami Dolphins that team?

At No. 12?

[Update 2:15 p.m.: Information from Alabama's Pro Day coming in: NT Terrence Cody weighed in at 348-349 depending on whom you believe and did 32 reps of 225 pounds. Linebacker Rolando McClain ran a 4.74 time on some stopwatches in the 40-yard dash.]

[Update 4:15: Dolphins hosted no free agents on Wednesday.]


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Did people hear that McClain have Crohns disease?


It's been mostly nonsense. Pointless trash talk, more Brandon Marshall/Dez Bryant talk.

Thank you bootang

Carlito, u missed nothing, from 7pm on it became the crazy hour, imposters, posers, one person talking to himself...I finally figured it out, the minute I start seeing names I never seen talking trash or someone posing it's time to go and let it play out...

Actually I look forward to the start of baseball and the end of the draft so I can forget about football for 5 months

Thank You Bobbyd12

What do you guys think about McClain and Chrons disease? I think it is bad news, and makes the Dolphins less likely to pick him at 12. He can still be a great player in the NFL even with the disease, but I do feel that it makes him drop out of contention at 12 and Dan Williams is the easy pick if Berry is not there.

So now that Bryant is with the Bungles, how long before we pick up the phone and call Denver and try and talk them out of a 1st round pick for Marshall, say our 2nd this year and a 4th next year (or a 3rd if thats what it takes)???? Get us a receiver Tuna!!!!!!!


lol at your 124 post earlier!

Carlito, personally I had an ex-girlfriend with Crohns and it is a very manageable disease...the guy has had it since high school and yet he was still a Butkus Award winner...IMO the guy has faced adversity and that to me makes him a guy with character and fortitude...It still all comes down to what the Dolphins plan with Dansby, but I wouldn't be upset at all to take Williams at 12 now

carlito you missed that bigafly was a Boxer and Bodybuilder and some kind of pro rugby player. lfmaorotf . take about delusional . 1 , 2 4 . 1 , 2 4.

carlito . she also called you out a few times. 1 2 4 . 1 2 4

I think McClain has shown that it is not that big a deal. He hasn't missed a game. It is not like teams weren't aware of this anyway.

Carlito, BigaFly is allright, he has taken a beating in this blog ever since he started but he has hung in there and I give him credit for that...lots of guys would have folded after all the awards and negatives heaped on them but he keeps plugging away. LOL


Yeah if only he knew anything about football... anything.

Bootang25, u see the one guy who posted who said McClain would drop two rounds because of his Crohns??? IDK what people are thinking at times

Carlito LMAO!! Well, I think he tries, I honestly do but being from Australia I don't think he fully gets the in's and outs of the game, mostly because I'm sure he don't get alot of American football info like we do....and I think he is a young kid

bigafly is arnold amd mike tyson in one. lmfaorotf.


In my daily perusing of this blog, unfortunately I get to read good posts about 8% of the time. I try to figure out who the good posters are, and go from there. While everyone is entitled to their opinion, there is a lot of stupidity. I ignore it. What gets irritating is a good discussion will be going and then somehow someone gets attacked and then it just turns to insult hour.


Our boy Micah really helped himself today from everything I can gather. There were scours from 10 teams there, I have to wonder if we were one of them. Another good thing from today, IMO, was Terrence Cody seemingly ensured himself of being picked before we pick in round 2. This is good as it pushed one more good player down the board.


U guys gating on Cody are going to eat ur words, I'm telling u it's a sad day when we don't want this kid. He was the heart if that d and it frees us up for a first round great pick. Also, can somebody tell me how to get on this blog besides the iPhone app?

Looking at the top 50 players in the draft all I can say is, Miami is going to get at least 2 studs that will be playing here for a long time! So to all the people who want to trade our picks away for B. Marshall, no way, and forget about it ever happening.

Bootang25, it's natural for people to have strong opinions and yea there are some good debates but it does get out of hand...we all want the team to win, it's just how we get there...I'm more of a Parcells fan and I take my point of view after watching the guy for 30 years of what I believe he will do...I mean the guy is pretty predictable after being so sucessful...It's just frustrating knowing how he works and what people want...I mean, maybe he will suprise with a WR deal but he has never done it and I don't see him doing it, so I guess the Marshall/Dez Bryant arguement will go on till something happens

Geez guys. I pray we get dez in this draft. Trade down if we have to idk, as long as he's in aqua and orange by sept. I can already see it. Henne to Bryant!!


I believe it is on the left hand side of the Dolphins page on miamiherald.com

I always use the app, so I'm not 100% sure.

IMHO i don't want dan williams as our first round pick. I would rather see Sergio, I just don't want to see us go for dan Williams or jpp. I watched both of them all year, and I liked mount Cody much better.


Yeah I saw that... 2 pieces of good news!

Inismounts, regular computer, Miami Herald web site/sports/Dolphins and just click on the article that is also posted on the app...it has comments box

Thanks bootang I was just curious in case I don't have my phone and want to get on.

Ole 3 sack Serg...

Thats what they call him

Thanks bobbyd. Also, we've all been talking wr and nt and lb and I get that (especially wr) but does anyone have a clue what this teams going to do about free safety?


Offense is sexy. It is more fun to watch a shootout. I would love for us to be a top 10 passing team, and have many chunk plays. It would be great to have a guy like Marshall, if he didn't have the baggage. We will almost assuredly be going heavy on defense in the draft. It really doesn't even have anything to do with Parcells, just look at our roster and it is obvious we have far more pressing needs on the defense.

