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On Incognito Dolphins must weigh risk, reward

Since the topic of this blog is Richie Incognito, I must explain the idea of risk versus reward.

Incognito, whom the Miami Herald reported Saturday will visit the Dolphins this week, is undoubtedly a risky proposition for the team.

He is only 26 years old and already looking for his third team. Icognito joined the Rams in 2005 and after two years as a starter in 2007 and 2008 started being viewed as one of the dirtiest players in the league by a poll of his peers. During a terrible season for his team in 2008, Incognito taunted Rams fans after a home loss. Last year he got into a sideline argument with head coach Steve Spagnuolo after head-butting two opponents in a Rams game versus the Tennessee Titans.

The guy has been referred to as "immature" and a "tool" by St. Louis media.

And yet the Dolphins like Icognito.

They like the guy enough to bring him in for the visit and while that doesn't necessarily mean he's going to sign, it goes a step beyond last season when the team claimed Incognito on waivers. The Bills also claimed him -- getting him because they stunk more than Miami -- but promptely threw him back to the talent pool this offseason where the Dolphins have on the hook again.

So one supposes you see the risk in chasing Incognito. He could still be the same immature player he's proven himself to be. Perhaps he's not that good a player which is obviously Buffalo's opinion.

But ...

Assuming the Dolphins don't do anything crazy like offering major guaranteed money -- or any guaranteed money for that matter -- this risk could pay a dividend if Incognito signs and becomes a good player.

The risk could bring a big reward if Incognito solves Miami's festering right guard problem. The position has been a turnstile for five different starters the past two years. Donald Thomas and Nate Garner shared the job and starts last year.

So what if at 6-3 and 320 pounds, with strength that is unquestionable, Incognito becomes a staple on Miami's line?

Who will complain then?

I know there are questions out there why the Dolphins would flirt with Incognito but not show any interest in other troubled players such as Brandon Marshall?

There is a difference. A big difference. Marshall presents a much greater risk. I detailed what a high risk proposition Marshall is over the weekend.

Marshall would require a big contract, draft picks and a long-term commitment atop his troubled history. The Dolphins don't need to give Incognito a big contract, give up picks and show a lifetime commitment to the offensive lineman.

So if Incognito becomes a player, great. The gamble worked.

If Incognito signs and then disrespects coach Tony Sparano as he did Spagnuolo, if he costs the Dolphins yardage with personal foul penalties, if he's the same immature player he's been to this point, then the gamble failed.

It wouldn't be the first time the Dolphins blew it on a free agent.

Except this one hopefully comes with the appropriate amount of measuring risk versus reward.


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I love the guy in here screaming about how the Jets are now a powerhouse because they have cromartie and LT. Must be a Jets fan, truly priceless.

NY, Has been, washed up scrubs......You think they'll be able to beat New Eng. or the colt's in the play-offs.......

cuban you are a fool I say Ginn is a star WR and now it's a fact so have a nice day!

Posted by: NJ PHIN FAN | March 15, 2010 at 10:00 AM

Fake NJ, this post wont count in my "plungie" awards... good try....

Cuban Menace,

My vote is for Greg Z.

Cuban, The Jets just sign anyone without any thought to their future or team chemistry. I said it last year and I'll say it again. They HAD two chances at a superbowl, that being last year and one more this year. That leaves one more shot before their aging players hit the wall, their giving away of draft picks comes back to haunt them, and their high salaries don't allow them depth signings which will kill them after injuries to their older players. I've seen it happen a million times and the Dolphins were guilty of this in Shulas last years. It's the win now and damned be the future mentality. Good luck to em'.

Yeah that Jersey at 9:54 is fake. Nice try douche.

I don't really like the Jets getting L.T., but the Dolphins did shut him down the last 2 years with the Chargers

NY, And the thing about the jets is the colts played there second team(And lost) in week 15 and the bengals did the same in the last week allowing the jets to advance, if the colts played there 1st stringers No way in this or any alternative world would they have beaten the colts, and is far as the bengals go there team was banged up pretty good in the play-off game, Iam still a little POed that the fish laid down there last3 games though, they had there destiny in there hands and blew it....

The Colts and Bengals are also interested in Incognito.

Incognito is a cool last name... Maybe his great grandfather was a spy

Yeah Cuban, don't forget though, the fins lost their starting middle field plus CB. So ,C and LG(for a handful of games)two RBs, QB, DT, MLB, and CB. That's pretty devastating to any team. How would the colts have fared after losing those starting positions? Patriots, Cowboys, etc. Not good ya know? I think people forget how injured we were.

Got to get some work done, I'm out.

If I was a playing pro ball in St. Louis the past 3 years I would have probably lost my frigging mind as well.

I'm not sure how adding a Guard that has starting experience can hurt however it is my opinion that Garner will emerge as our starting RG. The reason for getting Incognito makes sense to me since Smiley has missed a number of games over the last three seasons.

