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On Incognito Dolphins must weigh risk, reward

Since the topic of this blog is Richie Incognito, I must explain the idea of risk versus reward.

Incognito, whom the Miami Herald reported Saturday will visit the Dolphins this week, is undoubtedly a risky proposition for the team.

He is only 26 years old and already looking for his third team. Icognito joined the Rams in 2005 and after two years as a starter in 2007 and 2008 started being viewed as one of the dirtiest players in the league by a poll of his peers. During a terrible season for his team in 2008, Incognito taunted Rams fans after a home loss. Last year he got into a sideline argument with head coach Steve Spagnuolo after head-butting two opponents in a Rams game versus the Tennessee Titans.

The guy has been referred to as "immature" and a "tool" by St. Louis media.

And yet the Dolphins like Icognito.

They like the guy enough to bring him in for the visit and while that doesn't necessarily mean he's going to sign, it goes a step beyond last season when the team claimed Incognito on waivers. The Bills also claimed him -- getting him because they stunk more than Miami -- but promptely threw him back to the talent pool this offseason where the Dolphins have on the hook again.

So one supposes you see the risk in chasing Incognito. He could still be the same immature player he's proven himself to be. Perhaps he's not that good a player which is obviously Buffalo's opinion.

But ...

Assuming the Dolphins don't do anything crazy like offering major guaranteed money -- or any guaranteed money for that matter -- this risk could pay a dividend if Incognito signs and becomes a good player.

The risk could bring a big reward if Incognito solves Miami's festering right guard problem. The position has been a turnstile for five different starters the past two years. Donald Thomas and Nate Garner shared the job and starts last year.

So what if at 6-3 and 320 pounds, with strength that is unquestionable, Incognito becomes a staple on Miami's line?

Who will complain then?

I know there are questions out there why the Dolphins would flirt with Incognito but not show any interest in other troubled players such as Brandon Marshall?

There is a difference. A big difference. Marshall presents a much greater risk. I detailed what a high risk proposition Marshall is over the weekend.

Marshall would require a big contract, draft picks and a long-term commitment atop his troubled history. The Dolphins don't need to give Incognito a big contract, give up picks and show a lifetime commitment to the offensive lineman.

So if Incognito becomes a player, great. The gamble worked.

If Incognito signs and then disrespects coach Tony Sparano as he did Spagnuolo, if he costs the Dolphins yardage with personal foul penalties, if he's the same immature player he's been to this point, then the gamble failed.

It wouldn't be the first time the Dolphins blew it on a free agent.

Except this one hopefully comes with the appropriate amount of measuring risk versus reward.


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I'm really optimistic about Henne. With an easier schedule and an off season to improve,i think he's gonna be just fine.

I also think he's gonna have great chemistry with Bess and Hartline


I'm really optimistic about Henne. With an easier schedule and an off season to improve,i think he's gonna be just fine.

I also think he's gonna have great chemistry with Bess and Hartline

Bobbyb12... My summation of the Jests is this..
Rex Whynin is making EVERY SINGLE MISTAKE that Dave Wannstedt made when he took over the Dolphins. Dave Traded 2 #1 picks for Ricky. Traded 2nd 3rd and 5th rounders like candy... we went 3 straight years w/o a #1 pick. Then use those picks to grab old burned out FA's. Those guys would either get hurt or suck, then get shuffled out. Because of what I saw here for 7 years before our 1-15 2007 season, I am convinced that The Jests are doomed. They may have a good season this year if they don't get burned by injuries like us last year. Miami had a couple decent season early on in their insanity years. But, just like Dave did, Rex is trading away picks that represent the future of his club, doing so for guys that are past 30 and have serious history's concerning injury. What Rex is doing is unsustainable for the future of a team, it takes 3 years to get a rookie out of the Draft really 100% Solid. Rex will have traded those guys away that are to be there in 3 years or 4. And, just as Miami's cupboards were finally dry in 2007, the worst year of our teams history. A year that ending in 1-15 and a complete coaching, management, ownership and team rebuild. Rex will wake up to their own nightmare season wondering where they went wrong... just like we did. I will NEVER, EVER FORGET what happened here in the 2000's I do not want history to repeat itself.

Mark, I think the best thing for Henne will be an opportunity to have the entire Camp being the "Starting QB" taking all of the 1st string snaps and working with the receivers, Pennington got all that 1st string work last year... Henne had to play and learn... a bad way to go. I hope the coaching staff does not mess with his head with a QB challenge of some kind, I think he does not need that pressure, he needs to believe that people trust and have confidence in him...IMHO of course...

I agree with you Bobbyd12 on everything from Marshall, Inconito to Defense is the key.

Derek, I agree 100%, the Jests are going for it all this year, they think this is what they need...it's all or nothing and the pain down the road will happen but either the owner wants a winner before he dies and doesn't care or they believe in what they are doing...That's why I like what the Fins approach has been...building to be a really good team for lots of years, not just one and done

All right gentlemen, have a great nite, I'm out

go ahead booby12 go and leave before I have to put the boots to you.

