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RFA tenders for Dolphins are out of the bag

Only two days to the opening of unrestricted free agency and the Dolphins are bracing for March 5 by getting some financial work done.

The club has tendered all three of its restricted free agents -- Anthony Fasano, Ronnie Brown and Quentin Moses.

The Herald's Jeff Darlington is reporting Fasano has been tendered a contract at $1,176,000. That means the Dolphins have the right of first refusal plus the right to a pick in the player's original round should Fasano sign with another team and Miami not match the offer.

Fasano was originally drafted in the second round by the Dallas Cowboys so any team signing him would have to give the Dolphins a second-round pick for him or negotiate a trade at a lower draft compensation.

Here's an interesting tidbit that Fasano must be steaming about today: The tender for second-round compensation is $1,759,000. But because Fasano was drafted in the second round, the Dolphins simply used the lower original round tender of $1,176,000.

Miami saves itself $600,000 and still gets the same compensation should they opt not to match another team's offer for Fasano. And while that is a savings for the team, Fasano is out $600 large.

The Dolphins have tendered Brown at 110 percent of his 2009 salary. The tender is worth $3,969,239 and the Dolphins would be due a first-round pick if another team signs Brown and they don't match.

For the sake of clarification, you might remember that Brown told The Miami Herald he had an option year for 2010 and would be under contract at $5 million if there was no cap. That was true assuming both he and the Dolphins exercised the option.

The Dolphins opted not to exercise the option for obvious reasons. They have a running back coming off a significant foot injury who is not yet able to run and cut at the start of free agency. Why would they elect to pay a $5 million contract when they can use the $3.97 million tender and save themselves approximately $1 million?

Moreover, it is unlikely any team would be willing to give up a first round pick for Brown given his current condition. And, in the unlikely case some team might give up such a high pick, that would leave the Dolphins in the enviable position of either keeping Brown by matching the offer or getting a first-round pick for him.

Bottom line? Ronnie Brown will almost definitely be with Miami in 2010.

The Salguero bottom line on both tenders? Great job by the Dolphins. They didn't overpay for either tender when a more antsy organization might have overpaid. Excellent work.

The Dolphins have only one other restricted free agent -- linebacker Quentin Moses. He has three accrued seasons. We're working on finding out what the deal is with him. Assuming the Dolphins tender him, it will be for $1,101,000 which will give Miami original round draft compensation. Moses was picked in the third round of the 2007 draft by Oakland.

[Update: I have confirmed the Dolphins tendered Moses at the original draft round tender -- $1,101,000.]

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The I is close to the U...

I'm back from hospital.I have MS guys.But i will keep fighting.HI TNPHIN FAN.

I gotta cut out a while gents (and ladies if there are any).

I will catch y'all on later if'n I can.


Mosi, if you're joking that isn't funny.

Mosi, u don't have MS, u have MM as in "many me's"....

Not at all.I do have it.noway would i joke like that.

Hey Mosi.

hope you are doing good. who is your favorite Dolphin of all time

"Monkey Scrotum"????

Florida fact. (Po, you probably know this)

11 year old Gainesville native Tom Petty was invited by his uncle to visit the set of Follow That Dream and meet Elvis Presley. Movie was filmed in Yankeetown in Levy county. Shortly after, Tom traded his Whamo slingshot for some 45 records and the rest as they say is history.

bobby i beg ofyou please don.t say that.Its hard to admit this.

Tn, I"M so sorry that people here say such bad to me here.I have a REAL fIGHT on my hands.I only came here because of friends.

Mosi do you like spam?

Cuban, ur not buying this either??? Paul = ALoco = Monkey = Donkey = Po Black Trash = Mosi = insane!!


Just kidding brother, But your young and strong,Medication will help you my friend I have a buddy of mine that was diagnosed with it 5 years ago and he's doing fine, Dont sweat it, FIGHT IT!!!!!!!!!!!

My mother went to UF and had a best freind there that used to sell Tom Petty Weed.

Gainesville Green...

Have seen pictures of her(mom's freind) with Petty(Saw/smoked her weed too).

No Sh*t.

Oh = Captain Ace. LMAO = MANY ME's

You didn't hear that CM. lol

No Ed.TNfinfan Dan The man.

PO, Love the music of Petty, one of the great rockers of are time....

I'm a fan too..

mama maria starting to cook the meatballs w/spinch .

Mosi is not Hawaiian. He doesn't like spam. We all like spam, since 1942.

petty is very old , he made just 2 great songs and still milken it .

CoCo, Saw that on the movie"Running down a dream",. Have you seen it?? If not one of the better DVDs to get, It comes with a live concert from the 06 gator growl, UNbelievable concert......

see you guys.

Mosi, hope you get better and fight the good fight, bro. Don't you freaking give up at any time. fight, fight, fight.

God bless you, man.

Aloco, Your music Knowledge is about the same as your football knowledge I see......

