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Dez Bryant 'a kid that really needs guidance'

Oklahoma State's Pro Day is today and Dez Bryant is not participating, according to published reports.

Apparently Bryant is still not ready to run for the scouts after he skipped the workout portion of the Indianapolis Combine last month. Bryant cited a lingering hamstring problem at the Combine and apparently it is still not 100 percent. Remember also that Bryant has not played football since September of 2009 because he was suspended by the NCAA for lying to them.

Bryant's "handlers" are telling people the wide receiver will run at a private Pro Day later this month in his hometowm of Lufkin, Tex.

And I can hear the hand-wringing already from the skeptics: Oh my God, he's not working out again! He will surely be a bust!

Look, the same folks worried that Bryant will be a bust because he didn't work out at the Combine or at his Pro Day have zero criticism of the fact Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford didn't work out at the Combine and skipped Oklahoma's Pro Day on Tuesday.

Bradford will work out for team later this month and no one is ripping him about it, so spare me the drama.

But ...

There are a myriad other reasons to be seriously concerned about Bryant as a draft pick, and more specifically as a possible No. 12 pick in the first round to the Miami Dolphins.

And teams are definitely weighing those concerns as this report in the National Football Post shows. There are teams wondering about Bryant to the point that I spoke to one scout last week that wondered aloud if Bryant might not eventually be taken off the board of some teams, although not his own.

"One of the things I know we've done already is go beyond the field on this kid," the scout told me. "If you don't do that with him, you have no idea what you're getting and how to manage it. He's a kid that had trouble with his grades. He struggled to get eligible. But if you dig you find out it is not because he's stupid but partly because he lived in like three different homes growing up. He was sleeping on the floor some nights. He wasn't exactly nurtured, know what I mean? I can see how grades can suffer."

Anyone that does digging on Bryant will find out his mother had three children by the time she was 18 years old. At the age of 23, she had to give her kids up because she was busted for selling crack cocaine. She served 18 months.

Bryant's father?

No sign of him.

"He's a kid that really needs guidance," the scout told me. "Whatever team takes him is getting a player that has all the tools on the field. But whatever team takes him will have to do a lot of work to make sure he get on the field.

"He would be a good fit for a team that has a strong veteran receiver already on the roster that can take him under his wing. Frankly, it might also be smart to hire somebody to make sure he gets to practice and meetings on time. You might need someone to help him with the playbook. You'll have to watch him early on to teach him how to become a professional. He's nowhere near ready to be a professional right now. He might get there and there might be bumps along with the way. But if you're asking right now, he's not ready to be trusted off the bat in my opinion." 

That will not deter one team. Someone will invest a pick on Dez Bryant. His physical skills and potential are vast. Are the Miami Dolphins that team?

At No. 12?

[Update 2:15 p.m.: Information from Alabama's Pro Day coming in: NT Terrence Cody weighed in at 348-349 depending on whom you believe and did 32 reps of 225 pounds. Linebacker Rolando McClain ran a 4.74 time on some stopwatches in the 40-yard dash.]

[Update 4:15: Dolphins hosted no free agents on Wednesday.]


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I see Greg Z is back with his "man crush" on me...

And Indy.....

And Minnesota...

That guy is way to funny (B13). Put the badge on him. Make this your blog bobbyd13. Your a blast man.


I agree. PIT had Hines Ward, the Giants had Plax, NO had a variety of weapons. But the year before Bress threw 5000 yards and they went 8 and 8. It was the defense forcing many turnovers that helped put NO over the top.

Just like the other ass-hole Sean, just needs to mention my name to make himself feel "good" LMAO

True Boo, It also helped that they'd jump out to a 21 to 3 lead half-way through the second quarter, They were good, I remember watching the phins game and saying when Brees scored right before half time to make it 21 to 10 that miami was going to loose.....Go Defense in the draft......

Rolando McClain stunned the pro scouting fraternity when he disclosed after he became ill during the Tide’s pro day today that he has had Crohn's Disease, an inflammatory intestinal condition, since his freshman year in high school. He still ran well 4.71 in the 40, this poses a red flag and could drop a few rounds in my opinion.

