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Sources: Dansby not flying, Rolle a possibility

Karlos Dansby is not on his way to South Florida this evening, according to The Herald's Jeff Darlington. And the Dolphins are showing initial interest in now-former Arizona safety Antrel Rolle, a source tells me.

Darlington is hearing from a source that is refuting a report in the National Football Post that said Dansby was flying to Miami Thursday evening.

This doesn't mean Dansby isn't on the Dolphins radar. The team has had eyes on him this offseason. But it does mean there will not be a wine-and-dine session beginning at midnight as some have speculated.

The truth is Dansby doesn't have to be in South Florida to be signed by the Dolphins. These things often get done on the phone with the agent. And if a contract agreement is reached, the player can sign the deal and fax it back to the team.

And as the Dolphins don't hold press conferences for their free agent acquisitions, Dansby definitely doesn't have to fly in the night free agency begins.

As for Rolle, his contract was terminated by the Cardinals today. His agent Drew Rosenhaus is now shopping Rolle as we speak.

And a source tells me their exists a possibility Rolle ends up with the Dolphins -- the team he wants to play for.

[Update: The Chicago Tribune is reporting Rosenhaus is talking to the Bears. I am reporting he's talked to at least three teams since Rolle was released. And he expects to give the Cardinals one final shot before signing with anyone other than the Dolphins. If the Dolphins are the team, Arizona doesn't get one last chance because Miami is ultimately where Rolle wants to play. Rosenhaus is able to do this because Rolle is not an unrestricted free agent. His contract was terminated and therefore he is on the market right now.]

Rolle, however, is playing this thing coyly.

'I'm leaving myself open to all markets right now," Rolle said on his blog at PlayerPress.com. "I will be looking for teams with certain defensive schemes and teams that have a good reputation as far as how the organization is run. But right now I am willing to listen to anyone."

True. But if the Dolphins interest increases, he's going to be all ears for the home team.

Rolle is a South Miami-Dade resident and a former University of Miami standout.



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The Star Ledger is reporting that
the Giant will be hosting Antrel Rolle on Friday.

Getterdone , omar kelly's report states dansby is NOT expected to visit florida on friday.

Joey, by the Giant, do you mean Bill Parcells?

IF the Fins resign Pennington Brian Miller says the Fins will probaly trade Thigpen for a draft pick, sounds reasonable and a way to get an extra pick

I'm still scratching my head on the Dolphins bringing back Pennington. It doesn't make any sense. The guy is coming off his third shoulder surgery...geez what can he have left?
You already have three QB's on the roster..so what happens two either of the backups they have now? Trade?

who's brian miller ? is dansby on a plane, train or in a automobile yet ? did anyone hear about the jets trade ? can rosenhaus trick any more media in reporting how miami's made a big deal for rolle but it's not big enough ?

Kelly, contrary to Jeff Darlington of the Miami Herald, reports that Danbsy will hop a private jet at 1:00 a.m. ET and fly to Miami.

Trade Thigpen and a 6th rd pick for Boldin.

Problem solved LOL.

"Kelly, contrary to Jeff Darlington of the Miami Herald, reports that Danbsy will hop a private jet at 1:00 a.m. ET and fly to Miami."
Mike Florio PFT

trade pat white to az for boldin and their #1 pick.

Thigpen is a good young QB, there is some teams out there that will want this kid and probaly give us a decent draft pick for him

Jesus Chr@st !!

I just read that Cromartie has been named in at least FIVE paternity suits in the past three years and has S E V E N.. CHILDREN.. living in five states.

THAT is why the Country is Doomed.

I heard the bills would give a #2 for Thigpen.


Sorry for the typo...

I meant "Giants"

Omar kelly : " A NFL source says plebty of that savings ( porters ) will be offered to dansby , who despite public reports and widespread speculation is NOT expected to visit south florida friday ". Who knows ??

Joey in Jersey dont like black people

Seems funny to me... I read how all these teams are talking to all these players... They can't until after Midnight, doofusses... That is called tampering. I would love to know where all this "player" info comes from... I would also love to know why some people cannot get it through their heads Marshall will never has his wife beating ars in Miami...

