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Thoughts going into the 2nd day of free agency

Three thoughts going into the second day of free agency:

1. You guys know I'm kinda sorta obssessed with the Dolphins landing some top-caliber wide receivers, right? You know that I am convinced a team cannot win an NFL championship with second-tier wide receivers and the only reason I believe that is because it's true.

So I'm kind of distressed about Miami's wide receiver problem. And I'm distressed about the Dolphins weren't signficant players in the derby to trade for Cardinals star WR Anquan Boldin.

The fact is three teams with very solid personnel departments chased a Boldin trade on Friday. At one point in the day the New England Patriots were in the talks and when I heard that, I felt a bit vomititious. You see, the idea of facing Randy Moss and Wes Welker is bad enough. The thought of Randy Moss, Wes Welker and Anquan Boldin?

Luckily, Boldin ends up in Baltimore.

But I have serious concerns that Miami isn't pressing enough on the WR issue. And the unrestricted free agent receiver pool is practically dry. Terrell Owens is out there but Bill Parcells won't go for that. Antonio Bryant is out there but the Dolphins haven't made any serious overtures of interest as of this writing. There was a report the Dolphins might be interested in Derrick Mason but I believe he wants to return to Baltimore.

So where does that leave us? Restricted free agency?

Restricted free agent Brandon Marshall is visiting Seattle today. That's their problem.

Philadelphia's Jason Avant can be signed for a second-round pick but he is primarily a slot receiver. New Orleans's Lance Moore can be signed for a second round pick but he's often injured and smallish. Arizona's Steve Breaston is available for a first-round pick but it's a first round pick! Dallas's unproven Sam Hurd can be had for a second rounder but he's unproven.

I don't believe the Dolphins would invest a 1st and a 3rd on San Diego's Vincent Jackson or Malcom Floyd.

We're screwed!

Face it, Owens for one year might be the best investment. Is he a pain? Not usually the first year.

Is he no longer capable of playing? I think he proved to Vontae Davis (below) that he's still got it. Owens caught 55 passes for 829 yards and 5 TDs last year. He did it on a team that fired its offensive coordinator one week before the season. He did it on a team that had no quarterback. He did it on a team that fired its head coach during the season.

And his 829 yards and five scores still would have led the Dolphins.

Does Parcells hate the idea? Of course, but desperate times call for desperate measures and it's not like one year would constitute a long-term commitment.

I know, I'm dreaming. But I think it could work as well as, say, chasing Antonio Bryant.

2. I'm happy for Chad Pennington. He has been offered and is expected to sign a one-year contract with the Dolphins. According to ESPN's Chris Mortensen, Pennington will not receive the no-trade clause he was seeking for the Dolphins. Instead the team got over the obstacle with, what else, money.

The $2.5 million offer I reported to you yesterday is still the deal but it now also includes, according to Mortensen, a $1.515 million trade bonus. So if the Dolphins decide they aren't keeping Pennington and can get him traded, they must pay him the bonus.

A couple of things:

First, the Dolphins could not give Pennington the no-trade on philosophical grounds as much as anything. If they do it for him, they might have to do it for others. And they don't want to do it for anyone else.

Second, Pennington wants to stay in Miami next year. The Dolphins might trade him anyway.

3. Nate Jones agreed to terms with the Denver Broncos Friday for what was reported as a four-year deal worth up to $13.6 million if he reaches all his incentives. Jones clearly is a free agency winner but I'm certain the Dolphins could have gotten him for less if they'd offered him a contract in the weeks prior to free agency. They didn't.

And that makes me wonder how the Dolphins could let Jones, their nickel cornerback and a good special teams player, go without an offer, but they keep Jason Allen, who couldn't beat out Jones the last two years?

Things that make me go, hmmmmmm.  


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I can't believe you would even think about TO.
Please for the love of God don't that fool anywhere near my Dolphins.
Please you are getting desperate.
How you figure that TO and Boldin are better WR's is beyond me.
If you are going to trade for a number one guy you don't do it half ass. You honestly think Boldin is going to break away from guys like Revis?
He is an unbelievable number 2/ good number one.
I'm not trading a 3rd and 4th for something that is good, and reached its peak already.
I bet you that if we traded for Boldin, you would be whining again during our playoff run because Boldin will be out due to an injury.
Just like the last 2 years!
I would sign Antonio Bryant over TO any day of the week.