Case man, Jeralid, Bobbyd13, one guy talking to himself, enjoy ur conversation with urself


I blame none ofthat on Marshall. My point is how do you get better by getting rid of a guy like that? Unless you feel he is more of a problem than solution. I am not a big time Marshall hater, I like the guy, he just is not what Parcells does. Does that make it right or ok to not even look at him? I don't know the answer tothat. What I do know is after the crap we saw the last 10 years, commencing with a 1-15 season, I can give Parcells a pass when looking where we are today.

Craig M.,

Marshall is visiting Seattle now. Denver wants a 1st round pick for him. The Fins will most likely pick defense with that pick (someone that can start from day one). Someone said in an earlier post that if he's still available on draft day someone will offer Denver a 2nd round pick which could be a steal (makes sense).

I mentioned earlier that I read that Marshall has had multiple domestic violence incidents with more than one woman. This would be a PR issue that any team concerned about their image would have to deal with. They'd need to do some serious investigating because it would turn off many fans (especially women fans).

If he can be picked up for a 2nd round pick and says he's getting help for his violence issues, who knows.


I like to think we're a little further along than Buffalo than St. Louis. My God Buffalo hasn't made the playoffs in like over ten years and have question marks at QB, offensive line, running back, head coach, owner and even which country they want to stay in. St Louis is no better, with no franchise QB and little defence. If we are truly as bad as those guys then there is NO hope!!

I have never said trade our first round pick. But unlike you, I don't believe the guy is poison. My argument has been, if the FO is any good at all, they should be exploring all avenues.

CV, the guy has Crohns Disease which is very manageble and didn't stop him from winning the Butkus Award but will drop him a couple rounds????? LMAO that's just stupid, u win the Sean-Greg Award for stupidity tonite

You could not stand it (B12). Just lika DOG in heat. Here you come GAY BOY.


Darren Sharper was a HUGE piece of that team. He is one of the big reasons I am so high on E Thomas. NO was not rated very high statistically on D, but they forced a ton of turnovers, and I think in today's game you have to have guys that can cover in both your LB and secondary. It sure is easy to playdefense and jump routes when the other team is one dimensional, so there offense helpe there defense too.


Had to Google Ed Zachary disease.

LMAO. Never heard of that one but think I might have a slight case of it.

Armando needsto try and get google to advertise on this blog lmao.


Your last comment about Parcells is a fair and accurate comment. I supposed at the end of the day us fans and the city of Miami owe him and his team a lot of thanks and gratitude for turning things around. It's just a little disconcerting to realize that we may not be all that far away (and I know I'll get blasted for that) but New Orleans was 8-8 at this point last year and I think we have and will have a lot of good pieces in place this year.

I'm out guys.....have a good night!!

Craig Miller, we can go back n forth all night about this I'm not going to do it..Parcells won't touch Marshall and that's what I believe...We are wasting our time..like I said, one of us will be right and very soon

Hey Bobbyd12,


Thank You, B13.

Why is there still talk about Marshall being a dolphin???

It's not going to happen......

Would be happy if our first three rounds looked like.....

1- Dan Williams

2- Jerry Hughes (If he is gone, Ricky Sapp)

3- Reshad Jones (FS from Georgia)

Boo, Like I said when your ahead 21 to 3 in the second Quater you know there passing(Except the fins last year VS New Orleans)and there "D" sits back and just waits for Ints, They were a very Talented group dont get me wrong, But the Fins have maybe 1 or 2 players that would make The saints team,Indy Or Minn. team, that's how bad the fins "D" was last year, let's hope Nolen is the answer ........And yes the fins need some Wide outs, no Question about that, but if the ship has a huge hole and a small hole in it you patch up the huge hole first... Right????

Hey CM,

Where is ALoco? JK

The issue and concerns with Des Bryant sound just like the ones with Randy Moss when the Vikings picked him 21st in 1998. He was paired up with Chris Carter, and I think that went fairly well. Yes I agree that Des will need to be mentored extensively his first few years. We do not have the luxury of a Chris Carter on the roster, so why not hire a personal assistant for him. Consider it money well spent if he works out to his potential. Also bring in players both active and retired to talk to him about the pressures and risks of being and NFL player. Just think; if we do pick him and he shows the explosiveness everyone says he has, our receiver problems would be a thing of the past and this would be a major piece in the Super Bowl puzzle.


Aloco is in JAIL.


You don't see any offensive guys in my wishes for any of the first 3 rounds, so I agree 100% Mike Nolan and Greg Williams are both notorious for there attacking style. If you swtiched Pasqualoni and Williams, the defense results would have been a lot different. NO would have been nowhere near as good on D. So Mike Nolan is a huge piece for us.

