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The Dolphins' mystery at quarterback spot

One of the interesting side hobbies I've picked up in covering the Dolphins is reading the people I cover. (They read me, so I figure turn about is fair.) Seriously, I like to listen and observe how things are laid out and that often gives you greater hints about what is happening than what these folks are actually saying.

And even when the hints fail to paint a full picture of what is going on, it gives you an idea that something is going on.

Based on that, when I look how the Dolphins are handling and talking about the quarterback situation, it seems painfully obvious something is going on.

Think about it:

At the end of last year coach Tony Sparano declined to name Chad Henne his team's starter. Yet last week, without Henne completing even one pass in anger since the end of the season because the Dolphins have not played any games, Sparano names Henne his starting quarterback. Fine.

Last year the Dolphins were hesitant to re-sign Chad Pennington. They figured they had their three guys in Henne, Pat White and Tyler Thigpen. But then we saw 2009 play out and this offseason the Dolphins gladly accepted Pennington back.

So on the surface the Dolphins have their four quarterbacks. No biggie, right? But that suggests to me either Thigpen or White or both should be nervous. And the Dolphins are making these veiled remarks suggesting there's some strategy about what's about to happen with these quarterbacks. They're talking like either trades, or cuts or draft picks are en route.

"I'm not gonna reveal my hand, but we do have four quarterbacks," Coach Tony Sparano said last week.

Reveal your hand? Well, nobody knew the Dolphins have a hand to play until they declined to reveal it.

I found it interesting that Pennington, obviously sensing something, requested a no-trade clause in his contract. The Dolphins balked, suggesting they didn't want to give Pennington something they don't like giving other players, but also suggesting they perhaps had trading Pennington in mind.

The issue was resolved by giving Pennington a trade bonus that would pay the player a seven-figure sum if he is indeed traded. It's only money. It is an uncapped year. So don't be surprised if Pennington is traded.

Then the Dolphins made Pennington the No. 3 quarterback. The way it was portrayed by the Pennington camp is this gives him time to settle into his work in the preseason rather than feeling pressure to make more throws following his fourth shoulder surgery. The way Sparano portrayed it was different.

"We feel strongly about a couple of players that are there right now, strong enough that we make sure we do our due diligence, making sure those players are going to get the reps needed to continue to grow," Sparano said. "That's important. Chad Pennington completely understands the role he's in right now. 

"Again, I don't want to put barriers around them over there. We're going to let these guys play and see where we are. But we feel strongly about a couple of players at that position."

It is good the Dolphins feel strongly about a couple of players at the position. But they have four players at the position.

And that leads to the next thing that perked my ears and told me something is afoot. Last week, Sparano named Henne the No. 1. He said Pennington is the No. 3. But he declined to name No. 2 and No. 4.

I'm not getting into that," Sparano said as alarms are going off in my head. "You guys have a 50 percent chance of getting that right."

So the Dolphins have a mystery No. 2 QB? And they have a mystery No. 4?


Pat White, a second-round pick in 2009, was the No. 2 quarterback after Pennington went on injured reserve last season. But team sources kept telling me if Henne went down, Thigpen, the No. 3, would start the following week's game ahead of White.

Thigpen finally got a chance to play the final game of the season and he was, well, inconsistent. He completed 4 of 8 passes for 83 yards. He threw a 34-yard touchdown and also threw two interceptions. One could hardly say that is who Thigpen is because he came off the bench with little preparation and no practice snaps.

And yet that was better than what White showed all season long.

White could not complete a pass all season and was not even dynamic as a runner out of the spread option. He simply didn't look like an NFL player. And Sparano, who usually gushes about his players when they have a future on the team, was quite reserved about White.

"My thoughts and my evaluation was at the end of the season there was still work to be done with Pat," Sparano said. "I don’t think Pat would say anything different. There’s still work to be done. There’s always work to be done. I mean, there’s work to be done with Chad Pennington right now. That’s the great thing about Chad Pennington; he’ll let you work with him. There’s a bunch of work to be done with Pat, fundamentally throwing the ball.

