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Richie Incognito agrees to 1-year deal with Dolphins

Richie Incognito is a Miami Dolphin.

The Dolphins and the player's representatives at this hour are finalizing a deal that was submitted last night. Jeff Darlington of The Miami Herald reports the deal is worth slightly over $1 million. When the final language is written, the deal likely will include approximately $250,000-$300,000 in incentives to cover the possibility Incognito starts for Miami.

[Update 2 p.m.: The contract is one year with a $725,000 base salary, a $25,000 signing bonus, and a $125,0000 bonus if he's on the team the first week of the season. The total deal can be worth $1.35 million.] 

That is bargain money. Good starting guards in the NFL average anywhere from $3-$5 million depending on experience and whether they have hit free agency or not.

Incognito has played three positions along the offensive line in his career -- RG, LG and C. But the Dolphins want him join the competition at both guard spots. Notice I said both guard spots. Yes, Justin Smiley has been something of a lock at left guard since joining the team in 2008, but he'll have to win his job during training camp -- regardless of whether he's the odds on favorite to do so or not.

The obvious area where the Dolphins most need solidifying is the right guard spot where Donald Thomas was the starter the first 12 games of 2009 but Nate Garner beat him out as the starter the final four games.

Incognito has had a checkered career and suffered maturity issues in college and with the St. Louis Rams. The Buffalo Bills, who claimed him on waivers last season, broke ties with him this offseason.

With this signing the Dolphins fill a "want."

They still have "needs" at OLB, FS, NT and WR in no particular order.


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"carlito frum golfito" in black is not me. please take note.

My guess parcells will break his tradition on first rd picks but who really knows. Right now he ain't sure yet. Parcels picks from past just happens to work for other teams. Our team need toughness and intimidation skills. Defence needs to be greedy and on every play try to strip balls while tackling. Offence needs bigger pass yardage atemps. Run game is unpredictable but w/ a physical RB will work.Ricky is great full spead Ronnie legs worry me. IMO

Andy I'm gonna have to disagree with you some on Mays, good tracker of the ball carrier, can play center field but does take some poor angles at times but his closing speed and athleticism make up for it. He can play multiple positions in different schemes. If anything he is over aggressive looking for the big hit over playing the ball in pass coverage. His technique he is poor but can easily be fixed given time. He has all the tools to be great. Now a pick at 12 hard to say? He could probably become an ILb in 3 years with his size.

I'm sure you guys heard giants play first at their new stadium and jets play the next day in it. I gotta feeling Miami will start the season @ the jets.

fake nj. keep posting. this NJ is a dbag. funny how all you weak fish fans just keep following this clown. you guys are a spitting image of your team!!

And the jets still SUCK!!!

Derek , i got your last post and i accept your apology. I'm glad you got the point . I'll see you around campus and hope to discuss some dolphins football with you. By the way , mando did come off a little whiney about boldin.

Justin Smiley will have to compete for his high paying guard position. He was paid pro bowl money and has produced at a veteran minimum compacity. The nastiness that is excuded by both Donald Thomas and Groves need to be mirrored on the leftside of the center. Look for training camp to be an exciting place, feeled with sparks, fires, and alot of smoke. But when it clears Smiley will discipate with it.

Lips , how do you know i wasn't in the meeting room with the trifecta and i do you know i don't have a source with the team ?? :)

Mando any news on R Grant being released from Seattle? His agent just tweeted R Grant=Miami Dolphins.

Carlito, NJ... Thanks for the education. And again... I look forward to reading and responding to both of your posts.

Florida CB , Joe haden ran in the high 4.3 - low 4.4 area after running in the 4.5's with a bad hamstring at the combine. This is good news for dolphin fans as it solidifies haden as a top 10 pick pushing a good player down to miami.

Standley23, we agree Mays takes horrible angles and gets beat over the top because he always looks to make the big hit. There is no way Parcells takes him. He can't cover and would be an undersized linebacker. I see why some people like him. I really do. However, I watched Mays play and the games I watched he is invisible. He doesn't do anything special out theree. His measurables is the best thing he has going. Can he be coached up? Sure. I guess I thought you were making the point that Miami should take him and my answer to that is no way. He doesn't have a fit in Miami.

