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Dez Bryant 'a kid that really needs guidance'

Oklahoma State's Pro Day is today and Dez Bryant is not participating, according to published reports.

Apparently Bryant is still not ready to run for the scouts after he skipped the workout portion of the Indianapolis Combine last month. Bryant cited a lingering hamstring problem at the Combine and apparently it is still not 100 percent. Remember also that Bryant has not played football since September of 2009 because he was suspended by the NCAA for lying to them.

Bryant's "handlers" are telling people the wide receiver will run at a private Pro Day later this month in his hometowm of Lufkin, Tex.

And I can hear the hand-wringing already from the skeptics: Oh my God, he's not working out again! He will surely be a bust!

Look, the same folks worried that Bryant will be a bust because he didn't work out at the Combine or at his Pro Day have zero criticism of the fact Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford didn't work out at the Combine and skipped Oklahoma's Pro Day on Tuesday.

Bradford will work out for team later this month and no one is ripping him about it, so spare me the drama.

But ...

There are a myriad other reasons to be seriously concerned about Bryant as a draft pick, and more specifically as a possible No. 12 pick in the first round to the Miami Dolphins.

And teams are definitely weighing those concerns as this report in the National Football Post shows. There are teams wondering about Bryant to the point that I spoke to one scout last week that wondered aloud if Bryant might not eventually be taken off the board of some teams, although not his own.

"One of the things I know we've done already is go beyond the field on this kid," the scout told me. "If you don't do that with him, you have no idea what you're getting and how to manage it. He's a kid that had trouble with his grades. He struggled to get eligible. But if you dig you find out it is not because he's stupid but partly because he lived in like three different homes growing up. He was sleeping on the floor some nights. He wasn't exactly nurtured, know what I mean? I can see how grades can suffer."

Anyone that does digging on Bryant will find out his mother had three children by the time she was 18 years old. At the age of 23, she had to give her kids up because she was busted for selling crack cocaine. She served 18 months.

Bryant's father?

No sign of him.

"He's a kid that really needs guidance," the scout told me. "Whatever team takes him is getting a player that has all the tools on the field. But whatever team takes him will have to do a lot of work to make sure he get on the field.

"He would be a good fit for a team that has a strong veteran receiver already on the roster that can take him under his wing. Frankly, it might also be smart to hire somebody to make sure he gets to practice and meetings on time. You might need someone to help him with the playbook. You'll have to watch him early on to teach him how to become a professional. He's nowhere near ready to be a professional right now. He might get there and there might be bumps along with the way. But if you're asking right now, he's not ready to be trusted off the bat in my opinion." 

That will not deter one team. Someone will invest a pick on Dez Bryant. His physical skills and potential are vast. Are the Miami Dolphins that team?

At No. 12?

[Update 2:15 p.m.: Information from Alabama's Pro Day coming in: NT Terrence Cody weighed in at 348-349 depending on whom you believe and did 32 reps of 225 pounds. Linebacker Rolando McClain ran a 4.74 time on some stopwatches in the 40-yard dash.]

[Update 4:15: Dolphins hosted no free agents on Wednesday.]


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NYScott, we are not giving up are number one pick, after 30 years people are delusional if they believe 1. Parcells would want Marshall 2. He would trade a number one pick for Marshall 4. He would spend big money on a receiver like Marshall wants

all you morons who think we shouldnt draft Bryant is a freaking moron!!! hes in the top 5 players in the whole draft!!!

Bidafly , anybody with half a brain knows who's right and what indians said. mark and ken tpld you so. WE all know your just mad because you're a daily member of the BUFFOON POST OF THE DAY. In fact we nominated you for THE BUFFOON HALL OF FAME !!!

Now sean, why AND THE CUBAN MEANS WHY would you say such stupid things???

LOL @ getterdone. lets hope eric berry doesn't have it ot because he's no 1 on my list before mclain . It didn't bother mclain in route to winning the butkus award as best LB in the country.

Bobby 1,2,4 ?????lol.......are we forgetting about the poor # 3 again????lol.....

