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Dez Bryant 'a kid that really needs guidance'

Oklahoma State's Pro Day is today and Dez Bryant is not participating, according to published reports.

Apparently Bryant is still not ready to run for the scouts after he skipped the workout portion of the Indianapolis Combine last month. Bryant cited a lingering hamstring problem at the Combine and apparently it is still not 100 percent. Remember also that Bryant has not played football since September of 2009 because he was suspended by the NCAA for lying to them.

Bryant's "handlers" are telling people the wide receiver will run at a private Pro Day later this month in his hometowm of Lufkin, Tex.

And I can hear the hand-wringing already from the skeptics: Oh my God, he's not working out again! He will surely be a bust!

Look, the same folks worried that Bryant will be a bust because he didn't work out at the Combine or at his Pro Day have zero criticism of the fact Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford didn't work out at the Combine and skipped Oklahoma's Pro Day on Tuesday.

Bradford will work out for team later this month and no one is ripping him about it, so spare me the drama.

But ...

There are a myriad other reasons to be seriously concerned about Bryant as a draft pick, and more specifically as a possible No. 12 pick in the first round to the Miami Dolphins.

And teams are definitely weighing those concerns as this report in the National Football Post shows. There are teams wondering about Bryant to the point that I spoke to one scout last week that wondered aloud if Bryant might not eventually be taken off the board of some teams, although not his own.

"One of the things I know we've done already is go beyond the field on this kid," the scout told me. "If you don't do that with him, you have no idea what you're getting and how to manage it. He's a kid that had trouble with his grades. He struggled to get eligible. But if you dig you find out it is not because he's stupid but partly because he lived in like three different homes growing up. He was sleeping on the floor some nights. He wasn't exactly nurtured, know what I mean? I can see how grades can suffer."

Anyone that does digging on Bryant will find out his mother had three children by the time she was 18 years old. At the age of 23, she had to give her kids up because she was busted for selling crack cocaine. She served 18 months.

Bryant's father?

No sign of him.

"He's a kid that really needs guidance," the scout told me. "Whatever team takes him is getting a player that has all the tools on the field. But whatever team takes him will have to do a lot of work to make sure he get on the field.

"He would be a good fit for a team that has a strong veteran receiver already on the roster that can take him under his wing. Frankly, it might also be smart to hire somebody to make sure he gets to practice and meetings on time. You might need someone to help him with the playbook. You'll have to watch him early on to teach him how to become a professional. He's nowhere near ready to be a professional right now. He might get there and there might be bumps along with the way. But if you're asking right now, he's not ready to be trusted off the bat in my opinion." 

That will not deter one team. Someone will invest a pick on Dez Bryant. His physical skills and potential are vast. Are the Miami Dolphins that team?

At No. 12?

[Update 2:15 p.m.: Information from Alabama's Pro Day coming in: NT Terrence Cody weighed in at 348-349 depending on whom you believe and did 32 reps of 225 pounds. Linebacker Rolando McClain ran a 4.74 time on some stopwatches in the 40-yard dash.]

[Update 4:15: Dolphins hosted no free agents on Wednesday.]


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What's up with all the little kids on here? Who cares who said what, let's talk about football and leave all of the childish behavior to the Jets forums. With that said in a perfect world the Dolphins should trade down as many times possible in the first round (like the browns did last year) and accumulate as many 'extra' picks as they can. When they get to a point that they can't trade down any further they need to send that pick to Denver for Marshall. I don't think it's a coincidence that the Trifecta has not pursued any WR's thus far. They know they must address it and I don't think they will be looking at the draft to do so. Dan Williams would be a terrible pick at 12th overall I much rather have Terrance Cody or Cam Thomas in the 2nd (there is not that far of a drop of between them). The perfect three picks for the Phins would be 1. Marshall 2. Mt. Cody or Cam Thomas 3. Koa Misi from Utah......in the 4th I would take Major Wright if he is still available. OLB will not be that much of a need when if JT comes back and him and Wake are starters, draft an olb in the 3rd and maybe another one in the 5th. Receiver should be the main priority heading into the draft, Brandon Marshall can win games; Dan Williams, Rolando McClain, and Earl Thomas can not.