Dolphins already have their eye on one safety in particular, Georgia’s Reshad Jones.
Scout.com has learned that the Dolphins will take Jones out to dinner on Monday, March 15th, the night before his Pro Day (March 16th), and will host him in Miami for a two-day visit on March 29th and 30th. Jones will not work out for the team during his visit, he will just meet with team personnel.

They go on to say that with the depth at safety in this draft that Miami could get him in the 3rd with the 73pick. At 6′1 214, he is a big guy with 4.54 speed and a 39.5 vertical.

Now if Thomas is on the board in the 1st does someone become a trade partner? Possible.
Is the interest on Jones legit? Looks like it.
Is a deal on the now thin FA safety’s possibly brewing somewhere? OJ Atogwe Eh, probably not. I see more like a roster trim pick up later.

Either way we all know that Miami is going to draft a safety regardless of how the rest of FA shakes out..IMO.

Hope all you haters are happy---looks like you've run off Incognito, just like you ran off Clark w. all the hate & disrespect on this blog, which all the players read.

thanks, dbags

Senor Winces,
No one has spotted Richie since he landed in Miami today. Could he be.....

No Shyten Sherlock , who gave you the 1st clue ???

That was for getterdone

Incognito is Flying to cincy , sherlock.

Ok Watson...your cool.

Hey now... I am told by the highest of authority (Yep, I'm pretty damn high) that Parcells reads this blog hourly and marches to its every wish... Are you trying to tell me that's Bull Shyt pal?

check that , he was in cincy already.

NJ uses illegal aliens to cook in his mama's restaurant to save on labor. What a f'kin imbecile.


I would have very super strong doubts that any correct info has leaked to scout.com guys.

There are only whatever scouts scout safeties that make recommendations to the Trifecta and I am pretty sure they talk about what their final battle strategies are amongst the 3 of them in a cone of silence somewhere 13 layers below the earth's crust! ;)

If there is anything out there it is probably rumor or wild weasels being fired off to take NFL teams off the scent.

They may be bringing Reshad Jones in but the Fins are just playing the game I think.

They have drafted guys that they have never talked to before the draft in the past.

I am not saying it's impossible but, that would be a gaping leak in security this early. Only so many people can be in the know so I would imagine heads would roll is there is a blabber mouth.

Fun times!

Cheers bud,

Benndiesel with 2 n's u stole my user name but it's cool bc u used it to dis bobbyd lol classy gent that Bobby d.. If u don't agree with him ur a communist and a jets fan apparently :P

Incognito will be a dolphin tommorrow afternoon..


Hey LT went to Minn and all he got was the purple shirt! ;)


Good for NJ, Ron .

Ima hit the bricks for a while.

Have a good one Fin fans.


No apology Ben,
My name is Benn with 2 Ns. So there. It is copying only when it is exact. Boobyd12 is an NJ clone, insults and attacks people. Booby d12 is probaly a retired piece of shyt.

The other difference (to Marshall) is Incognito's nastyness could actualy be a positive on the offensive line. Somthing Miami might even value. I'm for bring him in and turning the guy lose.

Rob, yep thats why I made a remark about id Thomas is on the board when we pick and a trade partner, could be a smoke xcreen, etc.
Regardless, Jones is a guy that soo fits the Trifecta mold.

Beendiesel , if you can't take the heat then get out of the f#*ken kitchen , You Pu**Y !!

retired piece of garbage. Liar booby d12
The real bendiesel is right about you

only a pvssy is named Bobby, what a wuss old man

Booby12 is an NJ wannabe. Or is he NJ? hmmmmm

Notice how booby d12 is always on here? Diff times of the day and night. Cause he dont work, lazy old fool. Retired...what a joke

beendiesel , you can't be that stupid. Bobbyd12 isn't NJ you dumb Dork.

Ron in OC--

Its BG's length with his his lack of athleticism when compared to a guy like jerry hughes---thats where we differ---

I think jerry hughes change of direction, and abilty to bend around a long tackle is far better then BG---

You have told me you think BG is more athletic then hughes---thats our main difference---

B/c my view of BG as an athlete in addition to his lack of length is the issue for me---

OF COURSE, arm length isnt everything----but if you think arm length is overated at the pass rushing assessment i dont agree ---it is a huge factor for left and right tackles ans well as the pass rushers they go against---

Also you know i dont like kindle either---so if you want to compare him to guys at that postition it is Morgan, or JPP.

