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Thoughts going into the 2nd day of free agency

Three thoughts going into the second day of free agency:

1. You guys know I'm kinda sorta obssessed with the Dolphins landing some top-caliber wide receivers, right? You know that I am convinced a team cannot win an NFL championship with second-tier wide receivers and the only reason I believe that is because it's true.

So I'm kind of distressed about Miami's wide receiver problem. And I'm distressed about the Dolphins weren't signficant players in the derby to trade for Cardinals star WR Anquan Boldin.

The fact is three teams with very solid personnel departments chased a Boldin trade on Friday. At one point in the day the New England Patriots were in the talks and when I heard that, I felt a bit vomititious. You see, the idea of facing Randy Moss and Wes Welker is bad enough. The thought of Randy Moss, Wes Welker and Anquan Boldin?

Luckily, Boldin ends up in Baltimore.

But I have serious concerns that Miami isn't pressing enough on the WR issue. And the unrestricted free agent receiver pool is practically dry. Terrell Owens is out there but Bill Parcells won't go for that. Antonio Bryant is out there but the Dolphins haven't made any serious overtures of interest as of this writing. There was a report the Dolphins might be interested in Derrick Mason but I believe he wants to return to Baltimore.

So where does that leave us? Restricted free agency?

Restricted free agent Brandon Marshall is visiting Seattle today. That's their problem.

Philadelphia's Jason Avant can be signed for a second-round pick but he is primarily a slot receiver. New Orleans's Lance Moore can be signed for a second round pick but he's often injured and smallish. Arizona's Steve Breaston is available for a first-round pick but it's a first round pick! Dallas's unproven Sam Hurd can be had for a second rounder but he's unproven.

I don't believe the Dolphins would invest a 1st and a 3rd on San Diego's Vincent Jackson or Malcom Floyd.

We're screwed!

Face it, Owens for one year might be the best investment. Is he a pain? Not usually the first year.

Is he no longer capable of playing? I think he proved to Vontae Davis (below) that he's still got it. Owens caught 55 passes for 829 yards and 5 TDs last year. He did it on a team that fired its offensive coordinator one week before the season. He did it on a team that had no quarterback. He did it on a team that fired its head coach during the season.

And his 829 yards and five scores still would have led the Dolphins.

Does Parcells hate the idea? Of course, but desperate times call for desperate measures and it's not like one year would constitute a long-term commitment.

I know, I'm dreaming. But I think it could work as well as, say, chasing Antonio Bryant.

2. I'm happy for Chad Pennington. He has been offered and is expected to sign a one-year contract with the Dolphins. According to ESPN's Chris Mortensen, Pennington will not receive the no-trade clause he was seeking for the Dolphins. Instead the team got over the obstacle with, what else, money.

The $2.5 million offer I reported to you yesterday is still the deal but it now also includes, according to Mortensen, a $1.515 million trade bonus. So if the Dolphins decide they aren't keeping Pennington and can get him traded, they must pay him the bonus.

A couple of things:

First, the Dolphins could not give Pennington the no-trade on philosophical grounds as much as anything. If they do it for him, they might have to do it for others. And they don't want to do it for anyone else.

Second, Pennington wants to stay in Miami next year. The Dolphins might trade him anyway.

3. Nate Jones agreed to terms with the Denver Broncos Friday for what was reported as a four-year deal worth up to $13.6 million if he reaches all his incentives. Jones clearly is a free agency winner but I'm certain the Dolphins could have gotten him for less if they'd offered him a contract in the weeks prior to free agency. They didn't.

And that makes me wonder how the Dolphins could let Jones, their nickel cornerback and a good special teams player, go without an offer, but they keep Jason Allen, who couldn't beat out Jones the last two years?

Things that make me go, hmmmmmm.  


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JB, I agree, I don't think WR is a big need. I do disagree about RB being a big need for 2010 though. I love what Ricky and Ronnie do. RB is also a position where a guy can start from day 1 in the league. I see no problem with putting it off another year. Then again, I also rank Lex Hilliard higher than most. he can do some things out there and will be a nice transition/platoon back in 2011 with a young draftee.