Craig Miller, honestly, I am not discouraged...Parcells knows how to build Champions, his style does not include guys like Marshall and until his philosophy no longer works then I trust he is doing what's best and it will work

I'm using the BigaFly counting program, so yes 3s out :)

Maybe Marshall can play OLB when the defense is on the field (sarcasm)? Or we can pick someone up in the second round to play OLB and hope he can contribute in his first season? And then we can pick up a DT in the 3rd and 4th and groom him for 2 years while we rely on Solai? How did the Dolphins score over 70 points on the best defense in the league last year without a premier WR? Quite the mystery. But the Jets still almost beat us in both games because OUR DEFENSE SUCKS! There are just too many holes to fill on defense for us to be worrying about an offense that ranked in the middle of the league even after losing our starting C,LG,RB,QB, AND 3rd down RB. We don't even have a starting FS or NT (Solai is a back up and don't even try to say otherwise) and the OLB position is an absolute f***ing mess. Keep the first pick.

i completly agree!!!!! the answer really is right in front of parcells... if you look at each game from last season, and replaced, or had DEZ BRYANT in at reciever instead of ginn we would have seen catches not drops, plus very good y.a.c. that would have freed up the other skill posistions! Moss made culpepper, and definetly makes brady better then what he is... DEZ could be the best reciever in the league from day 1, a no brainer, game changer. he is the safest pick in the draft. parcells fixed the quarterback drought, and now he's going to fix the reciever drought! that's why the tuna is Mr. Football! I just hope dez is a parcells guy. Dez is so good that he will make that much of a differnce. what parcells needs to do is make a deal for the top 5 or less pick in this years draft, without loosing our #12 pick, and we could have reciever and d tackle asnwered, and two solid answers at that! no guess work here, getting two premeir players at the two most needy positions is woth our #3,#4,#5,#6... by the way what did our 3,4,5,6,7 get us last year?? pat white?!?

OK , Ladies ( bigafly ) and Gentleman ( where?) i'm out til later.

Ok guys,it's time for bed. Have a good night fellas :)

Budtki, Is that before or after he get suspended after run-ins with the law?????

Craig pick your poison. Do you want to go through the season with a number one receiver, have your offensive rankings jump a bit but have one of the worst ranked defenses in the league again? Or do you go through the season without a true #1, still around middle of the pack offensively, but have a much improved defense?

So what's the answer on offence bobbyd? You are hopefully not going to tell me we're going with the same guys? So we draft a guy in the second or third round? And how long do we wait for him to develop? So let's say Hartline contrbutes more and let's say Bess is at least as could as this past year. Then what? Are we hoping Turner shows up? How much can we realistically expect him to help? 400-500 yards, 2-3 TDS. None of it is enough. I think it's time to go for broke. Bring in a guy who can give up 1200-1400 yards and 9-12 TDS. Thats what we need. These 15-18 play drives EVERY game is not what's going to take us to the next level. Ireland already said 'we need playmakers'. So WHO are the playmakers?

bobby I KNOW we're not giving up our #1. I'm trying to figure out why anyone would think we are and/or why it would be a good idea.

Agree with NYScott, the Defense was horrendous, and that's being kind to Horrendous defenses everywhere.....


You can't HELP Bobbyd12.Have you ever seen a DICK WITH EARS? That would be Bobbyd12. plus MAJOR WIND BLOWS BETWEEN HIS EARS. Because theres NO ONE HOME. Theres more where this came from. STAY TUNED>

Well NJ, if you remember, David Garrard has Crohn’s disease too.
He had a major surgery with it where they removed a good portion of his intestines a few seasons back.
To his credit, he is still playing, even tho he is still fighting it.
Don't think there is a cure, I believe you just have to be careful and manage it with meds, etc.
But, that still now makes McClain a risk no matter how you slice it.
I didn't want him at the 12 spot anyways, but I still feel bad for him anyways.
Maybe the irony of the whole thing is now he could be landed by Miami in say the 3rd-4th rd, alot will depend on his medical prognosis by team doctors.

OK , Ladies ( bigafly ) and Gentleman ( where?) i'm out til later.

Posted by: NJ PHIN FAN | March 10, 2010 at 06:20 PM

Service call??????????:)

The NFL will be too much for Dez Bryant to handle. He's got pac-man Jones written all over him.

Yeah , going to service your woman.

Craig seriously man, you do realize our offense was not the problem last year right? Check out the rankings guy and then tell me and bobby why you want to ignore our putrid defense to take a question mark WR. I'm just not understanding the logic of making a middle of the road offense better by ignoring your last place defense. It seriously makes no sense and in all of your arguments and questions you have yet to come up with a logical solution to shoring up the D.

randy moss was a diva at marshall and remember he wasnt allowed to play at florida st. slipped to the 20's after jimmy johnson traded the dolphins pick and moss fell to the spot the dolphins could have had him. a diva YES, but a heck of a WR. take bryant if he is deemed worthy and only the brass knows that.

Yeah , going to service your woman.