It's not working ??? It is for ken and tampafin. You said and can't admit even though tha FACTS are right there. You're PATHETC !!! WAHHHHHHH WAAAAAAAAHH WAAAAAHHHH

Hey Indiana:

When you use the phrase "I think they should" there is an inference that you believe it is a good idea. While you technically did not say you want him on Miami, it is inferred in your comment. That is my legal opinion. I think NJ wins this round.

Indiana you might want to just call it a day and come back tomorrow because NJ is going to rag on you all day. Draft DEFENSE with first 3 picks.

THANK YOU KEN !!!!!!!!! He's a big FREAKING CRYBABY that can't admit. Everyone sees wat he said but himself. SAD!!!

Ken - As I 100% agree how that could be inferred that I want TO, I got ccused of specifically saying that I wanted TO. My point to NJ is that I did not spefically say that I WANTED TO like I was accused by the toolbag himself, NJ!!

What can't I admit NJ? I have admitted and even reposted twice exactly what I said. I said "I think they should...", but NEVER did I say "I WANT..."

You know who is not a cry baby, JIMMY GRAHAM.

Go 'canes!


Doesn't people realize by now we will take the best player no matter of what position?????On either side of the ball!!!!!!!

Hey Indiana & NJ:

Sorry I got a run but I have enjoyed this feud. See you guys later.

jimmyfin - I know NJ will rag all day. The funny thing is he thinks I am crying and I have told him there is no way he or anyone could make me "cry" on a blog in which no one even knows who I am. I just like to stir the pot with him and keep him fired up, but anyways my work day is about over...so I AM OUT

Signed, LMFAO!!

Point is Marshall is better at any position that we would get in the 1st rd. He will win games and can catch the ball wherever it is. So why not. We have to have an exceptional player on offense! He should be the guy. GO GET HIM NOW!!!!

If miami ends by some unforseen chance taking dez bryant at 12, then this will eclipse miamis bonehead mistake of taking ted ginn in the first round in the cam camoron era. Think hard about it for a minute ppl, is dez better than ginn, ABSOLUTELY! However the problems he will bring will just redifine another T.O in the making not to mention his hard headedness when it would come to reaching out for a multi year deal contract. Can u say Micheal Crabtree times two. No miami should and probebly will not select dez bryant for the first overall pick. The team that will take bryant will be the team that has depth at receivers because that will at least be a better bargianing chip for that team to negotiate with. Miami would just be subjected to a guy that could sit out the entire 2010 season and still reeling of a #1 go to reciever.


NJ=Douchebag..........You NJ are the King of Kings of all DOUCHEBAGS!!!


We're not picking Bruce Campbell OR Taylor Mays. I think you've been spending too much time watching the Scouting Combine!! How in God's Green Earth does Bruce Campbell do anything for this team? The guy has Oakland Raider written all over him....a guy who impressed at the combine but who will struggle in the NFL. And same with Mays. So the guy can hit and run forward fast. What about all the other things he has to do as an NFL player. I don't think he's got it.

Besides, we have other needs that are more pressing. I think it will be Morgan, JPP or Dan Williams at 12 if we stay there.

we picked Ginn at #9 how much worse can Bryant at #12 be??



Sorry to have stirred things up for you.

My earlier comments were in reference to your post which I gree with:

LOL @ carlito from golfito @ s:48

Jamillion - That is old news about the BUNGALS and has been reported on this blog a few times already...

I wouldn't fully object to TO being a Dolphin. Only a 1 year witha year 2 club option. He would be a quick fix and then our young guys would be able mature and get better. Although TO does come with his DIVA attitude I doubt it happens, but he can still play!

Posted by: Indiana Dolfan | March 10, 2010 at 03:54 PM

I agree that TO could bring some value to the Fins. What would he ask for money wise and would the FO pay it? I have no clue.

Get Marshall and give up Ginn in a trade ( if anyone wants him), Pick up Sharper for a year or two, and then take the best guys left on the board at safety, nt, etc.

