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Source: Rolando McClain visits Dolphins

Rolando McClain seemed like the obvious pick for the Dolphins at No. 12 in the first round when this offseason began. Then the Dolphins paid a mint for inside linebacker Karlos Dansby in free agency and everyone kinda, sorta dismissed the possibility for McClain.

The Dolphins apparently haven't dismissed the possibility.

A source tells me McClain was in town the past couple of days to visit with the Dolphins.

And while that doesn't mean the Dolphins will draft McClain, it obviously shows an interest in the guy. Contrary to what many of you believe, the Dolphins do not bring guys in for the sake of creating smokescreens.

Teams have a limited number of visits and this team doesn't waste those on players they don't like or don't want to know better. This team creates smokescreens by simply saying nothing, zero, nada, zilch, and letting speculation and poor reporting (I've been guilty) do their work.

McClain is believed to be the best inside linebacker in the draft. But for all his production and hype at Alabama, there are questions about him.

He is adequately fast, but not otherworldly as his 4.69 and 4.68 at the Alabama Pro Day attests. He did have a 35-inch vertical leap which is showing good hops for a 6-4 and 249-pound guy.

McClain revealed at his Pro Day he suffers from Crohn's Disease, an inflammatory disease of the intestines. McClain has said he's known of the disease since he was in ninth grade and treats it daily. I am told the Dolphins knew about McClain's Crohn's illness before McClain admitted he had it.

A couple of points:

The Dolphins are obviously not ruling any good player out as a possibility at No. 12. McClain was productive at Alabama so he's obviously a good player.

If McClain is the pick, Channing Crowder could have a fight on his hands for his starting job and either Crowder or Reggie Torbor could find himself playing elsewhere in 2009.

That is, of course, a big if right now. McClain is visiting with a handful of other teams as well, most notably the New York Giants.


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Marcus, I get the whole playing it close and not giving up your intentions I just find it hard to believe they waste two days on the minute chance someone will bite and play things in just such a way as to net us an extra pick for the player we aren’t even really going to pick. Other teams know we signed Dansby.

(For the record, I just think they are being diligent with McClain. Who knows what player will be available and maybe they end up going BPA which ends up being McClain. Personally, I don't expect him to be the pick)

As for Pennington, I think they want the option to trade him if the deal is right which is why they wouldn’t go no trade clause. Part of his appeal is his value if someone goes down on another team mid-season, we could score on that one.

Regardless if we take McCain Crowder and Torbor has to go. trade them or release them. 1 int., 1 sack, 1 forced fumble, and 2 fumble recoveries in 16 games for our middle linebackers. Really?! Dansby did that in the playoffs. Lose both of them. use the 12th pick on either C.J. Spiller, Dez Bryant, Eric Berry if he is available, or the best player available.

If anyone beleives McClain is terrible or even average - I can't take anything else you say seriosuly. He is one of the best prosepcts available this year

Rob in OC, sooo u saying it's a smokescreen means I should believe you???? Mmmm who do I believe, the Miami sportswriter who covers the team and makes a valid point about limited number of visits and who straight up say the Fins don't do that, they just say nothing OR the fan out in Caifornia who has stated numerous times he dislikes McClain and helps "clarify" the situation by saying it's a smokescreen?? The Sportwritee who has done this since 1989 OR some fan??? Hard choice BUT I'm going with Armando on this one, little bit more credentials...but never fear Rob, next time I have car trouble I'll ask you ur advice, maybe ur more of an expert then my auto mechanic

Rob in OC can't accept the fact that McClain was here for a visit because he is a good player and top prospect at 12... lol...

There was something in the air that night, the stars so bright, Rolando

Rolando the Rambo

Isn't it funny how armando's word was like god for rob In Oc when he first picked graham But when it doesn't fit rob's agenda than armando's word isn't so god like .


Sorry for what bud? I never personally attacked Bobby or you. He is upset because myself and others are raining down REAL, LEGIT, comments about his main pick Rolando McClain.

FACT: He has a waaaay more Assisted Tackles than other top ILBs? Go ahead and refute that!

FACT: Awards are simply opinions formed just as surely as we are all staking claims as to who we think can help our Fins or not! Refute that!

FACT: Getting in the same frame as a tackle thus "being in the area" does NOT a tackle make. Refute that!

FACT: Where is the dominating game film, footage, clips that visually proves that McClain is at least capable of trying to dominate at the NFL level? It's not out there.

I don't do talent evaluation for a living but neither do those in this flap about McClain's "killer NFL skills" or lack thereof.

There is really no apology needed ALoco..nobody is really doing anything but passionately defending (or justifying) their choice of best players.

You know when the Dolphins were looking to sign Dansby they said they cannot justify giving out such a huge contract for an ILB but they believe Dansby could play OLB and they could see paying him more for that...This came directly from the DOLPHINS. Yet you still get people on this blog saying they didn't mean that!!! How STUPID can people be???Listen, read and comprehend what is said...I'm not saying it's gonna definitley happen BUT it's alot more of a probability then cutting Crowder and opening up another hole...




for rob in oc , armando was the best when he first picked graham but when it doesn't fit rob's agenda then armando doesn't know what he's talking about....lol..