PRINTTTTT Sean PRINTtttttt buy more copy paper dick print print print print print...z

jerald is a name for inmate in a beautiful cell in a dirty jail .

Starting to sound like there will be 3 NTs taken in the 1st Round of the draft and we better get one of them. No debate. Cody lost another 5Lbs and that will get em into the 1st rnd more than likely. We have to pick NT.

LOL CM. Never mind.

Print, print, print, print Sean...print print print print print print show me ur man crush on me print print print

To go for Bryant, we better package Merlin Phillips and Ginn for Marshall and a Denver late pick

This kid is a monster! I mean cmon he was beating DB's on one leg!.

I know the issue he had growing. I know I had many of those issue and many of my friends and family ca relate. I think the kid will have to have someone be thereto show him the way. A kid like that with millons he will need help.

From a player stand point you can see the fear in DBs eyes when lined up against him, he remind me of A.boldin. The kind can play and will be a great if taken care of.

Don't know if the dolphins are those type of coachs to make the kind feel like he has father figure around to help him, but he would be a delight on the field.

There he is... Aloco, how much more busier are you since Sub-way went to the Five dollar foot-long sub???? I bet your swarmed.....


There will be no quality NTs in the 2nd round, Must draft NT in the 1st. Dez is not an option.




lmao @ CM

Too many red flags on D Bryant A Bryant signed 4 yr 28 mil. Let WR controversy begin. Mt Cody down to 348 and looking agile at Bama pro day. I know this isn't a popular position but believe he will be better NT than D Williams.

I"m smiling out loud bobbyd13. God man you piss him off big time. B13- you are the REAL DEAL.

Ok, chickenshyt coward who impersonates others is here, I'm out....anybody posting under BobbyD12 the rest of the night is this piece of shyt...goodnight


Looks like you are dropping the ball with the imposters.

earl thomas phsically doesnt match up to darren sharper---darren sharper 6"2 210---wih long arms---earl thomas knock is when he goes against bigger more talented offenses will his body hold up---i think he is risky----much rather sign sharper and wait till next year for safety this years class is the deepest---

Get a pass rusher at 12 or trade it


Might as well have a Beer.

Mando should do some thing bout these LIL ball MFers.

I like the in depth stuff. I would like an update on Patrick Turner. I know the Kid has talent. I want to hear if he trains in the off season like Jerry Rice or TO. or if he is going to settle for practice squad stuff and just live off what we signed him for until we cut him. Our Drafts have not been so great under Bill. Our defensive line is below average at best. Our line backing crew is average also. Dansby looked good in Zona because he had a good line in front of him. JT is getting old. I'm still a fan. Our dbs look good. Bell is still solid. FS we are in trouble boys. Offensive line pretty solid. TE we are weak. Running back we are average. Ricky is getting old and Ronnie is good but cant stay on the field. FB is strongest position on the team. Wr.... The best guy we have is Bess and he is at best a 2nd or 3rd receiver on 99 percent of the rest of the nfl. Camerillo is very slow. We all thank him for saving our ass 3 years ago but come on man. Hartline is a better actor than a receiver. I Tivo all the games and he was always calling for pass int calls when he truly just cant get open. Dez is not the answer. I don't want to go Dan Williams either. I am from TN he is good but 12th over all? I think not. We need a game changer starter. There wont be much of one at 12... Brandon (Drama) Marhal would be an option. I know I know but instant performer. Parcells will not be in Miami forever. When he leaves they will kick sparano to the curb. They need to win now. This is there 3rd draft and we still suck and have almost as many holes as when they came. Henne is the only thing they've done that Ive loved. I went to the Tennessee game and He almost brought them back. If he would have had some receivers that could get open... Just my opinion. just a fan since 1974.

Pick defense in the first three rounds.

The Fins could become a dangerous team if they could draft the fastest WR and TE in this year's combine (speed is what helped the Miami Hurricanes send so many players to the NFL).

(1)WR, Jacoby Ford, in the 4th round. Mark Duper and Steve Smith of the Panthers are the same built and played great.

(2) TE, Dickerson, in the 4th or 5th (with pick received for Thigpen who's the odd man out).

No to Dez....