"[Quarterback coach] David Lee is breaking those guys down every day. So I think that’s been it. But I did see growth. I saw growth from season’s start to season’s end with what Pat can handle from the offensive standpoint. At the end of the year there were no restrictions. He was able to handle it all mentally that way. And I’ve seen growth from a fundamental standpoint out on the practice field. Now, at the end of the day, with the competition out there, whether it’s going to be good enough or not, that really isn’t up to me. It’s going to be up to those players."

Sparano ruled out a switch in position for White at this time. The fact is he's never really played receiver, isn't exceedingly fast or big. The commitment has to be made for him succeeding or failing at one position before asking him to play another.

But it just seems like White has to take a giant leap to even salvage a roster spot in 2010.

Another issue is whether the Dolphins add a quarterback from the draft or as an undrafted free agent. Don't dismiss the possibility. It is real despite Miami having four quarterbacks on the roster.

And why is it such a tangible possibility?

Because I believe of the four quarterbacks currently on the roster, perhaps only two will be with the team when the regular-season begins. 


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trade for McNabb. that would make the off season more fun.


I posed a question to you on the last post...

I have said it and will say it again. I believe they will keep all 4 QBs. They are not going to give Pennington or Thigpen away. And I guarantee there will be no position change for Pat White. The speed of the game will slow down. The team is waiting for an injury on another team before they do anything. Remember with JT, when Philip Daniels got hurt in WAS, they only then pulled the trigger and made the trade. I believe a similar situation will occur this year. If by opening day that has not happened, I believe Pennington will be the guy who is inactive. They want him for his locker room presence, and to help with the other 3 QBs, all of which are still very young. He is essence another coach.

You can't just throw away a second round pick like Pat White. Could we at least try trading him for something we need, like Larry Fitzgerald or Austin Miles?

Rob, just read your Best comments and the question. On best, I agree 100%. Not only are his hands probably a little better, but his route running is better. And most importantly, he's a tougher runner.

on the question about McCluster. I like him. It's hard to argue with what he did last year just taking over games as a full time RB after being a slot guy who carried the ball a la Percy Harvin. I think that's part of what makes him dangerous and valuable. He could be a change of pace/3rd down back, but also could easily have him do the wildcat, have him line up out wide or in the slot. just real versatile. as for what round? i really don't know. I wouldn't be surprised to see him gone in round 2 (toward the end of it). But would figure early 3rd being more likely.

Bootang - well said.

I'd like to add that I think Thigpen and Henne are very even in terms of talent. Thigpen has a good arm, moves well and is a better Wildcat option than Henne (and certainly Pat White). That said, Thigpen was not able to become a starter with the Chiefs so something is amiss. With Henne as #1 and Thigpen as #2, and Penny as coach/player, I feel very comfortable about the QB going into this season.

What you are missing there is that on game day you usually only have 2 "active" QB's. I don't see any way they go into the season with all 4. Yeah there is no rush,but before opening day one of these four(well one of 3, Henne is safe) will be on another team. Hopefully before or during the draft to gain a pick.

Sparano and his mysterious ways. Is there any chance Thigpen is traded for a 4th or so? I really hope Pat White has been hitting the weights hard this offseason.


Rememer we are one of the teams who usually dresses only 7 OL during the season, instead of the usual 8. Also, Mike Nolan's defense usually uses 1 less LB, as he uses guys at multiple spots. They will keep 3 QBs the same way they dId last year, Oat White will be the number 2, and Thigpen the 3, but he would be the one to play if Henne got hurt.

Well get the most value out of pennington or henne in a trade situation, but I have no reason to doubt sparano when he said henne will b the starter. Well see as far as that's concerned. I can see the fins giving up on pat white haha just cutting him :/. He was rly awful last yr. I understand the need for QB and OL, but I'll be very frustrated with the organization if were forced to draft another player at those positions bc it will reflect how many whifs the front office committed in stacking the roster. Parcells wanted those parts of the team to be solid by now which is y we have the top PAID oline and not the top DEVELOPING oline (we just bought the best olinemen trying to fill the need asap). If we have to readdress that position it'll be treading water for us :/

Team Tuna,

I answered ya on the last blog a couple of posts. :)


Cut'em or trade'em all except Henne...