You got it , Derek.

Just got a photo with Aaron Hernandez, that guys a beast.

Not a bad deal. Wish the 'needs' and 'gotta haves' were this easy.

Look for a good draft this year. Parcells knows he screwed the pooch with White last year. And he'll go out of the way to make sure it doesn't happen again.

It also provides added depth to back up Smiley and Grove who have had some injury issues...

This is a good move.

The Incognito signing is a good deal. Fits the type of player we want on the line, versatile, young. Little risk, high reward.

Jamar chaney in 2nd round--is the best value at that spot---this kid is a joke--

Its a poor mans patrick willis with a lot of similarities---from speed to size, to college, to senior bowl week honors---to nolan had a week to look at him just like willis before he selected him---

Every1 wants to fill a need and say we are fine with crowder----srry i just dont agree

Crowder is making backup money, cut torbor and make crowder the back-up---chaney is a superior athlete that in a nolan scheme he will do a lot more then just play the run---his abilty to blitz, being that he was a converted OLB to MLB---will be significant----

2nd round i dont see more VALUE than chaney in the second---he is playing a position that you see every year can produce at a major level in year 1---what other player or position in the 2nd round can match him----

i wouldnt mind Bay Bay but i keep hearn he goin to be a 1st round pick----dont give me a developement DT--cause that is awful value--and you are reaching for a need---

If we needed a strong safety i would take chad jones, but we need a free----

Give me your alternative picks---Dont say cody--no way he is there either

i like crowder and if he just had a down year i wouldnt mind him starting, but its the increasing amount of major concerning injuries---2 knees and a foot---he is a good player that never was a playmaker---but he isnt the player we drafted anymore---and thats why he contract reflects back-up money--tuna was on the money with that negotiation

I dont mind calculated moves like this. We are taking a small gamble that could have big rewards on the OLINE. If he stinks it up with his attitude and or doenst take over and be a starter and help us win then he only has a 1 yeard deal anyway and he automaticaly goes away. Smart and calculated. I just want us to balance these moves by filling our glaring needs like OLB,NT and WR. If we have a good draft and fill these needs then i am happy. If we dont and we screw around and dont get a much needed WR to open up the passing game and make teams take the fins seriously then I am going to be pissed. 1 other thing. There is this myth that we scored alot of points and that we are fine we just need D help. Not true. Down the stretch when teams did figured out the wildcat our scoring went down. Henne needs weapons. Good teams shut us down on O late in the season. We need help on Offense and Defense EQUALLY.

Brandon Spikes couldn't break the 5.0 mark at his Pro Day !!!!. Yeah he's a first rounder all right. :)

sweet! all that's left on that side is a playmaker and some RB depth.

This must be a big time defense draft for us this year.

yea cuz zach thomas was a great MLB because of his 40 time

Bootang's post about Aaron Hernandez makes me wonder where it's thought he might fall in the draft; I don't see him mentioned much in most of our reader's mock drafts, and wonder whether there should be any interest in him as an upgrade at TE...

I watched most of the Gator games this past year, and was really impressed with him; good speed for such a big guy with great hands and overall physicality!

What think you all

i like hernandez---but i think hes not a parcells type of TE---hes more of the dallas clark mold

Ps. First time poster so go easy on me guys - esp. NJ and Derek...lol

Thanks Allen - could you expand on the Parcell's type of TE...not that I wouldn't mind Dallas Clark lining up on our side of the ball...

correction...that's "would"

Nasty, nasty boy...Yahooo baby bring some nastieness to the line. Richie Incognito! This is gonna be interesting to see him play against the Jets.
Gonna bring toughness and at 6-3 324lb, can play mulitple positions on the line. NFL dirtiest player? Whats a few head butts between friends. Maturity issues aside he brings alot to the table and will help make this line better...as I've said before the Dolphins will continue to upgrade the O-line.

Happy StPatty's day!


At Least Zach thomas broke the 5.0 mark !! Spikes couldn't crack the 5.0 ??? are you kidding me ??? Fat OL were running faster that . Heck my 90 year Grandma can run faster than spikes, Spikes is what he is , a down Run stoppimg LN who will come off the field on 3rd downs. They get drafted in the 2-3 round area . No comparision to Mcclain. Mcclain will NEVER come off the field.

gofish50 . welcome aboard my brotha dolphin fan. Don't worry about me.