Chris Mortensen Twitter: Phins will load up defensive front 7 and add 1 WR playmaker. McClain falling on many draft boards.

Its being reported that Karlos Dansby is in a submarine off Key Biscayne waiting to meet in Bill Parcells' secret underwater lair that is known in league circles as both the Tuna Dome and the Tunasphere.

Perfect English Carlito, good monkey

NJ, it doesn't mean that Miami isn't going after Dansby, it just means no one knows for sure when he will arrive. With the tampering rule in effect till midnite, it can't be known that Miami has him flying in.
You can bet Miami is actively persuing and may already have a tenative deal in place as we speak.

NJ, I know, it's crazy, I'm reading that the Fins already offered Rolle a five year deal, PFT reporting he's visiting Giants Friday and his teammate Darrel Dockett has tweeted he knows where Rolle is going...how does he know where he is going if he hasn't visited Giants yet???

Getter Done dont you g damn question the ego maniac that is NJ. you sob

everyone hates marshall but they love rey lewis hahaha what a world

ray lewis kills people

LMAO @ getterdone. I didn't say miami isn't going after him and you don't think the airlines have records when dansby was flying in to miami ?? what you think miami used the secret service and used the stealth fighter jet to bring dansby in secretly ???

We don't exactly have a great FA record so far. I don't imagine that will change. Don't expect any big names. I surely don't.


No it was a submarine

Marc so good to have you back. What kind of dress you wearing tonight for free agency.

The Dolphins won't get anyone until the draft.The team we had last year will be the same one next year.....minus Porter.

Davey police source report large black male lottering outside of fins HQ.

bobbyd12. miami did offer a 5 year deal to rolle but it was lower than all of the other deals .

LOL @ carlito

I heard Cromartie is going to the Jets. Is that true?

Black stretch limo just pulled up to fins HQ

Is the Ball droping in time square for the release of Joey Porter

Espn will have a free agency special sportscenter at 12:30 am.

Lol at Jets. They are ruining their future by trading draft picks like the fins did when we had marino except well we had marino and a legit shot at the superbowl every year and they have the sanchize lmao. Same old jets.



There's just no way that Antonio (or ANYONE else) can possibly make enough MONEY to bring them up right or even be a decent Dad.

Will Dick Clark count down to the release of Joey Porter

Joey Porter is now no longer a Dolphin.

Wu hoooo I'm Porter free

Good riddance Joey!!!!


Please, if there is a GOD in Heaven


Did the door hit Joey on the behind on his way out

the Miami Dolphins are interested in free-agent WR Derrick Mason (Ravens) and free-agent WR Antonio Bryant (Buccaneers), according to a league source. However, nothing is imminent or in the works

Dansby has just been spotted at the airport dragging Rex Ryan on his ankles.


There are lots of Gods in heaven and they all fight over parking

Carlito (from 11:42 PM)
SoiledBottom (from 11:59 PM) :

L M F A O !!!!!!

Funny, people have said that for 3 years THUNDERBOLT, except, last time I checked the Jets made it to the playoffs and went rather far, while we stockpile draft picks and all watched in shame because we swept the Jets...I'd rather be in their shoes...

Ur kidding right marc.

"...I'd rather be in their shoes..."

I'd rather go 0-16 than be a Jet's fan. Because then I'd have to kill myself...

Well????? Any bombs drop????


The door?

Sources I've spoken with claim it was Sporano's foot.

Either way, he's OUTTIE!!!!

Not kidding at all...The Jets went to the playoffs, and we didn't. They accomplished this by making TRADES and being aggressive in the free agency...

karlito for dansbito

Rob, cromartie to the jets,

NJ, real swift comeback, I'm impressed...LMAO :)
Doubt he flies coach on a commercial, more like a private, easier to keep pass list discreet.
Anywho, Bottom line is Dansby doesn't even have to be present, deals can take place over the ph, he can be wherever he wants till time to make a deal offical.
If Miami gets him, it will be reported most likely that he arrives tmrw, during the day.

That's old news Jersey ;)

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