One more chance to Pat White. No more than that please!!

I would agree with Armando that there must be something up because keeping 4 QBs just makes no sense for a team that values roster spots like the decisions makers seem to.

I am also of the belief that White can turn into a solid QB that can have a role on the team and I like Thigpen as a backup only. I do not understand how Pennington moves this team forward at all besides as a coach. Maybe the Dolphins think Pennington's injury is bad enough that they can put him on IR for the year and just have him basically be a coach. Then he would not cost a roster spot and they don't care about the money anyway.

The position is just plain valuable. We will get something in the draft for at least one of the four QB. Draft day could be crazy, with one or more QB's along with Smiley on the block. We all think we know what our roster will look like on opening day, but it's a long time until kickoff. Players are going to get hurt/cut/replaced all in the coming months. Come on Tuna time to reel in the game changer!

Sign Dieter Brock .....


I was thinking 3rd round area as well, even towards the end.

He is just sooooo light (about 175lbs) and thus would get trucked by any type of NFL LB. At least Spiller and Best go about 200lbs.

Best and Spiller are much faster speed wise running in the mid 4.3 range. McCluster's 4.58 40 at the combine (which he ran much faster at his Pro Day) was .03 slower than 231 lbs RB Toby Gerhart!

McCluster has some super side to side moves/acceleration, posted some great numbers in the SEC with literally no injury issues and was coached in the Senior Bowl by the Fins so these will all weigh in his favor. Only player to go over 1000 yards rushing and over 500 receiving in the same season.

Third round sounds about right for this dimuative dynamo.


Hold onto Thigpen and white---b/c when you develop young QBS they have the most trade value down the line----patriots with cassel.

I think thigpen flashes a lot of Romo and in his frist year in KC as a rookie had an impressive year---and showed flashes again in the one game is was thrown into vs the steelers-----i like the kid he has upside----pat white needs time to develop---i think there is a high possibilty we carry 4 Qbs all year---chad will soon become a coach for us.

You keep deveolping thigpen and show him off in preseasons we will be able down the road to get a 2nd or def 3rd for him---look down the road---not just this year

Mando -- only way we have all four on the opening game roster is if one gets hurt or we are willing to carry 3 QBs plus another as the emergency on the roster.

Are they willing to give up that extra roster spot?...I doubt it.

None of them are going on the PS.

Henne is set.

Pennington has no trade leverage in his contract; he isn't going unless he's healthy and another team needs a mid-season emergency starter.

That leaves Thigpen & White. To my mind, they both don't stay unless White becomes the PR (or KR as well if Ginn gets dealt).

Thanks, Rob. I saw that. And, then you thankfully informed me that there was a new post. I was getting sick of the Joey Porter one. I understand the point Mando is trying to make in this blog but I think the mystery behind not naming who's #2 and who's #4 is just about as relevant as whether the water boy on opening day is going to serve lemon lime or orange gatorade. Who cares? Let's talk about something worthwhile ... impact players the Dolphins might draft.

How about moving up to get Eric Berry? It might only have to be a few spots. Might not have to invest much. Maybe not even a draft pick. Maybe just a good player like Justin Smiley. It could be a team that needs a solid OL like Smiley but doesn't mind dropping a little and still having a fairly high first round pick.


Bootang25, u have to remember one thing bro, ur #3 QB is ur Emergency QB...u cannot bring in ur emergency QB unless the first two are injured...if we have Thigpen 3 and u put him in the game before White two things happen, White can no longer play and if Thigpen goes down, u have NO QB u can bring in...That's the only reason Thigpen was able to come in against Pitt, both Henne n White were injured....One will be gone before the draft

Pretty intriguing Mando. I like how you set that up (with dramatic effect). Sounds like your senses are honed, I smell something afoot from your observations too. However, I can't see the Dolphins parting ways with 2 QB's currently on the roster. One, yes, but I don't see 2. Good backups are a necessity in this league nowadays. Other than '08 (with Pennington) when have we had a QB play every game of the year? So, if Henne goes down, someone reliable needs to step up (Pennington, but he's #3). Between Thigpen and Pat White, it's gotta be Thigpen hands down. And as far as trading for White, who would trade anyone valuable or give up a valuable draft pick (like 2nd or 3rd rounder)? I wouldn't if I was another team in the NFL for a guy who has yet to prove himself in this league. So, if they draft a QB, then I think it'd be bye-bye Pat White.

