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Source: Rolando McClain visits Dolphins

Rolando McClain seemed like the obvious pick for the Dolphins at No. 12 in the first round when this offseason began. Then the Dolphins paid a mint for inside linebacker Karlos Dansby in free agency and everyone kinda, sorta dismissed the possibility for McClain.

The Dolphins apparently haven't dismissed the possibility.

A source tells me McClain was in town the past couple of days to visit with the Dolphins.

And while that doesn't mean the Dolphins will draft McClain, it obviously shows an interest in the guy. Contrary to what many of you believe, the Dolphins do not bring guys in for the sake of creating smokescreens.

Teams have a limited number of visits and this team doesn't waste those on players they don't like or don't want to know better. This team creates smokescreens by simply saying nothing, zero, nada, zilch, and letting speculation and poor reporting (I've been guilty) do their work.

McClain is believed to be the best inside linebacker in the draft. But for all his production and hype at Alabama, there are questions about him.

He is adequately fast, but not otherworldly as his 4.69 and 4.68 at the Alabama Pro Day attests. He did have a 35-inch vertical leap which is showing good hops for a 6-4 and 249-pound guy.

McClain revealed at his Pro Day he suffers from Crohn's Disease, an inflammatory disease of the intestines. McClain has said he's known of the disease since he was in ninth grade and treats it daily. I am told the Dolphins knew about McClain's Crohn's illness before McClain admitted he had it.

A couple of points:

The Dolphins are obviously not ruling any good player out as a possibility at No. 12. McClain was productive at Alabama so he's obviously a good player.

If McClain is the pick, Channing Crowder could have a fight on his hands for his starting job and either Crowder or Reggie Torbor could find himself playing elsewhere in 2009.

That is, of course, a big if right now. McClain is visiting with a handful of other teams as well, most notably the New York Giants.


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They are feigning interest to try and drum up a trade.

He is a bargaining chip...nothing more.

They are hoping some team behind them buys the hype that surrounds a high profile athletic from a Nat Champ team like McClain.

I hope somebody bites and they can get a trade done.

You know extra picks would help the team Waaaaaaaaay more than another ILB.

Forgot to mention Crowder SUCKS! I hope Dansby makes him better.

This must be a weak LBer class...

Rolando "Die Hard" Mcclain will no be a Miami Dolphin


Are you a NO to Brandon Graham guy or YES to BG?

What's your take on him?

oliver stone can make s a movie about mcclain being in town. LOL !!


;) You been signing the same tune along with me a long time...gj bud.

I don't get the hype in Mcclain the guy can barely take down his own guy he has WAY less solo tackles then total tackles.

I like BG, but I just don't think he's going to be as effective against and NFL Tackle. I like his motor though, reminds me of KVB from Titans that just went to Detroit. Not completely opposed but I don't think the OLB talent is a good as the NT and S talent. I think the Kindle's, etc will be there in the 2nd/3rd. I want a can't miss starter from Day 1 like Jake 2yrs ago.

In my mock draft, which I will post on my blog at http://knightsphins.blogspot.com tomorrow, McClain will NOT become a Dolphin

Posted by: The Knight who says Ni! | March 30, 2010 at 03:10 PM

And the rest of us will not read it, so it's all good.

It just wouldn't sell many tickets as McClain is a yawner. ;)

I hope some sappy team that has a pick behind the Fins takes the McClain bait.

That would be stellar to get extra picks and slide back. Unless someone wants Spiller (who may not be there) I feel the #12 spot this year is junk. Too many if and buts in that spot this year.

YES FISHFAN!!!! Another Astute observer...
Mclain cant bring a guy down, he needs gang tackle to bring down a guy.

You cant waste a 12 on another Gerbil tackling clone!!!


Amen dude! I have been trying to let people know that McClain is ALL about assisted tackles. He had trouble getting college guys on the ground, how does that translate to the NFL?

All anyone has to do is look with a non biased eye at his stats... nearly 50% of ALL his tackles are assisted.

