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Thoughts going into the 2nd day of free agency

Three thoughts going into the second day of free agency:

1. You guys know I'm kinda sorta obssessed with the Dolphins landing some top-caliber wide receivers, right? You know that I am convinced a team cannot win an NFL championship with second-tier wide receivers and the only reason I believe that is because it's true.

So I'm kind of distressed about Miami's wide receiver problem. And I'm distressed about the Dolphins weren't signficant players in the derby to trade for Cardinals star WR Anquan Boldin.

The fact is three teams with very solid personnel departments chased a Boldin trade on Friday. At one point in the day the New England Patriots were in the talks and when I heard that, I felt a bit vomititious. You see, the idea of facing Randy Moss and Wes Welker is bad enough. The thought of Randy Moss, Wes Welker and Anquan Boldin?

Luckily, Boldin ends up in Baltimore.

But I have serious concerns that Miami isn't pressing enough on the WR issue. And the unrestricted free agent receiver pool is practically dry. Terrell Owens is out there but Bill Parcells won't go for that. Antonio Bryant is out there but the Dolphins haven't made any serious overtures of interest as of this writing. There was a report the Dolphins might be interested in Derrick Mason but I believe he wants to return to Baltimore.

So where does that leave us? Restricted free agency?

Restricted free agent Brandon Marshall is visiting Seattle today. That's their problem.

Philadelphia's Jason Avant can be signed for a second-round pick but he is primarily a slot receiver. New Orleans's Lance Moore can be signed for a second round pick but he's often injured and smallish. Arizona's Steve Breaston is available for a first-round pick but it's a first round pick! Dallas's unproven Sam Hurd can be had for a second rounder but he's unproven.

I don't believe the Dolphins would invest a 1st and a 3rd on San Diego's Vincent Jackson or Malcom Floyd.

We're screwed!

Face it, Owens for one year might be the best investment. Is he a pain? Not usually the first year.

Is he no longer capable of playing? I think he proved to Vontae Davis (below) that he's still got it. Owens caught 55 passes for 829 yards and 5 TDs last year. He did it on a team that fired its offensive coordinator one week before the season. He did it on a team that had no quarterback. He did it on a team that fired its head coach during the season.

And his 829 yards and five scores still would have led the Dolphins.

Does Parcells hate the idea? Of course, but desperate times call for desperate measures and it's not like one year would constitute a long-term commitment.

I know, I'm dreaming. But I think it could work as well as, say, chasing Antonio Bryant.

2. I'm happy for Chad Pennington. He has been offered and is expected to sign a one-year contract with the Dolphins. According to ESPN's Chris Mortensen, Pennington will not receive the no-trade clause he was seeking for the Dolphins. Instead the team got over the obstacle with, what else, money.

The $2.5 million offer I reported to you yesterday is still the deal but it now also includes, according to Mortensen, a $1.515 million trade bonus. So if the Dolphins decide they aren't keeping Pennington and can get him traded, they must pay him the bonus.

A couple of things:

First, the Dolphins could not give Pennington the no-trade on philosophical grounds as much as anything. If they do it for him, they might have to do it for others. And they don't want to do it for anyone else.

Second, Pennington wants to stay in Miami next year. The Dolphins might trade him anyway.

3. Nate Jones agreed to terms with the Denver Broncos Friday for what was reported as a four-year deal worth up to $13.6 million if he reaches all his incentives. Jones clearly is a free agency winner but I'm certain the Dolphins could have gotten him for less if they'd offered him a contract in the weeks prior to free agency. They didn't.

And that makes me wonder how the Dolphins could let Jones, their nickel cornerback and a good special teams player, go without an offer, but they keep Jason Allen, who couldn't beat out Jones the last two years?

Things that make me go, hmmmmmm.  


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I'd be really pizzed if I was a Cards fan today. How do you let a situation fester with a guy like Dansby? he should have been locked up a few years ago for a price that was cheaper than wht he got signed to today.