Derek in West Palm Beach: (at 01:39 AM)


mando, cool it buddy, its the FIRST day (notice the emphasis on FIRST) of free agency...we got our much needed linebacker...teams are still making cuts...we can be patient and a couple FA might fall into our laps (ie. chad penny), all those needs will be filled..we will overspend if we need to...but anquan wasnt it and rolle wasnt it either....people had to drop out of pro bowl for him to be there..(would u put the same kind of money on yeremiah bell? Hell no) i say let these desperate teams do desperate things... today was a great first day for the dolphins..so RELAX!

I'm ready to see what Clemons has to offer at FS I'd be happier going offense 1st rd whether its Spiller Bryant or Iupati 2nd or 3rd rd needs to be TE OLB or NT

dont be surpised if the giants trade up to 12 to snatch rolando mclain

Derek froom west palm or whatever, just to let you know Welker does not have a ring, thats all I pretty much agree with what you say NO TO and stop complaining, I prefer a hard defense team that runs well and has nice small quick receivers (like hartline and bess) rather than a dive wr coming in and tearing the young locker room apart. IN PARCELLS I TRUST!!!

I am all over the CJ Spiller as our #1 pick! The guy is flat out explosive and will be one of the best RB's in the league as soon as this season!

I am disappointed we didn't trade for Boldin. He is worth a 3rd and a 4th for sure. Hell, we drafted White and Turner in the 2nd and 3rd round last year and neither might pan out.

Oh well, at least we got our target on defense. That will take the pressure off a bit during the draft and perhaps we can balance out some more offensive playmakers.

Spiller though will be special. You'll see! I hope he is wearing aqua and orange in 2010!

I thank god every day Armando and his minions aren't running the Dolphins. thank you lord all mighty !!!

i like antonio bryant, ii doent know why ppl act like he's chop liver, check out his highlights on youtube, i would take a flyer on him.

Jason Avant for a 3rd round pick....

I wouldn't want T.O. anywhere near my team now. His skills are fading; yeah, considering the difficulties in Buffalo, maybe those numbers aren't that bad. But how do you explain all the dropped passes while Romo was throwing to him the year before? Or the fact that Miles Austin clearly played better last year than T.O. did in 2008?

Whether the 'Fins choose to draft another WR, or to sign Antonio Bryant, either is a better option than a 37 year old coach killer.

This will never happen---im sold on a WR in the 2nd round----Its a risky guy but i think his junior tape will be to enticing considering the big play abilty and his size

Deamriyus Thomas-6"3 230 is a lock in the 2nd---
I hope we can move Fasano B/c i want spikes in the 2nd round or TE gronkoswki

Derrick Morgan is our pick if he is on the board---

If he isnt I think we trade out----

Morgan is next Woodley impressive body at combine
with a resume of over 100 tackles and 18 sacks in 2 years--6"3-270--SOLB for a long time---dont get hung on people sayn he cant stand up he did in college sometimes---and parcells stood up Ellis in dallas and most people consider him a 4-3 end---

Kindle isnt big enough to be a SOLB in a 3-4---let the giants take that twinner---

Dont forget the inteerview process between kindle, morgan, or JPP---its hands down Morgan sounding more educated then the other two

Nate Jones was in on a few blown plays. He was not as good last year as you are suggesting. As for Allen, he has been playing pretty good football. Not 16th pick good but good football and I thought he out played Jones late in the season.

For those of you who are chanting for Vincent Jackson...GET OFFF THE CRACK!......Why give up a 1st and a 3rd for a receiver who got shut down at the end of the season, will likely be suspended this coming year and has off the field issues when for a 1st rd pick you can get Marshall who has had a way more consistent career and even though he has off field issues he is facing no suspension? Makes no sense at all. Oh yeah and Jackson has been in the league a year longer than Marshall. Can you say no brainer? If Miami is planning to use a 1st round pick on a receiver they should be spending it on Brandon Marshall.

"You know that I am convinced a team cannot win an NFL championship with second-tier wide receivers and the only reason I believe that is because it's true."

I'm not trying to bash you Armando, but I absolutely disagree. Let's look at each SB of the last decade starting with the year 2000. STL beats Tennessee 23-16. Ok, the Rams had incredible receivers with Isaac Bruce and Torry Holt. No doubt about it, them and MArshall and Warner were the reason they won, I'll give you that.