Inimounts, so you have no concerns about Cody, who lacks stamina and the heat and humidity of Miami??? Or that with a huge contract he won't just eat himself out of the NFL??? Williams would certainly be a safer pick and we wouldn't have that type of concern, true or not??

There are still alot of receivers that haven't signed yet that may not. Ochocinco is one of them.

Ochocinco is not a free agent smart guy


If Cody were there at 44, I can't say I'd be mad if he were the pick. I have more than a few guys I'd like to see in that spot, but I would know that the front office had faith in him. What the heck do you think Wilfork weighs in at during the season? One of the most notorious players for showing up overweight and out of shape is Casey Hampton, and many people were hoping for this guy. I don't care what the guy weighs, if he is effective. But if he is out of shape to the point where he gives us only 15-20 good plays a game, then I have issue.

That's the thing, they say/said the same about wilfork, and all the other giant nt....I'd dan williams the safer pick? Maybe, but players like Ray mauluga, lendale white, etc who were beasts in college but draft status fell because of this or that....my point is, I think will all the calculation we (the coaches, media, fans) almost forget entirely what these men did every Saturday for four years. I know, Saturdays are different than Sundays, but most times, playmakers are playmakers for a reason.

Free safety is a huge concern now, obviously the trifecta doesn't think Clemons is ready by trying to sign Rolle n Clark...I don't think we can take a chance in the draft by taking another rookie who isn't ready...I think we are going to have to free agent sign someone, who and how good that someone is will be the question

Get the D player in the first(Williams, Mays, etc. ) And get your WR in the 2nd like a Tate or Lafell. If we keep our 2 picks and draft wise I'm willing to bet all of us will be pumped! It's almost a sure thing, that whoever we get will contribute out of the gate.

Carlito I never said he was. we are trying to have an intelligent conversation I'm only going to address u once, stop being such an ass. I live in Ohio half the year and the bengals are my second favorite team, and I can tell U that ochocinco is always on the block, regardless of the extension. The word up here eight now is that he is not happy because he wanted them to sign to and they went with Bryant instead

Again, I just worry because like the altitude in Denver being a factor, the heat and humidity of Miami is also a factor and Mt Cody certainly isn't one that looks like he would enjoy summer games here LOL..but we will know soon enough, 42 days and counting

I could see a realistic scenario playing out where we trade up to #5 with KC to take Eric Berry. Bradford to STL, Okung to DET, Suh or McCoy to TB, and then I don't see WAS taking Berry. Possibly we could swing a deal with KC that wouldn't cost as much as normal. I'm not real big on giving away picks in a super deep draft, but if we could get a friendly deal to move up to 5 and get Berry, I think I'd do it.

If thats the case give them Ginn and a 4th next year for Ocho!

I like that, taking a wr in one f the first two rounds. I like taking a free safety in free agency too, our secondary is way too young as is. Not to harp on the bengals, but I was disappointed a little with our corners, mainly smith, as they didn't get enough picks. Both the bengals corners had six, and that's more than our corners combined. Though it could e because they ha no safety help.

Tell u truthfully the only WR I was really hoping for was Boldin..I thought Parcells might take that shot but he didn't, and he ended up costing too much in the end


Hall ad Joseph have also been in the league for a few years now also. Experience plays a big role for CBs, there is only so many route combinations and routes you can see before you start to pick up all the little nuances of the position. Hall and Joseph are one of the better tandems in the league, and would love to have Smith and Davis reach that point.

Philly I don't see any team coming near ginn. But maybe. They love Ohio players. But for some reason not Ohio state players. For instance, they are or were seriously looking at gilyard even with Bryant and ochocinco (and Andre Caldwell and quan Cosby) already there, because gilyard wants more than anything to be a Bengal, and says he'll take less money to do so.

All I know is that Cody broke the Combine bench press record 225 lbs - 44 times and has dropped a little weight, showing that he wants to play, so I can't knock the kid for making an effort.

I know. They were upse neither made the probowl.


Your information is inaccurate. Cody did not bench at the combine. He did, however, bench today. 22 reps.

Right now at this moment if I was in charge of the draft I would pick Williams at 12, Demetrius Thomas 2nd, Best available OLB or TE rounds 3 and 4...of course that would depend on on getting a FS in free agency, Dansby actually playing ILB, these guys being there etc etc

cody didn't break the combine record for bench press. that's BS.

new blog up girls

We need to pick up another 2nd or 3rd round pick, somehow, someway I don't know how but that would be a tremendous help

Yea Standley, u got that info wrong bubba, chk again

My bad it was Jeff Owens and Petrus who threw down 45. Ty

I would draft in the first dez Bryant second mount cody, Brandon graham, taylory mays (whoevers available third Jimmy Graham (okay that's a wish lol)

You don't need the "a" before myriad. That's not how you use the word.

contradicting, first I read dez is ready all day every day good to go. know i read this S@#t What do you mean he needs some one to take him under there wing!!! B@#Ch is this the guy every one wants in miami????

forget about Dez he is not coming he wont be there at 12 !!!! Marshall is not coming tuna is not known to give up picks. Lets stop dreaming, lets stop hoping. Just focus on the draft golden Tate is going to be our guy!! besides every one talks S@#t about our WR'S but fail to realize that there not that bad after all. Tedd Ginn is bad and. He is like a big fat black dirty cloud sitting on top of our WR'S!

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