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Sources: Dansby not flying, Rolle a possibility

Karlos Dansby is not on his way to South Florida this evening, according to The Herald's Jeff Darlington. And the Dolphins are showing initial interest in now-former Arizona safety Antrel Rolle, a source tells me.

Darlington is hearing from a source that is refuting a report in the National Football Post that said Dansby was flying to Miami Thursday evening.

This doesn't mean Dansby isn't on the Dolphins radar. The team has had eyes on him this offseason. But it does mean there will not be a wine-and-dine session beginning at midnight as some have speculated.

The truth is Dansby doesn't have to be in South Florida to be signed by the Dolphins. These things often get done on the phone with the agent. And if a contract agreement is reached, the player can sign the deal and fax it back to the team.

And as the Dolphins don't hold press conferences for their free agent acquisitions, Dansby definitely doesn't have to fly in the night free agency begins.

As for Rolle, his contract was terminated by the Cardinals today. His agent Drew Rosenhaus is now shopping Rolle as we speak.

And a source tells me their exists a possibility Rolle ends up with the Dolphins -- the team he wants to play for.

[Update: The Chicago Tribune is reporting Rosenhaus is talking to the Bears. I am reporting he's talked to at least three teams since Rolle was released. And he expects to give the Cardinals one final shot before signing with anyone other than the Dolphins. If the Dolphins are the team, Arizona doesn't get one last chance because Miami is ultimately where Rolle wants to play. Rosenhaus is able to do this because Rolle is not an unrestricted free agent. His contract was terminated and therefore he is on the market right now.]

Rolle, however, is playing this thing coyly.

'I'm leaving myself open to all markets right now," Rolle said on his blog at PlayerPress.com. "I will be looking for teams with certain defensive schemes and teams that have a good reputation as far as how the organization is run. But right now I am willing to listen to anyone."

True. But if the Dolphins interest increases, he's going to be all ears for the home team.

Rolle is a South Miami-Dade resident and a former University of Miami standout.



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And the Chargers keep Sproles, of course

Ah gotcha boobyd12, I thought you were implying we should just get one of them LOL.

Also guys Omar Kelly at the sun-sentinel is reporting dansby will be boarding a plane to miami?


LOL typo on your name sorry about that bobbyd12.

Gotta love all the media reporting different things, isn't no accountability grand !!!

are any of you guys really thinking when you say you want Rolle? How average has he been? Darren Sharper would be a better fix for a cpl of years and a muuuuuch cheaper price.. He wouldnt blow coverages and then yell at the rookies for not doing his job... If the fins go after Marshall, which i think is a huuuuge reach, then it would be a desicion based heavily on what Mike Nolan thinks.. Can not wait til 12 lets see what happens

Aloco.....we had our differances...when will we know something?????????

What time does Joey Porter get released? 12:00:01??

Pennington staying?? Sign him and then trade him for Boldin LOL

Is it midnight yet....DAMN!!!

I can hardly wait to talk about:
1. Actual moves instead of speculation
2. The second release of Monsieur Porter
3. The Pro day results over the next few weeks.

Please note the difference between flipper and myself flipper013... our opinions can be very different.

By the way, if we DON't make the playoffs next year, we better at least win our last game.

I am getting sick of spending the entire year seeing the box score for a losing game:

Final 1 2 3 4 Score
Pittsburgh « 14 3 7 6 30
Miami 7 3 0 14 24

Joey Porter will be officially released at 11:59.999999 or one millionth of a second before midnight.

According to another local paper...per NFL source, Dansby will be flying to Miami tonight.
This was reported as of 9:30pm.

It's Friday afternoon in Australia and I can't get any work done. Just tracking the news to see who we're landing when FA kicks off...

Dansby, Bryant and Rolle in FA plus McClain and Fat Boy Cody in the draft and this team is going places!!

Jets close to trading for Cromartie..either a 2nd or third round pick.

DyingBreed: a millionth of a second is a microsecond. And if that happened we'd breach the cap again...

Does any actually knows what a millionth of a second physically looks like to prove it?

Karlito for Dansbito

Brandon Graham will not work out for Michigans pro day on March 12. Sorry Mando and Rob in OC.

Sean Weatherspoon impressed again at Missouris Pro Day today. Running a 4.52 and getting 35 reps on the bench press

According to a source Bill Parcells has been spotted at the airport disguised as a homeless person.