The only toolbag around here is you indiana . everybody sees it. YOU SAID YOU WANT MIAMI TO TARGET T.O . IMPLYING YOU WANT HIM !!! You can't be stupid. I win you lose even a outsider like hen told you so


i agree, i would rather waste a draft pick on a guy like marshall or jackson than to take a potential problem holdout in bryant!!!

Our pick in the draft if we keep it, instead of trading down for more picks, will be CJ Spiller, Clemson, who will be converted to WR and will also return punts and kickoffs.

He will also be the motion man in the wildcat.

Ted Ginn Jr. will be traded for a bucket of warm spit.

The deal is Marshall is a proven WR. Remember Ginn + White.. Go for we know what we get! And pick up Brandon Graham if he falls.


No one wins after that.

Am going to go rinse my eyeballs.

Hey Everybody . Indiana says he WANTS T.O but says he didn't say he " WANTS " T.O.

Mardy Gilyard was homeless. No excuses.

Antonio Bryant signs with Cincy bye bye, Marshall will go to Seattle shortly, bye bye and thank God...Mando just tweeted, "no free agent visits today, expect to hear that alot the next couple of weeks"


John in Springs, ZERO chance that 12 will be Spiller

305_PhinPhan, I thought about that today. I'm hearing more and more people talking up Miami and Marshall everyday... Will see what happens... Would be cool if we waited until the draft, the whole first round goes by, we are on the clock in round two and we send that pick to Denver for Marshall... Draft picks are overvalued the closer you get to the draft and definitely on draft day. You can get a future 1 for a 2. If Denver hasn't traded him by the draft, they will be desperate to get rid of him especially when they can have a pick that is on the clock.

Alot of people are saying Marshall needs a change of scenery and displined group like Miami would be good for him.

Man up and get both Bryant and Marshall. Our WR squad are special teamers. We are going nowhere until we have WR talent.


LOL @ LIPS. Indiana is such a simpleton , that he's easy to F around with and play with his pean brain . It's fun , you should try it. Here , his telling everybody he wants to but never said he wants to even though he wrote dowm what he said indicating he did say that. Ken called him out but he still denies it. It F'n Hilarious.

Guess we need to except everyone's opinion, as being the nature of this blog and realize we all have an ability to be piss other people off. But in the end we all just want to move on and get the Fins in a winning position!!! Go Fins

NJ and b12,

Now that it looks like we wont be bringing in a WR via Free Agency,do you guys know if there are any WR's in this years draft that will contribute in a big way for us? I know it generally takes WR's around 3 years to really blossom in the NFL but do you guys think we can get an instant elite WR in the draft?

marshall will be in seattle next year marcus, not in the south beach, sorry to thump your hopes and dreams on that happening.

I read in a different blog that Broncos Marshall has been involved in multiple domestic violence incidents.

This would probably be a major PR issue any team wanting him would have to investigate and clarify. Many fans could be turned off by it.

He definitely is talented but I don't believe the Fins are going to give up a 1st and a 3rd round pick for him. This guy's baggage makes TO look like an "altar boy".

IMO Indiana make an interesting point: hire T.O. to make our CB better. Up to now T.O. is very egoist, but if he don´t make an agreement with the bengals his ego might drop down, he will need acceptance, and then ask to him : Do you will sign for the primary purpose help develop your teammates? if the answer is no, well.. Ok. If the answer is yes well, he knows what is his task from the beginning.

Dammit NJ, I didn't want a recap, I just read it all and rinsed my eyes. Now I have to do it again. ;)

Pea brain

D. Thomas second round and Patrick Turner gets his opportunity to show if he is the "real deal""

Wow... Some new information out on Rolando McClain... He has Crohn's disease... It made him stop his workout earlier today because he became ill... He takes medication for it. That may explain why he loafs sometimes in games...


WTF is wrong with some of u on this T.O. BS. This guy is a zit ready to pop everytime you dont throw him the ball and even when you do he may or may not cath it then. Not the answer to our growing receiver problem, Face it ppl, we may be stuck with another year of the ronnie and ricky wilpat show once again!!!

Marshall in South Beach with Will Allen, drunk Allen beeps at a female police officer telling him he has to go, then Marshall gets out of the car and smacks her around...