CJ spiller is 1st---is an interesting debate---

But i think it comes down to front office Make-up, it seems to me the more of the type of staff that believes you put your big money up front in the trenches in the Oline---and at RB we can find anybody to run behind them---

I dont totally agree with that philosophy, but they might look at Kory sheets and say considering talent, touches, and financial investment---he is a better option then spiller---i will say value wise i like the selection and would agrue he could be the next big DECOY-----like reggie bush---but would tuna take a flashy home-run hittn RB over a selection of 1 of the top 2 decorated DE's in the draft----like a morgan, jpp,---or top rated rush ends in (Bgraham, kindle)---i cant see them passing up on a future OLB

Padawan learner gofish, thick skin you must have. Smart and quick is your path, no other.


We will agree to disagree---and the mcclain/spikes debate will continue---

you hold 40 times to a higher importance than me for an ilb in a 3-4---

if jerry rice is playing WR--and runs a 4.6---in this years draft with the importance on 40 times--he wouldnt be thought of be4 3-4 round and thats ok--every1 is different for me---i look at what spikes has shown at tape playing the Mike in a 4-3 which isnt his nautral postion---i think he showed a lot of 10 yd expolosion----and in a 3-4 it will be an easy transition,, because he had more responsibility and ground to cover in college

Mcclain will see what its like to finally take on gaurds when he isnt playing behind a great line achored by a domiant NT at the college level---it will be great to watch both careers---and get back to this debate another day----

Incognito could be a great pick up but i just wonder when the next headbutt is coming LOL.

Welcome gofish50. Dont worry about NJ or anyone else,just as long as you dont start saying you want Cody in the 1st :)


Mainly the prtotypical size isnt there with hernandez---tunal likes heavy blocking TE with recieving upside---Gronkowsi, Anthony Mccoy, but i think they might look at jimmy graham b/c even though he is like hernandez (they both will struggle blocking) Graham body type shows a lot of upside in all aspects of game---
Hernandez i think can be a good TE but he will be like a dustin Keller from the jets--more of a situatonal pass cather then 3 down player--who can inline block

NJ, GoFish specifically said for u to go easy LMAO.. Wonder how many others u scare off :)

Let me just say this: boner .

Incognito minus the dirty play is a very ordinary OG. Would be best served with him as a back up OG/C. Can fill in at any of the interior positions at a moments notice. Don't really want him starting though.


Quick question---

Who do you think would produce more at SOLB in nolan scheme----Greg ellis or Jason Taylor? and who do you think would be cheaper?

Allen , allen allen. When are you going to learn ?? Spike running a 5.0 is terrible . especially for a 3-4 ILB. He can't cover for shyt. Spike's possesses terrible long range speed ( 5-0 ) which limits his range vs the run. Who the hell or what RB is he going to track down sideline to sideline with that speed ?? Also beacuse of his average change of direction in space and slow speed he gets beat by counter plays/ Any of this sound familiar for last years ILB group ??

shawn andrews --probowl gaurd who is only 27, but missed last two seasons due to back problems, was cut----6"4 335---im getting reports that coach sparano is doin backflips inside the Bubble----

The back problems must be serious, but a 2time probowler who is 27---u can play olineman till you at least 35----interesting situation----- smiley watch out u could be on that cutting board

bobby12, if it's really you....this blog is not for the faint of heart. Not taking up for NJ or anyone else but the rules are simple: Ask questions and they will probably get answered. But don't spew silly dumb $hit or you will be attacked. Just the way it is.

i agree with everything u just posted NJ

The problem we have about spikes is you think the 40 dash explains explosion for a ILB in a 3-4 to have range to make tackles in the run game---

I think its more about using your speed correctly with your instincts, which he has---and it is more about your intial explosion in the 10 yd area, which on tape i just think he has---again you may disagree---

but the tape just shows me that he can have range in a 3-4 ilb---

NJ, I don't know - and you could have awesome access - if you had that type of access, or they had you co-sign the offer sheet or something, then that would be something!!