2001: Baltimore beats the Giants 34-7. Hmmmm who were Baltimore's receivers that year??? Brandon Stokley? Jermaine Lewis?!?! Don't get me wrong, solid players, but not higher than 2nd tier.

2002: New England beats St Louis 20-17. Yes, they had Tom Brady but I the only receiver from that team that I can recall is David Patten. I can't remember if Troy Brown was on that team but it doesn't matter. Whoever their receivers were, they didnt compare to the Rams' receivers.

2003: Tampa Bay beats Oakland 48-21. Keenan McCardell is the definition of 2nd tier. He was TB's best receiver.

2004: New England wins again with 2nd tier receivers.

2005: See 2004, unless you think Deion Branch was better than 2nd tier.

2006: Pitt beats Seattle. Hines Ward was a stud, I'll give you that.

2007: Indianapolis over Chicago, obviously they had a great offense with great receivers.

2008: Giants beat New England, but even though Plaxico was a great receiver and had the game winning catch, their defense still won that game by holding the Pats to 14 points. That's the Pats with Welker and Randy Moss. NOt to mention Tom Brady. ALl superior to the Giants Receivers and Eli.

2009: Steelers beat Cardinals. Ward and Holmes are good, not great. Fitz and Boldin are great, not good. The better defense won.

2010: Saints beat Colts. Saints probably had the most balanced offense in the league. However, not one of their offensive playmakers is as good as Reggie Wayne and certainly not their receivers. And if you try to compare Colston to Wayne just stop.

Again, not trying to bash you Mando, but I do believe I just proved you wrong on this point.

BTW, before NJ the omniscient calls me out for using google, I'll just go ahead and admit I referenced google a few times for that last post.

I will ponder that R.B .....good post

Caught the vid on T.O and ya know ? For one season in a phins uni I can see the upside of him being on the team.A big locker room leader and pillar of the comunity and never a ca.a.a.ca...,.,nssssswer oooof ohhhh huhhuhhuh rorooooroommmmm spppiiii.in..n.n.gggggg aaaaaaaaargggghghghghghgh

In my perfect world,OJ Simpson would start dating my ex wife.


good pick up in dansby but better job in cutting porter, akin, and wilson. Boldin always hurt and rolle overated no big deal that we did not get either one. go after ryan clark, trade thigpen,and ginn for a draft pick.

u dont need a true #1 to win a championship you are wrong thier mando------in this decade the only team with a true #1 huge wideout was plaxico and NY----

But a valid statement is to develope a young QB a great WO helps his developement b/c a lot of times it just comes down to a QB confident---and having a great WO makes the throws and coverages easier for a young QB...


I am a big fan of yours, but I really hate it when you get on your receiver or bust tangents. The sky is not falling because the fins didnt get Boldin. Calm down. I can't believe that with all the Dolphins moving and shaking today, this is what we get. Miami did a good job, give them a pat on the back.


Plenty of teams win championships without true number 1 receivers and having one of these guys does not guarantee a championship.

How many Championships do Larry Fitzgerald, Andre Johnson, Brandon Marshall, Terrell Owens, Anquan Boldin, Calvin Johnson, Chad Ochocinco, Randy Moss, and Vincent Jackson Have?

0... All of the best #1 wr's in the league have 0 super bowl wins... combined.

T.O.????? Really???? Please calm down...

"Face it, Owens for one year might be the best investment. Is he a pain? Not usually the first year.'

Armando Salguero


No thanks on the TO idea. We just had one cancer (Peezy) removed from the Dolphins and you want the team exposed to another? Don't think so but we'll see what pans out. Only the second day of FA and things can still get execiting with every teams personnel decisions.

I love T.O .Bring him to MIAMI

Don't care about what you all say.BRING T.O TO MIAMI.......one year and make up with him BP.Remember TERRY GLEN?T.O is MUCH better..........OK target is stapled to my azzzzzz.Let the first that has been right cast the first stone.

Miami will trade down out of #12 with Dallas and in return will get a lower draft pick plus Miles Austin....

Nostradraftus,Nice to mrrt you

Mando, hey, new talent comes out of the college ranks every year.....all we need to do is unearth that talent we have missed in past years so whats the problem?
We missed on Boldin but hey, he is not the be all and end all.....others will follow him and be better...cool!

Sign T.O!!!!

Mando....WR will be addressed in the draft.....hey, we have paid for dansby...great.....but there is a dearth of wideouts there so why waste money on guys that are already stars....? Invest in the future!