Come on home, Rolle...and Karlos, ven aqui!

According to the same source Tony Sparano has also been spotted at the same airport disguised as the bearded lady.

Miami Dolphins have made a five-year offer to free-agent FS Antrel Rolle (Cardinals).

This just in dying breed lives under the Julia Tuttle causeway

San Diego Chargers have traded CB Antonio Cromartie to the New York Jets. The Chargers will get a third-round draft pick in the 2011 NFL Draft that could turn into a second-round draft pick based on Cromartie's playing time and the Jets' performance.

Wow! According to the same source jeff Ireland has also now been spotted at that airport disguised as the Luky Charms leprecaun.

Cromartie is scared to tackle and will get lots of targets across from Revis

The Redskins have cut fred smoot , cornelious griffen , randle-el and randy thomas. These motherf**kers are up to something and i don't like it for miami.

cromartie suks !!!

Adding Rolle to the team will give the secondary much needed depth wich we need in a bad way. I think the asking price is set high so teams won't even think about it. But I think if Miami offers a fair contract he will snatch it up because that what he wants , to come home. But if a team does pay him then he gets that money! It's a win win for him either way.

NJ lol, please see my post at 10:46

-Karlito for Dansbito

Carlito . i saw it.


Welcome to 'Dansby Night In America!'

Its a place where we suddenly learn at 12:01AM....that Karlos (after a
F U L L.. W E E K of getting showered with Luxurious Gifts and Hookers,) has 'magically' signed with the Redskins!


It is Karlito tonight.

Mike Shanahan wants Marshall back since he was the one that drafted him, this will improve Campbell at QB.
Also looks like they are gonna make a play at Dansby.

Redskins are getting ready to sign Julius Peppers which will free up Karlos Dansby for us. Giants are talking to Antrelle Rolle, hope they don't sign him so we don't have to hear disgusting Sid Rosenberg gloating all Friday.

Prediction just made that Rolle to Falcons, Dansby to the giants and peppers to the Skins. Not liking this!

Dolphins should go after Jamal Williams from the chargers

Jamal Williams would be nice.

The skins have brain orakpo and andre carter at DE. LB is a bigger need and the skins play a 4-3. It could be dansby to replace a aging london fletcher. stay tuned.

Seen on NFL Network that SD traded Cromartie for a 2011 1st round pick from the Jets.

LOL . OK KARLITO ! . I hope it works.

Brodney Pool didn't get tendered by the Brownies, now there is a cheaper alternative to Rolle :)

My bad...Cromartie for a 2011 3rd or 2nd from the Jets.

3rd round that could become a 2nd round pick, not a first round pick.

I saw the jets traded Clavin Pace and a 1st round pick for Cromartie ! NFL.com/jetsbigtrade

BREAKING NEWS: fu ck the jests

I think that the Dolphins are going to end up with a big fat zero, zilch, donut! When have we ever spent big bucks on free agents? Wake up guys!
We need to draft one of the 3 safeties (thomas, berry or Mays)in the first round, and Graham or Hughes in the second round. The crop of receivers is so deep that we can probably still get a good WR in the 3rd.

That's the thing...

As far as HOPE goes,
You almost have to wait to see the Aftermath
of the Redskins actions this morning.



What do they think about the situation at the forensic science blog? LMAO!

Omar Kelly of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reports that the Dolphins will pursue Cardinals linebacker Karlos Dansby aggressively.

Kelly, contrary to Jeff Darlington of the Miami Herald, reports that Danbsy will hop a private jet at 1:00 a.m. ET and fly to Miami.

The goal will be to work out the details of a new deal -- and if anyone thinks that discussions on those details haven't already been occurring, we assume you also believe that G.M. Jeff Ireland has final say over the roster.


Once the clubs close on South Beach, we will have our man :)

Lips just traded his desktop and PC for his bed, iPhone, and a nightcap.

(lmao Carlito - haha)

Cromartie traded to Jets

stil ROFLMAO on the forensic science blog shot. That was really funny lol

Thank you Lips, just having fun...

P.S. Its Karlito tonight

anyone hear about Dansby coming in on a jet or the jets making a trade for Cromartie ?

You bet Karlito!

I hope we nail it and it is Karlito for the rest of the month!

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