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Richie Incognito agrees to 1-year deal with Dolphins

Richie Incognito is a Miami Dolphin.

The Dolphins and the player's representatives at this hour are finalizing a deal that was submitted last night. Jeff Darlington of The Miami Herald reports the deal is worth slightly over $1 million. When the final language is written, the deal likely will include approximately $250,000-$300,000 in incentives to cover the possibility Incognito starts for Miami.

[Update 2 p.m.: The contract is one year with a $725,000 base salary, a $25,000 signing bonus, and a $125,0000 bonus if he's on the team the first week of the season. The total deal can be worth $1.35 million.] 

That is bargain money. Good starting guards in the NFL average anywhere from $3-$5 million depending on experience and whether they have hit free agency or not.

Incognito has played three positions along the offensive line in his career -- RG, LG and C. But the Dolphins want him join the competition at both guard spots. Notice I said both guard spots. Yes, Justin Smiley has been something of a lock at left guard since joining the team in 2008, but he'll have to win his job during training camp -- regardless of whether he's the odds on favorite to do so or not.

The obvious area where the Dolphins most need solidifying is the right guard spot where Donald Thomas was the starter the first 12 games of 2009 but Nate Garner beat him out as the starter the final four games.

Incognito has had a checkered career and suffered maturity issues in college and with the St. Louis Rams. The Buffalo Bills, who claimed him on waivers last season, broke ties with him this offseason.

With this signing the Dolphins fill a "want."

They still have "needs" at OLB, FS, NT and WR in no particular order.


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Miles Austin is not an option


Coles sucks! lol

Derek, I chenge my minds. You have none brains.


I was only comparing Austin and Jackson to Marshall. Since people were arguing that Marshall wasn't worth it for a 1st rounder well V. Jackson and Miles Austin aren't "trouble makers".

But neither is worth the picks or the $, agreed.

I don't see a problem with L. Coles or T. Holt or would you like to wikipedia for a problem there??
Do you just not want us to pick a #1 WR or something? Are you OK with limiting Henne progress?

Good Post Derk4Dolphins! I have been preaching patience to my fellow phin fans. During the draft you never know what will transpire as far as trades.

Other than Marshall, there are no "#1" WRs on the market. TO, Coles, and Holt are, at best, #2s in terms of production at this point. On top of that, you know what TO is going to do in the locker room.

Signing a guy to a 1-year, low cost contract is a heck of a lot different than investing the #12 pick and a multi-year, high-dollar contract on a known character-risk guy. If Incognito takes one step out of line, he's cut with little/no impact on the rest of the team. If you trade for Marshall and resign him, and he steps out of line, you have two options: a) ignore the problem and hope it doesn't tear the team apart or b) cut him, accept the loss of a #1 pick and eat the $20M or so in guarantees you gave him.

I don't understand how anyone can even talk about these two moves in the same sentence. They are completely different.

I'm not even arguing (at least in this post) for or against bringing in Marshall. I'm just saying that it's a COMPLETELY different conversation than the Incognito situation.


What do you think of Derrick Morgan @ 12? His pro day numbers are comparable, if not better than Sergio Kindle's, and he is of high-character, instead of having character concerns. Morgan looked better in coverage at his pro day, and his measurables are really similar to another bigger outside linebacker in a 3-4, that being Demarcus Ware, 6-3 266 and 6-4 261, respectively.

Just remember, Jamillion... Just because a man is Tendered like Austin is... does not mean Dallas will not come right back and match whatever offer Miami may give, they can by contract do that and very likely would..... And in the case of Austin... Miami would have to literally pay him in the area of $30 Million plus the picks to take him from Dallas because they will match a hell of an offer. Like I said... anything is "Possible" But teams are very stubborn to give away player like Austin W/O a fight.

Good move by the Fins. Low risk and high reward. If he proves to be a great find they can sign him to a long-term deal before the start of free-agency next year.


I agree with you man, we are taking the smarter route by waiting.
I just feel it's the most important position to make or break this upcoming year. (may-be not long term but for making a run at the playoffs this year).

NJ called the signing on the last Mando Blog.


I want the Dolphins to have a #1 wr, don't get me wrong. But I don't want them to give up a 1st rounder for a huge question mark or a 1st and a 3rd for anyone!

Lauvernius Coles and Tory Holt are not the solution, I'm sorry. Both these guys are well past their prime and Coles was never that good to begin with.

So much for looking for good character guys.

AndyNJ,Kindle in the first?At 12?Or can they get him in the 2nd?Like his motor and size but don't see that happening.But if they light the kindle on that I'm ok with it.