Armando...can you say New England Patriots? How many Super Bowls have they won with Moss?

I meant in the draft not whats out there already

Picking up a washed up TWO would be a despiration move. If management was despirate they'd have given AZ what they wanted for Boldin. No I think they have a plan in mind and it's for us to sit back and wait for it to play out. Either there's a WR in FA they covet or they're bullish on WRs in the draft.

And for the next current Dolphin to be released you only need to listen to the sound bites and see who is the next one to have praise heaped upon them.

Just on the Jason Allen Vs Nate Jones thing. Nate Jones seems like he always makes plays, but with being deep at corner Nate Jones can do less for you that Jason Allen. In a pinch Allen can play Safety. Nate Jones had more tackles last year I believe but Jason Allen is a stronger special teams player. Plus hes already signed so they dont have to pay him any bonus.

it would be nice for the regime to speak to the fans now and then. its our team too since we pay the bills and their salaries. they don't have to act like their fans are their enemies. we have a right to question decisions and hold them accountable for the bad ones. real leaders admit to some mistakes and don't take every suggestion or criticism personal. we all want our dolphins successful but can disagree on how to accomplish this. i'd like ireland and sparano to embrace the fans; not deceive or mislead them when there is no reason to. its not the fans vs. the regime!


Good post Armando. I agree with everything except the TO thing. I think we need to get into the Brandon Marshall sweepstakes. Have you had a chance to meet Mike Nolan yet? I wondergwhat his take / influence could be. I understand he comes with baggage but his talent is sick and desrves consideration.

I doubt TWO is the mentoring type.

I'm thrilled with the Dansby pickup. The guy is a beast and will shore up the ILB position (hopefully freeing up the safeties to make plays in the passing game). Yeah, we didn't get Boldin, and aren't going after B Marshall, kind of bummed about that. We need help at WR. But I'm also aware of how the Trifecta believes a football team is made, and the truth we all know but keep forgetting is, they don't put much stock in the position of WR. They are happy getting a 2nd, 3rd round guy and plugging him in (as opposed to paying for a free-agent). It wouldn't surprise me if with our next FA pickup we get Thomas Jones. I don't think the Trifecta believes Ronnie Brown is a 16 week RB, and they probably don't want to put it all on Ricky's shoulders again (with him being one year older). So Jones would shore up the RB position, which will be extremely important if we have a mediocre WR core again this year. Mando, I'm doing your job, remember everyone, you heard it here first, Thomas Jones might be the newest Miami Dolphin!

Hartline year 2

Just fined another Brian Hartline and we will be fine.

hint: Blair White mich. st

We're building for the future, not the one year deal thing.

unless your chad p of course.

Armando, get over it man. What do all these players have in common? They were drafted. Boldin Late second, Rolle 1st round, Marshall fourth, TO 3rd round. We are more than one player away. We need to build through the draft.

Signing TO too a one year deal isn't gonna hurt the team. I think that would be miami best bet. And try to pick up WR later in the draft.

Mando's correct. Owen won't cost anything but money. That gives us more options in the draft. Plus, watching that video shows me he would be, by far, the Phins best receiver.

That's a bummer about Nate Jones. He was one of my favorite Dolphins. Was there a better nickel guy in the NFL over the last 2 years? I don't think so.

He's so versitile, too. Two years ago, they had him blitzing a lot and he was successful at that. Last year, they had him covering some #1 WRs and he did that. Special teams...no drama....I'm disappointed they didn't re-sign him.

The only way you sign Owens is if you don't need him. That's right, just like when New England signed Moss the first year. These prima donas need to know that the first misstep and they're gone. And with Owens it's not if, it's when he'll implode. Maybe you get one good year out of him and maybe not. Frankly I don't see how it fits the Dolphins business model in any way, shape or form.

keep an eye on FS Ryan Clark from Pittsburgh, he is just as good as Rolle and may come for less.Also Boldin, as much as I liked him too, went for too much and is hurt a lot of the time. Right now we HAVE to fill NT, OLB and FS. i want a WR as much as anyone but it has to be slotted down the list a bit

"That's a bummer about Nate Jones. He was one of my favorite Dolphins."