I'll take Ray Lewis anyday - but Dansby will do

Chad Henne put Steve Breaston in the NFL. (And Braylon Edwards and Mario Manningham and Jason Avant)

LOL @ Mark . Of course i meant lewis in his prime amd lewis is still pretty damn good . Dansby isn't in lewis's league. Dansby lined up at olb last year when arizona lined up in the 4-3 which they did alot.

Mark, your right. All indications say Dansby will play inside next to Crowder. We are going to improve up the middle on defense. Free Safety I think we will the next move in free agency. Clark will should the next move, he will be coming from the same defensive system. Leaving wide receiver, outside linebacker, and nose tackle being filled with our first three picks (Dez Bryant, Ricky Sapp, Cam Thomas). Ted Ginn may be traded.

Really, a TO highlight reel?!!! He's hot trash and trouble. No way!!!

...and one more thing.

If you were going to give up a FIRST ROUND Draft Pick for ANYONE
(Which at this point in the Team's development is just plain

Then...the BEST asset, at that price, would be Vincent Jackson.


Well, Lewis is a hall of famer. Only Zach during Ray's career could go head to head during certain years but Ray's peak was longer and he's still a very good MLB like you say. But 2010 is all that matters and Dansby will be better than Ray next year.

Arizona rode that 2004 draft all the way to the super bowl. Larry Fitzgerald, Karlos Dansby, Darnell Dockett, Alex Steponovich in one fell swoop.

Maybe one day, we can talk about the 2008 draft for Miami in the same sense. Jake Long, Phillip Merling, Chad Henne, Kendall Langford, Donald Thomas does look like a promising core from that year.

Who's to say Miami won't take either Eric Berry or Earl Thomas if available at #12? They'll have options. It doesn't me there's an opening at the FS position that automatically we'll sign Clark or whoever. If I would be the Dolphins, i'd think about it twice befroe spending some $$ on a safety. Tyrone Culver and Chris Clemons both have potential. I'd rather spend some money on either another LB or even adding depth on the o-line...


You seem familiar with Michigan football in the Henne era. You probably are aware of the great returner Breaston was and still is for the Cards. Do you think the Trifecta would make a bold move and give up a #1 for him. He is a solid reciever and great after the catch! He is also a guy who will go up and get it ..Just a crazy though

A question to all the draft brains on the site. Which is a deeper class. Nose/defensive tackle , safety , or DE/ OLB?
I think that OLB is the deepest followed by safety then Nose.
SO...Drafting the best of the weakest class should come first. Dan Williams first, Nate Allen second and Navorro Bowman from Penn St third.

Jeremy, my 2 cents, OLB is deepest by far. FS is not bad, but their is a severe perceived dropoff after the top 2 (Berry, Thomas), NT is ok too but NT is the defensive equivalent to the learning curve a QB goes through on defense. It really is unrealistic to expect and NT to be a starter for the team that drafts them next year - even Dan Williams who shows the most promise by far. If you pick NT, you have to be patient whereas OLB, FS, you can get a week one starter.

sorry typo - there not their

Okay for those of you who want to trade our first pick for a WR, or draft a WR with the first pick...

Please realize the the Dolphins do not have a starting FS or a starting OLB as of this moment. If they do not fill those spots in free agency (who's left to sign that can start?). If they don't sign one, there's no way in hell they are picking an offensive player when they are missing 2 defensive starters.

When was the last time Miami took a DT with a first round pick? Anyone correct me if I'm wrong but I think it was 1996 when JJ selected DT Daryl Gardiner from Baylor... I was just thinking about that...

Every single time I read one of your articles I am forced to remember that Alicia Silverstone movie.

What was the title?

Oh yeah, 'CLUELESS'. Only, you're getting paid and you're not pretending, and she was getting paid to ACT.

Mark , agreed on the dolphins 2008 draft class. Could turn out to be the turning point in the Franchise history.

Montreal, Wikipedia says you're right. 1996 was the last time. he was a good pick too until his back gave out. the next 7 years were hurting though for the first round.