I agree I don't want to see us give up a 1st or 3rd rounder and we won't.
But if after the draft it still has not been addressed, signing Coles or Holt to a reasonable contract gives us a better chance of making a playoff run then not having them.

We missed out on the clear cut best deal, best production receiver out there - Boldin and now we're limited to hoping the Broncos will let Marshall go for something reasonable or signing Coles or Holt. But something has to be done.

Derek4dolphins. i just read your post from the previous blog and you can't be tha F'N stupid to actually think that was me last night ?? Do you actually think i'm going to say that shyt about myself ?? Get a F'N CLUE !! I signed off 2 hours earlier and went to bed before those posts. It's very easy to impersonate somebody in blue. I can do it to you in a minute . You can tell the difference when you click the blue name. It's a different typepad sign in. Don't make accusations before you know what the hell you're talking about.

We just added some depth to our every growing list of OL...I see him as a BACKUP to either Donald Thomas/Nate Gardner. No way he beats them in camp this year...too much chemistry on that OL from last year to disrupt it for a guy who has control issues....nice acquisition...cheap too!

Joe Haden has beasted today. Looks real smooth. Tebow getting ready to throw.

Jamillion, the receiver position will be addresses in the draft...

Po , thanks. I did tell everybody incognito will sign today.

Good hopefully Cleveland or somebody before us will take Haden, freeing up a player the fins are targeting

NH, Incognito definitley competes for a starting position, the Fins been saying all along there is a deficiency in the line that they need to address


Yea I am in the minority on Kindle it seems like. He isn't very popular on this blog but I like him a lot. I'm a Michigan fan and like him over Graham personally. I watched his play for about 2 seasons now and I just like what he brings to the table. Everyone saying he is soft are going off what the scouts say and aren't watching the games. He might not play with the low levarage of Graham but he is much more athletic and has better range. I think Graham is a good player I just like Kindle more. He can bring more to the table.

Carlito... thanks for the "No Vote" in your confidence level... My conversation with Jamillion was only to talk about what some options are... Not want I want to see. Personally, I cannot stand free agency and Ru the day it was made an option in the NFL. I will take you diagnosis of "Me having NONE brains" into consideration... I always enjoy a well rounded and yet completely meaningless personal evaluation of myself from people who have no clue of who I am. I will however continue to read your posts with interest. Giving them the same consideration I do all others that seem to make sense.



That's exactly what I said. I needed him back in thetop 10.

Lol it rained all morning, now Tebow is on the field and the sun I out and shining. What the heck is it with this guy.

Tricky, I'm sure you remember how bad our secondary was last year. There will be zero improvement with Taylor Mays back there. Sure he makes the SportsCenter highlight hits and ran a great 40 but he doesn't play that fast and is not a good coverage safety at all. If Miami had the coverage safety in place I would consider him around 20 but not 12. Just my thoughts.


The main point being that regardless of if people like or hate ya…..

You know your sh*t.

Give credit where credit is due.

NJ... Let get something very clear pal... I did not accuse you of a damn thing. I told the person that when a persons name is in Blue... they had signed onto the Blog. I also made it VERY CLEAR I had no opinion about the posts and could care less... You just go get you panties out of a wad and don't come blasting me with a post... goofball... You don't know me and I do not want to know you. If you DID NOT make those posts... then whats your problem? If ya did then go F**K yourself and don't communicate with me on this blog again.

If we go safety early it will be Earl...

I agree WestVaFins. I think if they go safety they will go Thomas. Parcells is big on drafting defensive backs and linebackers in round 1 so it should be one or the other.

Before I sign off NJ... I have read your posts an enjoy what you have to say. The amount of piracy concerning handles and otherwise on this blog has become over the top... It has happened to me before and I am certain it will likely happen again. I am not you enemy nor do I wish you disrespect.... but some things get a bit old and that whole deal is one of them.


you need to wise up. That was an impostor of me, wasn't in blue and was spelled differently... sheesh

Derek4dolphins. Goofball ??? Go F**K myself ?? Really ? You 're a real cyber tough guy. LMFAO !! Didn't you get banned fom this blog because of that kind of BULLSHYT you talk on here. ?? I never comunicated with you before because i think your F'N JACKA$$ the way you talked about mando and some people on here. You brought my name up on the previous blog and made some stupid accusations about me . Leave my name out your mouth and SHUT THE F UP !!! Oh Yeak , you can go F**K yourself too.

The day before the draft I call everyone on this blog out.Post your draft order picks and we will see who the man is.I read everyday and some of you guy's seem to really know your sheet.Let's put yall to the test,I will remind yall before the draft and I hope to see some draft lists from the SMART guy's (you know who you are).None of this is typed with ugly intent, just a little competition.

