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Richie Incognito agrees to 1-year deal with Dolphins

Richie Incognito is a Miami Dolphin.

The Dolphins and the player's representatives at this hour are finalizing a deal that was submitted last night. Jeff Darlington of The Miami Herald reports the deal is worth slightly over $1 million. When the final language is written, the deal likely will include approximately $250,000-$300,000 in incentives to cover the possibility Incognito starts for Miami.

[Update 2 p.m.: The contract is one year with a $725,000 base salary, a $25,000 signing bonus, and a $125,0000 bonus if he's on the team the first week of the season. The total deal can be worth $1.35 million.] 

That is bargain money. Good starting guards in the NFL average anywhere from $3-$5 million depending on experience and whether they have hit free agency or not.

Incognito has played three positions along the offensive line in his career -- RG, LG and C. But the Dolphins want him join the competition at both guard spots. Notice I said both guard spots. Yes, Justin Smiley has been something of a lock at left guard since joining the team in 2008, but he'll have to win his job during training camp -- regardless of whether he's the odds on favorite to do so or not.

The obvious area where the Dolphins most need solidifying is the right guard spot where Donald Thomas was the starter the first 12 games of 2009 but Nate Garner beat him out as the starter the final four games.

Incognito has had a checkered career and suffered maturity issues in college and with the St. Louis Rams. The Buffalo Bills, who claimed him on waivers last season, broke ties with him this offseason.

With this signing the Dolphins fill a "want."

They still have "needs" at OLB, FS, NT and WR in no particular order.


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COCO, it should be "What is your bidding, my master?"

Unlike talking about meatball subs day after day???

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Does anyone mention (or know) that Richie led the Rams in false start penalties almost every year there?

bobby, would hate to lose Thigpen. He is at least your backup. If Henne goes down, do you really want White in there? Pennington? He's rehabbing his shoulder.

But if you want to roll the dice, wait until a vet QB goes down and his price goes up. Way up. It happens every year.

Can he play Nose Tackle too????


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Cuban, it just hit me. We were both wrong, it's 'what is thy bidding master' right?

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grow some f'in balls now and get a stud WR who isn't going to be a choir boy (they don't exist)

richie a stupid signing, guy is a head case


I believe it is "what is thy bidding, my master"

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