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Thoughts going into the 2nd day of free agency

Three thoughts going into the second day of free agency:

1. You guys know I'm kinda sorta obssessed with the Dolphins landing some top-caliber wide receivers, right? You know that I am convinced a team cannot win an NFL championship with second-tier wide receivers and the only reason I believe that is because it's true.

So I'm kind of distressed about Miami's wide receiver problem. And I'm distressed about the Dolphins weren't signficant players in the derby to trade for Cardinals star WR Anquan Boldin.

The fact is three teams with very solid personnel departments chased a Boldin trade on Friday. At one point in the day the New England Patriots were in the talks and when I heard that, I felt a bit vomititious. You see, the idea of facing Randy Moss and Wes Welker is bad enough. The thought of Randy Moss, Wes Welker and Anquan Boldin?

Luckily, Boldin ends up in Baltimore.

But I have serious concerns that Miami isn't pressing enough on the WR issue. And the unrestricted free agent receiver pool is practically dry. Terrell Owens is out there but Bill Parcells won't go for that. Antonio Bryant is out there but the Dolphins haven't made any serious overtures of interest as of this writing. There was a report the Dolphins might be interested in Derrick Mason but I believe he wants to return to Baltimore.

So where does that leave us? Restricted free agency?

Restricted free agent Brandon Marshall is visiting Seattle today. That's their problem.

Philadelphia's Jason Avant can be signed for a second-round pick but he is primarily a slot receiver. New Orleans's Lance Moore can be signed for a second round pick but he's often injured and smallish. Arizona's Steve Breaston is available for a first-round pick but it's a first round pick! Dallas's unproven Sam Hurd can be had for a second rounder but he's unproven.

I don't believe the Dolphins would invest a 1st and a 3rd on San Diego's Vincent Jackson or Malcom Floyd.

We're screwed!

Face it, Owens for one year might be the best investment. Is he a pain? Not usually the first year.

Is he no longer capable of playing? I think he proved to Vontae Davis (below) that he's still got it. Owens caught 55 passes for 829 yards and 5 TDs last year. He did it on a team that fired its offensive coordinator one week before the season. He did it on a team that had no quarterback. He did it on a team that fired its head coach during the season.

And his 829 yards and five scores still would have led the Dolphins.

Does Parcells hate the idea? Of course, but desperate times call for desperate measures and it's not like one year would constitute a long-term commitment.

I know, I'm dreaming. But I think it could work as well as, say, chasing Antonio Bryant.

2. I'm happy for Chad Pennington. He has been offered and is expected to sign a one-year contract with the Dolphins. According to ESPN's Chris Mortensen, Pennington will not receive the no-trade clause he was seeking for the Dolphins. Instead the team got over the obstacle with, what else, money.

The $2.5 million offer I reported to you yesterday is still the deal but it now also includes, according to Mortensen, a $1.515 million trade bonus. So if the Dolphins decide they aren't keeping Pennington and can get him traded, they must pay him the bonus.

A couple of things:

First, the Dolphins could not give Pennington the no-trade on philosophical grounds as much as anything. If they do it for him, they might have to do it for others. And they don't want to do it for anyone else.

Second, Pennington wants to stay in Miami next year. The Dolphins might trade him anyway.

3. Nate Jones agreed to terms with the Denver Broncos Friday for what was reported as a four-year deal worth up to $13.6 million if he reaches all his incentives. Jones clearly is a free agency winner but I'm certain the Dolphins could have gotten him for less if they'd offered him a contract in the weeks prior to free agency. They didn't.

And that makes me wonder how the Dolphins could let Jones, their nickel cornerback and a good special teams player, go without an offer, but they keep Jason Allen, who couldn't beat out Jones the last two years?

Things that make me go, hmmmmmm.  