Have anyone checked that on wikipedia is showing Incognito as a Dolphin already.


carlito, it would be nice if you think for yourself rather than swallowing what the regime thinks you should know. i know its their policy. it doesn't make me swallow it hook, line and sinker. on this blog you are allowed to question the regimes policies.

bing bing bing


my 3 players for 2nd round.

1. jason worilds
2.koa misi
3.nate allen

What happened to taking a look at Ben Watson

Please explain to me how we plug the following holes:

1) TE
2) NT
3) WR
4) OLB
5) OLB
6) ILB

Greg give it up, you just whining because they don't want to talk to you.


The 3rd post of the blog was in regards to Richie Incognito. The reason that the 5th post of the blog turned to a different discussion, was because it was continued from a previous blog. A new blog went up, I gave my opinion on the new blog, then went back to what was being talked about. You made 10 posts this morning, and 1 was about Incognito. Shouldn't you give the writer more respect and not get off topic?

I don't agree with Armando on this. He compares Marshall and Incognito within two different contexts. If we are discussing risk vs reward as it pertains to production on the field then there is no question that Marshall is not the risk. If the issue is character as it relates to football then Incognito is still the bigger risk. There is a greater chance a flag will be thrown against him during a game. If we are discussing off the field issues, both have had problems. I'm not sure who Incognito assaulted but domestic violence is unacceptable. Considering I wasn't there and I'm not a lawyer I cant pass judgment on either player.
It amazing to me that writers and bloggers alike can discuss a persons character as though they know them. Frankly, passing judgment on people you don't know is a reflection on your character, not theirs.

There's the devil you know and the devil you don't.

We know that Marshall has baggage but we also know that he's a tremendous player & talent. Most WR's in the draft are not going to pan out..that's just the way it works. Look at Patrick Turner...where is that guy?

Use the #1 pick on the devil we know...Marshall. It will pay dividends and he won't drop passes like that butt-boy Braylon Edwards in NY.

Get Incognito cheap and let him as nasty as he wants on the line. We need some attitude on this team. We're not going to win with a bunch of boy scouts.

..and Mr. Stephen Ross...enough is enough with the celebrity owners. Let's focus on football...not Hollywood.

Yeah we need a nasty guy to win a fight after Matt Light beat up Crowder in 2008

Talent Trumps Baggage...

Dolphins will never Draft at #12 a player that has the talent of an #1 ESTABLISHED!!! Wr like Marshall

So let me get this straight... The Tuna, Ireland, Sparano are paid top dollar and cant handle a guy like Marshall. Why bother then?

Keep drafting the Turners, Nalboners of the world for your "chunk" yardage...

Okay Armando, then if Marshall is too big of risk then why not just sign TO?

@Pound great post

Armando's double talk with Marshall and Incognito are hilarious....


Marshall was a 4th round pick, tell me how in this, the deepest draft in a long time, the Dolphins can not find someone of his talent level or better in rounds 1 and 2?

This Incognito visit confirms 1 thing:

THE TUNA only cares about Running the ball

He takes chances for the betterment of the OLINE

1) Grove injury prone
2) Smiley injury prone
3) Incognito Personal foul pioneer

He tries to get cute on Offense firepower

1) Pat White...
2) Turner: Best High School Prospect, Crappy College career
4) Ernest!!!! Ernestico Wilford


No guy can have an immediate impact as Marshall

Maybe Eric Berry
But no WR

waterboy you flip flop on absolutely everything. you should change your name to flipper because you cant make up your mind. At first it was no Brandon Marshall and now thats all you talk about. Sooo easily influenced.

I'm fine with signing this guy, as long as it's not for crazy money. I don't think this is the biggest need on this team and I wish they would address those but it looks like some of those will be filled in the draft.

and for those of you with reading deficiencies Mando is stating that the risk of Incognito is smaller because it costs no draft picks and little money. Marshall cost almost 10 mil a year and our first round pick and then comes with his headaches.... Reread the post before you bash it

a lineman with an attitude problem is good but a receiver...well god forbid! I want Brandon Marshall and his attitude problem that catches everything. If we had a true number one receiver it would help every aspect of our team.


What kind of impact are you talking about? Has any team he has ever been on gone to the playoffs or done anything? His only impact is as trouble.

West Va

When did I say no to Brandon Marshall???
It must have been an impostor...


Wake me up when Camarillo busts out with a 80 yard td YAC

West VA,

@ 12 your paying 15 mill guaranteed with a high chance of drafting a bust

Eric Berry is the only choice.

WATERBOY you flip on every subject in here almost daily.


Only 1 position on the field can carry a team to a playoffs :QB
So the playoffs evaluation is unfair.

Insert Marshall in a middle pack team such as the fins and it can make a difference in those 2-3 games where the playoffs tickets are punched.