You trade Thigpen, he played very well for KC before they traded for Cassel, he has proven QB expirience, he's worth at least a 4th. There is a shortage of QB's in this league, Philly is asking too much for their stable of QB's, we too have a stable. I was pumped when we drafted White, but i think it was because of the rumores that the Pats wanted him badly, but I am dissapointed in him a bit. He was put into some very difficult situations last year, and delivered. (Jets game) One more chance for Pat. That being said, It all depends how Dez does at his workout, I sure hope he kicks ass so the Dolphins can open their eyes and see that this guy is a game changer !


One more thought, Pat White will NOT now, next year, or ever be a good NFL QB! Mark my words!

We traded a 5th for Thigpen, he has barely played since then. I think hoping for more than that at this point is not realistic.

Penne has no future with the Dolphins pure and simple. His age and injuries are his downfall...at best he's trade bait and thats a shame but life.

I think Thigpen is the one who gets traded b/c he has the most value. I think the Dolphins signed Pennington b/c they are hoping to get a draft pick out of Thigpen.

Also, Chan Gailey has to know that Thigpen is easily a better QB w/ more game experience than anyone on the Bills roster. But I think both the Dolphins and Bills are reluctant to make the 1st phone call b/c they dont want to lose leverage.

In a scenario where the Bills come calling for Thigpen, the Dolphins can convince them that since they are trading a starting QB within the divison (and believe me, he would start in Buffalo) they deserve better compensation than under other circumstances (a 2nd or 3rd rounder when he is really only worth a 5th).

The trade makes sense, but no one wants to call first b/c then u lose leverage.

Team Tuna,

I have been saying since before the NO trade clause was not granted I thought Penny would have good upside value to a team like Arizona (lost Warner) and Minn (If Brett doesn't come back)or even Pitt (if Ben's sex pred issues go awry) if he can display health and make throws with enough velocity.

Penny has never had the cannon arm but was always so accurate and a great game manager. With AZ's WR's that would make some great sense. Penny can always throw it up early, with great ball placement on deeper routes for guys like Larry Fitz and Breaston. Heck Whitehurst who has never thrown a pass got picked up by the Seahawks so an exp vet like Penny should have nice value if healthy.

I am just really hard pressed to see a trade up scenario. I am not sure what Smiley represents to another team? As a solid vet blocker and good locker guy or an older OL that blocks well when he is healthy with and ephasis on when he is healthy. If I had to guess it would be a 4rth rounder in trade.

Berry would be a good get but I see the Fins collecting picks not trading away any imo.


On the QB situation..I am hoping that we trade Pat White before other NFL teams realize that Pat is not an NFL QB...if we give those teams another whole season of White not doing anything and getting knocked out again we won't be able to get any compensation for him...he will have to be cut. Hopefully we trade him now for a draft pick this year because in my mind even a 6th or 7th round pick would be worth all of Pat's potential in the NFL period. Get rid of White, the only thing he is suited for is a punter or place kicker. I believe the two Chad's and Tyler will be on the roster come the start of the season...and don't be surprised that if one of these potentially good QB's are around at pick 12 or our second round pick that we rake one of them to compete going forward.

Sparano doesn't want to comment on who is his No 2 QB is because both are on the trade block. Rumors are flying that Buffalo wants Thigpen but I'm certain the Dolphins would rather have him on the roster right now then Pat White, problem is if they announce that Pat White is 4th string it essentially broadcasts that he will be cut. Obviously other teams were just as interested in Pat White in last years draft otherwise Miami would have waited to try and get him in later rounds.
Sparano is praying that some team makes a reasonable offer for White which would leave Thigpen to be the real no 3, open up another possible trade for Pennington and drafting a late round QB to fill the no 3. It won't happen, but Ireland and Parcells will give it a shot.