You said it Derek! 110% over the top. Don't let em get to ya; your posts are appreciated here too.

Love is in the air! LOL!

I like Mays also he is a linebacker with CB speed! 6'3" 230lbs runs a 4.4. That was unofficaly clocked at 4.24? That's a big difference. Stiill had very good combine and out performed Berry on everything except the vertical jump 41.0 to berry's 43.0 and 24 reps to Berry's 19. Alot people said he struggled his Senior year, but so did USC D as a whole stuggled all year.

Derekdolphin. I typed my rant before you just typed a nicer post about me. I 'm not your enemy either and no disrespect to you but i'm going to prove to you how you can be impostered in blue.

To bad this blog isn't real time.

derek is the impostor trying to make angry you by impostor you and then get mad at you for what impostor say

you very sad little man

Standley23, The USC D as a whole wasn't up to par but Mays is just a physical specimen. He has all the speed in the world but can't change directions or back pedal at all. He is too stiff. He could be successful in the right system but isn't worthy of a pick at 12 and wouldn't fit a 3-4 defense. He would be man to man and would struggle. He needs to be in a defense where he can attack downhill and is free to roam like a zone defense.

OH WOW how we havent missed you cobra any football news or just the usual????

Love the signing. A good player for only $1 million. This guy is nasty too, he will fit in perfectly with Jake Long and Jake Grove. Good luck picking a fight with that trio.

I don't question that NJ is up to speed and probably knows more and retains more college player and NFL info than most if not all on this blog, but Darlington made a note 15 hours ago (4 hours before NJ's post) that the fins and Incognito were happy and it was down to how much.. it wasn't such a leap of faith to think the signing would happen today,

I mean, it is nice to share info, but unless NJ was in the room or has a Miami Dolphins source that calls him directly, am not so sure what there is to be all that impressed about. Correct me if I am wrong - because if you do have some special source, I would be impressed. Honestly. No sarcasm. That would be cool.

As for the NJ copy cats - it is so obvious when it is NOT NJ that you shouldn't even have to check the link behind the blue name! I can't see the link on my iPhone but always know when the fool is on impersonating the real NJ... and it really gets old!

So many good football discussions happen here.. but half the time I miss it because they scroll off my phone because of gibberish. Grrr.

And finally, ANYONE that looks at this signing and compares it to Marshal is a danger to society. I mean, without the basic skills needed to differentiate between the two scenarios, I think a visit to a rubber room is in order.

My name is Derek4dolphins and i owe NJ PHIN FAN the GREAT an Apology. NJ , I 'm sorry for any wring doing and any stupid accusations i made towards you . I regret any foul language and animosity towards you. I have the utmost respect for you and value your expertise on all thing dolphins and football. Again , i do apologize and your DA MAN !!!

Here is breaking football news for Wv. Rex Ryan still fat

Wrong **. I LOVE YOU NJ. LMFAO !!!

I bet you he won Sparano over when they went out to dinner and he told Sparano that he likes to play through the whistle - 3 seconds through the whistle.

I hope this surgery doesn't work.. Rex Ryan fat jokes never get old..

Lol at NJ/derek

Ahh, they are good football guy's

Mike Holmgren spent a good 10 minutes talking to Tebow on the field after he wasdone throwing.

Point taken and understood..NJ... You have my sincere apology. As previously stated, your posts have always been and will continue to be read and respected by me. I am certainly not above being wrong... and still think Armando was whiny about Boldin (And he is fully aware of that) :^\... I will see you around the campus.

Chop blocking linemen and punching free-safety, yelling and creaming, spitting on faces
kicking downed players can really be keen.
These are a few of my favorite things!

Can't wait to see this guy step on a JETS player’s throat and start a fight; hey at least we got a player that is number one at something

I'm stoked by this signing. Awesome move by the Phins - give them depth at OL with a guy that can play three positions. He is tough and nasty and that's exactly what the Dolphins have lacked for so many years. As for all the naysayers that talk about him being a bad egg; you've got to be kidding me. The guy has gotten a few unsportsmanlike conduct penalties and into arguments with his coaches or teammates and that makes him a bad egg? What do you want, a gay boyscout? This guy is a football player and I am glad to have a guy who doesn't mind headbutting a defensive player talking smack when they are leading the game by 40-0. That's just the kind of attitude the Phins need. Mark my words, this guy is going to make a difference for the OL next year. GO PHINS~!


"yelling and creaming, spitting on faces"??????


It looks like NJ THE fake is here, Just click the NJ Fake blue name and you'll get a AOL Account. I think The fake is a PU**Y that likes to get his salad tossed and his mother the the 2 bit Hooker tought him how to give good bl0j0bs.

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