1997 &0000000000000015.00000015 Green, YatilYatil Green Wide receiver Miami (FL)
1998 &0000000000000029.00000029 Avery, JohnJohn Avery Running back Mississippi [m]
1999 — — No pick — — [n]
2000 — — No pick — — [o]
2001 &0000000000000026.00000026 Fletcher, JamarJamar Fletcher Defensive back Wisconsin
2002 — — No pick — — [p]
2003 — — No pick

Talk about bad drafting... What's the latest on Casey Hampton? I guess he got tagged by the Steelers?? I read Wilfork just signed a lucrative deal the the Patriots...

Or was Hampton an UNrestricted FA??

Hampton signed a 3 year deal

Datajake, we will pickup a free safety thru free agency. The phins have showed little interest in the safeties in the draft. Phins need veteran leadership in the defensive backfield while Crowded and Dansby will be our leaders up front.

It's going to be tough to resolve the DT position. I'm not a big fan of Soliai, he's clearly NOT the long term answer. Looking at the T.O video, that guy is a total beast. I'm not saying we should sign him or anything, I'm just saying for a guy his size with that kind of speed is just unreal. Now apparently the Bengals are interested. Him and Ocho Cinco together. LOL!! I guess the Bengals will have a lot of prime time games...

trading our first round pick makes the most sense right now. we could could max out the draft by picking up extra picks. with extra picks we could take a chance on a j. best from CAL,or a j.graham from the U or cody from alabama and still fill needs with the picks we already have!! we have to think that culver or clemons can step in and start b/c if not what was the use of signing or picking them?? who's to say berry or thomas will make it?? i would sign the safety O.J. from the rams or nothing at all!! i would see what ferg is thinking and if he plans on playing, i would draft cody in the second for sure and get him in shape!!! i would find an OLB or ILB depending on how we are going to use dansby hopefully weatherspoon!! i would draft one of the higher rated TE like the kid from arizona and still try to get graham later in the draft. i would draft a wr and the kid i would look at that, many might be afraid of is the kid williams from syracuse who quit the team for whatever reason, he just as good as dez bryant. my draft would have us taking these player coby,best,the te from arizona,weatherspoon,graham,m.williams,pat angerer and whatever player left if we still have picks which we should. I SAY TRADE OUT OF THE FIRST ROUND ALTOGETHER AND GET MORE PICKS!!!!!!!!!!


Gawd , am I glad you're not the Dolphins GM !

Here's a thought how bout trade ronnie brown & ted ginn for brandon marshall and dumerville

Dolphin fan in Montral, Depending on who we draft, (hopefully we grab Cam Thomas) If we don't get a reliable NT in the draft, Ferguson will back to bandaid the position.

I love Earl Thomas, and think he can be a great player in the mold of a Bob Sanders. However, that's exactly why I want the Phins to stay away from him. He will be a great player when he's on the field. Unfortunately, I just don't see him being able to stay healthy throughout his career. Say NO to Earl Thomas please.....

TO had more highlights than all of our WR combined. If he's cheap, get him. its apparent he still has some game changing abilities. still has value.

the trifecta should know how to handling him a second time around.

PLUS, do we want to see the Pats snatch him up. facing TO and Moss would be frightening.

Armando has either completely lost perspective or he's just trying to generate controversy to rile the masses. The Ravens and Dolphins are not in the same situation. The Ravens have a star running back in the making, best safety in the league (Reed), best outside linebacker in the league (Suggs), best inside linebacker in the league maybe (Lewis), best nose tackle (Ngata), best guard (Grubbs), and a quaterback on the edge of greatness (Flacco). Boldin is just a puzzle piece to get the Ravens over the top. Do the Dolphins have anyone on their roster, minus Jake Long, who is feared by opposing coordinators? Absolutely not, so why dump draft picks that could be used for our multitude of needs? You're comparing apples to oranges and its getting lame.