Posted by: NJ PHIN FAN | March 10, 2010 at 06:31 PM

Cool, bring some beer and I'll see you in 20 minutes.......

getterdone. 3rd or 4rth round ???? LMFAO !!!!!!! Now i really gotta go . see ya

I didn't mean to get this started. Just be mature adults thats it.


I'm not saying the defence wasn't horrendous....it absolutely was!! Dansby helps but he is only the beginning. I agree with all the areas you mentioned and I agree that OLB is a mess!!

I am NOT saying give up the first pick. I think you may have missed the earlier conversation. I'm saying, what I'm finding frustrating is the fact that we haven't even looked into what Marshall would cost. It doesn't HAVE to be a first. But to not look into it is nothing more than stubborness and irresponsibility. They owe it to the fans to pursue every avenue. I think it's nothing more than arrogance on Parcells part. We sat on the sideline with Boldin, same with with Bryant and we've done nothing about Marshall....and yet it's one of our biggest needs. My God, when we the last time we had a 1000 yard receiver? Chambers a few years ago? That's not good enough!! Explore every avenue and then say he's not worth it!!

LMFAO !!!! @ CUBAN MENACE. You got it . :)

Craig Miller, why??? Why do u think it's necessary to have that so called "playmaker"??? It wasn't our offense that lost those last four games, it was a horrific DEFENSE that kept putting us in a hole...I just disagree with u, we have outstanding running backs...now do we need to upgrade WR and TE, absolutely, do we need to bring in guys like Brandon Marshall or Dez Bryant to do that, giving up draft picks and huge contracts??? NO, not in MY opinion...From today till April 24th we will find out whether ur right or I'm right...

Armando, the difference is Bradford had an injury during a game and is rehabing, Dez had the yr off and has a injury for whatever reason, I dont know about you but I dont think I would draft a kid at #12 that I have to pay millions of dollars too and then hire someone to babysit him.....if this was the 18 or later pick then it might be worth it.

Craig, with all due respect, how do you know they haven't looked into aquiring Marshall?

Reports say Dez Bryant was badly out of shape and is hoping by the 25th he will be in better shape..LMAO. Can we say LATE first round minus millions of dollars??

NY SCott,

You haven't read my posts properly. The defence is the NUMBER ONE priority.....totally agree!! It's what got us killed in our games against New Orleans, Indy, Pittsburgh, Buffalo and Houston....we couldn't stop anyone. That's going to be fixed!! We've made one move to help that already....more will come through FA and the draft. What I'm saying is, to not go INVESTIGATE what it would have cost to bring these WRs to Miami is irresponsible and arrogant. They give us lip-service that they are going to get play-makers and then sit on their hands while guys get snapped up.

Again, no one can answer ONE simple question, "If Marshall is so great why is there not 31 teams scrambling to get him?"

At least it wasn't Ed Zachary disease.

LMAOROTF Coco, one of the hilarious post I'VE SEEN IN YEARS......

Can someone tell bobbyd12 that his VILLAGE CALLED AND THERE IDIOT IS MISSING?

I just hope that with all the new changes in the Defense ie. coaches, scheme and new ilb/captain Dansby, that the FO makes the right moves and selections that solidify our team. I agree that we have alot of holes and that it would be nice to have Marshall or any WR "Playmaker" but Defense still wins championships. If we can build a dominating "D" than with improved QB and Wr play we will improve and will grow into a force to be recongned with.

NY Scott,

Have you heard any inkling that we have even looked into a single wide receiver so far? There might have been something today about Bryant....that's it. I'm not saying these guys are the answer....but it's a need and these things aren't being explored. Even NE looked into Boldin and their receiving group is much better than ours.

My only point bobbyd, our offence doesn't scare anybody. I'm not so sure our running backs are 'outstanding'. They are good, maybe even very good. But this will likely be it for both of them. Brown can't make it through a whole season without getting hurt and Williams was worked hard down the stretch last year and has said this will be it. The Jets now have a couple of good shutdown corners and there's another reason to get a playmaker. And don't forget bobbyd, this idea of getting a playmaker is not my words, it's come from the FO.

So what I'm saying is, don't just give us lipaction....do something about it!! And AGAIN....I know our defence caved and cost us key games last year. It's our achilles.....AGREED!!! Doesn't mean we can't fix it AND still get a playmaker at WR.