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Everyone needs to calm down, I know its an unpopular belief but I do feel the dolphins are targeting to draft a receiver with our first or second pick. Its evident by the players that we have targeted in free agency. If Dez Bryant is available we will draft him, I can garantee that. Don't be surprise that we go after Golden Tate as well (not my favorite), his 40 time confirmed that he has the speed. The Phins are looking to have young group to developed with Henne.

I said it yesterday and I'll say it now....Go get Marshall!!! Mando is way off on this situation. Yes he is a diva....but T.O. isn't? Give me a break. He is a true #1 player with youth on his side. He has issues. But so did Ricky Williams. So, did Randy Starks. Parcells and the coaches can handle it. Who are we getting with the #12 pick that is PROVEN at the NFL level? That's right...nobody. So go get Marshall. He will make Ginn and Hartline better.

Another Thought....Trade Thigpen AND White. We don't need them. This helps us focus on Henne being the FULL TIME QB. IF we run Wildcat it's with Ronnie. If Henne goes down we have Pennigton. Get some extra picks for the draft (likely 4th round for White) Maybe a safety or RB for Thigpen...there are teams that can use him now. We can use the draft to add depth at S, TE, and OLB.

I really don't like Skip Bayliss, but I agrre with him on one point.

TO=Team Obliterator

C'mon Man

Your Crazy,Stay away from Marshall.And he (Parcell) will.Man I'm glad about that.

I am extremely happy that the fins signed Dansby! Great pickup by the front office but I have a feeling they are not done yet. From what the NFL Network is saying the fins are pushing hard for Ryan Clark FS from the Steelers. That would also be a nice addition. A couple more pieces and its time for the draft! I say no to T.O. and no to Brandon Marshall, we can draft a good reciever in the draft that can an impact just like Percy Harvin was for the Vikings. I think Linebackers are stacked in the draft also. I like Penn States Sean Lee. He might not be available but he would be a good addition. I also like ILB Pat Angerer in the late rounds

i think miami did good as well

first they dropped gibril!! :D

Then they pick up dansby :D

They finish dropping porter and ayodele

we're making moves for the first day

now lets stay ontop of looking for a saftey & wr maybe even te

what about Antwaan Randle El he is the around the same age as T.O. and i think he can contribute????

Antoni brynat seems like another gibril or ernest hes been on five teams in 7 years and his produciton is mediocre

So let's look at the situation that BP last left. He had TO forced on him, and that was a big reason he left. When he left, Dallas was loaded with talent. They had their #1 WR everyone keeps screaming about. Yet they didn't win any playoff games. Then, just like many of you are screaming about, they traded a 1, a 3, and a 6 for another #1WR. And STILL won nothing, with 2 #1s on there team. So they get smart and remove the problem from the locker room, bye bye TO. So did that guy they traded everything for finally step up and be the guy. Uh, no. The best WR on the team, in a year they finally won a playoff game, was some guy noone ever heard of a few years ago. And who brought this guy in??

Oh yeah, that was Bill Parcells. Maybe he knows what he is doing.

OK, not enough is being said about what an awesome signing Dansby was and to also sign him for less than the $30 million guaranteed that everyone (including me) thought he was going to get was also excellent work by the administration.

This signing improves both ILB positions for Miami and I don't think he's going to play much OLB - maybe a little nickel on passing downs at the most. His coverage skills mainly though will keep him playing inside because the OLBs in this system are not asked to cover a whole lot. The vacation for opposing backs and TEs against this team are over.

Also, all parties involved have to be commended on the job they did in this process. Dansby was obviously well coached by his agent and said all the right things probably knowing all along that Miami would be the best spot for his client and made sure not to lower the amount he would get paid. The administration also knew this was the best player out there for them and could do more things for them well than any other player (including Boldin). I targeted this guy way back and am glad that he's now part of the family.

Also a lot has to be said about Chad P. This guy continues to be a leader and for sure took less money to stay here for him and his family and his team. This guy is loyal to the end for Parcells. Glad he's still here and I have no fear of him causing a QB controversy.