I understand that twix, but it seems Fergie is having a hard time staying on the field for 16 games. He's not getting any younger. Cam Thomas looks like a solid prospect. We'll see. He might go higher than most draft experts think. And a lot of teams are switching to 3-4s...

everyone knows that we need a #1 receiver right now! How do we expect Henne to become great if he just has one good target in Bess and he's a slot receiver?! And everyone thinking that the reason the Dolphins aren't getting a receiver is because they are going after Dez Bryant is wrong! If Seattle gets brandon marshall, Denver is going to get Dez Bryant for the number 6 draft pick. The Dolphins need to get Brandon Marshall! how are you telling me that he isn't worth a 12 pick? He's on the top 3 receivers in the league! We can be an elite team if we get him.

the best NT in the draft is cody period!!! get him down to the weight you want him at and the kid is a beast in the run game!! it's not true he has to be a three down lineman,he just need to stop the run and be able to maintain his endurance throughout the game and eat up blockers. he will rotate in and out anyways!! not to mention that the position he played in college

Why would anyone trade for Ted Ginn?? What has he proven? Jack sh**

Has he signed yet...?

The Dolphins aren't going to compete for a Super Bowl this year so why mortgage the future (like the Bears) to get a wide receiver. One wide receiver will not put this team over the top. A top wide receiver, free safety, nose tackle, outside linebacker, improved quarterback play, a healthy offensive line, and improved secondary play, are needed by this team. Build depth through the draft.

Since this seems too difficult for these "geniuses" making all that money, allow me to simplify.

A) WR is the BIGGEST need for the dolphins right now. We have serviceable NT. ILB just got a major upgrade. We have 2 young FS, both with potential and we can OLB by committee if needed b/c we at least have decent ILB now. (Dansby will make Crowder better, just like ZT did). Our leading WR had under 900 yards last year? WTF!!!!

B) TO is a better player than Anquan Boldin. He is a better player than Brandon Marshall. Antonio Bryant is not even in the same discussion.

C) TO will not cost us any draft picks. He will not cost us much money. We can give him a 1 year performance and BEHAVIOR based contract with an option for a second year at bigger money. If he performs, it is money well spent. If he tanks or acts up, he is gone. You cannot argue that it would be a better investment than a Wilford or a Wilson.

D) TO was not a distraction last year in Buffalo. Maybe he has matured. His recent behavior should be most indicative of how he'll act in the future. Not whatever he did 5 or 6 years ago.

E) We do not have a shot at Dez Bryant. Nobody with a brain thinks that Golden Tate or any of those other jokers are going to have half as good a career as TO. He is the definition of the word elite.

F) If Bill Parcells really cared about making a winner, he would not let his personal feelings get in the way of making a move that would DRASTICALLY improve the team. Obviously Henne is much better with a weapon like TO. and just imagine what Ronnie B might be capable of if he faces defenses without stacked boxes??

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE sign TO. It makes sense and it doesn’t ruin the long term plan. Low risk, high reward moves (a la Darren Sharper for the Saints) often pay dividends. It certainly makes the ‘Fins MUCH better in 2010.

Antonio Bryant and Tuna have made up and have even kept contact. The last thing Fins need is another young WR , every WR on the roster is young. If he accepts a fair contract then sign him. No lost draft picks and then use one on deep pool of talented TEs.

I'm happy about Dansby but, so far, the rest of free agency has been pretty frustrating to watch. I'm a bit shocked Miami didn't make a run at Boldin (especially after seeing what the Ravens gave up to get him). Miami seriously needs to bit the bullet with either Marshal or T.O. I'd prefer Marshal because he is young and has a lot of football ahead of him. I know he's got some issues but when your current group of WRs isn't cutting it you need to take risks. I'm not convinced the Dolphins will be able to land the big-time WR they need in this year's draft. Now TE is another story.

The Trifecta seem to be building one area at a time. Year one and the start of two was for the O-Line. Next came the secondary with the two young corners, and Clemons the Safety. This draft they`ll finish up the secondary with the doubling up of the Safety position (Clemons being the first) and working on the linebackers and D-Line.
I think that it`ll be next year that the Trifecta start to really get to work on the skill positions. Wide Reciever and Runningbacks in 2011.
These guys really came into a bare cupbord when they arrived and it`s taking time to restock it.

