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Richie Incognito agrees to 1-year deal with Dolphins

Richie Incognito is a Miami Dolphin.

The Dolphins and the player's representatives at this hour are finalizing a deal that was submitted last night. Jeff Darlington of The Miami Herald reports the deal is worth slightly over $1 million. When the final language is written, the deal likely will include approximately $250,000-$300,000 in incentives to cover the possibility Incognito starts for Miami.

[Update 2 p.m.: The contract is one year with a $725,000 base salary, a $25,000 signing bonus, and a $125,0000 bonus if he's on the team the first week of the season. The total deal can be worth $1.35 million.] 

That is bargain money. Good starting guards in the NFL average anywhere from $3-$5 million depending on experience and whether they have hit free agency or not.

Incognito has played three positions along the offensive line in his career -- RG, LG and C. But the Dolphins want him join the competition at both guard spots. Notice I said both guard spots. Yes, Justin Smiley has been something of a lock at left guard since joining the team in 2008, but he'll have to win his job during training camp -- regardless of whether he's the odds on favorite to do so or not.

The obvious area where the Dolphins most need solidifying is the right guard spot where Donald Thomas was the starter the first 12 games of 2009 but Nate Garner beat him out as the starter the final four games.

Incognito has had a checkered career and suffered maturity issues in college and with the St. Louis Rams. The Buffalo Bills, who claimed him on waivers last season, broke ties with him this offseason.

With this signing the Dolphins fill a "want."

They still have "needs" at OLB, FS, NT and WR in no particular order.


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Maybe First

Go Fins!!!

Good move nastiness on the OL Low risk high reward

I bet if you ask Sparano if he will compete with Smiley he will laugh you out.
What Source gave this info Mando or is this speculation?

This douchebag with a checkered past is going to unseat their first big FA move?

Yes the preach competition but they dont backtrack on "their" guys

Good signing, solidifies the OL

Great move this signing!! Also- Transition Will Allen to FS. Get our four best DBs on the field at the same time.

Was this they guy getting abused by Cam Wake in the home game against the Bills?

This signing is as big as last year's signing of Cameron Wake.

good choice on the offense line bulk that line so the running game can keep goin

Bill Parcells loves to fix up this kind of guys.
I really expect him to become an outstanding free agency acquisition.

From Mexico, Go Phins Go!!!

Will he do the Offseason workout program?

That allows us to use our later round picks on other positions as the OLine is now the most depth-rich position on the team

I like this signing, regradless of the issues. He will be put around some good vets and a coaching staff that belives the game is won in the trenches. I don't know what the expectations of the coaches are and I'm sure the are not gonna put the pressure on this kid to much like they tried to make him be in St. Louis. Just come in practice hard and play hard and contribute.

What if he tears it up in 2010, will he be a FA in 2011??? I hope the contract has an option clause.

Good move...

Waterboy...pull your head out of your butt. They don't back track on their guys? Is Wilson still here? No? What about Ernest Wilford? Oh, wait he's gone too.

This regime has consistently cut ties with big signings that didn't work out.

It wouldn't shock me in the least to see Smiley gone.

Does this mean that Canadian Football League import Dmitri Tsoumpas will be on the roster bubble?

I don't think anyone needs to make more out of this signing than what it really is. It's a depth signing and creates competition on the line.....and the trifecta is all about competition.

Now get back to filling some of the REAL needs we have on this team, like NT, OLB, WR and FS.

@ Dolfan 87

Wilson started 6 more games than deserved. They should have bench that guy after week 3...

Ernest went 2 years before getting cut

Pat White nonsense QB draws at random points of the game = justifying a 2nd round pick.

so... they give their guys 2 or 3 chances before sending them packing

Again.... Wake me up when we have a WR or Even a TE that is feared by opposing teams

Run Camarillo Run
Run Hartline Run
Dont drop it Teddy Dont drop it
Dont Fumble Fasano
Break a Tackle Joey Haynos
Score a TD Bess

Teams will be loading the box all year long.

The Tuna loves his line and we are trying to build an anchor here so thats good but we need the SKILLED players now to take advantage of that great line! like WR!! Perhaps?