Agreed with MarkinTO. Hennepin is surrounded by the least selfish receiving core in the history of the world ( partly because Ginn has negative desire for you to throw his way). What would TO do to the chemistry and to Henne's decision making on where to throw the ball. Would he try to get TO the loud mouth the ball in situations when he should be checking down?

I think Bryant makes the most FA sense.

Great post-Bootang25

I bet he (BP) knows what he is doing.

Carlito, excellent point made about the # of rings possessed by the #1 WRs that everyone drooles over. I made it a few times in the past too. People are right in that the passing game is very important in this league. however, it isn't a WR league, it's a QB league. It's not the teams that have the best WRs that are a factor year in and out, it's the teams with the best QBs that are a factor year in and out. The overal impression made by WRs is so overrated.


Yesterday was a very good day for us. Whether it be Thigpen or Pennington, one of them will eventually be traded, and we will attain an extra pick. This is similar to what PHI did signing Vick, in that it gave them another bargaining chip. A great move by us, though I am very high on Thigpen.

As for Dansby. I summed it up like this. An in his prime ILB that is scheme versatile, that plays all 3 downs, sounds pretty good to me.


I'm not sure about Bryant. 5 teams in 7 years? This is still a business and if you see that type of movement on a resume, it is a pretty good indication that he has some issues.

Why does it have to be a WR? Why can't it be a Ben Watson, Aaron Hernandez, Dennis Pitta type TE. Or a RB that we get in space, a CJ Spiller or D McCluster type. Mismatches. Ask Peyton Manning who he would rather have, Reggie Wayne or Dallas Clark? I GUARANTEE he would say Dallas Clark. This is a loaded TE draft, and Miami will add a good one IMO.


I know its a business, but I certainly hope the Phins don't trade Penny. He could of most certainly got more money elsewhere, but chose to stay in Miami.

With the type of character and loyalty that Penny has displayed, I think it would send a terrible message to the other players about the loyalty of management.

You're right on Bootang. Dansby is the one guy that the Dolphins almost needed to get at any cost. He plays a lot like a guy in college that we both love in Sean Weatherspoon (although Dansby is bigger). The fans that don't know the guy will end up loving him. He brings his lunch pail every day and will occasionally make the big play too and also acts the right way in the locker room and community. He did a lot in Arizona without the benefit of a lot of help from other LBs although he had one of the top 2 or 3 3-4 DEs in Darnel Dockett on the team. It's expensive but also well spent.

As we've also talked about, it also opens up the first pick in the draft. Whether the administration thinks the best player is Derrick Morgan (who I think it might be - Parcells always gets his LT, John Abraham, Demarcus Ware player wherever he goes), Earl Thomas, Sean Weatherspoon, Eric Berry, Dan Williams, or even Rolando McClain (although I think the chances are slim now), we most certainly will not be making the decision solely based on need. We will be drafting the best player period.

I agree Bootang, I think WR is a luxury pick earl in the draft. There are too many holes to fill. In fact. I believe RB is a more pressing need.

Matthews in the second or maybe Tate out of Auburn. Both are good receivers out of the backfield.

Help these Guys,they are not CHRISTIANS. Bobby12-NJPHIN.Come on brothers in Christ, send them posts about GOD! I'm a big phins fan and I love to talk football with all of you. Paul was right when he posted, how disgusting these guys are. Some of the things both these two said leads me to this, open your Bible, if you don't have one go to any christian church, the services are free.

Thanks guys. Your brother in Christ.

Bootang, you're right about the impact a seam stretching TE will make to the offense. Might open things up more than even adding a WR. I keep coming back to Ed Hickson from Oregon. That type of guy added in the 3rd, 4th round might make a world of difference.


They will not trade CP without his approval, I promise you that. If a team has there starter go down week 2 of the preseason, and calls and wants CP to come in to be the starter, that is the type of scenario I see him getting traded in. And IMO they will make sure CP is good with it first. Believe me, they understand how important he is to that locker room, and how much he helps Henne as well.


