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Sources: Dansby not flying, Rolle a possibility

Karlos Dansby is not on his way to South Florida this evening, according to The Herald's Jeff Darlington. And the Dolphins are showing initial interest in now-former Arizona safety Antrel Rolle, a source tells me.

Darlington is hearing from a source that is refuting a report in the National Football Post that said Dansby was flying to Miami Thursday evening.

This doesn't mean Dansby isn't on the Dolphins radar. The team has had eyes on him this offseason. But it does mean there will not be a wine-and-dine session beginning at midnight as some have speculated.

The truth is Dansby doesn't have to be in South Florida to be signed by the Dolphins. These things often get done on the phone with the agent. And if a contract agreement is reached, the player can sign the deal and fax it back to the team.

And as the Dolphins don't hold press conferences for their free agent acquisitions, Dansby definitely doesn't have to fly in the night free agency begins.

As for Rolle, his contract was terminated by the Cardinals today. His agent Drew Rosenhaus is now shopping Rolle as we speak.

And a source tells me their exists a possibility Rolle ends up with the Dolphins -- the team he wants to play for.

[Update: The Chicago Tribune is reporting Rosenhaus is talking to the Bears. I am reporting he's talked to at least three teams since Rolle was released. And he expects to give the Cardinals one final shot before signing with anyone other than the Dolphins. If the Dolphins are the team, Arizona doesn't get one last chance because Miami is ultimately where Rolle wants to play. Rosenhaus is able to do this because Rolle is not an unrestricted free agent. His contract was terminated and therefore he is on the market right now.]

Rolle, however, is playing this thing coyly.

'I'm leaving myself open to all markets right now," Rolle said on his blog at PlayerPress.com. "I will be looking for teams with certain defensive schemes and teams that have a good reputation as far as how the organization is run. But right now I am willing to listen to anyone."

True. But if the Dolphins interest increases, he's going to be all ears for the home team.

Rolle is a South Miami-Dade resident and a former University of Miami standout.



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It's a universal problem.

Valhalla's no different.


Dansby on ESPN NFL live now. After commercial

Dansby live on espn in 2 minutes


The Jets lucked into the playoff fool.

I've never been this excited overa players release.....cept maybe when we got rid of Tom Olivadotti and Cam Cammaron and Cecil Collins and Phillip whats his name and so on and so forth.

The ONLY saving grace we may have is that Porter's inflated contract would be absorbed by Dansby...I still doubt it will happen


I saw that Cromartie update... just talked to a Bolts fan here local...kinda pissed the compensation takes place in 2011

3rd conditionally up to a 2nd...

He was none to happy.

He did comment that his tackling was getting very suspect. Good news for us.


It's imminent fools!

They accomplished that because the colts laid down for them allowing them to squeak in and then gave them a thorough bashing when the game mattered. We also swept jets playing with rookie starting corners who will only be better next year.

They may have lucked into the playoffs, but, they didn't win 2 games in the playoffs with luck...Look I hate the Jets as much as any Fins fan, but, fact of the matter is, they won, we didn't...


I understand the sentiment, but still, your just wrong.

If you want to wear jet shoes, you might as well put on some knee pads too.


Dansby just said 1st visit is Miami

First visit for Dansby is Miami straight from the horses mouth on espn LOL.

There you go, he just said it himself. I say congrats Dolphin fans. We will finally have a playmaker on defense.

thye just asked dansby what teams sre pursuing him and the only one he named is miami

We will finally have a player who can create turnovers and not 3 linebackers who get pushed back by TE's. Not even O-Linemen!

Guys, where will Dansby play? Alongside douche-Crowder in the middle?

Dansby will be here today baby!

The only thing worse than wearing a dead mans shoes is wearing a jets fans shoes.

Dont let him leave Miami

Marc , i mean Rob . no problem . you asked and gave you an update on what's going on since you didn't get the old news.:)

Dansby, Wake, Graham. Now that's a scary bunch...

Shefter even said hes flyin out today

i dnt knw what dis reporter guy is talking about becuz i jus heard adam sheffler i knw i spelled dat wrong but he jus said on espn dat karlos dansby is coming to south florida for a visit

Bears drop out of Rolle race, down to Dolohins, Giants, Arizona according to PFT

Rob in OC:

W E L C O M E...T O...F R E E...A G E N C Y

So far we've got:

Joey Porter G O N E (for the second time.)

