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On Incognito Dolphins must weigh risk, reward

Since the topic of this blog is Richie Incognito, I must explain the idea of risk versus reward.

Incognito, whom the Miami Herald reported Saturday will visit the Dolphins this week, is undoubtedly a risky proposition for the team.

He is only 26 years old and already looking for his third team. Icognito joined the Rams in 2005 and after two years as a starter in 2007 and 2008 started being viewed as one of the dirtiest players in the league by a poll of his peers. During a terrible season for his team in 2008, Incognito taunted Rams fans after a home loss. Last year he got into a sideline argument with head coach Steve Spagnuolo after head-butting two opponents in a Rams game versus the Tennessee Titans.

The guy has been referred to as "immature" and a "tool" by St. Louis media.

And yet the Dolphins like Icognito.

They like the guy enough to bring him in for the visit and while that doesn't necessarily mean he's going to sign, it goes a step beyond last season when the team claimed Incognito on waivers. The Bills also claimed him -- getting him because they stunk more than Miami -- but promptely threw him back to the talent pool this offseason where the Dolphins have on the hook again.

So one supposes you see the risk in chasing Incognito. He could still be the same immature player he's proven himself to be. Perhaps he's not that good a player which is obviously Buffalo's opinion.

But ...

Assuming the Dolphins don't do anything crazy like offering major guaranteed money -- or any guaranteed money for that matter -- this risk could pay a dividend if Incognito signs and becomes a good player.

The risk could bring a big reward if Incognito solves Miami's festering right guard problem. The position has been a turnstile for five different starters the past two years. Donald Thomas and Nate Garner shared the job and starts last year.

So what if at 6-3 and 320 pounds, with strength that is unquestionable, Incognito becomes a staple on Miami's line?

Who will complain then?

I know there are questions out there why the Dolphins would flirt with Incognito but not show any interest in other troubled players such as Brandon Marshall?

There is a difference. A big difference. Marshall presents a much greater risk. I detailed what a high risk proposition Marshall is over the weekend.

Marshall would require a big contract, draft picks and a long-term commitment atop his troubled history. The Dolphins don't need to give Incognito a big contract, give up picks and show a lifetime commitment to the offensive lineman.

So if Incognito becomes a player, great. The gamble worked.

If Incognito signs and then disrespects coach Tony Sparano as he did Spagnuolo, if he costs the Dolphins yardage with personal foul penalties, if he's the same immature player he's been to this point, then the gamble failed.

It wouldn't be the first time the Dolphins blew it on a free agent.

Except this one hopefully comes with the appropriate amount of measuring risk versus reward.


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If we were to covet Brandon Marshall, would it be wise to trade them our first round now, or wait until closer to the draft? Make Denver sweat, if they absolutely want to get rid of him, they will. Maybe on draft day 44 gets it done. You want the team to go all in right now, and we have basically seen the flop. What about the turn and the river? That being said, I in no way, shape, or form want us to go after Brandon Marshall.

I'm for getting Marshall, I think they could work out a trade with Denver that does not include a first round pick.

Btw i dont want Marshall unless the price is a second round pick.

I get it....it's O.K. to try to sign a troubled player IF he comes cheap, but don't spend to get a top receiver...regardless of the obvious need. One problem...the cost for a first round pick is far more in overall expense than if you just used the pick once in awhile to acquire a proven player. Lets look at the reality of drafting a player with the 12th pick...the obvious front cost that a team will have to pay that player and the risk that the player won't succeed. If you wait for three to four years to see if that player was worthy and he isn't, you lose money and time that your team can't make up. Lets all remember why the Dolphins are in the shape they are...poor drafting and lousy free agency selections. A team builds it's foundation by the draft, but it gets it's special playmakers in various ways...including trades. Finally, if the Dolphins can sign a dirty player like Incognito under a special contract that protects the Dolphins, then can't they also do the same with a player like Marshall? Marshall wants out of Denver..I believe he'll be happy to work with any team fairly.