You only mentioned defensive players. So you believe we will be drafting the best defensive player with #12?


I hope your right. As much as I dislike or wait hate the Jets, I have alot of respect for CP even when he was wearing green.


First, was a relief to get Dansby. Had a lot of people nervous yesterday afternoon.

I don't know why but I had a feeling they weren't going to go after Boldin. He would have instantly improved the passing game. T.O.? Never happen. Bryant won't be there at 12 and I wonder even if he was, would they pick him? So, where does that leave us? Hoping.

The Pennington decision is a real head scratcher. Only Tampa would have 4 QBs and that means somebody goes. White is clearly a mistake but we're stuck with him. Hate to lose Thigpen.

There are no Safeties out there besides D Sharper who are as much a playmaker as Berry and Thomas. I doubt Berry will be there,so E Thomas is the guy I really want. I know NT is important, but I could see us bringing back big Ferg and signing Jamal Williams to a 1 year deal as well. I guess i'll ask it this way. For long term success, would you guys rather have this year D Sharper and Dan Williams or Earl Thomas and Jason Ferguson/Jamal Williams??

They don't have to lose Thigpen....They can put White in the slot (as a receiver.)

Hope for Berry, but at this point would rather have Thomas than Williams. Cam Thomas could be there in the Third.

As for the 4 QBs dilemma. It is not unthinkable that we have all 4 on the 53 man roster. Depending on each weeks gameplan, maybe it is Thigpen or Pennington who is inactive. Most teams dress 8 OL, we typically dress 7 because of the versatility of the 2 backups. Right there is a roster spot opened up. The only way Pennington is a factor on Sundays is if he is playing. his importance is even moreso during the week with the preparation.

Yo Armando is the sky falling!! I think you are sleep deprived and need a little rest.

I cannot believe that you just wrote a blog about all the reasons why the Fins should pick up TO. You just lost a bit of credibility on that one.

Maybe you should step away from the crack pipe so you can think a little more clearly.

Fransisco is an idiot..."trade a 2nd and 5th rounder for marshall" are you NUTS!! He's the best WR in the NFL....a 2nd and 5th...get outta here you moron!! If Brandon Marshall could miraculously be in the draft this year, with his playing record, he would be top five EASY. To say he's only worth a 2nd and 5th is ABSURD...IMO he's worth a 1st rounder all day long bro...

Ha BP is at Marlins spring training in Jupiter this morning. Guess he's glad he got Dansby last night.

Now there are more options in the Draft.

Although...if they can't get a first round Safety,
then I'd still draft McClain at #12.


I think you're being a bit premature here. We still have the draft. How would you feel if the Phins picked Dez Bryant with the first pick? Would you still be worried about the WR position? At least wait until training camp, jeez it's only the second day of the new football year. There's still a lot that can happen. Of course, personally, I would rather see them pick a NT or OLB with the first pick. Remember that if we had a championship defense (assuming we gave up 16 pts per game last year), we would have finished 12-4. How bad does our offense look in that scenario? I say still need a couple more impact players on D and then we can worry about a receiver next year.

Well I'm happy so far and the phins did exactly what I wanted. Sign Dansby and stay away from Boldin and Rolle.
Boldin would have cost us rebuilding our defense (or in picking up a talented TE in the draft) and we would all be sitting here midseson bitching that they didn't fix the D. Good luck to Boldin staying injury free in the AFC, have fun with the Steelers twice a year and HOPEFULLY for the Ravens sake there is football in 2011 so they don't return with a 33 year old wr in 2012 with injury problems and think he's going to make any kind of contribution.
Rolle is now the highest paid FS in NFL history,,,,wait for it,,,,,BWAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA. What a f***ing joke. This guy was ranked near the bottom of the league in coverage and run support and now he's the highest paid FS in NFL history? That makes no sense and I would be embarrassed if the phins paid him like that. Good luck to him in the NFC east as he will not be playing the Rams, 49ers, and Seahawks 6 times a year. Why no one takes that into account is baffling to me. Guy plays in the weakest division in the league and ranks out near the bottom of the league in coverage yet we should make him the highest paid FS in NFL history? Great move Giants.