Im not saying by getting Brandon Marshall we are going to make the super bowl next year but if we do, Henne would get a lot better and everyone knows that he is our future so we need him to get better.. and we would be a way better team if we would get him

Dolfans don't listen to the Miami press, they don't know anything and never have. Somehow they are under the impression that just because they know how to write that makes them football experts. I mean, did they actually think the Dolphins were going to get Rolle, Dansby, and Boldin. Dansby is one of the top 5 ILBS in the game and the press is upset because we didn't get the other 2. They're upset because we didn't overpay for a FS who hasn't done anything and we didn't give up 2 draft picks for a 30 year old WR who hasn't played a full season in 3 years. You gotta be kidding me. In case anybody's forgotten we need those picks, if you don't think so just go back and look at all those gems that Saban and Cameron picked for us. Then everybody gets upset because New England wanted Boldin - so what, they don't make mistakes? They've made quite a few, did we all forget when they paid Roosevelt Colvin a ton of money and he never played a full season. What about when they picked up Mauroney in the draft and everyone thought they were so smart - what has he done? Everyone relax, the Dolphins are in this for the long haul so let's all be patient.

Flip, that's what you call getting your point across... LOL!!

Hey great we got Chad Pennington back to make Chad Henne better.. What is he going to tell Chad Henne, Throw the ball to yourself? Or to Bess every play?

Out of allthos players, we need brandon Marshall so bad it's sick. Without a 1 receiver we are nothing, and I feel sorry for Chad henne, he deserves better as do the fan base. It has to be free agency, as u obviously can't expect a rookie to come in and be 1, let alone 2 (unless ur Percy harvin). It's ridiculous. It's either Marshall or to as far as I can see. What about ochocinco? Has he signed already?

The sky is falling - the sky is falling!!!

Weren't you one that was happy that we got Parcells and his braintrust? Be patient with him and trust he knows a bit more about football, this team and its personnel needs than you!!!

Star Tracker,
The biggest individual donor to Michigan football is Stephen Ross, Michigan alum and owner of the Dolphins.
Ross likes Henne so much he bought the team.
So the real question is would Stephen Ross trade a #1 pick for Breaston.
Based on the number of unsold seats last year I say yes he would.

There is another issue that I have brought up time and again and Mando refuses to answer:
This coaching staff dresses 4 receivers for the game and keeps 1 inactive. So in order to move Patrick Turner up the depth chart 1 receiver has to go (Camarillo). To draft or trade for a receiver another has to go (Ginn or Bess). Ginn is harder to trade because of 1)his contract and 2)1400 return yards that would have to be replaced).

Flip got his point across alright. The point is that he continues to be a BUFFOON !!!!

@ Mando's Mom... Yes little ones. Go along with every little thing I say without any questions. After all, I am all knowing and perfect. Every decision I have previously made has been flawless. There have been no Phillip Merlings, Pat Whites or Earnest Wilfords. And there certainly have never been any major contracts to Gabril Wilson under my watch. Rest assured that I will lead this team to the Super Bowl like I did in Dallas and in New York. Trust in me.

For the most part, wide receivers are prima donna types who, without a good qb throwing them the football, are not as vital to a team as many speculate. The three ways to win in the nfl are 1. have a good qb- a good qb can make average wr's look better 2. protect your qb 3. get to the opposing team's qb. Once those three are in place, then a team can take a serious look at a "good" wide receiver or other playmakers. Take the Colts for example. What is the difference between Pierre Garcon and Austin Collie versus Brain Hartline and Patrick Turner? Garcon and Collie have a better qb throwing to them on a team with a better offensive line to protect that better qb. You think Garcon and Collie would have put up those numbers if they were Dolphins last year? Boldin was the best of the free agent wr's this offseason no doubt, but he has a long history on injuries and is not worth giving up two picks for unless a team feels they are the one playmaker away from a championship. The Dolphins are not one player away from a championship. They need their draft picks to keep perfecting the three factors I mentioned above to become a championship football team.