Bendiesel, funny I'm here every day while this is the first time I've seen ur name...listen u little ass-wipe, I'm tired of people such as u who cry day after day about the Jets did this or that...u are the the same fan who cried allthese years because of how bad the Dolphins have been now after two years u want to go back to the same old Cameron/Saban//Wandstadt policies of giving up draft choices and taking risks...if u want quick pleasure go play with urself ass bag

WestVaPhins & Mark from Toronto, If thats how you feel I completely respect that. I'm not saying Marshall is the answer. I'm not even saying we should get him. But, I do think if you look at last year and you put Marshall in the place where Ginn was standing it would have been a different, noticably better season. Denver is not Mia and I dont know the extent of thier issues but I know Mias issues. In my opinon, the biggest issue was fs and that was addition by subtraction. Now, the next issue is DT. After that, its a #1 receiver thats not scared to play football. Just to clairfy, I think they should keep their 1st pick and draft a DT. Thats said, many think there wont be a DT still available at 12 thats worthy of being drafted. I dont know college players that well so I cant argue that.

Besides the stupid Personal Foul penalties, he is also very - very high in false start penalties... Not sure if his brain is wired correctly.

The Rich Incognito pickup would be a good move. Low risk - high reward. Good player with a mean strak who will push thomas and provide depth OL . He can play center also.


A 2 for AJ Feeley. A 2 for Daunte Culpepper. A 3 for Lamar Gordon. 2 #1s for Ricky Williams. Terrible drafting.

Say what you want, but this regime is not giving away draft picks. They have also been very successful in the draft, don't tell me about misses. We have a franchise QB, LT, CB, those are 3 of the top 5 most important positions. We need depth. Injuries played as big a role as anything in our team faltering last year, 2 years is not enough time to completely fill out a roster.




offseason thus far:

Upgrade #1: Karlos Dansby, in. Akin Ayodele out
Upgrade #2: Joey Porter, out. High draft pick, in (upgrade in the long run, but hopefully immediately)
Upgrade #3: Gibril Wilson, out. ???????, in (High draft pick or through free agency may determine the upgrade or downgrade status)

Addition #1: WR!!!!!!!!! (May-be drop Turner)
Addition #2: NT – high draft pick
Addition #3: Receiving TE (not a must)
Addition #4: Interior Lineman (not a must)

Downgrade #1: Nate Jones, out (Denver). Will Jason Allen step up??

I love that we kept Pennington as an insurance, great move. And that Ronnie Brown and Fasano will both be coming back without taking a huge hit at our salary.

FISHYPETE i dont even read your post any more... Pound- good post glad we came to some type of understanding.

I read some of the comments from last night and so far today and have a few comments for a poster ALLEN. Allen you a real draft guru and expert who has never watched TV or used the internet ?? If Somebody disagrees with you or a player you like they automatically don't don't watch football or know what they're talking about and just listen to mayock , mcshay , kiper , etc ?? You also refrenced mayock in a comment and then to top it off you Said you used Walter Football as a source you like to use for draft expertice. WALTER FOOTBALL ??? Are you kidding me ??? That's a amatuer running a draft web site. and you question somebody for watching NFL network or Espn with their draft experts ??? LMAO !!!

NJ good to see u back

Guys a great interview with Sean Weatherspoon on draftbreakdown.com, I can't post the link because I am on the iPhone app, but check it out. This kid is great.

Allen , I also read your debate on spikes and when malaluga's name came up you mentioned how he ran a 4.9 in the forty at the combine, What you failed to mention was that malaluga pulled his hamstring in the middle of running that forty and finished up the run anyway on a pulled hamstring , still running that 4,9. Malaluga then improved on his forty time when healthy . Also you say Earl Thomas is to small but Berry is a dream some true, Well allen they're about the same size. Berry 6-0 211 and Thoams 5-10 208. Either would make a great draft pick for the dolphins.

Here's an article with a real outlook for our franchise rather than all this talk about who we shouldnt get!