JB, the only offensive player that I see on the board with a top 15 grade in the draft is Spiller btu he just isn't a good fit for Miami in 2010. Does anyone really think he can come in year one and beat out Ricky or Ronnie??? Those are pro bowlers!!!!

Dez Bryant might be there too. However I think the defensive players are just better overall talents.

"if you don't have one go to any christian church, the services are free". Yeah and if you're lucky one of those cooks will lay hands on you and speak in "tongues". That means God is speaking to you through them because they are so important God chose them to speak through. And don't let the "tongues" throw you off, it's not a language, just some crazy person screaming jibberish at you. And then the, I don't know, GUY who runs the SHOW will ask you to give 10% of your earnings so he can drive around in a BMW and buy hookers with the money. Get that Christian crap out of here man, it's a scam.

PS, JB RB might be the most glaring need in 2011 though - just not 2010. Too many other holes to plaug first.

We still need 2 OLBs (Wake has a good chance to be one of them)
FS (maybe Clemons???)
NT nobody on the roster is starter material
TE (strictly a receiver here - Fasano is a very good starting TE - just need a complement)
WR (there is a chance the combination the young starters progress and make this more of a non issue than it appears today though)


Just a reminder. You are a reporter. If you think you are so much smarter than Parcells and Co then you should try to land a job with some team. Your "I'm smarter than everyone else" attitude would fit well with the Patsies. You might try them!

Mike in Denver

NYScott, ALoco is right, excellent points. Not losing any sleep over Antrell Rolle not being here. Overrated. There are better , cheaper alternatives elsewhere.

Draft positions of current big name receivers that have been available:

Vincent Jackson drafted 2nd round
Antonio Bryant drafted 2nd round (Dallas)
Terrell Owens drafted 3rd round
Anquan Boldin drafted 4th round
Austin Miles undrafted free agent (Dallas)

By the way: World Champion New Orleans’ most dynamic receiver is Marques Colston who was drafted in the 7th round!

Trifecta knows this and WILL NOT pay multiple draft picks for a receiver. So be patient and quit ur bellyaching!

I can't believe people are so ready to trade our first rounder away. Our offense wasn't the problem last year! It was our defense that did us in and I would love to use that first rounder on an OLB since we, you know, kind of desperately need one. We need an OLB way more than we need a wr. I'm not saying don't get a WR but one can be had for less than the first and third Marshall will likely command. Why add on to a serviceable offense at the expense of a defense that was horrible last year? Doesn't make much sense to me.



the dolphins have done a horrible job under the parcells-ireland free agent regime. They took the best sure thing of the 3 (rolle,boldin,dansby)they WERE RIGHT TO be cautious, their FA grade is an f. I like the fact they recognized they had been reaching too much into the free agent pool looking for help that didn't pan out. Stick to the draft and continue the building process and stop believing you are 1 or 2 players away from the super bowl. BecaUSE WE'RE NOT.

1) I agree we need a primere legit #1 WR.
2) A 29 year old physical yet injury prone WR and giving him a huge contract at the expense of a couple of good draft picks is not the answer.
3) We can continue to develop our young core of WR's but I agree to go after one more.
4) The draft has some great WR talent.
5) Losing out on Rolle as a free agent pick up may not be such a bad thing as we have several options internally to replace him or draft a safety (please dont draft Mays from USC however as he is a freak of nature but makes plays and tackles like Gibril Wilson).
6) If we need a playmaker on offense we may want to consider the rb from Cal. He is a gamebreaker just like wr Deshaun Jackson of Philly (also went to Cal) but Best is a very quick and explosive RB. If he gets a lane, he is gone!
7) I havent quit on Patrick Turner yet. He is a slower learner than expected but if/when he "gets it" he could be a very talented wideout for us.
8) Camarillo should now be 100% back from his torn ACL. That should be a boost.
9) Someone needs to teach Ginn how to extend his arms from his body when attempting to make a catch.
10) We still need a nose guard very much and a linebacker.
11) Sign JT!
12) It is okay to give up our first for Brandon Marshall.
13) This years draft is VERY VERY deep with talent.
14) Please dont draft another QB!
15) Things are looking good for us!