Mark , there are alot of good wr's that will be availible in rounds 2-4. I gave you some the other day if i remember correctly. Wr's are very hard to predict for the NFL . So i really can't give you a wr that would make a impact tight away. Who knows.

lol @ bobbyd12

There will have to be some Immodium on the sideline if we draft McClain now.

If you held a gun to Parcells head and told him he had to pick Marshall or Bryant or die.

He'd say, don't miss.

Bob..Being from the OC got to watch Turner play a lot. Could never figure out why they drafted him. Always dropped the big ball and never really showed his stuff. Guess maybe now is the time if he really has it.. Got to wonder on the USC guys. Never really seem to fulfill the potential on the offensive side..


I liked what you had to say at 5:07 post. Maybe the trifecta's strategy in this whole thing is to not show their cards and wait until the price for Marshall comes down. I don't believe there will be a lot of suitors for his services. Assuming Seattle is one team, who else out there might consider him. Chicago? No first or second this year and they just overspent on Peppers. Cincinatti just filled their needs and there are a lot of teams that either won't give up the compensation or feel that their receiving core is set. So assuming Marshall gets traded (and I think he will be), where does everybody think he might end up? There are a number of teams you can cross off because they are just too far away and have too many needs (Detroit, Rams, Buffalo) and others who are all set. Thoughts?.....

Mark, NJ is right for once.... Just kidding...

Mark , did you know that indiana would like miami to target TO for the team but never said he would like or want TO on the team ???

I think you have to say we must sign sharper in FA

And solve the WR issue with marshall

If we can send a 2011 1st round pick i say do it---b//c when we play well this year and make the playoffs that pick will be a late 1st rounder

If you could add sharper and marshall and not give up any picks this year --i think it lets us have a major draft---

I also think we will add picks by trading Ginn, and a QB prob Thigpen(whi i like alot reminds me of romo)

For every1 that is crazy about not givn up pics i understand but this draft is one of the most talented drafts in a long time---and has more talent then next years or last years---so our picks in 2010 are more valuable then 2011

Take morgan or jpp at 12---
you have filled olb, wr, safety---

All we have to adress is a young nose tackle---

And we could possibly add a 3rd and a 4th or 5th with the ginn and thigpen trades---

So you are looking at 1 need left in Nose tackle--with possibly 5 picks in the rounds 2-5

That looks promising to me to have a huge 2010 season

One name im looking to solve NT is Anthony montegomery from redskins---massive NT--6"6 330---has had 1 yer of experiece that he played alot and performed well with some experience---he has a 5th round tender and he has only been in the league 4 years--- i see him as the same type of prospect as a lival joseph or cam thomas and we could get him for lower draft pick with a 5th

NT @ #12.

Thats all.

LOL @ Cocoajoe

We don't have a 5th would have to work out a trade


go rinse your meatballs ,you are sitting on the front of the computer all day .

Craig Miller, there is a REASON that most teams are not intersested in Marshall, he is a disaster in the locker room...do u believe that if Marshall had ANY redeeming qualities Nolan would have already told Parcells to at least interview him????

And according to other league insiders, you'll need his babysitter to get him up and on time to practices, team meetings, and games...that's right, games...apparently, he has a problem making it to games on time. It's too bad he had a rough upbringing, but this organization isn't a charity, it's a business. Last time I checked, the Miami Dolphins weren't in the business of paying millions of dollars to gifted athletes who can't motivate themselves enough to get to their jobs on time...especially the one day when they are supposed to earn their paycheck the most.

Craig, who knows? Seattle needs their picks... That's why I think they sent Marshall packing... And he said it might take up til the draft to figure out the contract and such... Naw, Seattle will wait until they are on the clock and see who is available or trade down and pick up more picks before sending it to Denver... I really don't have a clue to who would trade for Marshall... You can always say the Raiders but Denver won't trade him there... Someone with a really strong willed QB or coach... I really think it is a no brainer for the Jets... I think you will hear alot more chatter draft week... I betchu all the teams are thinking of doing the same thing we are saying... Wait until the draft.

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