Miami Dolphins

They are well coached, well built and have a terrific blueprint. Unfortunately, that's also the case for two teams they're trying to displace in the AFC East, the Patriots and Jets. The success of the Dolphins' 2010 season rests on the quarterback and the defense.

Chad Henne must make major strides in his second year as a starter. He has a stud left tackle in Jake Long and a powerful running game. However, he needs a No. 1 receiver and that might not come until draft weekend.

Defensively, the Dolphins already are a prolific pass-rushing team. It's now critical they improve significantly against the run and make more game-changing plays. Adding ex-Cardinals linebacker Karlos Dansby was significant, and a second year for cornerback Vontae Davis and adding a ball hawking safety will help even. After this draft class the Dolphins are one more draft and free agency away from not only being legitimate playoff bound, but super bowl contenders.

The building process is not an overnight process. They have to have a foundation first then add the missing pieces. Foundation starts with the right staff, then a QB that can lead them, then an O-line that can protect him, then a solid defense complemented by a power running game and some dependable receivers.

Considering that this team has a B+ or higher draft class this year, they will be placing themselves in the best position to not only compete for the title, but to have a dynasty in place for the next 5-6 years.

Earl would be great at 12 IMO

boobbyd12 and westvafins, what up guys ?? It's good to be back but i have to run again until later tonight. Later Guys

incognito is powerful and a great run blocker but how about his pass blocking? let's ask marc bulger if we should sign richie

there's no better person to assess the costs and benefits on an O-lineman than coach sprano. snatch em up.


Bootang25...When your team sucks...every move looks good...every draft choice looks good. The point it appears you missed is, the foundation has been built...it's time to acquire TALENT...PLAYMAKERS.

WestVa...your breaking my heart...LOL



I posted earlier that this is not a good year for WRs. Next year is LOADED at the position. I would love a playmaking WR, as would Chad Henne. Unfortunately the 2 legit options left, Dez Bryant and Brandon Marshall, are not what we look for.


Look at the trades being done...Quinn for garbage...etc. Are you telling me that the Dolphins can't wotk out a trade with Denver?
Do you really believe that Denver will hold to a first round pick...when they don't want Marshall...and Marshall doesn't want to be there. Now the Jets are possibly looking at working out a trade...is that to the Dolphins benefit? How can the Jets do trades that help their team...but the Dolphins are only interested in cheap players of "good" nature.

LOL pete sorry its just the broken record of you wanting a receiver. i get it. i know you do. i do too. just see no sense in trying to fill the hole wiht guys that i dont fit into what we are doing. no offense pete

I think we can work out a trade for a receiver but it doesnt have to be marshall necessarily. i think we are just waiting it out til draft time. If we want to make a move for a big WR it will be then. But i do not see it being Marshall. I think we will see a move for someone not quite as talented but with better standing in the league. But if we make a deal i think we will get a good one. Notice i said better standing not great standing because we would never find a WR like that. Just gotta fight the lesser of the evils that has the most talent. That is not Marshall.

Next year? Another wasted year...How many times are we all going to say maybe next year?

The Dolphins of old were nothing but an average team until Shula traded a first round pick for Warfield. Warfield not only opened up the throwing part but it also opened up the running game...teams HAD to play double coverage on Warfield...and even with that he scored more points with less throws than any other receiver I have ever seen. You can not scare a defense with average receivers...and thats what the Dolphins have...average receivers.

done for the day guys its been fun...

Would you take M. Irvin?


I advise you against holding your breath for Marshall or Bryant. I understand where you are coming from, but it doesn't matter what you or I think. It matters what Parcells and Co. think, and they will not look at these guys at all.

I'm with you Pete.

We are a WR TALENT away from being a feared offense! I mean come on, with a top 5 O-line, an up and coming Henne (& the UP part of that will be in large part to this missing piece!) and what I consider the best depth at RB - Ronnie Brown, Ricky Williams, Cobbs and Hilliard!! Come on!!! IT is clear that we can be a competetive team this year!! Why are we always looking for next year this, next year that. Guess what next year we may have different holes. You have to fill the holes on a year by year basis.