Oh, forgot Brandan Marshall. Drafted in the 4th round!

Thanks guys.

Good points RR.

Well the Dolphins cut Akin Ayodele and signed Dansby. They cut Wilson and tried to sign Rolle. Seems logical to think the phins will target a safety with the first pick in the draft (E. Thomas is the only realistic choice as Berry will probably be gone). Unless they sign a free agent between now and then. Personally I hope they go OLB or NT with the first pick.

narvell, you give the Dolphins an F in free agency although they've acquired Chad Pennington, Devone Bess, Randy Starks,jake Grove, Justin Smiley, Lousaka Polite, Cameron Wake, Jason Taylor, Karlos Dansby and Dan Carpenter through that avenue?

I mean, yes they did have a couple of bombs and only really Gibril Wilson has that expensive of a bomb, but they've done WAAAY more good than bad in free agency.

Let's be fair.

The dolphins need defense more than a pre madonna wideout. If they can field a defense, that can shut down the opposing teams offense , giving are offense more time on the field ,we don't need a wide out as bad as u stated , are offense just needs opportunity!


I think we agree that the #12 pick should be used on defense. I was more making the point RB was more of a need than WR beacause this is the last year for Ricky and Ronnies contract expires and there are still concerns if he can stay healthy. Are WR's are young and though I would like to have a true #1. I don't think it is necessary.

I still believe that the Cowboys and Dolphins will switch first rounders so that Dallas can draft a top LT...and the Dolphins can get Austin as payment for that switch. Look how many tackles have retired in the last week, teams will be selecting tackles like crazy in the draft...the only way the Cowboys can acquire a good one is if they move up...like to the 12th pick.

I hope they go QB and OT crazy in the first round. Opens up more options for us.

Time to go enjoy saturday people. Karlito for Dansbito! A good first day to the 2010 season! Don't listen to Mando cry for Boldin phin fans, it will only get you down. In the end, the price was too high for Boldin anyway.

Demaryius Thomas. Averaged 25 yards per catch in 2009. Second round.

Have a good day, will be back later.

Demaryious Thomas or Arrelious Benn (I prefer Thomas) or even Golden Tate if they are there in the 2nd round will be just what Chad Henne needs. I don't expect him to be there now that Marshall is going to Seattle but you would have to at least consider Dez Bryant at #12. I know that we have had bad experiences with Ginn and Turner so far, but I feel like these guys can come in and make a difference and make not just our QB but the other WRs better too.

Lastly from me on Boldin, He's missed at least one playoff game the past two years and since 2007 he has missed a combined 11 games with different injuries (hamstring, shoulder, head, hip and toe). The dudes body is breaking down because he plays so hard and he's never 100% come playoff time. In my opinion the two draft picks plus the big contract are just way too big a risk. If the trifecta took that risk and Boldin ended up hurt and riding a bike half of the season the Florida media and fans would be questioning why they took him and screaming about their free agency busts. We've already had a few and I think they're finally learning to be more cautious in that area.

Antonio Bryant is the epitome of an underachiever please fins do not get this clown.

He is no upgrade at the position period.

Either go after Brandon Marshall or Draft a WR do not sign any 2nd tier WR's like Antonio Bryant the guy is horrible.

Take care Karlito! Great to feel the overall buzz about the team today. It sure is a lot better today than the nervousness surrounding the team yesterday. I will not feel down about not getting Boldin or Rolle. The Dolphins got the crown jewel of free agency and that is more than what any team can ask for.

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