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Richie Incognito agrees to 1-year deal with Dolphins

Richie Incognito is a Miami Dolphin.

The Dolphins and the player's representatives at this hour are finalizing a deal that was submitted last night. Jeff Darlington of The Miami Herald reports the deal is worth slightly over $1 million. When the final language is written, the deal likely will include approximately $250,000-$300,000 in incentives to cover the possibility Incognito starts for Miami.

[Update 2 p.m.: The contract is one year with a $725,000 base salary, a $25,000 signing bonus, and a $125,0000 bonus if he's on the team the first week of the season. The total deal can be worth $1.35 million.] 

That is bargain money. Good starting guards in the NFL average anywhere from $3-$5 million depending on experience and whether they have hit free agency or not.

Incognito has played three positions along the offensive line in his career -- RG, LG and C. But the Dolphins want him join the competition at both guard spots. Notice I said both guard spots. Yes, Justin Smiley has been something of a lock at left guard since joining the team in 2008, but he'll have to win his job during training camp -- regardless of whether he's the odds on favorite to do so or not.

The obvious area where the Dolphins most need solidifying is the right guard spot where Donald Thomas was the starter the first 12 games of 2009 but Nate Garner beat him out as the starter the final four games.

Incognito has had a checkered career and suffered maturity issues in college and with the St. Louis Rams. The Buffalo Bills, who claimed him on waivers last season, broke ties with him this offseason.

With this signing the Dolphins fill a "want."

They still have "needs" at OLB, FS, NT and WR in no particular order.


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Get what Marino? What do you want me to "get"? I made my point perfectly clear so what's your point?

yes scott cause rookie wrs usually help so much and im sure there is some free agent stud wrs out there, come on dude get real. i know we will draft a wr this year, but i wanted to get better right now. we havent even brought any wrs in for a visit, kinda frustrating

Thats what I was saying marino.

Thigpen BLEW the Pittsburgh game for us when we were in position to tie. All he had to do was throw the ball away on 2nd down and he would've had one more try at the end zone, if not we kick the field goal and tie. I agree that he's a back up, it's the solid part that I don't agree with. Kid makes too many mental mistakes at the most important times in the game. And if a team won't give up a 3rd rounder for him he's definitely not solid.

Alright, even if he becomes a starter can you consider him a long term solution because of his past & his 1 year contract? I'm sure hoping Thomas, Garner & Smiley grade out better in camp and preseason.

A year or 2 down the road we might get a better pick than a high 3rd for Thigpen.

Stranger things have happened.

we havent won a playoff game in 10 years, it gets old


I cant imagine Sparano keeping 4 QB's going into next season so someone has to go. We know Henne is a keeper and cant see Penny going,so that leaves White or Thigpen.

Just cant imagine White being traded fella


I cant imagine Sparano keeping 4 QB's going into next season so someone has to go. We know Henne is a keeper and cant see Penny going,so that leaves White or Thigpen.

Just cant imagine White being traded fella

And we won't bring in any WRs for a visit, this team will draft a WR and give Turner his chance...Personally I like D. Thomas in the second round too but by what I'm reading and hearing it will more then likely be the 4th

really, how many backups do u know of that a team will trade a third round pick for?

marino I hear ya man but there just isn't any free agent receivers to be had. The only ones worth looking at are going to cost us draft picks and large contracts and we have too many holes on our 29th ranked defense to afford any of that. By the way, Marshall contributed right away as a rookie as have many other rookie WRs throughout the years. It just seems like you've given up and it's way too early for that.

Armando - you got the need order correct. OLB, FS, NT, WR.

He's not a starter, but he is young and he didn't know squat about our playbook @ "Pittsburgh" I'm sure.

White had how long to learn the play book and how many 1st downs did he get thru the air.

Thigpen Shows promise. More than White, IMO.

no way have i given up, just tired of being patient year after year

marino, Cassell comes to mind.

I'm out, sorry for ripping on you marino, keep your head up man it's not that bad.

so one? marshall as a rookie caught 20 balls for 300 yards

Good answer NY, that’s my point. Invest in the guy and receive the dividends.

Po White, thing is almost every team in the NFL will give their high picks three years to produce...remember Parcells used a second round pick on White because he liked him...Look at Ginn, Parcells didn't even draft him and they have given him his 3 years going on 4....whether that means moving White into a receiver type position OR moving Thigpen via trade, one will happen...White will be given his opportunity

Matt Schaub is another.

white is not an nfl player, period. lets move on from him

Give ya that B12, but I like what I see in Thigpen. Some times you have to "cut your losses" aka White.

But I could be wrong.