The Tuna crew has really cleaned things up though the draft:

2008 draft starters:
1st round – LT, Long
2nd round – DE, Merling (rotatational starter)
2rd round – QB, Henne
3rd round – DE, Langford
6th round – OG, D. Thomas

2008 draft Notable backups:
6th round – RB, Lex Hilliard
7th round – Lionel Dotson

2008 draft bust (not on the team):
4th round – OT, Murphy (Tashard Choice was available)
6th round – RB, Parmele

We have 5 starters and 2 backups from the 2008 draft, that’s a damn good draft! 2008 draft grade; A

2009 draft starters:
1st round – CB, Davis
2nd round – CB, Smith

2009 draft Notable backups:
2nd round – QB, White (I don't disagree with this pick because I love the idea but could have gotten Mike Wallace WR - 39 rec, 756 yards, 6tds or Massaquoi – 34 rec, 624 yrds, 3tds & Pat White in the 3rd instead of Turner)
4th round – WR, Hartline
5th round – S, Clemons
6th round – OL, Gardner

2009 draft bust (yet to show skills):
3rd round – WR, Turner
5th round – TE, Nalbone
7th round – LB, Folsom

2 starters, 4 backups. 2009 draft grade: B-

The Tuna administration has given us 7 starters and 6 backups, I give them a B+ in drafting; they have really cleaned it up! Gives me confidence for this upcoming draft that they will make the right picks! We’re building in the right direction!

Scout just said to me Spikes ran a 4.83. Haden a 4.37

@ Jamillion
The tuna staff has had very respectable drafts,

I question their FA moves. Terrible terrible

Only decent pickups are Bess, Wake, Carpenter.
Huge Bust: Wilford, Green, Ayodele, Wilson and resigning clam chowder, letting Goodman and Hill Walk.

No Worries for Spikes. I doubt Ayodele or Torbor clock below 5.00

Seems low priority getting another guard to "compete." The present trio got the job done.

Lets hope some other signings are near..

slow as he is I still like Spikes.

haden at 4.37 or 4.57...he's a player either way.

I like the signing. A guy who plays nasty and with a mean streak is a great guy to throw into the mix and competition at the position. He also started in St. Louis and the last 3 games for buffalo. Starting for either of those bad offensive lines might not be saying a lot but he does have starts under his belt and at the worst is a solid depth guy. Good signing.

And just to throw this out there to get some of you going. Miami's first pick will be Sergio Kindle and I like the pick.

The Jets went to the AFC final on the strength of their O-line.

Our O-line is good, but not dominant yet. The Incognito signing is a good step in that direction: we get a (cheap) proven starter who's going to push Thomas and improve our overall production.

Good news for Henne's development too.

Good for Haden - at least Spikes didnt run a 4.9 - looks like Haden should/could go Top 10 now.

That Incognito signing is good, we got him for cheap and it upgrades an already good line (our best group of the team). Creates competition with D. Thomas, the loser becomes a great backup, along with Gardner who can play anywhere on the line. If Incognito can be straightened out and he lives up to his potential – this was a steal!

But see, TUna takes chances with “troubled” Lineman but not with “troubled” WRs, if you ask me a WR is much more needed – obviously

I agree with you waterboy. They need to pick it up with free agency... Big time!

Spikes is a player----

if he runs a 4.8 it isnt a big deal---mcclain ran a high 4.7--and he is a top 20 pick---spikes should be a late 1st early 2nd---dolphins get him in the second

Regis Benn if he's there at 43 would be cool with me. He's someone who reminds me of Anquan Boldin in size and how he plays. Struggled this year, but injuries and horrible team/QB play i think just got the best of him.

i like the incognito signing---cheap, and he has upside---and athletic abilty to fit into the wildcat package

with the signing of Kansby i would leave ILB alone in the first few rounds. Crowder is fine as the 2nd ILB. #2 ILBs can be found at any point in the draft.

I aggre with you Jamillion, but a troubled WR could cost us 3-5 times more than, let's say a troubled lineman. A $1 million year gamble is alot better than a $4 million a year gamble on a troubled player. At least I think.

Lmao just walked by Todd McShay, my friend was like I don't care what you say, Tebow's the man!!! He laughed

Good signing, good depth, good price, good nasty

Esteban agreed. Crowder is fine as #2 ILB for now. He had a good/solid 2008 and a bad 2009. The defenses as a whole needed new pieces to make the other pieces more effective. Adding Dansby was a great start. He is a playmaker at ILB. The combination of Crowder and Ayodele was horrible. Neither player can run at all.

I want the LB core to be completed with drafting Kindle or Graham in round 1. I am a Michigan fan but would rather have Kindle. Graham is going to be a good player defending the run and could get pressure but will get killed in space he isn't over the top athletically and I think Kindle is.

Funny how 5 starters from the 2008 draft make the 2008 draft an "A". If you can't put a whole bunch of starters from the draft and FA on a 1-15 team, you suck! The question is - how good are those starters? Long and Henne are the only 2 in my opinion, that will be part of a championship Dolphins team someday.

Could be some discrepancy on the Spikes times - some are clocking him at 5 flat (everyone's watch is different) but he is a player on the field that's for sure.

One of the things this acquisition does is opens up yet another pick that will not have to be used to fill a depth position. And, it does it without blowing the bank up. Its easy to give this group hell calling them cheap, right up to when the guy who they really want shows up and they have to pay up or shut up. An OG was going to be a mid-late round choice for Miami, this allows that pick to focus else where, very much like the Dansby deal did away with having to focus on guys like McClain.