I definetely agree with Armando that something is up. Not necessarily b/c of all the cute quotes above, but simply b/c the Dolphins have 4 QBs on the roster. Sparano makes roster decisions based on position flexibility and special teams contributions. You dont have either of those 2 things when there are 4 QBs. One of them will absolutely go b/f the season.

There were rumblings of Thigpen going to Buffalo for a 4th rd pick, which I think is still possible. If the fins are convinced Penny is healed, I think they'd trade Thigpen and try to draft Mike Kafka in rd 6. If the fins don't think Penny's healed, I think they'll keep Thigpen and if someone wants to trade a 6th for Penny, they'll take it and still draft Kafka.

I think they will keep all 4. Chad Henne is the starter. Thigpen and White will probably get all of training camp to prove their worth and only if one of them bombs will they be cut or traded. You can't cut ties with a second round pick after one year and pat white has no trade value so what can you do with him?

Pennington is an insurance policy in case Henne is hurt or ineffective. IF Pennington were to be traded it would be in october near the trade deadline when injuries prompt other teams to panic. Thigpen is their insurance policy if they trade pennington because they don't trust pat white.


Your QB rotation game scenario is why I am suprised they have not designated Pat White a WR just for game semantics sake. They can line him up back there at QB just as many times as they like with NO penalty.

The NY Jets did this woth their own ex-college QB turned WR Brad Smith.


On our huge need for another good WR....I think that all the WR's we have now are decent 2's and 3's....but we need that one guy that draws a double team to help those guys get catches and TD's. I do think that we need to draft Dez, Tate, or one of the good ones in the draft probably sooner rather than later. Who cares if they have had issues in college...who hasen't really.. right?? Bottom line here...I was really concerned when I read that blog here that Tony said he was happy with the WR corp that he currently has...I actually coughed a little vommit into my mouth when I read his words about that. Come on now...you can't be that blind can you?? Hopefully it was jut a smoke screen to not give away our draft plans to other teams. Anyone with me in this?

"In a scenario where the Bills come calling for Thigpen...they deserve better compensation than under other circumstances (a 2nd or 3rd rounder when he is really only worth a 5th)."

Fake Gm -- we got him for a 5th and have a QB to burn, so my guess is they would let him go for a 4th and clink beers afterwards.

The Chargers got a 20 spot improvement in the 2nd round in this 2010 draft PLUS a 2011 3rd round pick from Seattle for a 3rd string QB that has NEVER thrown an NFL pass!!

That would seriously suggest that Thigpen and Penny (if healthy) should have some very nice trade value to the right teams.

Besides moving Henne, I would not be shocked to see any one of the other 3 moved if the offer was there from another team.


The only guy we might actually get something for is Thigpen. He could start for several NFL teams. If you pair him with a good qb coach, he could be a solid starter.

Pat White is no qb. If he bulks up a bit and learns to run routes and catch the ball, then maybe you have something. He was a wasted pick at that spot.

Pennington is a good mentor for a young qb. He can also step in should a guy get hurt. That's about it though. He can be a bridge to a future starter, like a high draft pick a team wants to bring along slowly. That's why he was brought to Miami. Now that Henne is the starter, the team will not take a step back.

Hey Armando- if Pat White were my son, we'd be going at it right now.


I am thinking if he goes to the Bills it nets out at least a 3rd. (Inner division, Chan Gailey is VERY familiar with Thigpen, he has started and won games in the league already, will be the Bills starting QB.)

Heck, it wouldn't be a crazy shock to me if it was a 2nd rounder from Buffalo for the aforementioned reasons.


What's up fellas? I dont find anything interesting about any of this at all. No offense Mando. I love your blogs. Henne is clearly the future. They invested enough time in him last year and had to like what they saw out of a first year QB with no big time weapons. He had a bunch of complimentary WRs and a blocking TE to throw to. He showed enough promise to be given the vote of confidence as the #1 QB without question.