Proof is on film and in the stat lines.

I'm not hatin, just bringing facts to light.

My thought is if the FO drafts McClain, which is possible, Clam Chowder will be dealt on draft day. He signed a moderate contract extension last season that will not deter teams from trading for him....just a thought

Ncdolfan, that 's very possible. mcclain is the best lb in the draft and that's a fact. facts don't lie. the guys makes plays all over the field. The FO agrees.

I would be happy with McClain, B Graham or E Thomas with our first pick...however, it's looking more and more like we will FINALLY be able to trade down for extra picks. It's harder than it looks, but I think we are going to pull it off this year!

For all of you who are praying night and day for the fins to take Dez Bryant, I have a question for you.
Tell me, in the past decade which top half first round receiver taken in the draft by any team is a top 10 receiver in the NFL today?
the trifecta would make the same mistake that Cam did with Ginn if they pick Bryant

It's just weird that a guy being hyped up as the best LBer in the draft doesn't account for most of his tackles.

NJ Phin Fan,
You seem to have knowledgable opinions on everything. But you have been saying adamently NO to Dez Bryant, and Q.Boldin.. so tell me this, what do you want us to do at the WR spot? Yes, we have some promise there with B.Hartline,and a STUD slot man in Bess, but we CLEARLY need a #1.. so whats it gonna be??

Can you imagine if the pretty boy QB's in our division had to look across the line at Karlos and Rolando? haha

Why can't they make McClain an outside linebacker?

How many top receivers who went in the first round forgot to bring their cleats to a TRYOUT....NUFF said!

It's like wearing sneakers and a t-shirt to bank interview..lol what a putz

NJ I know you're high on Mcclain but if just you check the stats the guy is overrated.

McCLAIN!!!! Put on that Dolphin jersey!!!! #12 pick

You got to be kidding. We should wait a year at WR and consider Leonard Hankerson or LaRon Byrd

Im glad to see Clam Chowder catching on.

"Why can't they make McClain an outside linebacker?" Matthew Salisbury

Because he can't tackle!

"either Crowder or Reggie Torbor could find himself playing elsewhere in 2009."


Kid, I would not compare Ginn to Bryant...not today, not yesterday and certainly not tomorrow. Bryant today is a better receiver than Ginn after 3 yrs in league.

I still do not want Bryant!

Solution to WR:

Trade for Breaston
Trade for Calvin Johnson

Dump Camarillo, Penne et all upon trade to recoup late draft picks to get more scrubs for depth

"Why can't they make McClain an outside linebacker?"

Because that would make no sense they might as well draft an OLB.

And we get Calvin Johnson how?

NT is clearly going to be a weakspot this year, and will kill our ability to blitz ect unless we do something to address it. Although I have the utmost belief in Mike Nolan, I still believe we need to go NT early, or all these LB's will be for not.. Also, why no talk about us getting a stud TE? That could certainly ease the need for a #1wr..

Trade Ronnie Brown, Smiley and a second Rd pick

We can get Calvin by giving up every 1st round pick for the next 4 years.

NJ Phin, I've always agreed with you on McClain. I think he is a stud. I kinda fell off a lil after we signed Dansby, but the more I thought about Crowder's contract, I thought, there is nothing scary about that and some teams might even consider it a bargain.

Word on the street is the Fins love Cam Thomas. No relation to the previous Cam that roomed South Florida some years ago.

AZ Phinatic. Dez bryant didn't finish the 3 cone drill and the short shuffle and how the hell do you forget your cleats to your workout ?? enough said. dez bryant is not the only wr in this draft. Next years wr class is loaded. Miami isn't winning a SB this year. FIX THE DEFENSE !!!


Unfortunately there is no such thing as can't miss.

I would say that the prospects that seem to be valued around #12 are farthest away from can't miss. :(

If the could finagle a trade back that would be as awesome as it is hard to accomplish.