Why take Dez Bryant an unproven when Marshall is a proven top 5 in the league for a team whose biggest weeakness is lack of a #1 WR? Marchall woul open up eveyhting for the slots & Ginn and for Henne and our running game. I don't think Seattle will give up a #6

Take Marshall, sign Ryan Clark
then take Weatherspoon, Spikes, norwood, Hughes or in the second and gerhart or Hardesty in the third, A good TE in the 4th or Andre Roberts, then a 4 of Jeff Byers , Dekoda Watson, Alterraun Verner,Rod Muckleroy, Cameron Scheffield in the 6th/7th

Expect Thigpen or Pennington to be traded. Maybe we can get a third or 4th

get your facts straight MARK in Toronto. Pennington was cut by the jets when they acquire Brett Favre-the dolphins had no other option at QB and pennington had no place to go. Davone Bess and Dan Carpenter was sign via the draft pool of talent, cameron wake was sign after the folding of the CFL-they ran jason taylor off the team, then realized their mistake-you giving them credit for that-grove and smiley and starks, good pic-ups. ERIC GREEN,ERNEST WILFORD, you dont remember them. i can go on

I honestly think Brian Hartline could be a top notch #2. The kid had a very very good rookie season. If he can avoid a sophomore slump, we might be on to something.

I'd love to have a guy with Marshall's talent on this team, but I think trading for Marshall himself would be a mistake. The guy is a huge disaster waiting to happen. I think we'd be better off taking T.O. for a season. I'd also like to see the Fins take Dez Bryant or CJ Spillar in the draft (unless by some miracle Berry falls to 12).

I think the Fins should try to trade Ginn. They might be able to get a 4th or 5th round pick for him. I think he softens the team. I can only remeber one time last season where he got "acutally tackled" after catching a pass. He usually just went down on his own or ran out of bounds. And his hands are made of stone. I don't think Ginn is a bad guy or anything, but a change of scenery would be in his (and the Dolphins') best interest.

Just found this out. Vince Wilfork got an extension from NE. $40m over 5 years. $25 mill guaranteed. Vince will never be a Dolphin. I'm ok with that.

Well, it seems clear the Phins will address either outside linebacker or safety in the draft

Get over your WR Man Crush, Mando. We need one, no doubt, but the Tuna is not going to overpay for the Prima Donna position. If you didn't notice, we lost because teams wracked up mondo points on us throwing over the middle late. The solution is a pass rushing end to take on Brady, Manning, and Flacco and a solid presence in the middle...like Dansby.

There is a plan...you just aren't in on it.






OK narvell, all the players I mentioned were FREE AGENT signings. It's you who has to get his facts straight. You can't say the administration should get an F in free agency and not include those players.

And when did the CFL fold???

Just trying to understand you here. You make no sense whatsoever.

Dishpan why??


Guess I'm a little gun shy after last year. Cobbs went down, Brown went down, and Ricky just ran out of gas with the work load he had to carry.

Production at that posotion dropped way down. I understand that could have been due to the O-Line as well, but I would just like a little insurance. I mentioned Tate out of Auburn earlier I think he could be gotten for a 4th round.

My 2 cents

T.O - NEVER GONNA HAPPEN! I will bet all the whiskey in Ireland on that one. He divides locker rooms. He would absolutely destroy any sort of team chemistry that is being built. He cannot help himself. He is like a broad on her period, only he has his period everyday.

Brandon Marshall - Not going to happen. While a younger version of the guy above, he is still a version of the guy above. Only this guy gets into legal trouble. Imagine him running around the South Beach night scene.

They are both manipulators. You put them in a locker room and they will easily influence the not so smart players in the room, aka Channing Crowder. They got rid of Porter, they will replace Crowder. It will be better for team chemistry.

Tikki Barber was that player for the NY Giants. All the talent in the world, but a manipulative, selfish ball player that was only concerned about Tikki Barber. What happend when he retired? The team won the Super Bowl. Forget about Owens and Marshall. They are all about themselves and not good for the locker room.