Wouldn't have Marshall been "great" for Joe Flacco?? They signed Boldin..How bout Cincy, uh signed Antonio Bryant..Well Seatlle, uh, we will take our time on this one...the guy is POISON around this league, there is alot more going on with this guy then us as fans know

LOL @ cocoajoe
True dat! Looks like it got Nancy Pelosi though.

cuban did you google ed zachery disease and Dr Chang like me.

Bobby, If they dont take Him(Seattle)(Marshall) I dont know where this future Serial killer will end up... Maybe Detroit, Cincinnati maybe??

Cuban, u would think Jay Cutler and Chicago would be doing everything possible to get him??? NOT

Indy, No I actually knew that one and I'am still laughing at that one..


31 teams aren't chasing Marshall because 31 teams don't need Marshall. Take away Denver and the stubborn trifecta that we have here and that leaves 30 teams. Teams like Buffalo, St. Louis and the Raiders etc....have too many holes to fill....so they are out. Then you look at teams like Indy, Arizona, New Orleans etc....they are all set at the WR spot. And then you have teams like Baltimore, Philadelphia and Cincinatti who have just added to their WR corps. So, I'm not sure there are that many teams that could use Marshall, so I think that's going to be the interesting part. I'm pretty sure Denver will want to move this guy but I don't think there will be many teams bidding for him. You would think that would drive down the price.

But you don't really care about that because he's an offensive player and you don't want him here....right?

When you guys asked me shut bobbyds PIE HOLE, WELL I DID. If you guys ever need me, SIMPLY ASK. You have my number. I knew you were a SISSY BOY Bobbyds12. Chill My Brothers.

Bobby, Chicago frowns on Serial killers, though I hear Wisconsin tolerates them....

Alright, this is for allthe Marshall people. What team is he currently on? Denver. He has put up 3 tremendous stat seasons in a row. How many times has that team been to the playoffs? None. And you could argue Cutler is better than Henne (though I wouldn't) So answer me a few questions Brandon Marshall guys.

1. Why are the Broncos trying to get rid of this amazing all-world WR?

2. Look at the Broncos first week moves so far. Jamal Williams, Justin Bannan, Jarvis Green, Nate Jones. Why all these defensive guys?

The answers to those questions are Marshall is very much part of the problem, not the solution. And the Broncos (much like us) were very bad on D last year.

Bravo, Well said, B13.

So by your rational bobbyd, there must be something wrong with Boldin and Bryant as well because we didn't end up pursuing EITHER of those guys. What you are saying is because a team doesn't end up signing a guy or because they go in a different direction it means there's something wrong with Marshall. Good thinking!!

And forget about Chicago. They have no first or second this year and just overpaid for Peppers.

I think Dez will be gone before 12, which is good for us. This guy never had to learn to run routes in college. He was faster, bigger, stronger then any c.b. and for the most part he just had to run go routes and whoever was chucking it could throw it up and he would catch it. Also he isn't the brightest of prospects, how will he adjust to having to learn the pro-style offense being surronded by a reciever corps that is young, and without a veteran leader to show him the ropes.

Bobbyd13 For SHERIFF.

We of all teams should know having the awesome QB and passing game doesn't mean postseason success. Dan Marino is the best passer of all time, and yet no championships. Look at the great WRs playing today that don't have much success to speak of. Bradon Marshall. Andre Johnson. Calvin Johnson. Stats are good for fantasy football, but there is much more needed to be successful.

The best thing you've put out to date Bootang.....

Craig Miller, if Marshall is the Premier receiver then why did Cinn and Baltimore pass??? And you say Buffalo and St Louis etc have too many holes to fill??? Well so do we, receiver is not one of the major holes to fill, our defense is...to give up a first round pick is ridiculous when our D needs so much...and please don't tell me even good teams can't use a "premeir" receiver, only one team won the Superbowl...Marshall is poison


No plungie award??

Though New Orleans has some good recievers.....

And that's fine Bootang...I agree with you. But don't tell me that Denver has missed the playoffs last year solely because of Marshall. If he was the problem they would have gotten rid of him three years ago. They are trying to get rid of him for the same reason they go rid of Cutler....he doesn't want to be there.

Personally I think Denver is a mess. I was shocked when they started 6-0 last year and wasn't shocked when they bottomed out at the end of the season and missed the playoffs. Their head coach is a power hungry little man who hasn't earned any of his players respect and proceeded to alienate many of the vets. Is it any coincidence that their TE Scheffler wants out of town too? But Denver became a mess when Shanahan was there too, hence the reason he was fired. Like previous regimes here, they missed on multiple draft picks and chose poorly in free agency. I hope your not going to blame that on Marshall too.....

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