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RFA tenders for Dolphins are out of the bag

Only two days to the opening of unrestricted free agency and the Dolphins are bracing for March 5 by getting some financial work done.

The club has tendered all three of its restricted free agents -- Anthony Fasano, Ronnie Brown and Quentin Moses.

The Herald's Jeff Darlington is reporting Fasano has been tendered a contract at $1,176,000. That means the Dolphins have the right of first refusal plus the right to a pick in the player's original round should Fasano sign with another team and Miami not match the offer.

Fasano was originally drafted in the second round by the Dallas Cowboys so any team signing him would have to give the Dolphins a second-round pick for him or negotiate a trade at a lower draft compensation.

Here's an interesting tidbit that Fasano must be steaming about today: The tender for second-round compensation is $1,759,000. But because Fasano was drafted in the second round, the Dolphins simply used the lower original round tender of $1,176,000.

Miami saves itself $600,000 and still gets the same compensation should they opt not to match another team's offer for Fasano. And while that is a savings for the team, Fasano is out $600 large.

The Dolphins have tendered Brown at 110 percent of his 2009 salary. The tender is worth $3,969,239 and the Dolphins would be due a first-round pick if another team signs Brown and they don't match.

For the sake of clarification, you might remember that Brown told The Miami Herald he had an option year for 2010 and would be under contract at $5 million if there was no cap. That was true assuming both he and the Dolphins exercised the option.

The Dolphins opted not to exercise the option for obvious reasons. They have a running back coming off a significant foot injury who is not yet able to run and cut at the start of free agency. Why would they elect to pay a $5 million contract when they can use the $3.97 million tender and save themselves approximately $1 million?

Moreover, it is unlikely any team would be willing to give up a first round pick for Brown given his current condition. And, in the unlikely case some team might give up such a high pick, that would leave the Dolphins in the enviable position of either keeping Brown by matching the offer or getting a first-round pick for him.

Bottom line? Ronnie Brown will almost definitely be with Miami in 2010.

The Salguero bottom line on both tenders? Great job by the Dolphins. They didn't overpay for either tender when a more antsy organization might have overpaid. Excellent work.

The Dolphins have only one other restricted free agent -- linebacker Quentin Moses. He has three accrued seasons. We're working on finding out what the deal is with him. Assuming the Dolphins tender him, it will be for $1,101,000 which will give Miami original round draft compensation. Moses was picked in the third round of the 2007 draft by Oakland.

[Update: I have confirmed the Dolphins tendered Moses at the original draft round tender -- $1,101,000.]

Follow me on twitta, as they say in New York. 


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Sounds good. It will be very interesting to see what transpires to say the least.


Damit Waterboy! Lol

Clearing a lot of money baby:

Brown Savings
Cut the Gerbil
Cut Torbor

Sign Dansby and Ben Watson


So close!!!!!

It looks like Brown and fasano aren't going anywhere.

Those two fumbles cost him 300 k a piece....

I see the Broncos tendered Marshall for a first rounder,but not a third rounder,like many had predicted.

Brain dead post above, get rid of brown and sign ben watson .

considering how bad Fasano played last year, dude should take a pay cut damn it!

Sign Dansby, draft Kindle!

Fassano was terrible, Haynos showed more life than he did last season

Haynos is super slow and cant block, Fasano can at least block.

Why can the gerbil get a pay cut...

Im feeling we are heading for a very disappointing FA period for Fin Phans

Don't give up on Fasano yet...we've all seen players come back from a bad season only to light it up the next...have faith!

Omar Kooky is reporting the FASANO is "exposed to being pouched"... What team would be so Dumb to pony up a 2nd round pick when we got him in a combo deal for a 4th rounder..

I wish I get a job at the slum sentinel....

If that happens, Spiller would be a great swap of running backs. Hate to see Ronnie go but that business.

Fasano will put in a great year next season, henne was starting to find him more towards the end of the season.


How sad. I look at our tenders and wish somebody would sign our guys.

The Trifecta better be on point for this draft.

i'm not giving up on Fasano... but come on, he played very sloppy last year... drops, fumbles.

"Miami Dolphins could lose Anthony Fasano"
by: Mike Berardino March 3rd, 2010


The tuna will jog all the way to the Draft Room in NY with a 2nd round pick.

The Bears have extended a low (original pick) tender to restricted free agent LB Jamar Williams.
Williams has been productive whenever asked to play defense, but the Bears rarely give him the opportunity and showed they don't value him especially highly with the low tender. He'd only cost a fourth-round pick to scoop up.

Sign this chump UP!!!!

With all the great prospects in this draft, anyone else hoping there are a few teams dumb enough to overpay Fasano and Moses giving us a few more picks to work with?....

Moses doesnt deserve a mil a year... R U kiding me?

Tender ol Moses at a 4th round pick

the whole team played like crap in that first game against atlanta, after that he stayed in to block a lot of the time, i'm not trying to make excuses for him but i loved him in 08 and like you i'm deffo not giving up on him for next year.
lets go 'o'

** TRADE Ronnie Brown for a 3rd round pick -

that is probably what he is worth. He is obviously injury prone. Has only had one full year not on IR.

We can get some FRESH young legs with a 3rd round RB in this very DEEP draft at a fraction of what it will cost to resign Brown in a year...

## TRADE Fasano for a 4th-5th rounder.

Remember, this is a very deep draft and we already have 4 TE!!!

The more picks we accumulate, then better we have a chance to become.

Trade Ronnie Brown for a 3rd round pick??

That by far is one of the dumbest statements ive seen

Trade Ronnie for Marshall.

That makes sense.

Do you think Miami's new cap guru will recommend signing players on the 4th??