I have much more faith in the Tuna and any "football guys" than some wimpy writer. BTW- jets suck

Armando, you're the one who always says trust the trifecta. They have years of experience, they have more football knowledge in their left pinkies than you think you have. I for one trust that they are making the right choices for now and for the long term. We have 3 starting cornerbacks, all of whom are better nickelbacks than Nate Jones. Anquan Boldin has been injured the last two years, and he's not getting any younger. They know the personnel they have better than any of us or you. They know what they're doing.

JB, I understand your concerns and viewpoint and they are most certainly valid. But you can't expect to lose 2 or 3 rbs due to injury every year. The benefit of the injuries is that we now know Lex can play if need be although the coaches still seemed hesitant in giving him more touches even after it was obvious that RIcky's tank was empty.

If a RB can be had late and the other spots I've already highlighted before have been addresed then I can see the move. Then again, if the administration decides to draft Spiller at 12, then I have to assume it's the right move also. I'm just a fan - they're the ones making the cash for good reason.

I just want to see the front office get serious about our wideout issue. Marshall, Jackson, WHATEVER. Bring it on. Make it happen.

When you think of what we've had at that position over the years: Chambers, OJ McDuffie, Duper & Clayton, Nat Moore, and even the 2nd tier like Mark Ingram, Irving Fryar, Marty Booker, Gary Clark, etc, it makes our current WR situation seem even that much more pathetic.


It appears we agree on the point. Whatever they decide to do, it will be the right move. I have complete confidence with BP and Co.

We can state our opinions but in the end these guys are at the top in what they do and have much more information about these players than we do.


Irving Fryar 2nd tier?

Wanna thank you for the hard work Mando.

We suck.


So TRADE some players for Vincent Jackson.
(oh wait...we just got rid of three.)

Mando, I very much appreciate your stuff. Thanks for the updates and info.

I know 3 coaching staffs were not impressed by Jason Allen, but this one gives him the most action. From my view, he has never messed up that much of late. When he was thrown in for Davis he was targeted and he did OK. Maybe he is as good as Nate Jones -- maybe a slow study has reached half decent state? Is that wishful thinking? I think keeping him may be genius, maybe he becomes a pick machine in the nickle?

I like the path they are taking...

I think we can get Antonio Bryant, hopefully draft Dez White. With our new lb in Dansby draft a dt in the second or third and we contend for the AFC crown this year with a healthy R Brown and Pennington back.






you delusional dolfans really mean w.i.c. type of recievers right ? and if you dolphin fans really believe your going to win the afc east keep on dreamin. you guys won't even be in the conversation. seattle is very smart the 14.th pick for b.marshall really that's all geez. and don't give me that damn good guy routine you moronic dolfans hold your players by. give me a damn break. enjoy your 6-10 lilly*white mediocre wr's dolfans pathetic.



I also want to thank you for you fine work on the first day of free agency, Mando. Good stuff. Keep it up, you put the others to shame.

Mark, I think your right about Lex. He was someone that Henne trusted, He can block, he runs hard, and plays well on special teams. It was a shame that he didn't get more carries at the end of the year, if nothing else as to see what more he could do.

mase, I'll give up the 7th rounder for your girlfriend. She's the best balls holder in the league. I especially like her, "look ma, no hands" routine.

yes Darryl, Lex showed good talent in the preseason and even showed he is a threat as a receiver late in the year. Also did a yeoman's job in special teams. Good player to have on the roster and will be in the league a long time because of his good attitude and ability to help out however he can. Kind of like the new Patrick Cobbs. You need these types of guys.

You guys make me sick on hear. For one you guys don't know football and for two you guys are just negative. Miami made the best free agent signing in all of free agency. Peppers is so over rated so he don't count. All you clowns complain about not getting Rolle obviously just know the name and not the player. I didn't even want Rolle. He is an above average good football player. He wanted Miami to roll out the red carpet and they did pursue him so how can you guys complain. You wanted them to over pay for a good but not great player? As far as not getting Boldin this is the deepest draft in years. Granted not all draft picks work out but I would rather build through the draft then have a specific plan in free agency which I'm sure Parcells and company have. Does everyone realize that this team was 1-15 and had zero talent when they took over? Everyone forgot the coaching job Sparano did with a bunch of over achieving average talent team and that was go 11-5 and the biggest turn around in league history. No wonder Jets and Pats fans come on here to clown Miami fans cause you guys don't understand football.