All 3 wont look great in drills standing up---but the top 2 DE--morgan and JPP have a better chance because of thier length to match up with TES---graham will be a liabilty in coverage vs TE's and rbs----b/c of his athleticism and lack of length----

My opinion---

We do agree on Chaney and it isnt just because he has 33.5 inch arms---freak--he will be a player

well the jets might be trading picks away like candy but there return so far has gotten them far ... ryan is a good coach ...where as wandstat(however you spell it)was a questionable follower never a leader and saban let his ego eat him alive .... cam cameron was jus friggin horrible (miami could trade ginn to the ravens if ozzie wasnt the gm )
cam loved the whole family lets see if ravens would boo that dumbass speech lol

Miami... The Jests will do okay for a season of so. So long as they don't get the Injury bug like us last year. But eventually, when you have traded away your teams future it will catch up to you. Ryan had a team lay down for him to get him in the play-offs last year...It should have been Pittsburgh's run after beating Miami. Wynin would not even show respect to a team that beat his team twice and has beaten them three in a row now, including knocking them out of the playoffs in their own house in 2008. I will hold my opinion about Ryan until he has been there a few years, lots of Jests coaches come out hot then end up with the rest of their coaches... in Cleveland or Cincy....

Jamar Chaney coul be used In or Outside, most likely inside, and push Crowder as his eventual replacement, sooner than later hopefully. He is someone to think about in the round 4-6 area.


Really? You are telling me that only 3/4 of a single inch in arm length is a big deal to you?? That's like the width of a freakin nickel! Come on!

Huges is also a only 3/8 of an inch taller than BG? That's less than most guys fingernail accross.

I am supporting my choice with numbers...

The sack race Hughes did great but he is only 6 sacks ahead and he played in 3 more games. That would be a very heated sack race if the game total were the same.

With 3 less games BG leads Hughes by 10 in tackles for loss 36 to 46. Porbably my favorite category as I think ANY play you make on their side of the line has devastating effects as they head towards 2nd or 3rd and long.

Same identical tackle totals which means BG gets more per game 4.78 BG vs 4.23 JH.

Hughes is a figuarative pip squeak at 255lbs when BG is sporting 268lbs on essentially the same frame.

BG ran a 4.72 40 at the combine while pulling a hammy and JH ran a 4.69 with 13 lbs less muscle. BG will rerun in early April... I dunno if JH will stay put at his Pro day?

Please give me the link or links that best display the bend to the QB you are refering to and I will look at it. I don't know why you are not sold on BG as an athlete by I respect your own opinion. One of the things that screams athlete to me for BG is his relentless pursuit. Non athletes are gassed and "save it" for later. BG comes barreling into the scene down field all the time. He leaves it all on the field for sure and I value that.

One of the things they kept citing when the Rams drafted Chris Long was his motor this and his motor that. He was 6'3" and 276lbs and ran a 4.75 40 but he went #2 OVERALL in 2008 as a 4-3 DE! Bloodlines played a part too. '

Send me those links bud!


Getter done... I used to hear about Jamar Chaney when he was playing up at West Centennial in Port St Lucie. I follow HS ball close in south and central Florida. He is a good player no doubt, But at 6'1 he may not be tall enough for a Parcells look... After watching Zack for his whole career I have no problem with guys that Height but, Parcells is pretty stuck on the larger players.

allen read the response...

New Blog up!

Derek, true on the Tuna mold, but as I mentioned that he "could" be a thought as they also covet versatility. If he's there in the late rounds they may look his way if he's a guy Nolan likes.


BP Parcells only drafts a certain type player?

What was QB Pat White their 1st pick in the 2nd round?

Was Parcells in the crapper when the pick was made?

He likes big guys but I don't think he is as hung on an inch or two if a guy plays well enough in games and meets their criteria as a playmaker.

The first retort that comes to mind that everyone throws out is "How did that Pat White pick work out?"

a.) Let's see how he does in year #2 and if he makes strides.

b.) After watching him play, MVP in every bowl game he played in, was the concensus best QB at the combine, his highlight reel footage would suggest that he should be able to bring way more to the table than he showed in year 1.

PW should be more comfortable this year and should be able to hit guys downfield.

Jury is still out on PW although some have made snap judgements.

I know you didn't get on PW but I am just highlighting a very unorthodox BP pick.


Rob good points.
If Tuna wants someone or if Sparano, Henning, or now Nolan also pushes for someone then I think he is not beyond stepping outside his box. Of course lil Jeffey has to agree as well...lol

I read the response---good stuff--

For me i just trust my abilty to look at tape and evaluate explosion and athletic abilty---i dont take much value in all the combine numbers like 10yd dash and 3 cone drill--

Saying that with my naked eye---i think hughes is more coordianted---graham tape is impressive with all his production but he is going to be going vs. elite tackles---that a guy with limited length and if im right about his athleticism --i think he will strugglle

Rob i could be wrong--maybe he is more explosive then i give him credit for---we will have to wait and see---

If we pick him--i would be shocked b/c he doesnt fit the parcells mold, but if he is a player---ill be the 1st one to tell you im glad i was wrong about him

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