By Mosi, enjoy ur meatballs with spinach


I have 2 Larry CZonka and Dan Marino

There's a song on Damn The Torpedoes you never hear: Century City....really good song.

Florida fun fact: Marjory Stoneman Douglas' (Everglades: River Of Grass) father was first publisher of what was to become the Miami Herald. Miami had less than 5000 people then.

why yall think mosi=ALoco?

No, I haven't Cuban. DVD still available?

Oh Yeah, Go to Best buy or any where they sell DVDs it tells the story of how it all began for petty and how he met the rest of his group, If your a rocker it's a must have, it's like 3 hours long and like i said the last DVD is a full concert from gainesville.....

Didn't Bellicheat really like Ronnie Brown, maybe the Patsies will take a flyer on Brown now wouldn't that be interesting...

TN cmon bro, this 15 year old kid comes on the day of the Tsunami warnings in Hawaii now all of a sudden he went to the hospital and has MS??? ALoco got me with that Captain Ace character and u got sucked in with Mosi,. LOL Mosi wasn't even on this blog when Armando spoke of "many me's" so how did he know what I was talking about??? Because Mosi = ALoco that's how!?

Bobby, If that's true that's Sad....

Cuban..... do we win the afc east this year??? or do we have another year of telling our selfs we are building a team??????????

May god be with you.Do you know what its like to wake up hurting all over? DO YOU BOBBY.

Cuban of course it's true...Armando mentioned "many me's 5 or 6 weeks ago...How did Mosi, a supposedly 15 year old who JUST came on this blog a week ago know about "many me's"??? He couldn't have, ALoco is Mosi can't be another explanation

Cuban....don't ingore me.

Roman, No I dont see the mighty air breathers winning the division,It all depends on this draft for the next couple years, Score big in the draft, they will be the team to beat, not this upcoming year but next... Sorry....

Roman, new blogger talking to Cuban like he has known him for years Roman = ALoco

Hi ALL....

Our GM has said, "we need an elite WR", why should we draft DEZ?
He is a total gamble!!! Lets trade for Brandon Marshall a YOUNG proven entity who was a STAR with a terrible QB throwing to him!!!

Lets dot it. I hope we pull the trigger on FRIDAY!!!

Cuban, right now there is three real people on this blog, you, me and Paul, that's it

I see the Phins drafting another TE.

Keep Ronnie

Bobbyd12. when are you going to learn ?? isn't amazing how aloco and mosi and all these other cast of charachters show up when the cuban menace shoes up ??? C'mon bro !! Cuban menace is all these charachters. I've been here a long time and mando and a poster named alienman dubbed the menace many me a long time ago. aloco = mosi = cuban menace. THINK !!! I'M outta here !!

Westcoast, because Parcells will not give up a number one puck for Marshall when there is so much talent in this draft rounds 1-4...we can pick up a receiver in rounds 3 or 4 and fill two huge holes NT and Lb in 1-2

Cuban....thanks and I agree with you....

Aloco...I have been reading this for years, just dont post all that much. I always liked you, but you have some nevre talking to me like that. Some of us work for a living and dont have time to post here all day.

To the rest of you: Thanks for your posts. It gives me something to do while Im at work.

Aloco: Shove it.

NJ ur probaly right LOL...I guess I haven't been here long enough to see 1 + 1 = 2. LMAO

So I'm talking to myself again, great

Sounds like the cap chick maybe knows what she's doing.

If Ronnie Brown stays and plays we will have the wildcat - clearly he is the only RB in the NFL that has the vision and ball handling skills to make it work. I hope we keep him.

Two more days and we are shed of the BOTARD queezy weezy pezeee or what ever his name is - oh yeh the"best" LB on the team - NOT. Goodbye and good riddance Joey!

NO bobby not you.You have no heart no compassion and Finally no human side at all.Go see a person who has MS like me and i pray GOD lets you see me.Go to church i think GOD is calling on you.Have you been lately.I would say NO to that.YOUR A COLD PERSON.And terribly wrong about MOSI.

Dad and mom helped me write this. VERY TRUE.

There's the Plumber(NJ Phin fan) again spewing his conspiracy theories as always, Mando has already disputed your claims sir, please don't tarnish the name of the "CUBAN MENACE" thank you for your corporation... and PS, My Toilets clogged, can I count on your service's sir????

I'M outta here !!

Posted by: NJ PHIN FAN | March 03, 2010 at 06:59 PM

Ohhhh good the Plumber's on his way......

Florida fun fact: Orange Bowl was originally Burdines Stadium....remember Berdines, the Florida store? Financed by R. Burdine and completed in 1938.

Romans back baby!!!!!!!!

Coco, Not to dispute that but I think it was completed in 1933 though i might be wrong.... Maybe one of us should GOOGLE it????

Strike that CoCo, it was 1937.....

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