Yes to Demaryius "Bay-Bay" Thomas...

The real TNPhinFan is hear now.

I know their is a lot of risk with Dez, but the reward is too great to pass up. If he is still on the board at 12, I say take him... But have a plan to help him mature as a great NFL player. If the Fins don't want to invest that much time and effort in him, then go safe with a DE or LB.

PO, Mount cody could take a dump and loose 15 lbs, I'd say just keep away from this guy(Especially if he's in back of you at a all-you-can-eat Buffet)....

One last time, and you asked b12.

And I'm all for it.

Thanks Again, greg z, B13.
Good night you two.


Aloco, Hows it going sinse the "5 dollar;Five dollar. 5 Dollar foot long???????

Sorry Craig had to eat. So to answer your question if you're still around, no I haven't heard anything about them looking into Marshall. Having said that it's my opinion that there are A LOT of things that happen within the organization that we don't hear about. Parcells (and you can bet Mando would side with this one) doesn't say anything to the media and try getting a word out of Ireland. I'm saying just because we haven't heard anything in the media about them talking to Denver doesn't mean it hasn't happened. A Brandon Marshall will not get this team to the superbowl this year because there are too many holes to fill. My bottom line is I don't think it's fair to call Parcells arrogant and irresponsible. Seriously man, irresponsible? Come on now that's way overly dramatic. And arrogant why? Because he won't talk to the media and tell them everything he's thinking? I live in Saratoga NY Craig, I've met Parcells at the Saratoga National golf course and he also likes to frequent different restaurants in the area like the Ripe Tomato. The guy is famous and you would never even know it. He's gracious and kind and will talk about football with you all night. Everyone up here loves him and he treated me very kindly when I met him. It just bothers me when people call someone names that they don't even know. Unless you know exactly what they're doing or what they're thinking you shouldn't assume anything. And why assume the worst, that's a horrible way to live your life. Since you really DON'T know what's going on behind the scenes you should assume the best, see how it all plays out and then make your observations based on real facts and not made up or embellished scenarios. Otherwise your kicking and screaming over nothing. What happens if they get a #1 guy in the draft or free agency or Pat Turner becomes that big target in the red zone we need? How are you going to backtrack on all of the names you're calling the guy? That's what bothers me about people not signing in. You can say whatever you want and if you're wrong you won't back it up. You can just create a new name to post under.


Scotty, Are you Related to OC ROB?????


Check out some tape on Reshad Jones. Might be able to get him in the third...

Could be the answer for us at FS...



And other people have pointed this out and I want to add to it. People are saying no one else is knocking Denvers door down for this guy. Another poster asked if he's so good why is Denver so willing to part ways with him? But my point comes into play here, how does anyone know that other teams haven't been asking about him? This is the NFL and there isn't a full disclosure rule in effect when it comes to trading players. Things happen on the phone and behind closed doors and we never know about it.

I have heard a few folks still giving the Marshall thing hell. I would just ask this, If he is so wonderful, if he is believed to be a "Great Game Changer" a man you would do anything to get on your team...

"Why is their exactly 1 team, Seattle, who has even extended him an invitation?"

I mean, seriously, We are not the only team in this league who needs a wide out, Yet even The Bungles took AB instead of a MUCH better receiver in Marshall. 32 teams, 28 of which would be better overnight if they took a chance on this player... NONE have... WHY?

I have also read where some have accused Miami of being Cheap.... Really? They have the second highest payroll in the league and just doled out a contract that 30 years ago would have bought and entire Defense... not just a Linebacker. Miami isn't Cheap... And, they are not dumb. Draft Picks ARE GOLD... Free agency is spending Gold. Doesn't matter what you think, the facts speak for themselves. Teams who build from the draft and "Supplement" from FA are the teams at the top. Here any big FA deals going on in Indy? Except for re signings? How about Pittsburgh? Except for Clark, who by the way, Miami did not go cheap on either, he used Miami to get what he wanted in Pittsburgh, its why his agent did not even accompany him on the trip, that should have been a red flag right there, his agent was back home working the Rooney Family for a deal while dangling a Miami deal as a bluff.
Patients guys... Patients... The FA pool is far more shallow then the draft pool. After the draft Miami will have a better idea who and what they will need to address. If they pull the trigger before then and spend money they cannot recover, someone may just show up they REALLY want, and they will have to pass.... Patient patients....

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