Wow, that says it all folks. Mr j, no disrespect, but you synthesized the problem with this team. If one of our favorites is a package player, not anywhere close to the nucleus of a team, then we got problems. Our favorite players (because they're the best) should be the QB, WR, RB, LB, DE, those are the sexy positions. But, except maybe Ronnie Brown, we can't really say we have a "favorite" in one of those positions because no one really stands out in any of them. Looking at it that way tells me exactly why we were 7-9 last year. Here's hoping next year's brighter than this year was.

i think I would like some of whatever you're smoking. We have to draft our number 1 receiver just like san diego did, just like houston did, just like indy did.
And nate jones was not physical at all. Jason allen is way more physical than jones and we have a nickle back. its will allen. I think we should let bp do his thing and not constantly second guess him. I know u dont have much to write about

Francisco from 2:28... Thanks for correcting me on that. I did assume Wes Managed to grab a ring in one of NE's winning years. I was really only trying to explain the "Toxic Pill" deal for Mike who had asked about it several posts up from mine. It was still a heavy loss by a very inexperienced coach to a very crafty one. I will stand by this... Miami is doing EVERYTHING right, they have made mistakes (Thank God we're all still human) but for the better part... we are in a better position right now then we have been in 10 years to create a winning club that will last for years to come. I feel we will all bee calmed down with a good (perhaps not great) but good receiver until we can either develop one of grab a true #1 next year... B. Marshall is a scumbag Woman beater... that is one rung above a child abuser in my world. Catching passes does not excuse a man from being that sort of scumbag loser that he would pound a woman out of his own immaturity... If a man cannot control himself with a woman he supposedly loves... how is he going to control his rich life in Miami playing football?... Never mind that... He is a woman beating scumbag and does not deserve th time of day...period.

Alex 1:17 great post! Mando frequently shoots of his mouth without research...usually about football, which is fine...but last year when he got into politics, he was called on the carpet by the Herald

That TO film made me gag. Who made it TO? Standing the endzone shimmying for the crowd. Oooooo I am impressed. I could only stand the first 20 seconds.
Seriously, TO might not be too bad but waiting might be a lot better and certainly smarter.
We did not play that bad as a group last year at that position. If we would have had a defense like I told the Tuna Cahunna, we would have won our division.
We needed a nose tackle, a middle linebacker and a real safety and not a light weight QB who looked a lot like Lemon. Are you sure that wasn't Lemon? Someone tapped the soft spot on that baby's head.

Getting Dansby is huge win for beloved Fins! He's still young, healthy and a playmaker and cost us no draft picks. Giving up picks makes a team older. I'd like to see us bring in a veteran wr like Antonio Bryant (again no picks traded) and then take C J Spiller with pick 12 (if Dez is gone). Then we could grab a quality wr and a nt with picks 2 and 3. Many great wr's have been gotten in the early to mid rounds. Remember, Ronnie and Ricky are not here much longer. Now we'd have quality options all over the field! And a great punt return man to boot, not to mention Ginn returning kicks. Anyone agree?

I like everything the fins have done so far except how they have handled the QB situation. Four QBs mean someone has to get cut. I strongly believe Tyler Thigpen is WAYYYY better than Pat White and has more upside than Pennington due to Chads weak arm and injuries. Big mistake to let Thigpen go but someone has to go and it wont be Pat White or Pennington.

I would have liked Anquan as much as everybody but a #1 is not a must to win a SB. Reference championships by the Bucs, Ravens and Patriots. Remember the Pats were champs before Moss and Wes with Troy Brown and that crew. BTW, Wes was my favorite Fin at the time but trading him for a third round pick was a good deal because NE would have offered him money we couldn't match and then he would gave left anyway but we would have received nothing in return.

Wasted,Wasted,Wasted,Pick (Pat White).Chad P. great guy,great team mate.But very weak arm,never again will throw the deep ball.It seems like when he throws the ball its in slow motion.CH,TT,CP, trade Pat White.

one of our receivers could be a number one if henne is more accurate. A good qb makes a qb become elite

Can we Ever get rid of Bobby faithless 12 and NJPhin.God look at their past POSTS.Filthy,perverted,Sick,twisted.Is there any HOPE for these cowards.All i say is look at there last Posts.Truth Hurts.

No worries Mando. WR is one position on the Dolphins that will get better even without talent acquisition just because of the investments they already made in young players like Brian Hartline, Devone Bess, Chad Henne, and possibly even Patrick Turner.

That being said, I see Antonio Bryant as the most likely acquisition with a moderate contract. Terrell Owens, I don't know but I think it's more likely than Dez Bryant. The idea of exposing Henne to an idiot like Owens scares me though.

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