I have no doubt the DEfense will be on of the best young defenses in the league and much improved from last year's lack of chemistry defense. But when you have a team that cleary is one puzzle piece away and you have the resources to fill that spot to make an imediate run at a CHAMPIONSHIP, why not!!??

Also know this; this one Piece of the puzzle will not only put up numbers and demand respect, he will allow Henne to develop his growth as an NFL QB, open up the field for Camarillo, Bess, Hartline and Ginn... Oh yeah even Ginn, as a matter of fact I will even predict that once defenses start shifting their attention to this ONE MISSING Piece that will open the field up for Ginn to use his speed on Flys, WR screens, etc. - that's the type of WR we all know Ginn can be and is waiting to be.

Without this MISSING PIECE we are asking Henne to continue to try and grow with the same group of WRs. Its like asking a student to continue learning year after year by reading the same text books and each subject.


Lets get it done FINS!!!


You mean as far as we know...they aren't. I find it very strange that every Dolphin fan, reporter and expert knows that the Dolphins need a real receiver..but we all expect that Parcells isn't concerned...and isn't looking...I for one don't believe it.


I am just saying Marshall and Bryant. I have no doubts they are looking hard at the WR position.


I wonder why Boldin wasn't interesting to the Dolphins? He came cheap...nor was the receiver from Tampa. I find it very interesting and telling in ways, about the lack of interest in a receiver in free agency. You can only get a receiver thru free agency, draft or trade.


It really wasn't that cheap, but it would have been a fit. I don't know what the plan is.

Im not for using all our picks to fill needs---you need to take the best player available---at 12 it is one of the top 2 DE's---JPP or Morgan, Or dan williams---(even though i would just be upset with that pick b/c you wont see production until year 3)

Second round ----all NT and safety porspects are a reach---that you would be taking out a need with a player that is a 2nd rond talent---Cody will not be there--or hughes

Leaves me to wr---Demaryius thomas---in the 2nd is a lil bit of a reach i like taking a wr in the 3rd round, and a TE in th 4---with Anthony mccoy or jimmy graham---

Leaves me to what to we do in the 2nd---

IF NT, Safety prospects are a reach, WR prospects fit 3round---carlton mitchell, riley cooper types

I say add the best linebacker available--b/c that is the postition that can make the most immediate impact over any other posisiton for our team----

Brandon Spikes,---will prove every1 wrong---(kiper)
Jamar chaney---props to ROBinoc----i dismissed this kid becasue at the seniorbowl he was only 6feet tall---but he has enough bulk with speed to fit---i still dont know if parcells will take a guy that short---but he is a big time impact LB from day1----get dansby a playmaker with him on the inside---we need to upgrade whereever we can---crowder will just drag dansby down in the middle---he isnt intelligent, on is playing on 2 bad knees cut ties---after that porter interview i would of cut him

As I look to the #12 spot in the first round of the draft ... I see 5 players who would be very good fits for Dolphin needs: Dan Williams, NT, Earl Thomas, FS, Graham, OLB, Iupati, OG, Dez Bryant, WR (but he might be gone by 12), .... however, I see one possible player who might be Hall of Fame potential ... thats C.J.SPILLER, RB (the next Marshall Faulk). We could build a franchise around him.

If we draft Spiller we could then trade Ronnie Brown for a 2nd round pick. With two second round picks we could draft Cam Thomas, NT, and LaFell, WR from LSU. We could get Jones, the FS from Georgia in 3rd round, and John Jerry, OG from Ole Miss in the 4th .

then ....in the lower rounds .... pick BPA

Right On Bendiesel on BoobyD, keep following sucker, maybe you can start Patrick Turner and Pat White ? Hate the Jets all you want, I know I do, but Rex Ryan is a very good coach and certainly wouldve been a better hire than Cam Cameron. Remember John Beck in the 2nd ?