Pennington - I just like his leadership and the fact he is a selfless player that will mentor Henne without any ego problem doing so. I wouldn't trade him unless you could get a 5th rounder or better.

Thigpen - could be the guy that could be traded but to who? He has startign experience and from what I have seen he is a capable NFL QB. Starter maybe not? Backup, #2 on depth chart absolutley.

White - I think you hit the nail on the head. He better show something. He isn't fast enough at the NFL level to be a real threat in the Wildcat consistantly and his arm well he was a rookie so we shall see. If he doesn't look sharp in mini camp and preseason the he might have to go.


I think you are reading into the quarterback situation too much. What does 'somethinghave to be up?'. The Dolphins are simply keeping their options open. They have one guy coming off a rookie season who looks like he has promise, one guy who hardly played and was drafted in the second role to fill a role, one guy coming off his thrid serious shoulder surgery and one guy who was acquired for insurance when Pennington went down.

Henne is the starter, right now Thigpen is two, Pennington is the mentor (primarily) and is three and White has a long way to go to grab this offence and is four. But for Sparano to start labelling these guys provides no purpose, other than keeping the media and the fans in the loop. It's pointless really.

I believe they will make absolutely certain that Pennington is capable of doing what he does best on the field and make certain that Henne doesn't feel threatened by him, before they do anything with Thigpen. Pennington has a good relationship with Henne and will continue to mentor him. White, until he shows more, will be limited to 4-5 plays a game.

I'm not sure what the concern is here. It's nice to have some quarterback depth and to have some options available to us. I also don't think they want Henne getting TOO comfortable in the job and want the competition there to keep him working hard. White was a second round pick and I would be ABSOLUTELY shocked if the regime decides to give up on White after only one season.

And for you haters of White out there....watch how quickly he gets snapped up by another team to be developed. Your the same guys who said nobody would sign Joey Porter and his days of starting are over....and you were wrong about that too.

Well of the three behind Henne, Pennington is the one I'd want coming in with the game on the line. No question. Why he would be #3 I have no idea. However since that's what Sparano said I have to believe Thigpen is the mystery #2. Both Thigpen and Pennington have trade value to some degree but if you trade them both you're left with White at #2? That's a scary thought. I'm guessing they would trade White in a heartbeat if they could get more than a ham sandwich for him. Let's just pray Henne is outstanding and doesn't get hurt.

I think they drafted White becuase they like the fact that he played baseball as well. Wasnt he drafted by the Yankees as well? It may have been the most emotional pick ever taken by Billy.


A ham sandwich and a diet coke for Pat White. Deal?


I think they need a #1 WR but would be suprised if it were Dez. Exterior circumstance challenged guys wouldn't seem to fit the dollars and desired impact for a #12 overall choice for this regime.

The Incognito type players come with risk but at so much less cost they are worth it seems to be what the Trifecta is saying through actions.

I could see a D. Thomas (big, strong, fast WR) potential #1 guy in the 2nd. I also think WR A. Benn has that kind of ability as well in the 2nd.

What Dez looks like on his Pro Day will set the stage for if he falls or if he holds value in my opinion. Mike Mayock was noting that Dez was 225lbs or there abouts and was mentioning that when he did his most damage in college he was 204-206lbs. He wonders whether Dez'z natural growth and/or potentially he is just getting sloppy not playing in a long time will slow his 40 time down enough to hurt his stick and cause him to fall.

Should be an interesting few days with Colt McCoy, Dez Bryant and Brandon Graham scheduled for pro day style workouts.


I do agree, I really don't think a WR is needed at the #12 pick, there are quite a few good ones in the draft...I believe some def are better than Dez. I think we will find a steal at WR in the draft....but who do we take at 12 is the big question??

I don't think anything happens with our quarterback situation until we find out if McNabb is being moved. The teams that lose out on that may have interest in Thigpen. I could also see a scenario where if Pennington was 100 per cent healthy that he be moved to Arizona where Pennington could compete and/or mentor Leinart.