Spike's has one thing a lot of ILB's don't though - a feel for coverage and ability to read the QB's eyes. Plus he's instinctive. I rather have a guy who's 3 tenths of a second slower than someone else but reacts a full second or two before the faster guy. I think he'd be fine as the 2nd ILB - probably will see his stock drop even more and he might just a good value pick later.

Allen , one more point about Mcclain and the cody at NT protecting him. It's all BS !! While Rolando Mcclain was on alabama in his Freshman Year , cody and his fat butt was aT a JUCO college. Do you know what mcclain did that year ?? Mclain did nothing but Play in 13 games and starting 8 of them. He had 74 tackles and 2 Int's playing without cody as pure 18 year old freshman a . He was named sec freshman of the year and first team all sec freshman. Mcclain was a parade high school player of the year and one of the top recruits in the country. Believe me . he didn't need cody. Mcclain was a leader of the alabama team as a FRESHMAN !! so don't give me the without cody he nothing BS!!!

im deff in the minority on spikes and thats ok, cuz i have make my own evaluations, and we can disagree

CocoaJoe, LOL yea it's me, just giving NJ a hard time

Thanks for the tips and advice for navigating this board, guys; yeah, I've been reading it for some time and have a lot of respect for the knowledgeable insights of many of you.

On a personal note...I've been a fan since I watched from the end zone as Joe Auer(sp?)took the inaugural first kickoff all the way for a score in 1966 (kinda dating myself here)... anyone else remember the McArthur Dairy Huddle Club?!!
Anyhow, thanks for the warm welcome fellow Dolfans!!

LOL @ cocoajoe. You got it exactly right !!


You lost you're entire "football knowledge" when you said the Phins wouldn't make a splash in free agency and they made a huge one with Karlos Dansby. You know NOTHING about football let alone the Phins. You have NO creditability so keep you're fat mouth shut!

McClain is a baller all the way. Cody made things easier for him, but he's a pure football player. Spikes is too. Less physically talented pure football player, though. Spikes to me is kind of a bigger Andra Davis with better zone coverage skills.

Aaron Hernandez is a guy I have spoke of a few times on this blog. I know he is not Parcells normal sized type, and not really a good blocker. My reply to that is how much does Dallas Clark block? Or Antonio Gates? Or Dustin Keller? The guy is a mismatch in the passing game, and I assure you he can get better at blocking. However, much like Earl Thomas, he doesn't fit the Parcells mold, and with bigger needs than TE, Hernandez probably won't be a Dolphin.

NJ ---you got to calm down and read what i type---

I like Mcclain--my argument is if u like mcclain you cant hae Spikes---if you think mcclain is a top 15 talent you cant also say spikes is a 55-75 range player

they are a lot alike---but mcclain played in a system that fit his abilities and Spikes didnt----

say what you want about Cody not helping him become the best LB in the country last year which i dont agree----but if you know football you have to agree that if you play behind a great nose you have more freedom to make plays---spikes never played behind great talent at florida at the Dt position---

I think people dont acknowledge the scheme spikes was in---and if you want to talk nubers---i just think stats wise---spikes would have had a huge increase if he played at alabama behind Cody

Oh, OK, bobby. Must be a little slow today. Could be the celebration for Erin go bragh though.


Me and you agree exactly---they are both very good players---and a 40 time shouldnt be the criteria of an ilb in a 3-4, to see if he is a 3-down player or not.....

Allen . spikes is very good vs the run straight ahead and filling the gaps. He's a thumper !! But he 's just a 2 down LB. I hope your happy now that i answered your question ?? Regarding your question on ellis and taylor , i think ellis is a more of a legit SOLB than Taylor who's more of a WLB. I don't think miami signs him because of the money he wants.

Spikes was banged up last year...his numbers were going to be down no matter what. Wasn't the scheme. Also one thing people forget is Spikes can be used as a pass rusher too at times. Was the only guy I remember beating Andre Smith for a sack two years ago. And he didn't beat him once that game. He had Smith on his heals almost every time he rushed off the edge against him. The guy can play. I'm actually glad he ran a 5.0. Could be there in the 4th round.

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