Allright last thing marino. I am totally in agreement with you and yes it gets VERY tiring year after year. I just don't think we should blame 25 years of mediocrity on a guy who has only had 2 years to try to turn it around. That's when I get up in arms and defend BP. I think because we've been suffering for so long people don't see that they're actually trying to do it the right way now and that the right way, after 1-15, takes time. They could've come in here and signed a bunch of pro bowlers to huge contracts ignoring depth and chemistry in an effort to make it to a superbowl. But we probably would've fallen short and then been stuck with another 10 years of crap. It sucks to have to wait but they really do care about the future of the organization, even to a point that they seem to care what happens after they leave. They want to leave a legacy when most GMs and coaches only care about the now anbd how it's going to make them look. We are building toward a dynasty and my original assesment after the 1-15 season was 5 years until contention. Chin up marino, enjoy the process because we have a lot of young players that we can watch grow into true Dolphins.

Ginn has no Balls(what so ever) but he is a burner and that is his worth, you get a True #1 Reciever on the other side of Ginn and he will show his value(stretch the field).

Not sure what Whites value is with Henne behind center.

Don't hate CM. LOL

great post NYScott,great post :)

disagree on ginn, he drops so many balls and runs awful routes. dont think we need him on this team anymore.

on parcells, the problem with him is he wont be here 5 years, think we all know that

Ginn is the Quickest when he's running to the sidelines ...IMO...

Speed has its value. I'm not a fan of his but speed kills and that is what he has.

All he has to do is run down the sideline or a deep post.

Ginn speed is fooling everyone who thinks he is good. As a Wr you must have big balls, he doesn't. Ginn sucks! He is not even a 50/50 guy. He's hurts us more.

if it was that easy......


I've said it once and i'll say it again....look for Brian Hartline to have a great season now that he'll be given alot more time on the field.

Agree on your Ginn assessment. He really has no place on our roster

Can't debate that CM.

i like hartline and his quick progress but hes not a number 1 and never will be. has a white wr ever been a 1? guess largent in the 80's


Unless you get lucky they say it takes a receiver two to three years to develope. Again, we are in trouble. How can you not see we are going to have problems.

Agree on your Ginn assessment. He really has no place on our roster

Posted by: Mark | March 17, 2010 at 05:45 PM

Been saying that since Cam Moron drafted him and his entire family......

White people make great Wes welkers!

I think basically it is that easy; stretch the D and keep em honest. If you have a great #1 WR; it is contingent on that.

Very strong post NYScott.... Good to see that some of the guys who need some encouragement are getting some. What has happened in Miami over the past 10 years was not an accident. It is very easy to follow, see where the mistakes where... and point at it and say "See... that's where the coach was an idiot and so was Management. I believe this current staff is doing all they can to not repeat the same mistakes that placed this franchise in the mess it was once in. Things are a whole heel of a lot better then they were in January of 08... are they not? Patients really sucks... but you gotta believe its worth it... or why bother dealing with a blog like this one???

ginn is a poor mans james jett

I will say if you can find another sub 4.3 burner I would drop Ginn in a heart beat.


Not a FAN of Ginns. CM you know that...

Pragmatism can sometimes be distasteful.

NYScott has good arguments/reasons why NE is always in the cat bird's seat. The logical part of my mind agrees but the other part is screaming WHY?

By the By... here is a list of what one prognosticating site says is the top 10 WR in the draft in order... Please!!! Not my list... Ripping off my head is uncool for now... Need it to count cash and close my store later...!
Understand that Miami has workouts with #2 #4 #6 #7 & #10. List of workouts is not complete since some have not had pro-day yet.
1. Dez Bryant*, Oklahoma State
2. Demaryius Thomas*, Georgia Tech
3. Golden Tate*, Notre Dame
4. Arrelious Benn*, WR Illinois
5. Mardy Gilyard, Cincinnati
6. Damian Williams*, USC
7. Dezmon Briscoe*, Kansas
8. Brandon LaFell, LSU
9. Mike Williams*, Syracuse
10. Dexter McCluster, Ole Miss


NY left out one thing, Belicheat sold his soul to the DEVIL!



P.W.T. ..... Thought he WAS "The Devil"!

"But the Dolphins want him join the competition at both guard spots."

Yeah, I want him join competition, too, Mando.

-- Bebo



LOL @ Bill.

Shades of grey.

Bill lots of play-makers on that list, but dont be shocked when the mighty air breathers use there first 3 picks on defense, Lets face it that defense lost the last 3 games single handedly last year and lets not forget the Indy, and New Orleans game either.......

Po, you are correct. Thigpen is an asset. White is not. Might change but as of now, it's a fact.

Ginn? As much as we all hate on him, he's not going anywhere until the situation improves. That may mean a trade or hold your breath for this: A #1 WR. Turning blue yet?


That is the point I was trying to make no matter how weakly.

Cocoajoe, how much of an asset is Thigpen in ur opinion???? Enough of an asset to be packaged with someone to pick up a 3rd rd pick??? I personally would trade him with whoever for an extra high pick...


There may be some truth in that. I can see Darth Belicheat bowing down to Darth Sidious. 'What is your biding master?' (John Williams music in the background)

I'm with that B12. High 3rd and he is outta here.


nice to hear from the master po the trash.

How are the meatballs AL?

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