I'd be happy with a high 2nd rounder for Brown. Phins could use 3 picks in the top 50. How many full seasons does anyone think Brown will ever play? I like the guy. I think he has great talent, but none of their RB's can be counted on long term.

I would let both players walk for the compensation.

When does Jeff Darlington take over this blog? He's cool and doesn't have a winey voice. That's what I here when I read this blog.

Ronnie brown will be a phin in 2010 and I bet he'll fninsh the season un-injured. He wants make money.

I like both these guys a players.But business is business. Not less than a high 2nd rounder for Brown and a 3rd rounder for Fasano. However neither will happen.

Trade Ronnie Brown???? WTF is wrong with you guys? He does not need to go anywhere...

My opinion of the perfect off-season for the Fins:

In FA, sign Dansby and Antonio Bryant. (I know that getting them both would be extremely expensive, but I think it would immediately make us a playoff-caliber team and well worth the money.) We could also trade for Anquan Boldin rather than signing Bryant (which seems to be the more popular idea), but I don't like giving up a draft pick when we could get a younger, faster veteran without one. Don't get me wrong, I would be very happy with Boldin, but I think Antonio Bryant has more up side.

Then we draft NT Dan Williams in the first round; possibly even trading back a few spots, and getting another pick or two, if he's a bit of a stretch at #12. I love this kid. I think he will be a premiere NT in this league and unless a Top 5 guy, like Eric Berry, falls to us at 12, I say we take Williams.
Second and third round, I say we take OLB or Safety (in either order, depending on who is available). For now, I like Jerry Hughes in the second and Major Wright in the third.
After third round, I say we just go for best player available from there on out, regardless of position. With such a deep draft as this, that would give us some really good players to develop behind our starters.

Knowing the Trifecta, it seems highly unlikely that things go like this, but I'd be pretty happy if even half of it was correct.

What do you guys think?


I really like Brown and hope he retires a Dolphin. But with injury concerns over the past few years and the depth of the draft, if a team is willing to give up a HIGH second rounder for him, I would take it. I am pretty sure that there aren't any teams willing to do that, so Brown is safe.

JimmyFin - If that is what you hear when reading this blog, maybe you should try not reading out loud and you would not have that problem JACKAZZZZZZ

JB - I do agree he has had some injury issues, but they are such minor injuries and just unlucky ones. It would be different if he was coming off a blown out knee or both blwon out, but for our current situation we need to keep him around at minimum 1 more year and hopefully after that we cang et an extension done when he has a healthy good 2010 season!!

Well I am out. Everyone get ready for an upset of a top 10 college basketball team tonight, because Purdue is going DOWN!! Let's go IU HOOSIERS baby!!



I wouldn't mind having Dansby, but it won't happen. There are too many less frugal NFL executives than BP.

I wouldn't give up any picks in this draft, because it is the deepest draft in years. So Boldin won't be hear, but Bryant is possible if he and BP really did kiss and make up.

I like Williams as well, but I don't see anyone being able to trade down in the First round in this draft. If the Phins are real high on Williams they will have to take him at #12.

fasano for a second rounder would be a wet dream---he is garbage and is a one-dimensional blocker---only in the run game----another 2nd round pick would allow us to target two guys like spikes and TE Gronkowski in the second----great news----

I know parcells loves the kid Gronkowski from Arizona----I need more analysis from fans and blog writers past FA and the first round--- show me some depth


Thanks for the feedback. Question, when we release Porter - is there anyway you can go with him?

In the meantime, keep Brown and trade Pennington to the Rams for a 4th and 7th. Then trade our 4th and our 3rd for a 2nd. Now with 2 second rounders we get one WR and another LB after we get Sergio at 12.

Trifecta - holla at me in the war room for more advice!

If Brown isn't running yet, who says he can even get ready for the season much less play. Hopefully somebody takes a chance and signs him.
I would take a second rounder for Fasano.
Draft the best NT available, first and anchor that defense and if we have to trade down then do it. Draft the best inside linebacker available second pick. Draft an other outside linebacker in the third and then get a receiver or a running back.
I would like to see if we could sign a receiver but I just don't believe that our receivers are that bad. Even Ginn catches a pass.


Great job by Dawn Aponte, the same person everyone said was such an idiot last month!! Nobody will give up a second for Fasano or a first for Ronnie so I expect they both will be in Dolphins uniform this year


The best NT may be Cam Thomas which wouldn't require using the first round pick??


How do we trade Chad Penny when is not signed with the Fins?

I hope you were referring to the Jets War Room so they can soak up your advice... Give them a few wild herrings!

Just funin around.


We gotta get a grade A this draft.

Goes without sayin....

Both those tenders are at least straddling fence. If anyone was enamored with either player they could realistically go after Brown or Fasano.

I would say they neither ends up being made offers but, I remember being shocked at the time when NE ponied up a 2nd and 7th for a Punt Return / 3rd receiver in Welker. Anything is possible.

I really wish Ronnie was healthy...then we cound see if they would bump the tender up or keep it at just a 1st round compensation?


A++ as long as were are demanding Po!!! =)

Smart business decisions, hope they keep it up.

They stole Wes.

Makes me sick to this day. Another Bad Bad move by the Phins.

If Ronnie + 3rnd pick from Phins to Lions for Calvin Johnson or Marshall I be happy. They can sign thomas Jones until next draft.
Just my idea..it wont happen..Im just a fan with crazy ideas...I have faith Trifecta will lead us in the right direction.

You're right Joe...

The Ciban has arrived, What's the story today boy's??


What's a Ciban???

My Bad.. Typo.. THE CUBAN HAS ARRIVED!!!!!!!!

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