Until we win a playoff game, Parcells and his puppets haven't accomplished anything... Just like Saban, Wannstedt, and all the other clowns we've had since the greatest coach of all time...

dln, you obviously live out of town and don't spend any money on going to games. You talk about not mortgaging the future. The future is officially now, my brother.

The Dolphins have been rebuilding for two years. This is year three.

It is time to get some talent that makes plays. Tell me who on the Dolphins offense scares anyone? Tell me right now. You cannot. But you want to be patient and see what happens in a year or two?

Well, from this season ticket holder, I want to see plays, points, and wins THIS YEAR.

Jesus, you forgot Murphy, Eric Green and Turner..

Unless Berry is falling we either trade down or draft spiller speed kills and ronnie would be less injury prone ricky's tank is almost empty we made the playoffs without a "stud" receiver 2 yrs ago Henne is what he is strong armed and mistake prone keeping Pennington around is trade bait for when another team has a qb injury. Lots of grunts will still be there in the 3rd. Fergie is all but used up so draft 2 dts in the third on should start one back up. Either way we will draft another bust (dont we always) Lifelong fan Go phins

How can you call Patrick Turner a bust after 1, ONE!!!!! season?!?!? Not to mention Jesus, Pat White. After ONE season?? And Phil Merling is a bust already too? Really? I mean he's not an all star but he is a good not great player. BTW, for all you KNUCKLEHEADS talking about all the mistakes this regime has made so far. Go around the league and look at each team and find me ONE TEAM that hasnt made similar mistakes. You people are unreal man.


Your fascination with Boldin is warranted, however, the guy is constantly plagued with injuries and he is 30 needing and getting a new contract. He has RAC ability, but he is an intermediate-route receiver and I believe you can get some production collectively on the roster from Bess and Hartline. We still need a #1 obviously, but there is only so much this front office can do with what is available. Miami has to continue to keep their picks and develop their own so that in a few years we're the team that has other teams wanting to poach our players which is the distinction that we are drafting well. Arizona seems to be one of those teams, granted for years there advantage was selecting in the top of every round, but the league can't help but target their players, starting with C. Pace a couple years back and now A. Rolle, K. Dansby, A. Boldin and this will continue with D. Dockett, D. Cromartie etc...Is Earl Thomas a consideration now at #12? We need a safety that can cover for obvious reasons related to last years problems and the league's continued movement to pass-happy offences.

I love Marshall too, but giving up picks is out of the question. Especially when you have the talent at receiver that there is in this draft. Ireland has made it known that he feels we need a big time receiver and it be via draft.


"The sky is falling - the sky is falling!!!

Weren't you one that was happy that we got Parcells and his braintrust? Be patient with him and trust he knows a bit more about football, this team and its personnel needs than you!!!

Posted by: Mando's Mom | March 06, 2010 at 02:19 PM"

I agree with your post, however, I guess you don't read the replies on this blog. You need to go back to page 1 and scan down to where Armando addressed the use of your moniker referring to his Mom (RIP). You need to show some respect.

The Trifecta didn't go after an injury prone WR who's the wrong side of 28 - smart. They didn't overpay for a good but not great FS - smart. They brought in a very good ILB who will make Chowder back into Crowder and anchor this defense - smart. I want them to be all over the WR thing too, but there are plenty of other opportunities via trades of picks and players back and forth. These guys have been there before, they know WR is a huge need (hey, they addressed the Gerbil problem, didn't they?), so I think they have a plan.

i dont know why every one is getting upset you know parcells is going to draft a nt in the first...parcells has never drafted a wr in the first except for (terry glenn) was forced down his throat by robert kraft.there wont be any more exceptions.parcells and co have a plan and losing isnt in them. parcells fixed his mistakes (wilson ,ayodele and green).now lets sit back and watch him work his madness

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