Jay, ur another half ass fan who probaly hasn't spent a penny in ur life going to the games but are real good at being a GM in Fantasy football...I'm sure neither u nor Ben Duncel have ever been a GM or have won ANYTHING in Pro Football...I'll put my faith n money in Parcells NOT u or Ben...thks FOR NOTHING

Just an observation (and btw I'm white), but it seems white players get cut more slack than black players when they have bad reputations. Maybe its just cause this guy is a lineman and Sporano is a lineman type coach, but just saying. Anyways I would like to see him signed.

Highest paid player on the Fins last year, Vernon Carey...don't start with this racial nonsense

Parcells will build this team the way HE wants because HE is the BOSS...if u don't like it pick up ur ball and go home

Lolol EYYYY BOBBBBBAAYYYYY D!! I'm sorry sir I didn't know u were in fact a GM? I'm actually a season ticket holder who has not renewed nxt season due to the raise in ticket prices (I must not be a true fan right :( aww Bobby). Chill out and talk about the dolphins stop talking nonsense.

boobyd12 poor little pencil neck baby getting beat up on this blog

Icognito has little risk to the Phins with plenty of reward. LMAO @ NJ comment on Walter Football.

incognito guy kinda reminds me of kevin gogan

With the 12th pick in this years draft The miami Dolphins select????? We need the Tuna's A game this draft. Trade down ? Not much would surprize me it just needs to be the good Christmas morning I got what I asked for all year kind of good. FA, Drafts so far I and think most would give C+ B-. We need an A this year, year 3 of the rebuild and after this the Foundation should be more then set.

ace aka nj phin =nj =ace

Ohhhh, BenDiesel, $3.00 price increase kill u??? I'm glad u didn't renew, gets me better seats every year thks

Macro-di'k, LMAO @u , it's hard to get beat up by the Fantasy League GMs, especially when I know Parcells could give 2 shyts less what anyone here thinks

ace=nj phin

Incognito love it sign em. As for Marshall I think your dreaming if you think anybody other than seatlle would give up a first for Marshall.. Even they haven't signed him yet with 2 picks in the first!! So if the fins want him I'd say a 2nd And ginn or bess or 2nd and a 3rd/4th next yr. We have the coaching staff able to handle a Marshall type imo. If he works out our offense is set, he is the only player that has that power, so I think the risk is worth the reward because this is a make or break 2 yrs for Henne and he needs a true #1 to develop into an elite QB for years to come if Marshall can get him there then get locked up for life well worth it imo. Don't know about you guys but I'd much rather spend this draft focusing on the defense.

By the way Ben, if u knew how to read AND comprehend u would have understood I said there is only one boss and GM who would make the decisions and that's Parcells, not me not u not Jay

I have no problem with Miami taking this guy. They are going to get a chance to see what he is all about throughout the Preseason, They can set the contract up with No Guaranteed money should an issue arise. They do not have to invest any picks into the deal and really, the worst that can happen to Miami is a 15 yard penalty. If Incognito makes a dumb move the money is out of his pocket not Miamis. I see where the Colts where after him also, they ended up taking the guy who missed last season in Baltimore figuring Miami would wrap up Incognito. 15 yard penalty, NO big deal... $28 Million (at least until he sees someone making more and wants a raise)dollar multiple year contract + a First Round Pick...Hmmmmmm? Still wouldn't mind having Marshall... not gonna happen... not for existing terms anyway.

Same crap everyday, Brandon Marshall this Brandon Marshall that...Parcells isn't going to sign the criminal skumbag, talk about something relevant that MIGHT happen, not something that will NEVER happen


Head butts. Aint afraid to get in anyones face. Plays mean and nasty.

I think I'm in LOVE.........

He's Jersy guy too boot.

Derek if Denver was going to get a first for him they would have by now. Trading a first for him I'd be the first to say hell no! A second and other intangibles hell yea! Let's think back to how pissed off we all where at the WR position let's not dive into another season with the same problem. I want both RG and WR taken care of before the draft so we can work on what really killed our 2009 season Defense!!

Please someone trade for Marshall ASAP so we can all put this talk to bed about him may or may not be playing for the Fins next season.

I agree with b12...lets talk about what might happen and not about something that probably will never happen

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