Tell them ANDY! Don't take crap from anyone!


I totally agree. I would even go further and say....TUNA, Trade your #1 pick AND throw in Ted Ginn for Marshall. We NEED to get GINN off the team. He is a deer in headlights, he is NOT tuff, and he is a heartbreaker. We would instantly change the chemistry of the offense. EVERYONE in the league keeps talking about how the GAME has changed, the NFL is now a PASSING league. If we truly want to compete, we HAVE to stretch the field and put up points. I DONT UNDERSTAND, drafting a WR is a crapshoot, looks at Patrick Turner last year, HE DIDNT EVEN PLAY A DOWN!!!!

Pull the trigger or we will be in a WORLD on LOW SCORING HURT all next year.

i believe miami will do one of three things trade up for gerald mccoy or suh at nt or trade down to the 20 spot for dan williams or the draft sergio kindle with the 12th pick

NO TO. Just say NO. With the signing of Dansby, the Fins can draft Dez Bryant if he is available. If that happens, I'm ok with not getting Boldin. I would also take a flyer on Antonio Bryant if he's healthy and the money isn't crazy. I would consider that at least progress from last years receiving corp. If Dez b is unavailable, then we're in the same boat and I have to say Hello, this is not the NFL in the 1980's Bill and Jeff. It's a passing league in 2010!!!!

Mark in toronto . not enough has been made about what a great deal maimi got in dansby ?? Really ???? Did you read the previous 2 blogs ?? :)

Armando the all-knowing football god is at it again! Lmao @ the contention that wide receiver is suddenly the most important position on the field. The Saints receivers are NOT allstars! In fact, if they had Jamarcus Russel throwing to them you wouldn't even know who they are. It's the qb silly!

Datajack . " it seems logical the dolphins will draft a safety with the 12 pick ". That's great except for one thing , parcells has NEVER drafted a safety in the 1st round. He likes them later in the draft ( 2-4 ) where he feels the value for safties belong.

Mando....Cuando, cuando, cuando, cuando...Cuando..

Brandon Marshall is going to seattle !!! He 's there today to iron out a contact extension before the trade can be made. ENOUGH WITH BRANDON MARSHALL !!! HE'S NOT COMING HERE !!!

finfan in philly:

Stop acting like a Drug Addict.

NJ, then you underestimate how happy I really am with this acquisition. Personally, I see Dansby being a bigger deal than whoever the team gets in the 1st round of the draft. He was the key to entire offseason, just opens everything up.

On defense along, he improves up to 3 positions. He improves the mike over Channing. He allows Channing to move to the moe which improves the moe over Ayodele. He might even play some outside in nickel situations which improves the strong side over JT. It really is a banner day. He has at least 2 years of prime football left minimum. For this system, he really is tailor made because of his superior coverage skills. In my opinion, so much better than Bart Scott who got big money from NYJ last year. It's so FRIGGIN AWESOME!!!

Agreed, enough with no playoff appearances Brandon Marshall.


DEZ BRYANT will NOT be available at 12!!!!!!!!!!

Denver is looking to MOVE BMarshall. Denver will replace his departure with DEZ at the #11 pick!
This means the TUNA TRIO will draft a LB or DT at #1,

and this is how it plays out? If we draft a NT, will they start? Probably not, Ferguson is coming back and will beat out a rookie.

and if we draft a OLB, yes they could start, and will probably play on half the downs on Defense.

And our offense will look exactly like it did last year, and Henne will throw for 180 and maybe 1 touchdown every week,

hello 8-8

Yazzi: (from 11:10 AM)

I agree that Dansby would be a GREAT mentor for McClain.