I don't think they will select him.

I would think they are going to pick someone who they don't meet with or acknowledge interest in. A guy like Sergio Kindle is a likely choice. I think Kirwin had them picking Kindle in his previous two mocks.

JUST saying is a toll .


You guys have it all wrong. I don't think BG is coming to the Fins unless we trade out or back at least some.

The Pat White pick in the 2nd last year shows us that anything is possible but I give it very slim chance that BG gets chosen by the Fins @ #12.

If the Fins trade back then then the likelyhood goes up some.

In saying that I think Brandon Graham will be a really good player in the NFL I have to go to a different team? Craig M, are you nuts??? Leftfield with that comment bud.

What will be the name of the movie about McClain's trip two Miami directed by Oliver Stone and produced by Rob in Oc?

My suggestions include, but are not limited to:

"Two Nights to Fool the World"
"Sunday Night Smokescreen"
"Deceit of the Dolphin"
"Chronie Conspiracy"
"Mclain and Me"
"Second Scout on the Grassy Nole"
"Crimson Crimes of the Tropical Tuna"

Lol Po. Maybe we're through 'churning the roster'.

Best case scenario is Eric Berry falls to us at #12. He is a stud and fills a big need at FS. Brandon Graham and Sergio Kindel would fit the bill at OLB, but Kindel has had some DUI issues, and the Dolphins are just a little senstive to that right now. A lot of people are high on Graham - he was the most dominating player Senior Bowl week - but he is a little small and doesn't move well laterally in open space. Dan Williams wouldn't be the sexy pick, but NT is the biggest need. I like Demaryius Thomas in the 2nd round, Rob Gronkowski in 3rd.

I'm not against Rob in OC, I just think his stance on this topic is humorous

nick or dolphin the rapper . are you from wayne ??

what's a toll numbnuts ??

carlito . Funny !

I'm sorry, but Rolando is not a football players name. Avoid this guy and let him install hurricane shutters instead.

Fact: the Butkus Award is an opinion of a group of people who played NFL football. It is the opinion of experts in the field, it is not a fan award. It is a coveted award that is given by people who have PLAYED the game professionally at a high level....FACT: I would rather have a guy who is around the football a majority of the timeaking assisted tackles then a guy who is on the other side of the field and who makes SOLO tackles. McClain is Always around the ball. FACT: McClain can drop back and cover, he doesn't think he can or need to be taught like ohh Brandon Graham. FACT FACT FACT he is the CONSESUS best LB in the draft and u won't find anyone to say any different that covers the NFL

carlito, have you ever in your entire time on erath had an original thought?

Right Joe, Polish up some gems in the rough.

LOL At Carlito, But its "Crohn's Conspiracy"


You said:

I'm not saying it's gonna definitley happen BUT it's alot more of a probability then cutting Crowder and opening up another hole...

Posted by: bobbyd12 | March 30, 2010 at 06:14 PM

When are you gonna say something is DEFINITELY gonna happen? You always straddle the fence!



Grow a pair and make a judgement that you will stick by?

Houston Texans signed DeMeco Ryans to a 6 year $48 million dollar contract with 21.75 million guaranteed...


Your on a roll tonight, man. You've got me laughing up a storm.

Rob in OC, I was making a joke....sarcasm even. I was simply making the point that BG isn't coming to Miami. I hope your right about this guy. I hope he's everything that you think he's going to be. I gotta tell ya....I fear he's going to be another Mike Mamula. Great collection player, with a great motor, but his skills just didn't translate well to the NFL.

I can honestly say, I hope you are right and I am wrong. I like the guy, just not in aqua and orange.


Have you ever once had a thought?

That should have read 'great College player'.....sorry.


Big Fish in Dallas, and you would probaly lose alot of money..

Armando has NEVER said he dislikes BG as a player, he said he is no longer convinced they will choose him with the #12 pick.

As someone else stated on here:
"The draft is like poker" True you have to have bluffs and poker face about choices.

Also I could give a rats rip if 20 people arent seeing things/players/draft strats the same as me... I am not a follower, I am not seeking any blog office, I REFUSE to jump on a sinking ship if my eyes tell me otherwise.

McClain is NOT the choice!!! You will thank whoever it is you thank later, when he gets into the NFL and you can see how he actually ends up playing.

Yeah, carlito. Can you guess what I'm thinking now?

If you guessed I thought you're in the mensa society......you'd be wrong!

Rob in OC....your DEFINITLY WRONG....happy???

Rob in Oc,

We have beat the first round to death... Did you see my top 5 for the 43rd pick?

1. Demaryius Thomas
2. Jerry Hughes
3. Nate Allen
4. Ricky Sapp
5. Cam Thomas

What are your thoughts on the 43rd pick? Maybe we have some common ground there....