New York Jet Antonio Cromartie (with 7 Kids in 5 states.)

...and Karlos Dansby in a Submarine off the coast of Fort Lauderdale (waiting for a job interview.)

Stay tuned!

Dansby first official team duty should be to go up to Crowder and smack him in his face.

Well, Dansby would be good news, now what to do about getting a NT, 2 DE's, 2 OLB's, a FS, WR, and TE...

Hasselbeck luvin on some Dansby as his top FA for the money. Stink was more on Peppers, but they all agreed that Dansby brings a lot.
I personally rather have Dansby. Peppers is hot n cold too much.

Saying Peppers going to Bears

Anybody know hold jamaal williams is cuz i seen a report hes been playin for 12 yrs that def dnt seem right

2 DE's? Marc are you special?

ESPN's Adam Schefter reports free-agent LB Karlos Dansby (Cardinals) is scheduled to visit with the Miami Dolphins Friday, March 5,

New blog up

You're right carlito, cause Langford and Merling have been incredible right?

If karlos dnt sign with us i say weatherspoon from mizzou looks better than mclain

what about starks ????

For right now screw any other team position, all I care about now is getting Dansby's autograph on contract before he leaves Miami. The rest will take care of itself.

Yes they both have been good, don't forget about Starks who made a push for the pro bowl last year.

Marc has the IQ of dry, white dog poop

Who will play next too Dansby?

Hopefully McClain.

Who will play next too McClain?

Hopefully Weatherspoon.

Who gets the other spot?

I dunno? Wake, Taylor, Moses. Take your pick.

ron I believe Jamal Williams is 33-34

The Pro Bowl is a bigger joke than ever now that it's pre SB...I love Bell, don't get me wrong, but, Pro Bowler? Starks...Same deal. Langford and Merling are invisible

Confirm, Karlos Dansby is visiting tomorrow the Dolphins and is expected to sign if both get an agrement. Go Dolphins!!!!. NFL NETWORK

I don't see Dansby coming to Miami just to "talk"...papers are sent thru fax's all the time...unless something really changes..I'd say the Dolphins have acquired Dansby.

As someone else pointed out. We couldn't land Scott last year, nor Pace the year before, and they visited, so, no guarantees...

Nice report Mando. Looks like you got pwned on the Dansby-flying-to-Miami thing.

I thought the Gerbil was awesome in coverage????

If we sign Pennington, we better dump Pat White, not Thigpen. I'd rather keep the guy who played one game and completed over 10 passes, then keep the guy that played over 10 games and did not complete one. Just sayin.

Let's take both Karlos Dansby and now-former Arizona safety Antrel Rolle! Any defensive player that thinks that they are great will always want to play for Bill Parcels, i.e., the Big Tuna," the noted greatest defensive mind in history to my way of thinking! We're Superbowl Bound this year, no about doubt about it!

I feel that both Dansby and Rolle would love to play and learn from Bill Parcels i.e., "The Big Tuna" and I feel the greatest defensive mind of all times! Their egos will demand it! Miami is Superbowl Bound anyway, believe me, I just fell it!

Why haven't they kicked porter's ass to the curb yet?

If we don't land Dansby and Rolle it plugs some huge holes. Does any one really think we are going to find enough offense help in this draft to improve this football team after the 3rd round???? Typically this is where BP drafts his offensive players.

3 yds and a cloud of dust won't cut it in this age of football. Tuna an Ireland need to understand this and draft some real wr's. Hartline and Turner were average in college and will continue to be average in the pros. Buffalo and the Fins will be 2 of the worst offensive teams in the AFC this year but we expect to compete for the AFC East crown.

Well the Ravens got there receivers now. Boldin and Stallworth.

Bobby, The Ravens gave a pick to land Boldin.. We arent gonna get anyone if we keep this cheap policy going. Other teams are willing to pay to improve there teams. We are looking for bargins which is fine if we dont really care about picking up players that can come in and improve the roster. I bet Dansby will be offered more money in DC or New York. Rolle Obviously didnt like our offer either or he would be signed since he wants to play in Miami so much.

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