You can bet the guys upstairs have a plan! Yesterday was a great day to aquire Dansby. They are aware of the glaring need for a #1WR AND we must sit back and be surprised by their next move, because the have ONE!!!

Maybe they like Clemons at safety and Culver. It seems odd they would cut gerbil and let Nate get away so they must see something we're missing.

The Pennington issue is resolved - a good move for both.

There will be plenty of opportunities in the draft to come up with a top notch receiver and you never know maybe we already have the one on the roster.

Does anyone know if Dansby was the defensive signal caller for the cards????

Time answers all questions

Can you imagine??? Taylor off one edge, Cameron off the other edge, Karlos and Channing on the middle. We have one solid group of linebackers. Our second stringers aren't bad either. All we need is another shutdown safety and CB, a NT and a T.O. type of receiver (minus the bad attitude) and we are solid, looking to make a run at the division. I do believe one of our early picks on this draft will go to offensive linemen, probably center/guard. What do you guys think?

Mark , I'm also very happy just like many other fans who expressed their happiness in yesterday's blog. I also warned them not expect to much from dansby. He's a good not great player who just happened to be one of the better free agents available in a DRY market. He got alot of money for a good player not great player but i can live with the 22 mil in guarantee's ( he'll get 27 mil in the first 3 years ). Dansby is a good , versitile , consistant player. He's a good scheme LB and a good leader in and out of the locker room. He's No ray lewis , patrick willis , etc. So don't expect huge # ers. He's just one piece to improving the defense.

Dansby makes plays, that is what our defense is lacking. He creates alot of turnovers.

10 interceptions
12 forced fumbles
9 fumble recoveries

Can't argue against those numbers... he is a game changer.

That is all for now. It is a nice saturday, even though it is a little cold. Everybody have good days.

Mark . Also . for that kind of money you would think it would be for a OLB which i think is a possibilty for Dansby. He can play SOLB and did get 8 1/2 sacks playing OLB for the cards a couple of years ago. I read where miami will decide where dansby plays play s during training camp and after what they get in the draft. They still can go mclain and have 2 veteran's like dansby and crowder next to mcclain helping him. if mcclain is unavailible they 'll put dansby inside abd have their 1 or 2nd round pick at OLB.

NJ, he's a better player than Lewis now - not in Ray's prime - but now.

Like you said, he's a leader, he's one of the more atheltic 3-4 ILBs - maybe even the most athletic. Remember outside of Dockett, he didn't have much help in Arizona.

It's reasonable to expect someone who covers tight ends well, racks up 100 tackles, serves as a captain of the defense, chips in a few sacks and ints, and won't be a problem like JP was.

And they can also take anyone they want in the draft regardless of position. The lack of depth in free agency and the draft really concerned me. If they didn't get Dansby, they would have been forced to get Foote (who probably is only as good as Crowder), McClain or Weatherspoon (maybe Spikes?). There wasn't anyone else who we could have expected to start inside next year for this team. They might have been obliged to draft an ILB in the first. They still can if they want - but they don't NEED to.

Agreed NJ. If they decide McClain is the best player available, they can move Dansby outside. Like I've said before, I think Dansby is really a bigger, more experienced version of Sean Weatherspoon or even a modern day Junior Seau in some ways. He's versatile and extremely valuable.

I like Jones wish they would have signed him. he might have been best corner last year

not too worried about losing Bolden at 6 million year

Sign O J Atogwe (FS) from the Rams and A. Bryant (WR) from Tampa. This would open up our draft to any possible combination you could dream of!

I like that we resigned Penny and I hope we end up keeping him. For me, Thigpen is worth keeping as well. I guess we have a good QB problem.

What is the trade value of Pat White?

I realize we could keep 4 QBs (and maybe that makes sense through early part of season), but it may make sense to trade one sooner than later.

Pat White may be a great guy, but he really did not shine last year. I had the feeling that Thigpen would have done an awesome job in the WildPat. I think Thigpen is an awesome backup QB.

Would the Phins get a 4th for PW? Is a 3rd possible for White? Would Thigpen get a 2nd or is that a stretch?

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