LOL at Joe, Gotta admit thats funny Carlito...


You are a mental midget. Do not speak to me until you have learned at least one thing about football. I have honestly never once seen you say something with substance.

P.S. Your man love for Tyler Thigpen doesn't count

If the Fins draft McClain, Dansby will DEFINITLY play OLB, if they don't then Dansby will DEFINITLY play ILB

I think Dansby stays inside either way... He might move to the edge in a couple of Nolan's Blitz scheme's, but I think his skill set is much better used at ILB

you can go back and forth all day about Mcclain skill----12 pick i think is too high for him----"im a spikes guy also---and a lot more value in a big ILB in the 3rd then a top 12----

But at the end of the day---they will not lock in another huge contract at ilb after dansby contract---they will spend it on a safety or a pass rusher----

ILB for a 3-4 there is later depth there with chaney and spikes

Hey guys - don't worry about how Crohn's disease is spelled - you sound like a bunch of old crones!

Parcells will DEFINITLY draft a college football player


I am suprised you like McClain as much as you do. He is on the weaker side and has no violence or explosion when he tackles.

Reminds one of a strong Ginn and I know how much you like that guy.

I appreciate the vote of confidence at 6:21 bud. Thick as thieves in here the RM supporters are.

It's like a shark tank up in here and I am the McClain, er I mean Meaty, Gelatinous, High Tackling Blob. Well same thing. :)


That's a big contract for Ryans. I like the guy. Just shows their commitment to him.

In terms of your choice of who to pick at 43, I know your big on Jerry Hughes. I like him a lot too. But I have to say, if D. Thomas is there I would definitely grab him. I think a lot of our WR problems would disappear if he was the pick.

good info ROB---im with you---i love mcclain frame---but i just dont love it on tape---even tho i want to because he fits the mold of linebacker i like---and if chaney and spikes are 2-4round grades mcclain is not a top 12


I don't believe 12 is too high for McClain. He's regarded by most as the best linebacker in the draft. a lot of mock's I've seen have him going in the top ten. And if you draft him, in all likelihood Dansby moves to outside, for at least one season. I don't believe that is too much money to tie up at LB position.

Spikes isn't even in the same class as McClain...Ran 5.0 in the 40 and he looked horrible at the combine and pro day...Kiper said Spikes has dropped further then any player in the 2010 Draft...not interested in putting another Florida Gator back at ILB

Craig M,

Agreed on both points... I don't remember the exact details of Dansby's contract, but it Ryan's very close?

I think Dansby is a far superior player would much rather have him for the price...


Totally agree with your 6:46 post. The comparison between the two isn't even close.

carlito, I've forgot more about football than you'll ever know. Did you ever play the game? I thought not. All you know is, what other people say about it. Try putting on some pads and get thumped and then you'll get some idea.

So, go ahead and argue about $hit you heard someone else say. The funny thing is, you'll never know.

Evening guys,cant stay long so just want to say how bloody chuffed i am that McClain is visiting Miami.

This is awesome news. Get used to the surroundings Rolando,it's only a matter of time...


Rob...arguing your opinion even with legitimate facts to back it up tend to fall on deaf ears to those who hold a belief so tight, that despite not having a compelling argument of their own, does nothing to dissuade them. Look at the Dez Bryant backers...he played in only three games (3!) last season, yet, they're quick to label him our offensive savior based on what he did on the field more than a year ago.

forget about kiper, forget about 40 times that should have minimal weight when evaluating a ILB----they play in 15 and 10 yard boxes---we are more concerned with quick explosion and instincts Spikes has both----

And if you want to look at tape---you cant show me Mcclain is value is 3 rounds ahead of spikes in my opinion no way-----Universal draft has the most in depth tape on both of them and i respect thier conclusion ------

If you want to go by KIPER and a 40 time ---ur right Mcclain is clearly better than spikes---show me tape----3 year all SEC---2 time All american on a top 5 defense---in a 4-3 scheme---which you have to cover more ground than in a 3-4, and played behind minimal talent at DT---

Rushing off the edge any expert would tell you spikes is superior then mcclain----mcclain is good at timing blitzes, but wasnt a factor when a linemen was in a 1on 1 battle with him

u think dansby is far superior to ryans???

but at the end of the day the argument isnt mcclain vs spikes---

The argument is better value with Mcclain and a big contract at 12

Or spikes who at the least you have to say is comparable if you dont like him---

with a small contract in the 3rd----

Better value u tell me?

since when carlito became a football mind .rob ,don't argue w/ these people carlito and co .


you sure like to assume alot and great at make @ss of yourself. congratulations (still no football talk in your posts)

You only come here to bash me. Don't worry about me, I sure as hell don't worry about some worthless punk like yourself. You sound like you need a hobby or a lady in your life. You are pathetic

I told you not to talk to me until you learn one thing about football.

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