I could also see a scenario where Pittsburgh might be interested in Thigpen should they feel they need insurance should Rothlisberger be facing a suspension. Might be hard to get anything more than a 4th or a 5th for Thigpen, and I really don't see a reason to rush anything. It's March, season doesn't start until September.


That is the Million Dollar question my friend!

"Who will those crazy Pat White in the 2nd round drafting fools take?" is probably what the league is saying right now...

I don't think the Trifecta would want it any other way then shrouded in mystery either.

I am more wide scope minded than many I have seen post. I know they have many DEF needs and that's the direction they will probably go.

If they really think Iupati, Spiller, Dez, or even wildcards like WR D. Thomas or RB Best would help them gain some beloved "chunk yards" or substantially add to the OFF then they may pull the trigger. Then they could use the rest of the draft on DEF primarily. Getting one of these OFF players would entail sliding back if they were to get proper value, cept maybe Spiller or Dez. Everyone realizes that trading back is no easy feat.


Craig M,

I echoed much of the same sentiment already @ 12:53.

Hopefully great minds think alike. ;)


COW - Sorry man, but Sparano, for once, is telling the truth about his WR corps.

This offense is about the run, TE, and short passes to WRs. Sadly, Henne's gun is an afterthought.

I really don't think they go for a WR any higher than the 6th or 7th. I guess it would be possible in the fourth, I just doubt it.

A TE with great hands (think Keith Jackson)? Absolutely. I am convinced they'll do that in the 2nd or 3rd. Said TE will open things up just enough for what they want to do with this O. Fasano and Molassos just don't have it - as blockers yes, receivers, no.

Whoooaaa Nelly let me tell ya about Keith Jackson!!!

;) Nice reference Jimmy Jam!

Thigpen will be traded to Cleveland or some other team that needs a QB.

Henne will be given this year to prove himself. If he has another more interceptions than TDs year, he'll be destined to be a backup QB here or someplace else.

If at mid-season the Fins are 4-4, Pennington could very well be named the starter again.

White will stick around for the Wildcat and given more reps. He could be traded before the 2011 draft.

Jimmy Jam,

Do you like the TE Dickerson at all? I have a funny feeling this is a guy they like and will look at in the 3rd or 4th round. Thoughts?

The QBs that will be on the 53 man roster are all on the team now. They definitely won't draft someone who will leap ahead of White + Thigpen. That's ridiculous. Maybe they draft one with a 6th round pick or something, but it's unlikely he'll be on the team.

I bet we'll see a headline in the next two months that says, "Pat White traded for a 4th round pick". I think they drafted White because Henne was unproven and they didn't want to start from scratch if Henne completely sucked. Now that they have confidence in Henne, White's expendable.

The QB roster going into game one will be:

1. Henne
2. Pennington
3. Thigpen

Rob in OC,

Just read your 12:53 post now. It's obvious great minds do think alike!!....LOL.

Jimmy Jam,

Why are you choosing to buy into NO WR and none before 6th that Sparano tosses out before the draft?

It could possibly end up going down like that just wondering your logic.

I do think they would love to add a true Pass catching TE. Our Off was much more dynamic with Martin as one of our pass catching TE's. He could run some and was better at making the difficult grab than Fasano.

I could see a WR flyer being taken as early as the second if the draft falls a certain way for them.


Rob in OC as always we seem to agree lol. No way they should go WR in the first round at #12. There are too many holes on this defense. The value and fit of an OLB take you pick of who you think is better - Graham (my pick), Morgan, Pierre Paul, Kindle is much more of a need/value then Dez Bryant. Bryant has character, maturity and one year of big time production in the Big 12 where teams like Oklahoma, Kansas, Mizzou annually shoot it out. So those numbers are more then likely inflated.

Brandon Graham on the other hand has 2 years of great of outstanding production and a year of decent as a sophomore.

He has 2/3 pf the equation covered. He played 4 years, great production but the third piece is the freaking "PROTOTYPE". Hopefully that was the fake out move so no one trades ahead of Miami to snatch him up but he might be there and get passed on anyway.

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