I do like OLB BG, CB K Wilson, G/C Pouncey and RB Best as picks that would have stellar value later in the 1st maybe early second in Bests case. I think all these players will have strong careers in the NFL.

Wilson will be a killer player but is a CB which is not a need right now. Also with the rigid size standards he may not fit in at 5'10 and 194 lbs. Not at #12.

Pouncey has great flexibilty to play Guard and Center. When they asked DT McCoy who was the toughest OL he faced he said "Pouncey". Not gonna happen at #12 though.

RB Best may have a better career than Spiller and has as good or better hands and was faster at the combine. His lateral acceleration may be best in the entire draft class. Can offer value as Spiller can on KR, PR, WR. His concussion was a freak tackle going into the end zone where he tried to hurdle a player. It could have been avoided but allows a team to get that caliber of player much later than Spiller.

Just some observations. Whatever player the Fins get, it has to be a hit. Can't strikeout at #12.

Id like to see Clam Chowder unite with Jabba Rexy Sexy in a trade.

Pouncy might be there in the 2nd round.I have no idea why C isn't listed as an off-season need when our starter can only play a couple of games a season.

NJ Phin fan,

Chrone's Disease? Don't do it. End of story. Nothing works and one bad hit and he is gone maybe forever. It is one tough disease to battle. Weight loss, severe cramps and all of the other stomach ailments to go along with it.

The fact that 2 of the guys dissing mcclain are 1 guy that wants to trade for 2 wr's who are not availible and another guys who wants to trade the next 4 years of miami's 1st round picks for johnson explains it all. enough said.

I was being sarcastic you don't have to get mad because not everyone sees a great player in Mcclain

5150 @ 4:20, Good stuff!

To steal a line from an old friend "Bwhahahaha"

Yeah, let's go get an ILB in McClain, make him into an OLB where he can get stuck on blocks faster.

And I'm not dissing Mcclain I just don't think he's as ggod as you think he is.

kindry , the disease has been soooooo tough on mcclain that he hasn't missed a game because of it since he was diagnosed with it . either has daivid garrard. LOL !!!


I cant see Parcells taking an ILB when there appears to be some stud outside pass rushers available.

FYI , Phil savage , who nows a think or two about football and has watched every game film on mcclain , thinks mcclain could be a very good OLB. He thinks Mcclain has the size . speed , intincts , etc to be a good one. So maybe it's not that funny.

knows **

Mcclain is a ILB he would be a horrible fit at OLB

And Mcclain isn't that fast.


Has Parcells ever done a player swap like the Manning/Rivers deal?

I'd rather see the Phins wait until the later rounds and draft Brandon Spikes. I heard he has dropped dramatically because of his 40 time but if you look at the tape he is more of a tackler than McClain is. Will the Dolphins really use the 12th overall pick on a ILB when we just made Dansby the highest paid one and signed Crowder to a decent contract extension last year? I think not!


I was all over that at first too. But, in the end I have to say while it still is a negative, McClain has played with it throughout he career as NJ points out.

Yes, he did collapse after his pro day workout but I have reduced it down to just another check mark against him and not a HUGE RED flag like I had originally thought.

It's his actual near 50% assisted tackles, trouble getting guys down, getting stuck on blocks, can't fight through trash to blitz, gets caught up with blockers engaging him and loses sight of ballcarrier, stops hustling when play passes him, doesn't run full speed to make tackles, Lack of explosion or true tackling technique to speak of.

Those are the things that would that would bother me most.

Hey is is a smart guy from what they say and has flashed some coverage skills but thats not enough for me at #12.

I don't think I want Spikes but no doubt he's a better tackler then Mcclain.

Mclain ran 4.68. Lamarr woodley and brandon graham ran in the 4'7's .

I don't like McClain at #12 or in the first round if we trade down. We don't have a pressing need there and watching him play 5150 is right. He tackles high, needs help tackling, can't get off blocks, and is slow on the field. He will be better then some ILBs in the NFL and might be better then Crowder but a slight upgrade is not worth it since we have other needs.

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