Armando - yet another cogent and lucid presentation of a great idea!

Keep your alter boys in check, Tuna:

1) Mcdaniels uses GF as punching bag
2) Will Allen, DUI...
3) Randy Pimp my Ride Starks
4) Wilson, stole 8 mill and fled the scene of the crime

I hate how all these writers feed off of writing about these "problem players" and why not take them and what a huge liabilty they are, blah blah blah....

If these management teams in the NFL are professionals then part of their job is to motivate, to create a culture of change, to inspire. Thats what really makes a great franchise. Not those who are conservative picking up OK talent and not dealing with those "attitudes".

Talents such as Marshall, TO and so many other "Problem or big risk players" are a dime a dozen. They don't drop from the sky and come along every day. Dez Bryant, the best WR talent in the upcoming draft has already been stamped with the "troubled player" stamp without even taking an NFL snap.

If your job in an NFL organization is to stear players in the right direction than those who stear away from the most talented players because of negative media stamps to just take the easy way out... they are the problem not these players! They are in a position to make not only a positive change in an organization but a positive change in someone's life.

I will not deffend what these "troubled players" have done and brought upon themselves but have you dug deep enough to figure out why some of these players go through a troubled path?? May-be they didnt have the beautiful family situation as you do or could they have been around a "survival" type of atmosphere all of their lives?? There is such a thing as good people in bad nature, most of these "troubled players" come from an atmosphere of bad nature, is that a reason to give up on talent?

If you are in position to turn that around as a leader, then you must take the steps to do that. That's what sepeartes great organizations from the rest, who just see things as they seem.

This Organization needs talent, period. Thanks

So then why hasn't any other team paid the price for Marshall? Or better yet, invited him in to talk with him to check his head and see where this guy is at mentally? Because the risk for reward is to high. Someone will take the risk but not at the asking price, and then maybe,maybe Miami will take a chance.

That was outstanding JAMILLION


Teams know he can be had for less than a 1st on draft day.

Oh and Seattle had him in for a mental check.....

WATERBOY- Denver was a middle of the pack team like the dolphins. HAHA so no he didnt make up the 2-3 game difference.


Here is something I think you should take into consideration, as well as everyone hoping for a WR. The type of guy we want is B Marshall, the big physical specimen. We wont trade for Marshall. That type of guy is not in this draft. Now, if you look forward to next year, there are 4 who are exactly those types. AJ Green, Julio Jones, Michael Floyd, and Jonathan Baldwin. All 6'3 and above, all beasts when the ball is in the air. WR is not as big a need as OLB, NT, or FS. I would say to you that next year is the likely year we draft a WR in round 1. I don't think we don't do it because Parcells just refuses to do it, remember he never stays anywhere long enough to get to a point where he can pick one. He has always taken over bad teams, and starts from the inside out.


We are talking about grown men here, not children or afterschool special

Hey waterboy - if it weren't for Camarillo and a 50 or 60 YAC in OT the fins would have been 0-16.

Just sayin!


Brandon Marshall could maybe have made a difference for a middle of the pack team last year if he wasn't suspended for the last game of the season


If we had an award for post of the day, I would give it to you now.

Jamillion how hard could it really be to have all that money????? All your needs taken care of its not like these people are living in the freaking ghetto hard knocks life. They are multi millionaires who get paid to play a game. If you wanna go drink hire a driver you got spare money. If your b**ch dont act right dont hit her buy a new one. How hard could these mens lives really be????? R U KIDDING ME.


i agree... good post y-not


That was some of the worst crap ever written on this blog. You seem to blame every problem that the “troubled player” has caused on someone else. But in actuality Those “troubled players” have damaged other peoples life. Leaving them to pick up the pieces while he makes millions.

You sound like you are a trouble maker too, always blaming others because you make stupid choices. We all know that you and waterboy are the smartest people on this blog. To bad all 32 owners that aren’t interested in Marshall are not as smart as you two. Get a clue… earn your G.E.D.

West Va

Too bad Marshall was playing offense when Denver was 6-0 and then he was playing defense when they collapsed....

It seems you value draft picks much more than the Trifucta ei: Pat White , Pat Turner

I know Seattle had him in, and that just shows me that the Seahawks were not ok with the current situation of 1- him in general as a man 2- the asking price of a 1st round pick. I'm will to bet it's both. Because we all know he can play football.

Jets coach Rex Ryan has undergone a weight-loss procedure to help him fight obesity.

The husky Ryan had lap-band surgery Saturday at NYU Medical Center, and was relaxing at his home in New Jersey, team spokesman Bruce Speight told The Associated Press.


why would Seattle sign him up now??? bidding with themselves??? come on man....
it all come down before the draft or draft day.

WEATERBOY- What is your post to me talking about. He played offense when 6-0 and blah blah blah, what is your point... Please try and make some sense. You bang wagon fool.

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