On the WR position,could the Dolphins try Tory Holt on the cheap?He would be an excellent mentor to the current receivers on route running etc.(Ted Ginn)and he may just surprise you with something left in the tank.Same thing with Keith Bullock at OLB.

Jamillion ... Just for the sake of conversation... and NOT USING MARSHALL as an example.... who would you say Miami should go after in free agency right now in order that they would "Pick it up?"

Just because,

Some were saying 4.83, 4.88, one guy said 5.02 on the 2 runs

I rather sign JT again then have Bullock, no thanks on that one

i know we've been over this but serously

yeah he is cheap but the dude is a dirt bag

he has a bad track record this is not trifecta-like

yea i dont mind the bad attitude as long as its not disrutptive to the team

and hes cost pennies

but it all goes back to marshall why arent we making a move on him if its all about attitude

i know he cost money but alot of money but thats what a 12th pick is goin to cost anyway

maybe i sound nieve or ignorant but serously whats the game plan when we cant spread the field when we have no receivers that are an actual threat its goin to kill our run game we're goin to be too predictable

what are we goin to do when we meet good dee's with shut down corners

any receiver will draft will take a minimum 2 years to develope

if your rasing ticket prices give us something to watch you bring us a big time receiver and people will come regardless of our record as fans we'vee been loyal and im sure theyve seen the improvement in sales


If they want to shy away from Marshall, that's fine what you can give up less for a guy like Miles Austin - on the upside of his career and can strecth the field (V. Jackson would require the same type of deal but did he re-sign already?)

In the unrestricted market you have:
T.O. an immediate impact in prodiction, opening up the field for the rest of our solid WRs and our great Rbs.
Don't like T.O. ok lets go a little more conservative with L. Coles or T. Holt. Both of these receivers are #1 receivers which we don't have and demand respect from defenders. We just don't have that one receiver that opens things up for the rest. We are limiting the abilities of our current receivers because we ask too much for what their abilities provide and more importantly not letting Henne progress.

DC Orlando... I doubt it would be impossible for them to consider Holt. But they will not touch guys like Holt or JT until after the draft pans out and they know where they are IMO. Holt fits the character profile. But runs sort of counterproductive to the teams efforts at the "Youth" movement.


Excellent post!! It was a pleasure to read. Thank you for enlightening me!!

There are 5 players who I would GRAB in the first round: DEZ BRYANT, EARL THOMAS, C.J.SPILLER, DAN WILLIAMS, B.GRAHAM,OLB (in that order) I think at least 4 of them will be there at the 12 slot ..... and if we trade down to 16 (and get an extra 3rd round pick) at least two of them will still be on the board.

Here is my realistic draft

1. C.J.SPILLER (the next Marshall Faulk)
3. R.JONES, FS from Georgia
4. TROUP, NT from UCF
6. BARNES, WR Bowling Green
6. SCHOEFIELD, OLB Wisconsin
7. KAFKA, QB Northwestern
7. ???

This draft doesnt cover all holes .... I doubt if Troup is the answer at NT, and we didnt draft a TE. Those are two "need" areas for the next draft. But, we should create an offense around C.J.SPILLER

sureshock its not all about attitude.

Good smart and economic signing. Now to WR information, on march 15 Omar Kelly stated on a post that there were whispers of a possible Marshall meeting with Miami.

ooops .... I forgot to use the extra 3rd round pick that we got from trading down


I love the move, now we do not have to waste a draft pick on a Guard. I think he will fit in perfectly next to Jake Grove who is nasty himself.

Now if Vernon Carey will get his weight in check and become more consistant i think our O-Line can be special.

Thanks Dolphin Disciple!

We're heading in the right direction buddy!

Derek, good post at 11:26


Miles Austin and Vincent Jackson are not options, they both require a 1st and 3rd and both teams would most likely match any offer from another team. Jerry Jones has already said he will do whatever it takes to keep Austin.


Good signing of a mean SOB.

Hope he takes it out on the Jets front 7

Jamillion... I will(as I posted above) agree that Holt will certainly be an option (TO not so certain). But, He will still be there at the end of the draft. Miami will know quite a bit more about where they stand then. As Far as Austin goes... No one in the world would like to see him here more then Myself, I have watched him since he was grabbed as an unsigned FA in 2006 by this same Managements staff. I would imagine if that deal were at all possible, It would have happened already. However, that does not mean it may not be down the line. Even in the case of Marshall, the Draft may bring a whole new look at that deal in a better light... He certainly is not running off the shelf in Denver and Miami may well have a plan in the draft to deal for him or Austin. What Miami has done by not acting as the Jests have... is leave their options open for the time it is most crucial... during the draft. That's when teams are truly wheeling and dealing.

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