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Thoughts going into the 2nd day of free agency

Three thoughts going into the second day of free agency:

1. You guys know I'm kinda sorta obssessed with the Dolphins landing some top-caliber wide receivers, right? You know that I am convinced a team cannot win an NFL championship with second-tier wide receivers and the only reason I believe that is because it's true.

So I'm kind of distressed about Miami's wide receiver problem. And I'm distressed about the Dolphins weren't signficant players in the derby to trade for Cardinals star WR Anquan Boldin.

The fact is three teams with very solid personnel departments chased a Boldin trade on Friday. At one point in the day the New England Patriots were in the talks and when I heard that, I felt a bit vomititious. You see, the idea of facing Randy Moss and Wes Welker is bad enough. The thought of Randy Moss, Wes Welker and Anquan Boldin?

Luckily, Boldin ends up in Baltimore.

But I have serious concerns that Miami isn't pressing enough on the WR issue. And the unrestricted free agent receiver pool is practically dry. Terrell Owens is out there but Bill Parcells won't go for that. Antonio Bryant is out there but the Dolphins haven't made any serious overtures of interest as of this writing. There was a report the Dolphins might be interested in Derrick Mason but I believe he wants to return to Baltimore.

So where does that leave us? Restricted free agency?

Restricted free agent Brandon Marshall is visiting Seattle today. That's their problem.

Philadelphia's Jason Avant can be signed for a second-round pick but he is primarily a slot receiver. New Orleans's Lance Moore can be signed for a second round pick but he's often injured and smallish. Arizona's Steve Breaston is available for a first-round pick but it's a first round pick! Dallas's unproven Sam Hurd can be had for a second rounder but he's unproven.

I don't believe the Dolphins would invest a 1st and a 3rd on San Diego's Vincent Jackson or Malcom Floyd.

We're screwed!

Face it, Owens for one year might be the best investment. Is he a pain? Not usually the first year.

Is he no longer capable of playing? I think he proved to Vontae Davis (below) that he's still got it. Owens caught 55 passes for 829 yards and 5 TDs last year. He did it on a team that fired its offensive coordinator one week before the season. He did it on a team that had no quarterback. He did it on a team that fired its head coach during the season.

And his 829 yards and five scores still would have led the Dolphins.

Does Parcells hate the idea? Of course, but desperate times call for desperate measures and it's not like one year would constitute a long-term commitment.

I know, I'm dreaming. But I think it could work as well as, say, chasing Antonio Bryant.

2. I'm happy for Chad Pennington. He has been offered and is expected to sign a one-year contract with the Dolphins. According to ESPN's Chris Mortensen, Pennington will not receive the no-trade clause he was seeking for the Dolphins. Instead the team got over the obstacle with, what else, money.

The $2.5 million offer I reported to you yesterday is still the deal but it now also includes, according to Mortensen, a $1.515 million trade bonus. So if the Dolphins decide they aren't keeping Pennington and can get him traded, they must pay him the bonus.

A couple of things:

First, the Dolphins could not give Pennington the no-trade on philosophical grounds as much as anything. If they do it for him, they might have to do it for others. And they don't want to do it for anyone else.

Second, Pennington wants to stay in Miami next year. The Dolphins might trade him anyway.

3. Nate Jones agreed to terms with the Denver Broncos Friday for what was reported as a four-year deal worth up to $13.6 million if he reaches all his incentives. Jones clearly is a free agency winner but I'm certain the Dolphins could have gotten him for less if they'd offered him a contract in the weeks prior to free agency. They didn't.

And that makes me wonder how the Dolphins could let Jones, their nickel cornerback and a good special teams player, go without an offer, but they keep Jason Allen, who couldn't beat out Jones the last two years?

Things that make me go, hmmmmmm.  


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Not sure o agree with the doings of this admin.

My gut tells me T.Mays at #12.Reminds me of another #21,RIP.HE RAN A 4.4(4.2).CAN HIT.HE IS SPECIAL.

The next free agent will be Clark. Not the greatest coverage safety but he is a good tackler and hits like a brick. Hopefully Seattle passes on Marshall. They aren't giving up the 6th pick in the draft when they still need a QB to throw him the ball.

We need a number one receiver mmmmm not really. How many points did our offense put up last year per game? A much impoved defense and we win at least 10 games last year. We can survive one more year with the guys we have. A TE like Greg Olsen or Owen Daniels would do wonders for our offense ala David Martin and he is not on their level.

. T.O has never been this humble and can play if he has a real QB throwing him the ball. He can be had for 0 draft picks and is in better shape physically then most 25 year old players. Sign the guy for 1 year He would be our #1 receiver for sure. He is better then A.Bryant. When the guy catches a 70 yard Td the doubters will be silenced. At least with T.O we will have some improvement in our air attack.

Now that we have our ILB maybe we can draft WR Dez Bryant with our first pick hu?
Good to see you see you see WR as a pressing need.
One question though, What makes you think Parcells and Ireland are the rhe BEST IN THE BUSISNESS?
How many playoff games has Ireland woan as a GM????? How many playoff games has Parcells won as the football czar/vp of football operations or whatever you want to call him? Not a coach, but as the football CZAR? How many pro bowl players have Parcells and Ireland drafted?not alternates first team pro bowlers?????? ummmmmmmm Ummmmmm I think zero. I think that Ozzie guy in Baltimore that you can't rememeber his last Name.by the way Its Newsome.he was all all american WR at Alabama drafted in the First round by the Cleveland Browns (So tUNA WOULD NEVER HAVE PICKED HIM) and converted to a TE by the Browns and is now in the HALL OF FAME (YES PASS CATCHERS DRAFTED IN THE FIRST ROUND CAN BE HALL OF FAMERS Ozzie has to be thanking his lucky stars Parcells and Ireland were not running the Browns draft in 1978) Now he is the Ravens GM He drafted QB Joe Flacco two years ago and beat Parecells and Irelands Dolphins. This past year, the Ravens went to the Playoffs again and beat the Patriots. Ozzie traded for Boldin the other day and the Ravens will be in the playoffs and maybe superbowl in 2010 while the phins are using that stupid "Wildcat" to manufacture offense and Henne throw 5 yard passes to Bess and Camarioio and have Ginn continue to drop balls and finish at 6-10. Maybe after we finish at 6-10 or 7-9 AGAIN Mr. ROss will see we need Ozzie Newsome or Ozzie Smith hell even Ozzie Nelson would be better than Parcells and Ireland at least Ozzie Nelson had balls!

Lets get rid of Parcells and Ireland and bring in Ozzie Newsome. Mr. Ross. PLEASE FIRE PArecells and Ireland maybe give Ozzie 10% ownership in the team make him the the GM and vp of football operations and let him evaluate the personal fepartment and coaching staff and make changes if need be. Until this happens, we will struggle through more 5-11-7-9 seasons

The fins are done with free agency until the draft. After the draft, they will botton feed for positions needed to make training camp competitive...The coachs will have to deal with what's left. Sorry but that's just my read.



Not sure if this was posted but T.O. was the reason Tuna left Dallas. I don't see Tuna having a change of heart all of a sudden.

In retrospect, T.O. is good for "extending" the field. Not the Jimmy Johnson slam. Anyways, our current WR's are good for 5-10 yards. T.O. gives us big play capability. If anything, big play decoy ability. He may be a cry baby but he has caught a lot of balls during his career from some HOF'er QB's.

I'll stick to "the Tuna" when it comes to getting to Superbowls! Just, listen to the people who Miami signs!

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